LeBron James Returns to Cleveland

'I always believed that I’d return ... and finish my career there'

It’s no longer a rumor! According to Sports Illustrated, The King Has Returned! In a post written by LeBron James (As told to Lee Jenkins), he explains why he chose to return back home.

The speculation was running rampant that LeBron James would be going back to Cleveland, despite the way he left and how owner, Dan Gilbert, disrespected him in his letter to LeBron 4 years ago. Apparently, all is forgiven!

In the words of LeBron James, ‘I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.’

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  • Pingback: The 10 Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To LeBron James' Return - Page 0 of 11 - Black Enterprise()

  • Rev Christopher Davies

    Dear David Vinton

    Greetings ,may God forgive me, I just returned from Heavenly places,

    I loved to continued with your children, what’s we started in 1994 ELWA areas,

    Beside all my parents are in America,
    Mr Matthew kephe Mr Michael Nina,

    He educated us in d sports career ,from 1984 to 1992 before we moved to bright on Airfields and Four houses,

    I also loved Mr Vinton and Mr George Boley to speaks with president Ellen Johnson and Juliana Johnson,

    Am a Christian ,I speaks out my hearts,
    Now that I discover am part of d Johnson Vinton Boley Neepaye family,
    Any doors opened is for all of us,

    Rights now as I speaks ivanka Trump,is ready to buy all our diamonds and established jewel Shop in America, we got Mr Dennis Davies to shared with UK n Australia, in d diamonds businesses,

    Mrs Ellen Johnson shouldn’t stand before our Washington DC moved,
    I don’t have anything against them,

    She and Charles Taylor are Liberia first people they had rights to fight for their land, Mr Boley and my dad came from Cameroon ivory coast serrie Leone Ghana,

    We stolen Ellen Johnson and Juliana Johnson generation,

    So our parents pay for it,is time for peace,

    I also forgive England, I could have been one of Australia top politician,

    But England subdued me

    I stills continued NBA Revolutionary in Ghana Guinea ivory coast Nigeria

    Became of Papa oyedepo papa Duncan’s Williams Rev Joshua Turner INI Edo,

    Am at your feet

    Thanks Rev Christopher Davies

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