7 Responses to PHOTO GALLERY: St. Louis’ Big-City Feel

  1. Melody Harris says:

    Your drive and motivation is inspiring for our young men. I wish you the best of continued successu

  2. Derron Simon, MD says:

    Way to go Devin. Such an article is what all young business men need to read and see that you too can make a difference. Nice article.

    • Devin James says:

      Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. It is because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his favor and your support that keeps me going everyday.

  3. Kim Braud says:

    Great article! I’m so proud of you!!!

  4. One Hundred Black Men Of Memphis says:

    St. Louis? Oh, that’s where you went, after skipping out on so many people in Memphis who trusted you to get their projects done. Man, you should clean up your mess first.

  5. Bernal Smith says:

    In regards to the previously listed post, it is unfortunate that the anonymity of the internet allows cowards to be even greater cowards. If I were going to disparage someone I would have the courage enough to let them know that it was me doing it. I digress from my point which is that Devin James is a friend and a former member of the 100 Black Men of Memphis and continues to maintain a positive relationship with our chapter and with clientele in Memphis that he represents. In fact I have had recent meetings and conversations with Devin regarding new business opportunities. I have known Devin for several years and have watched this young man grow, both personally and professionally. He has worked hard to earn the success he is now experiencing. Let me say that the previous post does not represent officially or unofficially the sentiments of the 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc and I would ask that the person who made the post change their listing and utilize some other alias by which to hide.

    Bernal E Smith, II President 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc.

    • Dr. Frank L. Harper, Jr. says:

      Mr. Smith, you have a lot of class! I will probably never meet you but for you to stand up for what is right is priceless! I am a friend of Tommy Dortch a man of integrity and class.
      Continued success and prosper. As for the previous post – GET A LIFE! Learn to edify or hold your PEACE!

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