Career Tip of the Day: Refresh Your Social Media Presence
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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Do you still have that Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Ning profile that has very few updates, outdated info or photos? Have you neglected to log in for weeks, months, even years? Shame.

According to a recent study by Search Engine Journal (SEJ), an interactive marketing consulting firm, 53% of employers research potential candidates via social media, (with 95% of companies using LinkedIn, in particular, for recruitment). That’s more than a good reason to blow the dust off that profile and refresh your professional online presence.

Update your info. Get rid of anything that is old, unflattering, or doesn’t tell the best story about you.

Reconnect with your network via groups and forums. Talk to people, not at people, even if it’s once a day from your phone.

Retweet/share industry news, resources or facts. Post relevant status updates (not so much on your baby’s first tooth or how your boo made you mad).

Use dashboards such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or Brizzly. You can update across platforms all at once, schedule tweets and manage your networks.

Purge, please. Maybe tweeting isn’t your thing or you simply have too many profiles on too many different sites. Clean house.

Simple: Just make it a point to evaluate your social media presence today.

53% of employers research potential candidates via social media.

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