How to Handle Holiday Tipping During Tough Times

The current economic situation hasn't changed Americans' tipping habits. See what you can do to show your gratitude without breaking the bank

Person writing check with stack of gifts

(Image: Thinkstock)

When it comes to holiday tipping, cash is king, according to CNN Money.

It’s a chance to say thank you to the people who support you in your life – from the person who takes care of your kids to your building’s doorman.

But in these tough economic times, it’s important to remember that holiday tipping is “never an obligation but it really is an opportunity to show gratitude,” said Daniel Post, a spokesman for The Emily Post Institute and the great-great grandson of Emily Post.

So what’s an appropriate amount? “Roughly equivalent to a single service,” Post said. And if money is tight, it’s perfectly acceptable to include a note that says the tip is not reflective of the recipient’s services, but your budget.

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