What Shade of Green are You?

Which kind of green consumer are you?

greenfashionglobehand1A 2007 study segmented consumers into five groups based on their green attitudes and actions. Conducted by Gfk Roper Consulting, a market research firm based in New York City, the survey showed that the marketplace is divided as follows. (% of U.S. population)

  1. True Blue Greens (30%): Environmental leaders and activists who are most likely to live by the green principles they promote.
  2. Green Back Greens (10%): These individuals don’t have the time to completely adhere to green principles, and are unlikely to sacrifice comfort and convenience for the environment. But they are willing to buy green products.
  3. Sprouts (26%): This group straddles the fence, buying green only if it suits their needs.
  4. Grousers (15%): This group is both uninvolved and dispassionate about green issues; they believe individual behavior cannot improve the environment.
  5. Apathetic (18%): Believing that indifference toward the environment is the mainstream, this group isn’t concerned enough to take any action.

What Shade of Green Are You?

Which kind of green consumer are you? 

True Blue Green
Green Back Green

46 Responses to What Shade of Green are You?

  1. Nlewis1 says:

    Love the advice! I can’t wait to be in a position where I can let go of some of the job responsibilities!!

  2. David says:

    I am working hard to make this a reality

  3. Makes a lot of sense!

  4. Carl Mcferren says:

    Good advise! You must be ble to delegte

  5. Dlhoops3 says:

    Great info.

  6. GGreen says:

    Great info

    • Infinitehi4 says:

      I agree, since the start up of business in the back of my mind I know I must pass the reins on to others but up to this point continue doing everything myself.  Now I have an opportunity to expand which requires additional assistance and after hearing this lesson it’s confirmed.  Thanks

  7. Daks. J says:

    I guess it is scary but has to be done to run business smoothly and productively. 

  8. AL Consulting says:

    I am hoping as my buisness grows I can finally let go

  9. Cherry says:

    These points are so easy to say, but very hard to do.Thanks again for the great advice!

  10. Fuzzy Spritz says:

    My business is my baby and I can relate to not letting go so easily as you don’t want anyone to misrepresent your vision but at some point – it must be done!

  11. Ransford says:

    Calls to be honest with yourself, doesn’t it?
    I especial saw this in the restaurant business when I used to work for a management counsel firm. “Two heads are better than one” is true in business. It allows you to run the business with the right team instead of the business running you. 

  12. Melissa T says:

    Great advice but we have to remember to make sure we are letting go to the best people for the task/job at hand.  

  13. Lucubrate75 says:

    WOW! can’t believe it I have finally received points for watching this video Thank you so much. Letting go is in the plan. Vote for Lucubrate at missionsmallbusinness.com so that I can win the funds needed to hire an assistance so that I can LET GO. Thank you

  14. Kristina Nelson says:

    Knowing when to let go and how is noteworthy

  15. Rhonda Ulmer says:

    It’s hard to let go, however knowing when and how to let go your business will benefit as a result. Thanks Mr. Scott for the great tips! 

  16. University for Parents says:

    Thanks Scott for the great tips on knowing when and how to let go!!

  17. tony harrison says:

    right now i dont have a team im it so what can i do thank you.

    • Heidi Burks says:

      I would asses what I need and then start surrounding myself with the people who can fill those positions, but of course if you don’t have the financial means you will have to wear the hat for every position.look for software and technology if this is the case

  18. Jorge says:

    Excellent tips. Thanks

  19. Jorge says:

    Well today finally I got some points, I see the Tech people was working hard to make the system works again. Congratulations!

  20. DreamsKept says:

    Once again, excellent advice! 

  21. Elaine Jackson says:

    OK – so as a black woman with a Small Business – I cannot afford to have someone destroy my business contact relationships. Telemarkers many times will mess up calls. Each call is money in my opinion.
    I will tighten up a training program and attempt to let go in the month of June.
    I do have a neighbor that has a gift of gab and I may be able to use her to do phone calls to free up my time to work on refreshed business plans and training materials.

    Scott you are right but this is extremely hard for those that like to control all the happens that surrounds success.

    Getting a tummy ache just thinking of it right now!

    Elaine Jackson, BS, PMP

  22. Mrazq1 says:


  23. Eugenewjr says:

    Wrong team members can cost a company money, so cut the loose ends.

  24. Dlovitt2 says:

    A key factor in building your business is to know when to make sound business decisions about your team.   An effective manager must know its not personal, its just business and let go of your emotions.  

  25. I am a firm believer in letting go and letting others manage other areas of my business so that I can concentrate more on the key business strategies!!

  26.  http://www.blackenterprise.com/sbu/course/knowing-when-and-how-to-let-go/

  27. Sandra Butler says:

    Ease into backing off so you can see results….

  28. Donna says:

    Nice coaching Scott. I can tell you love what you do.

  29. natalie johnson says:

    I really like the point that when you “turn over the reigns,” your business should be better – not worse.  This indicates that you are expanding your company’s abilities as well.  Great and practical ideas shared – thanks.

  30. Zurriane says:

    I am looking forward to having this problem in my business.

  31. GlobalService says:

    Thanks, but this is easier said than done. I’ll have to work on that aspect of my business.

  32. Bobby says:

    The E-Myth addresses this, you eventually want to work on your business not work in it.

  33. Great Presentation – tips and assessments were great informational steps in managing your tips and building your business.

  34. I appreciate this information. Will implement.

  35. Darlene says:

    When is the next 8 weeks courses start for July?

  36. Michael125 says:

    I agree with Dlovitt and Rhonda, a key to being a successful manager is to know when to pull out.

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