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The Loyola Debate Team emerges victorious. 
(Image: Loyola High School, Detroit)

Loyola High School a Beacon of Hope in Detroit

Leaders use faith and support to empower their graduates

“It’s a generational curse. Young men grow up without fathers, and then become fathers themselves…

By Robin White Goode

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Economic Facts Affecting Your Child’s Education | Fact 9

Teachers are low scorers and receive low pay

The pay and prestige disincentives among the best and brightest to teach may pose an…

By Robin White Goode

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[Financial Literacy Month] Free Financial Advice Across the U.S. for Money Smart Week

Financial empowerment campaign kicks off April 23

“For thirteen years, Money Smart Week has inspired financial institutions, schools, libraries, nonprofits and government…

By Stacey Tisdale

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[Study] Americans Saving More, but Lack Financial Knowledge

Financial Literacy Month survey finds risks to long-term financial security

“Although slightly more than half of all Americans feel financially literate, there remains a significant…

By Stacey Tisdale

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(Image: iStock by Getty Images)

4 Top Financial Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The necessary steps to take to ensure your business's financial success

There are several business owners (aspiring and established) out there that have all the business…

By Safon Floyd

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Financial Literacy

[Part 1] Emerging CEO Plans On Changing The Face of Financial Literacy

Helping people achieve financial security and peace of mind for themselves--and their families, part 1

Alita Gregg talks financial literary.

By Roz A Gee

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Omar Richards, VP of the Black Male Initiative at SUNY/Empire State College, with David Fullard, Ph.D.
(Image: David Fullard, Ph.D.)

The Black Male Initiative Supports Black Male Achievement

Reaching out to black men in college—and getting results

“Among black dropouts in their late 20’s, more are in prison on a given day—34%—than…

By Robin White Goode

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E-Commerce is Going to Blow Up Even More

If you are going to launch a tech startup, make sure you incorporate e-commerce

Traffic and purchase levels were significantly higher on iOS devices than Android devices…

By Samara Lynn

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3 Smart Ways to Profit with Periscope

How to use Periscope to build your brand and increase sales for your business

How to use Periscope to build your brand and increase sales for your business.

By Sirita Wright

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(Image: Dr. Jamal Bryant)

Mega-Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant Takes on Entrepreneurship, Politics & Power

Dr. Bryant looks to entrepreneurs to help facilitate political change at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

Dr. Jamal Bryant shares how entrepreneurs can work with churches, community groups, and local administration…

By Safon Floyd

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5 Effective Ways to Deal With a Sabotaging Co-Worker

And getting even is not an option

Find out how you can handle a sabotaging co-worker in the workplace

By Courtney Connley

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‘Hamilton’ Wins Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Historic Win For Latino Writers

Lin-Manuel Miranda is third Latino to receive the honor for a play or musical

‘Hamilton’ wins Pulitzer Prize for drama, making Lin-Manuel Miranda only the third Latino writer to…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Opening Up Cable Boxes is a Good Thing, People

People are freaking out over the FCC's proposal to open up cable boxes. It's a good thing, and here's why

It’s a mind-boggling example of unfounded fear.

By Samara Lynn

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(Image: Kickstarter)

Here’s How Ugly Things Get When You Don’t Deliver on Kickstarter

Here's how not to manage your Kickstarter campaign

“…they came up with the somewhat misguided idea to charge customers who had not yet…

By Samara Lynn

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Kesha Cash - ES

Venture Capitalist Kesha Cash Reveals What Makes a Good (Or Bad) Investment – Part 2

Founder of Impact America Fund, Kesha Cash, offers profound insight on what she finds to be a worth her investment, and why

Find out what this venture capitalist deems green lights or red flags when searching for…

By Safon Floyd

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(Image: Hill Harper)

Hill Harper Chosen As New Spokesman for National Honor Society

Tells students: ‘Honor Your Future Now’

A successful actor who now stars in Limitless, Harper says, “You don’t need a high…

By Robin White Goode

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Prince will release 2 albums with Warner Brothers this year

Prince Understood the Value of Technology for Music Early On

The genius of Prince extended to his savvy about technology

“What may not occur to many is his innovative use of recording and production techniques…”

By Samara Lynn

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Hackers at a 2016 Illicit Mind hackathon.
(Image: Illicit Mind)

Hack the Hood for Good

Ujamaathon produces hackathons to scale social change

Ujamaathon, a Brooklyn, New York-based producer of hackathons, is disrupting how things get done and…

By Robin White Goode

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(Image: Samsung Electronics)

In ‘A Fighting Chance’, Olympic Hopefuls Get Shot At Medal

Samsung presents documentary short about Olympic Games hopefuls defying barriers on their road to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Samsung presents documentary short about Olympic Games hopefuls defying barriers on their road to the…

By Kali Wilder

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What Really Happened At Our Bring Your Lunch To Work Week?

Who knew healthy food can look so good?

What Really Happened At BE’s Bring Your Lunch To Work Week?

By Maryann Reid

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