Love, Money, and Marriage 101

Personal finance expert Dawn Brown, Senior Financial Advisor for Altfest, shares the money rules every couple should know before the “I dos.”

  • David Trammell

    I enjoy the site, but it does not appear to be as responsive as it needs to be for video content…I’m not sure if it is a network or server issue…thanks.

  • This is my first time logging on this site. I don’t know what too me so long to just come here. I have always loved to read BE magazine and oftentimes just picked up a copy to read. Being in the military and always away deployed, stationed overseas, and just plain pre-occupied with family, church, work, school and life, I feel as though I have missed so much. With BE on-line and other multi-media avenues, I can better stay in touch and better prepare for different career and business venture. Thanks Black Enterprise for maintaining a standard and keep the African-American community well informed, connected and energized in the community, business, political, and entertainment world we live in.