Fresh Start: 7 Smart Actions for the First Week on the Job

Get a good lead at the new gig with this checklist

black woman jumping rope at work


If you’re ringing in the new year saying goodbye to an old gig and hello to a new one, kudos to you. It’s great to get a fresh start, and with that comes the opportunity to start the right way.

Take these tips from Brazen Careerist with you to ensure you get a lead on the right track at your new job:

1. Focus on introductions

New employees are often distracted and rushing from one introduction to the next. All this meeting and greeting makes it easy to commit a small social mistake. You might forget the name of a new coworker before the handshake is even over. And you might leave an introductory conversation without saying “goodbye” or “it was nice to meet you.”

Each time you meet someone new, smile, shake hands firmly, maintain eye contact and repeat the person’s name. Then say goodbye before you walk away.

2. Ask to meet your boss

If you’re welcomed and shown to your workstation by a coworker or HR manager, take a moment before the interaction ends to request a meeting with your actual boss. This person may be out of the office or too busy to meet you right now. But find out what’s going on and make plans to meet with her later. Don’t wait for her to come to you.

3. Create a functional workstation

If your password isn’t working or you need to order more paper clips and manila folders, speak up. Don’t let this slide until your second week on the job — that’s a surefire way to fall behind.

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