White Teachers Less Likely to See Black Students as Gifted

Are gifted students of color being recognized?

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In the April 12 edition of the Sunday New York Times, an article asked Where Are the Teachers of Color? In it, the public schools in Boston were described as having one black teacher for every 22 black students, and just one Latino teacher for every 52 Latino students. Other school districts’ ratios were similar.

“Ultimately, parents are going to respect anybody who they think cares about their kids,” Andres Antonio Alonso, professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, was quoted as saying. “But if there are no people who somehow mirror the parents and the kids, then I think there could be a problem.”

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Perhaps one problem is that black students who go to school where there are lower numbers of black teachers are less likely to be identified as gifted. According to a new study, this is also true of Latino students.

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8 Responses to White Teachers Less Likely to See Black Students as Gifted

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  2. phil pascal says:

    People of all colors used to tell me that all the time. They used to say to watch out for teachers who have preconceived opinions about black kids, especially black boys. The message was that if you misbehaved, you might end up in what was then called the dummy class. After all this time, nothing has changed.

  3. Aziza says:

    Jawanza Kunjunfu talked about this many years ago, by nature people assimulate to that which is most like them i.e. white female teachers- white female students,
    black female students, white male students, black male students bringing up the

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  6. Ann Cipriani says:

    No it isn’t the white teachers. It is what they are being told to do and at great expense to the school districts. http://drudgegae.iavian.net/v2/r?n=0&s=2&u=http%3A%2F%2Feagnews.org%2Fschool-districts-spending-millions-on-white-privilege-training-for-employees%2F

  7. Ann Cipriani says:

    If the teachers were left alone they would treat all of their students equally.

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