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Six Things Black People Should Always Hold Valuable

The author expresses his opinion on what we should hold dear in the aftermath of Charlottesville

For having a Black Expo and valuing black businesses and black people, we are called…

By Jerome D. Love

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Rihanna Launches ‘Dollar Campaign’ to Educate Students in Malawi

The pop icon is giving fans a chance to help her spread education and join her at her upcoming Diamond Ball

Rihanna is challenging her fans to donate $1 to help support her effort to educate…

By Selena Hill

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Rep Alma Adams National HBCU Week Conference

Don’t Waste Our Time, Postpone the National HBCU Week Conference, Says Pretty Much Everyone to Trump

Rep. Alma Adams, the Congressional Black Caucus, and others join the chorus

Rep. Alma Adams, representing the Twelfth District of North Carolina, is calling on Trump and…

By Robin White Goode

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How to Stay Focused in a World of Political Distractions

Political upheaval; civil unrest; how is anyone supposed to get any work done?

Almost everyone has an opinion about the current political and social climates in the nation.…

By Kandia Johnson

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Why Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is an Undisputed Champ in Boxing and Business

Mayweather has generated a staggering amount of career earnings, which is projected to top $1 billion

“If I could put myself in a position to make nine figures, why not?” Mayweather…

By Selena Hill

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America Is Better Than This

Our refusal to compromise may pose the biggest threat to the American experiment since the Civil War.

America is better than this. As long as we insist on choosing sides we will…

By Earl "Butch" Graves Jr.

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Career Advice from the Red Carpet at Black Girls Rock [Video]

Black Girls Rock was not only a hot event, there was plenty of wisdom shared

Black Girls Rock is a celebration that offers inspiration and hope to the next generation…

By Mia N. Hall

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Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Lecture Series at Howard University

Donating entire $100K compensation to scholarship fund for students out of foster care

Howard University has announced that former FBI Director James Comey will be the university’s Opening…

By Robin White Goode

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Meet the Members of The Money Team

The Money Team to pursue their passions and create profitable businesses for themselves

Outside of the ring, Floyd Mayweather empowers his team, known as The Money Team, to…

By Daron Pressley

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5 Signs Your Business Is Ready for a Credit Card

A business credit card can take your business to new heights

A major bonus of using your business credit card is the airline miles you could…

By Samara Lynn

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Youngest in Your Family? You’re More Likely to Be Self-Employed, Study Finds

Entrepreneurs are likely the babies of the family

Youngest-born children may be less risk-averse than their older siblings, which makes them more likely…

By Samara Lynn

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Danny Glover (Image: Airbnb, Inc.)

Danny Glover Becomes an Official Adviser for Airbnb

Airbnb welcomes the actor as part of its efforts to engage communities of color

Glover has met several of the hosts and expresses that there is a lot of…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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Confederate Monuments Removed from College Campuses Across the Country

Innumerable memorials seem to challenge the truth

He said Germans understood that their Nazi past was shameful, not a thing to be…

By Robin White Goode

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Are You a Manager or a Monster?

Don't be that type of boss

Managing people can be a difficult job. Being a manager takes a special skill set…

By Cameka Smith

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‘Girls Trip’ and Other High-Grossing, Black-Directed Movies

We're celebrating the black directors who've paved the way for Malcolm D. Lee's 'Girls Trip,' the first all-black film to earn $100 million at the box office

In honor of “Girls Trip” becoming the first all-black film to earn $100M, here’s a…

By Selena Hill

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JPMorgan Chase Plunks Down $2 Million to Fight Racism after Charlottesville

JP Morgan Chase CEO has no issue taking a public stance against Trump's remarks

Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan, publicly and vociferously criticized President Trump’s reaction to the discord in…

By Samara Lynn

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Teen Tech Author, Sasha Alston, Globally Inspires Girls to Code

This teen learned to love STEM and then passed that loved on

Sasha Alston’s ultimate mission is to further the culture of science, technology, engineering, and math,…

By Rochelle Soetan

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Mark Zuckerberg Announces Woman of Color as New CFO of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Facebook founder introduced the executive in a lengthy post

Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page that he was “excited” to welcome Alford and also…

By Samara Lynn

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Remembering Dick Gregory: Comedian, Activist, and Entrepreneur

The legendary comic was a health advocate; a passion that drove his business success

Gregory eventually became a successful entrepreneur. A long-time vegan and healthy eating advocate, many may…

By Samara Lynn

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Johann Alleyne-Morris on Black Men XCEL

Black Men XCEL: BE Circulation Director Celebrates A Father’s Legacy

Black Enterprise's Johann Alleyne-Morris shares how his father's sacrifice paved his path

In recognition of our very first Black Men XCEL Summit, celebrating the best of black male…

By Alisa Gumbs

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