22 Responses to Where Are They Now: The Wire Favorites

  1. Bibowski says:

    Holy crap this site is SLOW.

  2. Pipes says:

    Slow…. Unuseable.. Your advertisers can’t appreciate this.

  3. Pete says:

    Wish I could read these but I can’t get passed snoop shitty ass site.

  4. Cody Hamblin says:

    good article trash website

  5. nwelty says:

    It just got posted by the Facebook page for ‘The Wire.’ All the cool people on Facebook are now overloading the site.

  6. Lose-Lose says:

    Yeah, I’d love to read more, but it sticks on Felicia. Oh well.

  7. nwelty says:

    You can also click left to see Idris Elba and Michael K. Williams

  8. Peter Lustig says:

    This site doesn’t work properly with any of the big four web browsers..

  9. slowpoke says:

    So slow! Like turtle slow

  10. slowpoke says:

    So slow! Like turtle slow

  11. Wire Fan says:

    Agreed – what an awful website – would NOT come back here again, although the updates were decent enough. Why do advertisers spend money here? Well I know nothing about the Web, but still, slow, out of date.

  12. Nikhil says:

    This site is super fast for me

  13. Yow says:

    No more after Snoop?

  14. Thomas says:

    noice! This was the tv show that made “real” a song I first listened to on an album called Little Criminals by Randy Newman. I want to know about Bubbles, and the dyke detective, and Lester Freeman, and the goofy kid who went metal recycling, and of course the drinking dufous what’s his name who starred in it most of the way, and his the Bunk, and the tall african guy cop with the incredible posture … I think the education series was the was most intense one.

  15. Thomas says:

    … and not to mention the corner lad who ended up selling basketball shoes ..

  16. this was an amazing show I watched it from the first episode to the last and the actors that participated in this profound portraryl of streetlife are forever burned in my memerory.

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  18. Erik Edson says:

    RAAR can’t get past the “pretty-girl” image of snoop.

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