20. South Carolina Community Bank

South Carolina Community Bank is the largest black-owned Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in the state of South Carolina.  The Columbia-based bank operates four branches throughout the state; and provides an array of products and services to underserved communities, small to medium-sized businesses, professionals and local organizations.  In 2008, the bank reported assets totaling $78.9 million.

CEO Clente Flemming also owns The Flemmming Group, Inc.–a Columbia-based staffing firm.

  • Millie Taylor

    How do I go about opening an account?
    Thank You

  • Craig Wise

    My only question is are you truly a bank for Black people and do you allow white people to bank there as well? My thought being a black man I have decide that the only way we can be up against the likes of donald trump is to put our money where our mouths are, into black banks, and community black owned business. I am about to embark on mission of testing my other black associates to do just that.