EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Black Chambers Endorse Hillary Clinton

BE Politics has learned that the U.S. Black Chambers will endorse presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

headshot of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

The U.S. Black Chambers will endorse presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Ron Busby, president of the U.S. Black Chambers, will formally announce the endorsement at a rally in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, BE Politics has learned.

In comments obtained exclusively by BE Politics, Busby and Clinton explain why HRC is the best choice for black business.

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Busby asserted that “in order for there to be a strong black America, there must be strong black businesses.” Citing the need for a candidate who would “expand access to capital, provide tax relief, and expand access to new markets for black business owners,” the U.S. Black Chambers president affirmed that Clinton was the best person for the job.

“We unequivocally believe Hillary Clinton is the candidate that has the best understanding of the economic challenges facing black business owners, and has forward thinking priorities to alleviate the economic conditions facing black Americans and black businesses.”

Ron Busby Sr., president, U.S. Black Chamber

Ron Busby Sr., president, U.S. Black Chamber

Clinton expressed gratitude at her latest endorsement, stating her excitement to join in the “fight for fairness and opportunity for African American entrepreneurs and families.” Acknowledging the necessities outlined by Busby, Clinton pledged to “cut red tape, improve access to capital, provide tax relief, and increase access to new markets around the world.”

This is a major win for Clinton, who has been struggling with the unexpected, meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders. With annual revenues upwards of $10 million and ties to over 100 national Black Chambers of Commerce, The U.S. Black Chambers is a major force within the black community. Their endorsement is a much-needed confirmation of Clinton’s long-standing support within the black electorate.


27 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Black Chambers Endorse Hillary Clinton

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  2. Kathy Gray says:

    For the life of my I cannot understand why the hell people WANT to endorse the 1% I guess they must like being poor and all of their neighbors poor and all of average working Americans POOR, $Hillary is 100% for the 1% which she is part of, she’s said more offensive things about people of color both black and brown but still you idiots endorse her.

    • Chummy says:

      And I am sure that calling people of color idiots is going to make them want to endorse you candidate. Have a little respect for the Democratic process and the people’s right to support the candidate of their choice. You might find that manners and respect will take you a long way in life but a hate and ad hominem attacks not so much.

      • PCFreckle says:

        While I don’t agree with her message, I will call out the assertion that she was calling people of color idiots. She was not. People of color as a whole did not endorse Hillary Clinton, the The U.S. Black Chambers did. Her remarks were aimed there.

        • Michael Joseph says:

          Well, then let me point out that, by calling the U.S. Black Chamber idiots, Kathy Gray certainly was calling people of color idiots, unless she didn’t realize the people in the Black Chamber are people of color. I think Chummy’s comments are correct and well taken. I am also sick and tired of hearing about Hillary and the 1%. Hillary did not become rich by gouging the poor, or through inheritance, or through financial manipulation or by being in place. Her husband made money the old fashioned way–he earned it–by leveraging his enormous popularity to command lucrative speaking fees. How did he become so popular? Largely by being a good president and by standing up to the phony baloney Kenneth Starr investigation and the vicious assaults by members of the Republican Congress–plus ça change, hey?–the true proponents of Plutocracy and Special Interest. Vilifying Hillary simply for having money is simplistic, hysterical rhetoric, at best, and perfectly commensurate with Kathy’s smear about Hillary having said “more [sic] offensive things about people of color.” People who are jealous of Hillary and Bill will say anything they feel like, regardless of whether they identify with the far right or far left. I have no clue why you would want to step in and defend the perpetrator of a rather nasty personal attack, but that is your own business. However, before you correct someone’s textual interpretation, PCFreckle, I suggest you check yourself to make sure your interpretation is correct. Peace!

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            Shocked to see such racism come from people who purport to support Bernie Sanders. & this is not the first! If anything it gives credence to the while conspiracy theory that Republicans are trolling the ‘net falsely calling themselves Bernie supporters so they can trash Hillary.

    • Sherry says:

      You have it wrong she’s NOT for the top 1%. Stop listening to Fox News and the other Conservative networks.

    • Cpt_Justice says:

      Yeah, I know it’s hard for you to understand, but it’s not hard for those of us who actually follow the facts. You might start by not lapping up *every* lie about Hillary that comes along; it might put things into perspective.

  3. Kathy Gray says:

    If people would stop and look at how much damage this woman has done to our economy, things will NEVER get better as long as we keep clinging to the Establishment run politicians who are ALL corrupted by the same big money billionaires who have conspired for decades to drive every American who isn’t a millionaire or billionaire into deeper poverty. NOTHING WILL EVER GET BETTER AND IF YOU’RE A BUSINESS YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS IF THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY YOUR STUFF THEN YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

  4. Dee Bergin Flaherty says:

    Thank you for your endorsement of Hillary Clinton! Hillary has dedicated her whole career fighting for ALL of us and will continue to do so. #imwithher #turncongressblue

    • Sinoda Zenitram says:

      Your obviously a complete idoit or make more than 250,000 a year if thats the statement your going to use to describe hilary.

  5. Chummy says:

    Thank you for your endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. #ImWithHer #TurnCongressBlue

  6. ant says:

    Let’s wait for the conspiracy theorists and see who win the Tinfoil Hat Award today.

  7. Michelle Terrell says:

    Hillary Clinton…taking black votes for granted again.

  8. Sherry says:

    So happy that you are endorsing Hillary. I guarantee she’s the best candidate for President..

  9. Cpt_Justice says:

    Thank you for this endorsement; this will definitely help save the country.

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