Sub-Prime Lending Opportunities

Investment Advisor Michael Ray talks about how to make money in the sub-prime lending market.


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  1. Alphonse Schlitt says:

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  2. Lamarr Murphy says:

    I have no idea why or how I started receiving your magazine. I would like you to stop sending your magazine. The subscriiption is the name of Lamarr Murphy, 12745 Moore Road, Lakeland, Florida 33809

  3. LaVonne Tuska says:

    Did not order this. Please stop mailing. Info on shipping address:
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    LaVonne Tuska P649
    23 Genesis Lane 117
    Camden, SC 29020-7104 998

    Wrong magazine was ordered (entered) by the magazine company that my grandkids were using. Thank you LaVonne Tuska

  4. James H Stocktn says:

    I did not order this magazine–please cancel this subscription. The second line of the mailing label is#BEN0039850235/5# Oct 12 00099 0088

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