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Black Women and the Pay Gap

We’ve all heard this scary statistic about the pay gap between men and women: Women…

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Consumer Affairs

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The Economics of Riots: Causes and Solutions 23 Years After Los Angeles

The unrest in Baltimore comes practically 23 years to the day after Los Angeles erupted…

Financial Literacy Month: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Takes On the Wealth Gap

In this special series, “Women in Congress Take on the Bottomline,” we highlight Congresswoman Maxine…

Stand Against Racism Day: The YWCA Makes the Case for Equality, Justice, and Economic Empowerment

Today kicks off the YWCA’s “Stand Against Racism” campaign from April 23 – April 27.

Credit & Debt Management

credit report

5 Vital Factors of Your Credit Score

As lawmakers and credit bureaus reach and agreement to protect consumers, make sure you have…

Want to Boost Your Credit Score? Pay Your Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are considered debts to cities or municipalities. That means credit bureaus treat them…

BE Modern Man: Top 5 Apps to Get Your Money Up

Stay on top of managing your money with these five smartphone apps—without the hefty fee…


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Decoded: The Money Behind Winning a Grammy

Many have wondered if artists get paid for performing at the Grammy’s or if they…

Missy Elliott Post-Super Bowl Sales Projected to Jump 1,000 Percent

Missy Elliott still remains a trending topic since her show stopping Super Bowl performance. Currently…

Money Decoded: The Ratings Behind Some of the Best Super Bowl Ads

Did you know a 30 second commercial spot aired during the Super Bowl cost marketers…

Home Ownership

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Buying vs. Renting: The Pros and Cons

Here are three key things to consider when determining whether you want to rent or…

Tip from the Rich: Don’t Tie Up Money in a Home

If you ask most middle-class people what’s the best way to grow money, many say…

Financial Literacy Month: Rep Joyce Beatty Introduces Bill to Give Homebuyers Knowledge and Money

In this special series, “Women in Congress Take on the Bottomline,” we highlight Rep. Joyce…


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Investing Made Easy For Millennials

Financial apps could be just what Millennials need in order to jump start their tepid…

Marijuana Stocks: The 411 on Investing in ’420′

Black Enterprise talks to a leading banker and adviser in the cannabis space.

Millennials and Money: Doing Better Today but Trouble Ahead

Survey finds Millennials faring better than other groups…for now.

Love & Money


When Your Marriage Dream Turns Into a Financial Nightmare

Three tips to help when finances negatively impact your marriage.

How to Have the Money Talk with Your Beau

Whether you’re in a relationship or about to tie the knot, it’s best to know…

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas for New Relationships

If you’ve found a brand new Valentine on the day of love, check out these…

Planning & Budgeting

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The 3 Things That ‘Really’ Make Goals a Reality

Psychology professor Gail Matthews from Dominican University in California, heard about an often cited study…

Don’t Let Student Loan Debt Stress You Out

Our society tends to make debt a moral question, in many instances, equating a person’s…

Twitter Chat: Jacquette Timmons to Talk Black Women and Finances

Financial behaviorist Jacquette Timmons will address financial planning as it relates to black women in…


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Prepare for New Tax Bill to Accompany Marriage

There is a new tax for walking down the aisle, which may result in a…

3 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Tonya Rapley gives three smart ways to spend your tax refund this year.

Financial Literacy Month: Filing a Tax Extension? You Still Gotta Pay on 4/15

According to a survey by GoBank, not only do 57% of Americans find taxes…

Wealth Management

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How Race Plays Out in Our Financial Lives: Part 1

A survey by Prudential finds that Blacks are ‘sandwiched’ -providing greater financial support to…

[WATCH] Can Spirituality Make You Wealthy?

Anyone who believes in a higher power has likely experienced moments when anxiety from financial…

A Look Inside the Obama’s Finances

Polls shows that Americans think President Obama is a ‘cautious’ leader, and his 2014…

Women of Power

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Women of Power: 4 Boss Moves to Get Salary You Deserve

As the pay gap for women and men is highlighted today for Equal Pay Day,…

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10th Women of Power Summit Most Successful of All Time

Last week, Black Enterprise’s 10th Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm in Ft.…

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