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Howard University Partners With True Voice App To Prioritize Students’ Mental Health

Howard is the first academic institution to provide exclusive access to this service to for their students.

Howard University is partnering with Quantasy’s wellness app, True Voice, to encourage students to prioritize their mental health.  

“True Voice is a come-as-you-are digital space where wellness looks however you want it to.” 

The True Voice app offers live conversations that center on physical and emotional well-being. It also offers courses taught by industry professionals where students can learn various ways to manage stress. The app provides an interactive online community for members to build relationships with each other. Users will also receive daily recommendations tailored to meet their specific needs.

“Gen Z college students came of age in the midst of historic pressures, including the isolation and loss of the pandemic. Our goal with True Voice is to help them make mindfulness and self-care a habit,” Will Campbell, CEO of Quantasy, said in a press release.

According to a survey conducted by the United Negro College Fund, more than 60% of college students met the criteria for more than one mental health issue in 2023. This is a 50% increase since 2013.

A survey conducted by Inside Higher Education discovered that approximately 50% of students utilize counseling services on campus.

This survey also found three out of four students said that a decline in mental health has had a negative impact on their academic performance.

“In our ongoing efforts to support students’ overall well-being, we are excited to partner with the True Voice app as a complement to the variety of programs and activities offered to Howard University students,” Cynthia Evers, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Affairs at Howard University said in a press release.

While the True Voice app is not a replacement for professional mental health care, Howard University is providing this resource to its students to help them cope with the challenges that they may face. This could lead to improving a student’s college experience.

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