The Power of Color: 9 Women Who Nail It Every Time


If you’ve ever belabored over choosing what others might consider an insignificant detail, you’re not alone. Forty-one percent of women change their nail polish at least once a week. While most men (and some women) may overlook this minor detail, there’s more to the decision process than most would expect. “Nail polish is a fashion accessory that has become not only a staple but, a statement,” says H. Ginger Johnson, co-founder of Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. “Some women take great pride in their nail polish brand and color selection.”

Officially launched in January 2010, Johnson’s New York City-based company offers a line of nontoxic and vegan-friendly nail lacquer. With nearly 40 provocative colors, the nail polish line is available at salons and boutiques in major cities, such as New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Los Angeles. Johnson and Sara “Liz” Pickett (the other half of G+L) give those using their products an opportunity to express who they are. And for good reason says Pickett: “Because what color you wear can also be a small yet impactful reflection of the type of person you are.”

To show the true power of color BLACKENTERPRISE.COM let  Johnson and Pickett try their freshly manicured hands at picking the perfect hues for some of the most influential and notable women in business, entertainment, sports and politics. —Jennifer Ogunsola and Tennille M. Robinson

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