Spike Lee Talks About His Kickstarter Campaign

Lee clears the air on his controversial campaign

spike-lee-kickstarter*Video Shot by Kristyn Aldrich for Focused Studios*

One of the biggest business issues in Black filmmaking is funding and that pretty much dominated the conversation and the panel at the BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelphia earlier this month

As you have probably seen, some controversy has come about regarding Spike Lee and his use of Kickstarter to fund his next project. Spike Lee addresses this on camera and gives us a bit of an exclusive.

Let us know what you think.


blackstar from FocusedStudios on Vimeo.


2 Responses to Spike Lee Talks About His Kickstarter Campaign

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  2. HairyGuy says:

    he is already so rich. why does he need to beg the public for free money to fund his interests? kickstarter is for the average person, not someone who is already a multimillionaire and at every knicks game (you KNOW how costly those courtside seats are). makes no sense.

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