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Get to Know the Diversity Executives Leading the Top Corporations

Ensuring diverse voices are recognized in the workforce, workplace, and marketplace

The critical role of diversity and inclusion executives is rapidly becoming more important at large…

By Lisa Fraser

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Business Partner

How LinkedIn Helped This Woman Find a Business Partner

Co-founder of COLOUR talks tips for finding a business partner

Co-founder of COLOUR talks tips for finding a business partner.

By Kandia Johnson

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Food-for-Thought Friday: Moves to Boost Mindfulness

Mindfulness doesn’t have to come from meditation. These are some of our favorite poses

You’re familiar with the saying “mind over matter,” but the health of your…

By Black Enterprise

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Martellus Bennett

NFL Pro, Martellus Bennett, Launches Adorable Children’s App

Martellus Bennett is as creative as he is athletic

“I want my daughter [and] other kids of color to grow up with a character…

By Samara Lynn

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Americans Rack Up Nearly $3B in Vacation Debt

Tips on taking a break with busting your budget

“It’s so easy to get into vacation debt — especially during the summer months when…

By Stacey Tisdale

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small law

4 Tech Solutions That Will Give Small Law Practices a Big Advantage

Leveraging technology to boost operations and efficiency

Are you practicing small law? Here are some solutions that will give your practice a…

By Black Enterprise

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5 Crucial Ways to Gain Support and Recognition as an Entrepreneur

Personal positioning tips to benefit you and your enterprise

As a young entrepreneur, the way you position yourself matters. Personal positioning is crucial to…

By Black Enterprise

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Does Your Child Have Tech Neck?

Physical discomfort and injury are unwanted affects of the Technology Age. "Tech Neck" is a serious issue.

“…a new gadget has launched on Kickstarter to help put an end to “Tech Neck”…

By Samara Lynn

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BE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Show Business” Shannon Sanders

BE Modern Man honors 100 men making an impact in their career, community, and relationships

Name: Shannon Sanders
Age: 45
Profession: Songwriter/Producer
One Word That Describes You: Purposeful
What does being one of the…

By Black Enterprise

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Gates CEO

Gates CEO Discusses Foundation’s Challenges, from Zika to Common Core

'Threats and opportunities' abound in its global and U.S. work

• “Your health is determined by your social network.”

By Robin White Goode

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5 Little Known Ways To Be Your Own Publicist

Promote yourself like a pro

Whether you’re an employee preparing for the job of CEO or an entrepreneur looking to…

By Kandia Johnson

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Jason Elliott

Top Takeaways From the BE Modern Man Twitter Chat with Jason Elliott

Check out the conversation about the highs and lows of what today's men of color face as they strive to raise the bar in their professional industries, communities, and beyond

On Thursday, June 9, and Jason Elliott, the founder of Go Generation, held a…

By Cristie Leondis

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Alicia Boler-Davis

Alicia Boler-Davis Becomes Executive Vice President at General Motors

A continuous climb to the top

Check out the new heights attained in Alicia Boler-Davis’s executive climb to the top.

By Safon Floyd

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#ThankfulThursday: 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Entrepreneurship

A reminder for when the going gets tough.

Check out these few reasons why every entrepreneur should pause to give thanks.

By Safon Floyd

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Business Name

Do You Really Need Remediation?

Don't pay now to learn what you should have been taught in high school

Interestingly, data from the Alaska study revealed that some students assigned to developmental courses managed…

By Robin White Goode

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Meet the Teams Pushing for Diversity at the Nation’s Top Corporations

Making inclusion and diversity a priority

Want to know more about the teams pushing for diversity at the nation’s top corporations?…

By Lisa Fraser

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life balance

Us vs. Them: Top 13 Cities for Work-Life Balance Revealed

Spoiler alert: Europe is on to something.

Find out what countries you need to escape to in order to balance your work…

By Safon Floyd

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Muhammad Ali

TSL Sports Talk- The Muhammad Ali Tribute

We bring together two great, veteran boxing journalists to discuss the legacy of The Champ

Friday night we lost a legendary figure, one who will never be replaced. Muhammad Ali…

By Black Enterprise

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co-working space

How to Choose the Best Co-working Space for Your Tech Startup

If you are thinking of using a co-working space for your startup, you want to be sure to ask these questions

Your startup is your baby, and you want to nurture that baby in a safe,…

By Samara Lynn

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Mid-week Mindfulness: Breathe Easy

Discover these three simple breathing exercises

Just as a deep breath can ease a stressful situation, regular breathing exercises…

By Black Enterprise

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How To

3 (Non-Creepy) Ways to Follow-up After a Networking Event

If you’ve ever exchanged contact information at a networking event, then waited too long to…

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women in business

How Women in Business Can Help Other Women Break Barriers

Considering women of color are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States,…

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