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Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

U.S. Supreme Court makes a historic ruling to legalize gay marriage nationwide

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Who Is Burning Black Churches?

Another historic black church has burned down in the South, as the investigations continue into…

NAACP To Host 106th Annual National Convention In Philadelphia

“Our lives, our votes, our jobs and our schools matter” – Cornell William Brooks, NAACP…

Donald Trump Gets ‘Fired’ From NBC For Comments About Immigrants

Several networks have decided to end their affiliation with the candidate after comments about immigration…

Washington Report

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Senators Call Investigation Into Discriminatory Housing In Minority Communities

“The findings of NFHA’s report are troubling at best, and at worst, indicate illegal discrimination…

Killer Mike Joins Laverne Cox, Russell Wilson and More At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The dinner brings together top members in government and members of the media for as…

[Update] Loretta Lynch Makes History as First Black Female Attorney General

Senators on Thursday [April 23, 2015] moved toward confirming Loretta Lynch as the nation’s next…

Women of Power

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Women of Power: 4 Boss Moves to Get Salary You Deserve

As the pay gap for women and men is highlighted today for Equal Pay Day,…

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10th Women of Power Summit Most Successful of All Time

Last week, Black Enterprise’s 10th Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm in Ft.…

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