5 Toxic Beliefs That Ruin Careers

You could be shortchanging your success with these mental hangups

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The path to success starts from within, with a mindset that facilitates growth and advancement. Some hold on to negative beliefs that can keep them from achieving their full potential in their careers and their lives.¬†Whether it’s thoughts nurtured during childhood or developed after loss or disappointment, these toxic hangups have no place in the mind of a leader.

Inc.com offers five beliefs that can ruin careers and chances for success.

1. My self-worth is based on what others think of me.

Some people define themselves based upon how they guess their boss, co-workers, relatives and friends see them. When they are convinced that others think poorly of them, such people lack the self-confidence necessary to consistently take action.

2. My past equals my future.

When some people experience a series of setbacks, they assume that their goals are not achievable. Over time, they become dispirited and discouraged, and avoid situations where failure is a risk.  Because any significant effort entails risk, such people are then unable to make significant achievements.

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