Actor Jesse Williams Sums Up His Thoughts on Sandra Bland and Racism in America in 24 Epic Tweets

Actor speaks out against America's ongoing relationship with racism and injustice

jesse williams smiling

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Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams has never been one to shy away from speaking out against the long-standing issue of racism in America.

After reports surfaced of 28-year-old Sandra Bland being found dead in her Texas jail cell, reactions erupted nationwide as people demanded answers in the suspicious death of a woman who was pulled over by a police officer during a July 10 traffic stop.

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While several celebrities and community leaders have voiced their opinions via social media in response to Bland’s case with #SandraBland and #SayHerName trending on Twitter, the 33-year-old actor and activist summed up his thoughts about Sandra Bland’s death, police brutality, and racism in America, with the following 24 tweets that speak volumes to the injustice that exists within our nation.

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