Forest Whitaker as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

The talented actor is in talks to portray the civil rights leader

He once played a role of an evil man in the film, The Last King of Scotland, while portraying Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. This was an Oscar-winning role for Forest Whitaker. Now, he may be set to portray another world-known figure, but this time, a man of peace in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

According to a report in The Guardian, actor Forest Whitaker is currently in talks to play the iconic civil rights leader in a film, titled Memphis. It will focus on the final days of King’s life.

British director, Paul Greengras, who shot United 93, which focused on the 9/11 tragedy, will purportedly film Memphis in a similar docu-drama style. This movie project is different from the one the King family have in the works.

Greengrass’s film will also shadow the FBI agents who wiretapped King over suspected communist sympathies at the time of his death.

Another film, which will try to tackle the King assassination, Orders to Kill, is also reported to be in the works and is a conspiracy theory drama with Hugh Jackman as lawyer Barry Pepper and Lee Daniels is directing that project.

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  • Charles Micheaux

    This film by British filmmaker Paul Greengrass was rejected a few years ago by all the major Hollywood studios because Ambassador Andrew Young protested all the falsehoods in the sleeze driven screenplay. The Hollywood studio executives from all the major studios agreed with Ambassador Andrew Young and so they walked away from Paul Greengrass and said, “Good luck trashing the good name of the most beloved civil rights leader in all of American History.”
    Forest Whitaker is a decent actor to be sure; but the man is 6′ 2” tall and looks nothing like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    The actor to portray Dr. King needs to have his own dynamic and strong charisma, these qualities Mr. Whitaker do not have and my feelings are not of any personal nature.
    I worked as an actor in Europe, and New York, and Hollywood for more than a decade
    and any casting director worth their salt would scream at the top of their lungs at the absurd idea Mr.Whitaker could ever have a single moment of truth portraying Dr. King.