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Race and Beyond: Calling Foul Against Racism in the NBA

The NBA has no tolerance for racism

The NBA shows no tolerance for racism.



Grass Greener in Canada? America’s middle-class no longer wealthiest in the world

One reason given is that Americans get a smaller share of the corporate pie than executives, CEO's get more and the minimum wage still remains the same.

Data shows, while our economy has been growing more rapidly than the economies of other…

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Cash Mobs Support Small Businesses

What’s Your Business’ Value and Real Worth?

Here's what real-life sharks look for

Reality shows aside, there are other reasons an entrepreneur may want to have their business…

By Alan Hughes

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Watch Floyd Mayweather’s Maidana Press Conference From the MGM Grand

Mayweather vs. Mayweather

Check out the video press conference in which Floyd dishes on his next opponent, his…

By Darren Sands


Severe Weather Halts ESPN Broadcast of UNC-Georgia Tech

School officials said the roads by the school were still in poor condition

School officials said the roads by the school were still in poor condition.

By Darren Sands

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4 Savvy—and Easy—Ways to Connect With Powerful People

Take these steps to upgrade your career in 2014

If you want to expand your network or upgrade your coin next year, try this…

By Janell Hazelwood

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6 Apps to Help You Live the Good Life

Apps that can help you enjoy the good life using your smartphone

Have you ever downloaded any of these apps?

By C. Daniel Baker

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celebrate the first anniversary of its Women Vetrepreneurship Program

WOMANCON Conference Celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship

Conference will give attendees a 'peek behind the curtain' of successful women founders

WomanCon will showcase critical resources and bring together a network of like-minded women to help…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Turn Your Sideline Hustle Into A Business

Is it time to convert your part-time passion into a full-time venture? Here's how.

Like most people, Venita Walker never believed her side hustle could be a full time…

By Bridget McCrea

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OSU now accepting applications for 2014 Veterans Entrepreneurship Program

Oklahoma State University now accepting applications for 2014 Veterans Entrepreneurship Program

Free program provides transportation, accommodations, books, food & instruction

The Veterans Entrepreneurship Program is a training program designed to empower veterans by providing them…

By C. Daniel Baker


First Resource Bank Approved As a SBA 7(a) Lender

The SBA 7(a) loan program was developed to help small businesses secure funds

For small businesses that do not qualify for a conventional loan due to a collateral…

By C. Daniel Baker

Maternity Leave Benefits – What Are Your Small Business Obligations and Options?

Maternity, Medical Leave Benefits and Your Small Business

Should You Provide Maternity Leave if the Law Doesn’t Require It?

If your business is not covered by FMLA or state laws, what steps can you…

By C. Daniel Baker

Women Entrepreneurs/SBIR Pioneers to Lead Live Virtual Event Hosted by USSOCOM

Women Entrepreneurs & Tech Leaders to Lead Live Virtual Event Hosted by USSOCOM

Panelists will discuss the challenges encountered while building their businesses

Ppanel of women entrepreneurs, all of whom have received funding from USSOCOM, discuss building an…

By C. Daniel Baker

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The Roots Picnic: A Lesson On Longevity and Industry Relationships

(Image: File)
The Roots have been at it for more than 20 years and are still…

By Black Enterprise


Zynga to Facebook: We Need Space

The social networking giant and the gaming company put distance between them

Not quite a match made in Heaven, Zynga begins to reconsider.

By Ashley R. Harris

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As R.O.K.S.’ Star, Kristina Parker Poised For Success

Through self-introspection and a little support, R.O.K.S. makes a difference for single parents

SBU Runner-up Kristina Parker.
When Kristina Parker thinks back to why she and Mae Beasley become…

By Darren Sands


Fox Host: Being on Food Stamps Would Help me Lose Weight

The discussion on Fox News centered around Cory Booker's food stamp channel.

“Could you live on 133 bucks a month for food?”

By Laurence Afums

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Recap: The #RiseAbove Twitter Chat!

How businesses, brands and entrepreneurs can stand out from the rest

How will you #riseabove?

By Darren Sands

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The Business of College Planning

With college costs skyrocketing and many Americans still reeling from the Great Recession, paying for…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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It Pays to Own

Landlord and homeowner Magda Brown uses her multifamily home to help defray the cost of homeownership

“My landlord owned a few buildings and I loved his lifestyle,” says Brown, now 30.…

By Tamara E. Holmes

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How To

Password Protect Your Flash Drive In Two Simple Steps

Flash drives, thumb drives, USB sticks: whatever you want to call them, they’re more than…

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Black Female Voice Actor on How to Break into the Lucrative Voice-Over Business

“The secret society [of the voice-over business] is due in part because it’s a career…

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