10 Movies That Weren’t Supposed to Star Black Actors


WILL SMITH AS "JAMES WEST" IN WILD WILD WEST (1999) Adapted from a classic television show that ran on CBS for four seasons (1965 to 1969), Wild Wild West was initially rumored to be made into a theatrical release as early as 1992 with Mel Gibson playing Secret Service Agent James West. Later Tom Cruise was reportedly attached to the project as its lead, but after substantial changes to the characters, West was re-imagined as a Black man, exploring issues of race in the 1800s. Although the studio barely broke even on its $170 million budget, having Smith as a headliner helped the film gross over $222 million worldwide.

WILL SMITH AS “JAMES WEST” IN WILD WILD WEST (1999) Adapted from a classic television…

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