DNC Displaces North Carolina’s Homeless From Motels

Extended Stay Hotels price hikes have forced homeless families staying there out.

From the NY Daily News

The Democratic National Convention hosted in Charlotte, N.C. means an increase in revenue for a lot of businesses. But for the families living there it means an increase in prices.

Many of the the families on the verge of homelessness, due to the economy, have been staying in Extended Stay motels.

The motels are priced so that many who only have a part time job could afford the day to day prices charged, some as low as $49 a night. Since the DNC has been in town those motels have increased their prices to as much as $150 a night. This has forced many living in these hotels to find other places to stay.

Read more at the NY Daily News.

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  • TheElleWoods

    So what! Who doesn’t increase prices during a big event or holiday when its going to bring thousands of people to their city. Places such as Miami, Vegas, New York City jack their prices up all the time because of New Years, Memorial Day, & All Star Weekend just to name a few.