Vote for the 2010 Small Business of the Year Nominees!

This award is presented to the small business owner whose pursuits exemplify the commitment needed to attain success

Few small business owners managed to exceed expectations during the recession and subsequent recovery this past year. Of the intrepid group who did, we’ve chosen our 2010 Black Enterprise Small Business Award nominees. Now we need your help in determining the winners. Vote for the companies you think most deserve the recognition. Online votes will contribute to a portion of the scoring; final selections will be made by the editorial committee of BLACK ENTERPRISE. Exemplifying entrepreneurs who demonstrate viability regardless of circumstance, the winners will be announced at the 15th annual Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo, May 16–18 in Atlanta.

RAM Surgical Instruments Founder Adrian Davis

RAM Surgical Instruments
Type of business: Surgical instruments and medical supplies distributor
Founder: Adrian Davis
Location: Arlington, TX
RAM Surgical Instruments, started in 2006, provides hospitals and surgical centers with medical instruments such as scalpels, chest retractors, forceps, and graspers. Clients include Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton and John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The company also offers instrument repair, medical products, and acute care supplies. Last year, revenues rose to $300,000, nearly double those of the previous year. RAM projects revenues of $1.1 million for 2010, primarily because of two recently secured contracts that total more than $800,000 with Methodist Health Systems of Dallas.

NuJak Cos. Co-founder Frank Kendrick

NuJak Cos.
Type of business: Construction, property management, and real estate development
Founders: Timothy B. Jackson
and Frank Kendrick
Location: Lakeland, FL
A full-service construction and commercial real estate business, NuJak Cos. implemented an extensive technology enhancement strategy that resulted in savings of about $150,000 per year. Founded in 1992, NuJak focuses on educational facilities, financial institutions, commercial office buildings, and religious facilities in central Florida. The team is currently working on the University of South Florida Polytechnic’s signature building designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. For 2009, the 12-person company posted revenues of $10 million; revenues of $12 million to $13 million are projected for 2010.

Trevor L. Newman LLC Founder Trevor Newman

Trevor L. Newman L.L.C.
Type of business: Acquisition,
procurement, and contract management
Founder: Trevor Newman
Location: Linwood, NJ
Now in its ninth year of business, Trevor L. Newman L.L.C. boasts a full-time staff of 18 and fulfills federal contracts and provides management support for several federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Transportation Security Administration. The company also provides support to buying services for agency procurement, including developing full-cost proposals, negotiations, and cost and price analysis. The company generated revenues of nearly $625,000 for 2009. Newman projects 2010 revenues to reach $2 million because of a $1.2 million contract she recently signed with the U.S. Navy.

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41 Responses to Vote for the 2010 Small Business of the Year Nominees!

  1. Terri says:

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity and accomplishment for all Small Business Owners. I’m casting my vote for Trevor L Newman. I work for Mrs. Newman as a summer intern. She’s very knowledgeable in her field and dedicated to providing excellent services. Mrs. Newman works diligently to exceeding expectations for her clients, her employees and in the community. She exhibits and sets impeccable standards by which all companies should be viewed.

  2. Lutisha Lee- Smith says:

    I am very proud of all that was nominated, congradulations. I am voting for NuJak.cos has an awesome accomplishments, continues success. Best wishes.

  3. I am voting for NuJak Cos. I am very proud of my brother Frank for his wonderful accomplishments. He is an excellent example for black students everywhere to know that hard work and dedication plus discipline leads to SUCCESS and developed character!!! God Bless NuJak and the others that were nominated.

  4. Laneshia Fentress says:

    I am so elated to see Adrian and Dana Davis in this article. For the past fifteen years that I have known them, they have been the most inspirational, and charitable people I know. They are always successful at anything they put their hands to. This couple is definitely a role model for a lot of people not only in ithe business world but in the family life as well. I believe the success of what they do is enough for them to be winners of any competition…definitely my vote for Black Enterprise 2010 Small Business of the Year!!!

  5. Chauncey Nealy Jr. says:

    My vote goes to Adrian Davis and RAM Surgical Instruments. For 10 years Adrian has served as a great mentor to me as a young, growing black man. I have sat back and watched him prosper in so many different things. I’ve seen some of the ups and downs of and ordinary man make himself and RAM into something great. Personally, he’s shown me the way through life as he has opened up my eyes and doors for me to walk through. At the end of the day there is no man more admirable than he who gives all glory to God and tries to walk in his light which in result brings about great dignity, respect, loyalty, and responsibility to his family. Adrian Davis is a wonderful human being who among many other things is a great business man. And that’s real talk! Great job AD.

  6. I vote for Adrian Davis and RamSurgical! I have known Adrian for over thirty years and have watched him grow and build his life. He is my younger brother and I have always seen him strive to be the best. He is the best in football, in family and in business. With God, all things are possible, and this comes from putting God first.
    Yours truly, Ms. Charisse Norwood.

  7. Nichole Jefferson Griggs says:

    Awesome job Adrian & Dana!! I’m proud of you too, even in High School I thought the two of you would be successful, I will definitely vote for you.

  8. Miranda E. says:

    RAM Surgical Instruments gets my vote! Given the current economic climate, the medical industry is seemingly “recession proof”!

    It was a very smart move to focus a small business in this field as the profits should be consistent and long-term.

    Best wishes to Dana and Adrian!

  9. Monique says:

    Go Luck Adrian and Dana!

  10. Jody Kelly says:

    Congratulations! This time, may the last be first! Miss you two. Coming to Austin soon? Hope so.

  11. Lonnie says:

    Congratulation!!! A.D.(Adrian Davis) Your hard work is finally being noticed. Lonnie

  12. Marit says:

    My vote goes to Adrian Davis. Adrian brought me in as a QuickBooks consultant. Every CPA sees many types of mismanagement through their involvement with small businesses; any topic from employment related issues to money management. Adrian has worked to ensure he has all of the information he needs on his business and it’s operations to respond quickly. He has trained with me to learn the proper way to record his transactions and check for trends to keep his business on the right path. He is prepared to grow because of his willingness to learn and do things right the first time.

  13. Adrain Davis says:

    Adrian does an outstanding job in partnering with his customers. I truly feel he needs to be congradulated for all he does in in business.

  14. Miyah says:

    I’m voting for my parents, ADRIAN AND DANA DAVIS!
    I’m so proud of my parents for working hard every day.
    vote4them !

  15. Jessy says:

    I vote for Adrian Davis. Keep up the good work dude!

  16. Kimmy says:

    Casting my vote for RAM (Adrian Davis). Way to go!!!

  17. Adrian Davis says:

    I cast my vote for Ram Adrain Davis

  18. Adrian Davis says:

    Congradulations I am so proud of you. I am casting my vote for Ram Adrian Davis.

  19. Adrian Davis says:

    Congradulation to a special person. I am casting my vote for RAM Adrian Davis

  20. Cloyd Benjamin says:

    Adrian not only has that rare business sense and personality; he and his family are spiritually driven. He understands profit and sharing. I support and compliment RAM.

  21. Adrian Davis says:

    Congradulations. I am casting my vote for RAM Adrian Davis, a very special person.

  22. Therral says:

    My vote is for RAM good to see you doing things in the medical field.


    WOW, of course I am voting for the California natives, Adrian and Dana…………..Kudos from Cali

  24. Shea Garland Carr says:

    My vote goes to my Big Brother Adrian. I’m proud to call you brother.

  25. I’m voting for an outstanding individual and business man, Mr. Adrian Davis (RAM Surgical Instruments ). Adrian has the fortitude to make things happen and has the drive to set a goal and accomplish it. He is the type of brother we all want to emulate.

  26. Michael Hogan says:

    I am voting for Mr. Adrian Davis (RAM Surgical Instruments).

  27. Tanya says:

    God is faithful, I vote for my cousin for the hard, long and painful but rewarding journey. it is not the trails that we focus on– it is the vision ahead of us. Yes, Adrian had a vision and walked by faith and this is just one of many VICTORY to come!!! Love you
    VOTE YES!!!!!

  28. Margaret A. Faust says:

    I am so excited for Adrian Davis of Ram Surgical Instructments for being selected among Black Enterprise 2010 Small Business of the Year Award recipient. He definitely has my vote! Congradulations and the best of luck!!!!

  29. Sacher Dawson says:

    Adrian, congratulations on expanding your business and landing new significant contracts. The metroplex is palce to be especially for small nimble companies. My vote is for you!!

  30. Peggy says:

    I believe that Adrian Davis is the epitomy (in other words, a special example) of what it takes to be successful. He is intelligent, heartful, humble, energetic, and, most importantly, he really listens. His business is growing step-by-step, with careful decisions and grit. Adrian is also a teacher. I’ve seen Adrian’s mentorship in the actions of his employees and they do well. Adrian and his team go the extra mile when others can’t do it. Adrian walks the talk — period. I can trust Adrian to do what he says he will do. He makes it look easy. It is magical. Just in case anyone is wondering, I am a customer of Ram Surgical, and words cannot describe how proud we all are on my team to partner with Ram Surgical. One more thing — Adrian’s company is all about what we learned in Kindergarten — the basic morals of a good life — we all know what that is, and it takes a special leader to live it and teach it. It doesn’t get any more simple or special than that. I applaud Adrian.

  31. Kahlel says:

    RAM Surgical Instruments all the way!!!!

  32. MC says:

    My vote is for RAM Surgical Instruments…Way to Go, Adrian and Dana!!

  33. Michael Johnson says:

    Congrats Adrian to you and your family, you deserve this award, you are a positive role model as a man, father, son, and business entreprenuer. Now with that said Go Redskins…

  34. Cheryl Peterson says:

    My vote is for Adrian Davis. I hope you get the award.

  35. Xavier Warren says:

    My vote is for RAM Surgical Instruments and Adrian Davis. I pray that through your success you will inspire others to be the best that they can be.

  36. Ann Derrick says:

    I vote for RAM Surgical Instruments! Best wishes and continued success.

  37. Curtis says:

    RAM all the way, AD you deserve it! You have been working hard at the grind and have avoided the “Get Rich Quick” tricks. It’s obvious that GOD is a big part of you and your family’s life. Keep pressing on.

  38. ram surgial says:

    congrat ram

  39. I vote for Adrian Davis the RAM Busn. Good Luck and GOD Bless

  40. Quincy Brooks says:

    I vote for Adrian Davis with RAM INSTRUMENTS because when you build a business you try to find a product that is always going to be needed there for your business becomes RECESSION proof and it looks like Ram Instruments is on their way .

  41. Dan Parker says:

    Ram gets my vote, keep up the good work. God bless.

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