Terrell Owens Selling Used Clothes for Child Support Payments

Terrell Owens mandated to complete community service for back child support.

Terrell Owens has endured quite a lot over the past 12 months. From losing his Arena Football League contract with the Chicago Rush in May of last year to getting signed and dropped from the Seattle Seahawks in a matter of days, T.O. just can’t seem to get a break. And to top it all of, one of the four women to bear his children has had the former NFL player in and out of court for back child support.

In April of last year, the ex-wide receiver was sentenced to community service for not making his child support payments. The once-thriving multimillion-dollar wide receiver is struggling, and as one bad year came to an end the new year doesn’t look to be any better.

According to TMZ, “Terrell Owens spent 8 hours buried to his neck in dusty old sweaters and used Gap t-shirts last month … all because he pissed off his baby mama.” Owens fulfilled his court agreement by volunteering at an undisclosed Goodwill location. The football player turned reality star was ordered to complete community service after “being held in contempt.”

  • Simmie, Queens, NY

    I don’t feel showing this attachment regarding Terell Owens community service document needed to be posted up on this website. I admire, respect and regularly view this website because of it’s reputation, and ease knowing that the people featured will be discussed with a high level of professionalism and respect, and even support from Black Enterprise. By doing so, and displaying this attachment regarding Terrell’s hard times and demise, is putting Black Enterprise in the same light as those cheap gossip website that have no value. I understand that he has put himself in this situation by having a number of children with a number of women however, Black Enterprise isn’t that type of setting to “dig up and display” evidence and documents like tabloid websites an magazines.
    I hope and pray that Tyrell gets his life together an that Black Enterprise will focus on featuring that and support him through his difficult times.

  • Theresa “Stormie” Rivers

    “Black Enterprise.com”…. I dislike media’s attempt to get a story right or wrong! If you look at the document above it specifically states that he was court ordered to complete community service for a Misdemeanor, Traffic offense. Last time I checked, failure to pay child support was and is a part of family court. So, where did the media Black Enterprise of all sources get that his court ordered volunteering was due to “baby mama drama” ? Stretching and reaching for the truth is what the media does all day everyday. The picture does not realm from the gruesome 8 hours of volunteering he had to endure at Goodwill, but of an interview where he is discussing the turmoil surrounding his career. You can be good at what you do all day; everyday. However; if your attitude is overbearing and arrogant, you are a “industry good” the NFL can apparently do without. I won’t comment on him and his baby mama’s drama because, I do not see a need or any valid and constructive arguments by either Terrell Owens himself or the baby mamas. “Be careful of what the media reports and in plants both mentally and physically. Don’t believe everything that you see or hear unless the story was given to you directly.

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