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Michael Brown (Image: Facebook)

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Offers to Pay for Michael Brown’s Funeral

Standing by their commitment to social justice, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has offered to…

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Civil Rights Group To Livestream Coverage Of Events From Ferguson

Over the past week,, the largest online civil rights organization in the country, has…

Tourists Disrespect Michael Brown Silent Protest In Philadelphia

Last weekend, the protests against the villainy that happened in Ferguson, Missouri, took root at…

Joe the Plumber Calls Ferguson Protesters ‘Cockroaches’

Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as ‘Joe the Plumber,’ has risen again to voice his frustrations…

Washington Report

(Image: Young African Leaders Initiative)

Generation Next: President Obama Welcomes 500 Students Poised To Lead Africa

Five hundred African students chosen from 50,000 welcomed at Washington DC Town hall.

Female Entrepreneurs Still Lag Behind Male Counterparts Cites Congressional Report

Significant barriers still exist for women entrepreneurs more than 26 years after enactment of groundbreaking…

Timeline: What Has Obama Done Lately For The Country?

Since January, the president has taken more than 40 executive actions to help families succeed…

Women of Power


REGISTER NOW: Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit’s 10th Anniversary

It will be a landmark year for the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in…

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Venus Williams

Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit.

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