The Case of the I’mas: More Talk Than Action is Never a Good Thing

Sometimes it's best to let results speak for themselves

Many people know me as a bit of chatterbox, especially when it comes to something I’m passionate about. Whether it’s commentary on the latest news, opinions on celebrity fashion, or the constant flow of ideas that clutter my head, I’ll talk … and talk … and talk about it with excitement to any and everyone willing to listen.

But when it comes to making real boss moves, I’ve found that many of my friends and colleagues doing big things often move in silence, not letting the cat out of the bag until something is up and running or confirmed.

Much of their “talking” is strategic: You wouldn’t know about a new project until it officially launches via a press release or an invite to join in celebrating a new venture, career advancement or personal achievement.

People who talk a lot about their aspirations and what they are planning to do are what my Granny calls “I’mas,” and she constantly warns me against becoming one of them: “Don’t be an ‘I’ma’ … Always saying, ‘I’ma do this … I’ma do that.’ Those people never do what they say they’re gonna do, so busy talking and looking like a fool when all the talk amounts to nothing.”

I’ve met many I’mas in my life. One would often boast about upstart ideas he had and ask me for insight on how he could make his visions reality.

“I’ma get rich with this one!”

“Ima send you the business plan tomorrow!”

“Ima call you so we can trade some ideas next week!”

I’ma … I’ma … I’ma …

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  • Alfred Edmond, Jr.

    Wow. Excellent post! Now shutting up and getting busy.

  • Felicia Joy

    Janell, I TOTALLY, TOTALLY, TOTALLY love this post. Very well stated and SO very true.

  • Thanks so much Alfred and Felicia! I’m learning from leaders like yourself!!!

  • Brittney

    Wonderful post!!! No talk,all play:)

  • L

    Whoa. Talk about a REALITY CHECK for me! I really needed that. Thanks Janell- that was some powerful stuff.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! And yes, def. a reality check for MYSELF as well 🙂

  • L.Campbell

    This is an excellent article! It’s spot on!

  • F

    Thanks Janell, I’m SO GLAD That you have written this post! I must admit I have been guilty of this, but am moving in that direction you mention… I’m shutting up and moving forward! Total agreement with L!

    • Lee

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