Kanye West Shows Up at Occupy Wall Street … In a Maybach?

Today Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are marching to New York’s Upper East Side to literally take their protest to the front doors of the wealthy bankers whom they hold responsible for the country’s economic crisis. But yesterday the protesters got a show of celebrity solidarity in the form of a visit from hip-hop mogul turned activist Russell Simmons and Kanye West. This wasn’t the first time that Simmons, an early supporter of the movement, made an appearance in the Downtown Manhattan Zuccotti Park but it was a first for West.

While West and Simmons only stayed briefly to press palms with protesters, Fox News made note of how the two arrived as well. West and Simmons showed up to the park in a chauffeured silver Maybach. Fashion site Stylite also noted that Kanye’s outfit alone ($355 Givenchy shirt and $1,000 Blamain jeans) cost enough to buy lunch for a few dozen of the protesters. A bit audacious for a protest? You decide,leave and tell us whether it was in poor taste for Kanye and company to arrive at an anti-corporate greed rally in a 300,000 car or people are blowing it out of proportion.


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