5 Cool Organizations That Empower Young People

Educating children involves more than just sending them to school

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Experts have said that helping young people become productive members of society involves more than sending them to school every day. As parents, educators and caretakers, there are ways to look beyond the classroom to find community members who can help cultivate the next generation of innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

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Here are some organizations committed to empowering youth to embrace their individuality and make a difference in the world:

BMe – Is on a mission to build caring and prosperous communities inspired by black men. The BMe Community is a national network of black men and thousands of other community-builders, of all races and genders. With members in Pittsburg, Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia, the network includes 100 leaders and has served over 200, 000 kids. The BMe website has a great repository of stories about male innovators, social entrepreneurs, political leaders and more.

Follow BMe on Facebook and Twitter.

Uniquely You Summit, Inc – A Philadelphia based non-profit organization that helps black girls uniquely define, discover and become who they are.™ Founded in 2009 by Shaleah Lache Sutton, the organization gives adolescent girls across the nation a an opportunity to uncover their purpose, become leaders that influence the world, and design an honorable and successful future. During the last Uniquely YOU summit entitled “Expand Your World,” in Washington, D.C., the organization encouraged hundreds of black middle and high school girls to open themselves up to new experiences and new possibilities, as they expand their imagination, spirit and world. Follow Uniquely You on Facebook and Twitter.

Girl up – Is a United Nations Foundation organization that unites girls to change the world. A community of nearly half a million passionate advocates raising awareness and funds leads the organization. Girl up clubs and campuses are located all around the world and engages girls to take action on issues that matter.

The organization Champions and Global Advocates represent a diverse group of individuals – celebrities, athletes, business executives, philanthropists – who actively work to empower adolescent girls around the globe.

Follow Girl up on Twitter and Facebook.

The YBM Leadership Alliance –is a college preparation and leadership development program for young black men. The organization is focused on promoting positive images of black men and creating a new reality where young men are sought out as leaders. The YBM leadership alliance gives back by mentoring younger students, performing community service, and public speaking.

The YBM Leadership Alliance is hosting a free top 100 ceremony in Charlotte, NC, visit Eventbrite to learn more. Follow the YBM leadership Alliance on Facebook.

My Brothers Keeper – President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative” to build ladders of opportunity for boys and young men of color. The administration joined cities and towns, businesses, and foundations who are taking important steps to connect young people to mentoring, support networks, and the skills they need to find a good job or go to college and work their way into the middle class. To learn more visit My Brothers Keeper. To search for mentoring opportunities visit mentoring.org.

Do you know of any youth empowerment organizations located in your area? Leave me a comment below.

8 Responses to 5 Cool Organizations That Empower Young People

  1. Roxanne Lanette says:

    Yes I do. CECAAL College Tours have been giving tours to inner city youth for 25 years. Founder Nelson Copeland Jr. dedicated most of his life to young people. It originally started in Philadelphia in 1990 and grew across the country and even in the US Virgin Islands. We have about 1500 CECAAL alumni. The website is collegevisitation.com. Please check it out. Thanks!

  2. Duke says:

    Don’t forget the 100 Black Men of Atlanta @100bmatl http://www.100blackmen-atlanta.org. They have their Stakeholders & Community Briefing at The Omni Hotel-CNN on May 14 happening soon.

  3. Phedria Forte says:

    Yes, The Aeronautical Museum located in Compton, CA is a STEM program for school age kids. The Director Robin Petgrave offers a great program! http://www.TAMuseum.org

  4. G. Townsley says:

    Yes, O.K.A.Y. Institute, Inc. in the south Florida area is a mentoring and youth empowerment corporation. Please go to http://www.okayinstitute.org for more information.

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  8. Donnette Spruill says:

    Yes! Funding Futures USA. They help students find funding for scholarships and help public school students transition to private schools or boarding schools. They speak all over the country at high schools and middle schools. LaCher Wright is on the Board of Scholars for Dollars in Charlotte, NC. The website is http://www.FundingFuturesUS.com

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