Johnny Gill Sues Four Seasons Hotel Over Racist Attack

Do you question Johnny because he's filing suit two years later?

johnny gill smilingR&B artist, Johnny Gill, formerly of the group New Edition has filed a lawsuit against the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, according to NewsOne. The suit claims that the hotel was negligent in protecting him during an assault from another customer.

The incident, which took place nearly two years ago on August 23, 2011, claims that a white patron allegedly made unprovoked racial slurs. When Gill made an attempt to remove himself from the altercation the patron pushed him into a heating lamp which resulted in bodily injury as well as pain and suffering.

The singer is seeking $1 million in damages.




118 Responses to Johnny Gill Sues Four Seasons Hotel Over Racist Attack

  1. Coach says:

    How is it that you are allowed to have a site called “Black Enterprise” without being blasted for being racist? If a Caucasian were to have a site called “White Enterprise” the Jesse Jackson’s would be coming out of the woodwork screaming BIAS.

    • James Trapp says:

      True that.

    • Bill Davis says:

      Shut up stupid…Forbes is White Enterprise…

    • Nonya says:

      Wow. Such big talk for a guy afraid of little old Jesse Jackson. Lol

      • Coach says:

        I don’t think ANYBODY is afraid of that hack anymore, he is not to be feared but held in contempt for pretending to be an honorable man and being such a sleaze. But that doesn’t keep him from spewing his racism and hate with every attempt the Caucasian makes at keeping some equality in this country. AND everything that gets his ‘panties in a knot’.

    • John Johnson says:

      Almost all blacks are racist. ( 95% of blacks are racist – only 5% of whites and Asians are racist ).

      • Coach says:

        As racist as they are, we will never be able to just have a calm accepting nation. They will NOT allow it because they cannot get PAST ancient history because they think it gives them this great excuse. However, it doesn’t seem to be working when you still have them complaining that they can get nowhere because they are black. I know very few white’s who are actually racist against skin. Yes, many are sick of certain attitudes but not the skin color itself or the race, just the mind-set. I think your mind-set defines you a lot more than your color does. If you are Hispanic and come to this country and learn to speak English and work and raise the American flag as the country that is giving you a chance at life, NO problem. But if you come to this country and bitch and complain and raise your flag and refuse to speak the language. GO HOME. If you are black and you go to school, graduate and get a job, then you can complain with the rest about being underpaid and undervalued. But if you are crying in your welfare bought Cheerios about how you can get nowhere because of your color. Don’t expect sympathy! People of ALL colors are losing their homes and livelihoods, so stop feeling sorry for yourselves, everybody has it bad except the 1%.

        • Get Real says:

          How is that ancient? When my parents suffered segregation during the Civil Rights Movement which was only in the 60’s and 70’s? My father is still alive and can tell me about a lot of racism. I still experience racial profiling all the time, police brutality against Blacks is at an all-time high, Obama was attacked racial during his first and second terms, and Blacks are still geting shot like Treyvon. How’s that in the past? I feel like Whites are bringing the past right into the future with their generations. If you can’t see that then you are unaware. Quite Frankly.

          • Kenneth Laskowski says:

            Obama? That black guy who is President? That black guy who was voted into office by white people, not once, but twice? That Obama?

        • TheDuke says:

          And they should complain, not much has changed at all in this country and in fact, seems to be going in reverse. YOU should go home, because you’re not from here either! Blacks have contributed to every facet of success that this country enjoys today. Mostly not receiving credit for it because “others” took credit. As far as welfare, in sheer numbers along, whites account for more welfare recepients by far than any other race. You really should read and learn more before making dumb statements!

          • Coach says:

            Possibly, but in order to know if that calculation says what you think it says, we would have to take it a step further and calculate total number of whites to total number of them on welfare, then total number of blacks and total number of THEM on welfare. Then we would see a more complete picture. I DO believe that blacks are oppressed in many ways, but I also believe that if they don’t manage an attitude adjustment at some point, it is going to stay that way. From the conversations that I have had with people, there is little racism against black skin, but a whole LOT of racism against the pervading black ‘attitude’ of blame placing. That is something that can be changed, whereas you are what you are re skin color. So if they would just STFU about all of the obstacles, real or perceived, perhaps their lives would get better also. In fact, I would bet on it!! If you see racism in every comment and action, chances are you will not get far. You can’t whine and still be strong enough to make something of your life in this world. It is tough for everyone, but some of you have a ‘card’ to play and blame to place, others simply realize that life isn’t fair and try to work hard to get beyond it.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            It’s so comical that you go on about how blacks ‘blame place’ while you’re doing what? PLACING BLAME! I swear, you invalidate your own argument on sheer incompetence. haha I love it!

          • Coach says:

            UM, changing the subject entirely here? When you haven’t got an argument, name-calling just makes you look even worse.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Name calling? Exactly where did I give you a new moniker in my comment? I did give a description, but you did the same thing as well about the ‘blame placers’ you seem to detest. So if you don’t like people going into detail about what they believe you to be then I suggest you refrain from doing the same. Put on your big boy pants if you want to enter into an adult conversation instead of a one sided rant.

          • Coach says:

            Excuuuse me but you called me a racist and a bigot and I consider that name-calling. I have fully admitted to being prejudiced against the ‘poor me’ attitude, but I am not a racist, and everyone uses ‘bigot’ incorrectly anyway, as it has little to do with race other than as a ‘subject’ of one’s bigotry.

            And by the way, I wear big ‘girl’ pants. Hubby’s pants do not fit me.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Michael……that’s a name…..Little Princess…..that’s a name……..racist…..that’s a description. How am I to expect you to use ‘bigot’ in the correct sense when you can’t even use ‘name calling’ in the right context? Just for future reference, (to avoid embarrassing situations such as this one in the future)…..
            If it’s not CAPITALIZED, it is not viewed as a ‘name’. All nouns/pro-nouns are properly capitalized so they can be recognized as a name. If it is not capitalized when referring to someone it is an adjective and as I’m sure you’re aware of, adjectives are the ‘descriptions’ of a paragraph.

          • Coach says:

            If there is anyone in the thread who actually speaks and understands English, I would be glad to converse, however I have tired of trying to teach this person who has a computer, but no sense, how to read and understand what I have written. It just keeps coming back with ‘non’ answers, so is a colossal waste of time. If it STILL has no idea what I am talking about, and continues with some sort of ‘left hand’ something or other, LOL, I can’t spend the time. But any intelligent comments are welcomed.

          • Kenneth Laskowski says:

            Whites also make up more of the population. Blacks only make up 12%. Let’s go by percentages and not just sheer numbers.

      • Get Real says:

        Really cause statistics say that 70% of Whites are racists. And for the record, I’ve never since a Black person in a Four Seasons attack a White person with racial slurs. Infact the post says that he didn’t retaliate at all except to report the incedent to the hotel, esp after being hurt. Most people would have started a fight over that after being physically assulted.

        • Snagsom says:

          I’ve seen a black person racially attack another patron in a 5 star hotel. I work at a top Hotel, it definitely goes both ways.

      • TheDuke says:

        That’s a racist statement right there you idiot. Besides, I’ve never seen a Black Racist, and I am over 50 years old! Blacks just respond to racism, both past and present!

        • Coach says:

          Odd. I have rarely met a black person who was NOT racist.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Honestly, you’re the last person to make such a claim. Something tells me the Black people you meet are only RESPONDING to the racist undertones you most certainly give off. If I were to meet you in real life, I’d be able to pick up on your bigotry in an instant.

          • Coach says:

            Bigotry is the wrong word. You think I am a racist, but that is also not true. I have respect for any PERSON of any COLOR

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            How can you say you’re not racist when you single out minorities and make such claims about them getting all the breaks? Last time I checked, everyone in America gets a break one way or the other. Could be because they have children, could be because of their parents, heck it could even be because they’re left handed. Exactly how are minorities worthy of the spotlight you’ve decided to put on them?

          • Coach says:

            If I had the time to google all of the minority related ‘assistance’ out there, I would. I don’t but since you are so interested, start googling. You will find MANY assistance programs that are ONLY for minorities because they have it so tough. Caucasian? Fend for yourself. Illegal alien and want to go to an American college? Suuuuure, and not only that, but we will let you have RESIDENT rates!! What part of ILLEGAL alien is not getting through here? That is just the beginning, like I said, get googling instead of arguing with me about something so obvious.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Again, how is this different from the assistance or scholarships that are provided for single mothers? Left Handed people? Married parents living in poverty? Children of parents who lived in poverty? Military veterans? Housewives? Churches? Christians? If you’re not racist then why aren’t you whining about those special privileges? Oh, because you might actually benefit from those yourself? Now I get it. Everything is unfair until it applies to you. Then it’s okay. The moment you get nothing out of the deal you begin to throw a tantrum. I swear, you are the very definition of ‘entitlement’. Blah. It’s quite sickening. Until you’re ready to cut the strings on the breaks for ALL, do not call for an end to the breaks for SOME.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            I’d also like to point out that many of those Illegals that you said get breaks ARE Caucasian. So you’ve just admitted yourself that there are programs out there designated to providing assistance to Caucasians in this country. What exactly was your point again? Oh….I remember. Because you’re a legal Caucasian resident, you don’t qualify for those programs. And because you don’t qualify, it has to end! Entitlement……some people just don’t want to see anyone else succeed if it isn’t them……Please, don’t let anyone know you are American. I’m actually ashamed to say I share a country with you. I miss the days were America was about PRIDE and RESILIENCE. Not about ‘What can my country do for me?’

    • barbaraebj says:

      That is such an old, tried and true, racist routine to ask that sort of question in order to attempt to turn the tables or justify what everyone, including you, already knows is definitely racist with something that everyone, including you, also knows is good marketing and “blowback” against racism.

      Reusing the same tired old lines is really DUMB.

      • Coach says:

        I read your post several times, and I STILL did not see an answer. Soooooo, well, who is ‘dumb’? One thing that SOME PEOPLE are really good at, is name-calling. Too bad they are not as good at job-getting!

        • Karen V Cratch says:

          O BOY HERE WE GO AGAIN . Poor WHITE Man, couldn’t be first in line , blame it on the THE PRESIDENT AND MINORITIES with all those out dated comments. Coach, you know alot of black people, are you really black? BTW, why you are so concern about the black race, you need to worry about why white kids carry guns to school and shoot innocent children,

          • Coach says:

            Yup, same old same old. But the problem is that my comments are only outdated because things NEVER change! Whine Whine Whine. It just gets old for people who are actually trying to DO something other than blame others for their lot in life.

          • Karen V Cratch says:

            I don’t blame others you seem to have a market on BP behavior or should I say generalized, What are you doing beside strring up racial cramp that you don’t know about. oh that’s right. YOU HAVE A BLACK FRIEND.

          • Coach says:

            Which of my friends are you referring to? I’m sure you don’t understand it, but I have many. I don’t see anywhere where I posted “I HAVE A BLACK FRIEND”

    • G'tán Blaqué says:

      How is it racist? You’re White and yet they’ve allowed you to comment, no? So again…..where’s the racism? They post stories about all races, all nationalities so I’m failing to see just how you jumped to the belief that ‘Black Enterprise’ stood for the color of one’s skin…..unless you’re racist yourself.

      • Coach says:

        OK, are you ACTUALLY trying to tell us that you do NOT think that the name ‘Black Enterprise’ has anything to do with race? If so, I will not even bother anymore, because that is too ridiculous.

        • G'tán Blaqué says:

          It’s ‘too ridiculous’ because you can’t provide an answer that disputes this. Do you enter debates with this ‘entitled’ attitude all the time? As if your advisory must agree with you before you continue. That’s the very definition of lazy to me. No wonder you spend your days whining in front of a keyboard instead of actually applying yourself in life.

          • Coach says:

            Wait wait wait, you NEVER answered the question, why are you trying to pretend it is the other way around? I asked you if you REALLY believe that www blackenterprise com has nothing to do with the black race? SERIOUSLY? Have you EVER gone to the site to research that? Follow this thread between us and see who is ‘avoiding’ the issue and ‘evading’ the truth. It is not me.

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            But Coach, I asked you the question first. Are you going to sit here with your arms crossed and refuse to answer the very question that started this exchange? Well I’ll give into your elitist attitude since it’s probably the only way you’ve ever learned to have a conversation with others. Perhaps it makes you feel superior, I don’t really know and I don’t really care. Sure, it may only reward the behavior that will be your downfall but if you don’t care about your conduct or your future, why should I?

            No, I do not believe it is a website strictly based on race. If you knew your history you’d know that it used to be ‘Black AMERICAN Enterprise’ before it was shortened. It is made for a certain demographic, not a certain race. I have no objection with them naming their website to reflect their intended audience just as I do not object to ‘Irish American News’ or ‘Native American Weekly’. This is a free country after all, the 1st Amendment kinda protects this right. And if it’s okay with the constitution, who am I to complain? I just wish narcissistic individuals like you respected that document as much as I do. Talk about unpatriotic.

  2. Kristin says:

    This is no surprise. Seriously? Pushed into a lamp. If you can’t handle heat from a lamp then you’re a p**** anyways! What a joke. I hope he gets ZERO! He’s just trying to make money so he doesn’t have to work.

  3. 1xnyer says:

    Looking for the quick hand outs again.

    • Nonya says:

      Nicole Brown’s family and Ron Goldman’s family received the largest handout in history. 🙂

      • Jeff Steinbeck says:

        that’s how stupid you are. They won the civil judgement, they DID NOT COLLECT it though, not even close…OJ was hiding assets, of course, he couldn’t get work, because who would hire a murderer?

        • Nonya says:

          I guess my sarcasm went over your head, stupid. If you think that Johnny Gil is seeking a handout with his lawsuit against a GUILTY man, then the families of Ron Goldman and Denise Brown were looking for a handout from OJ! OJ was found not guilty! So, the Goldman’s and Brown’s received the largest handout In history according to your logic…
          So shut the fvck up, idiot!

          • Jeff Steinbeck says:

            If that’s sarcasm, you certainly don’t know how to express it, because you’re essentially illiterate.

            To make fun of the Goldman family after OJ murdered their son, not to mention murdering a battered white woman, they weren’t even married…THAT SHOWS A LACK OF INTEGRITY..UTTER STUPIDITY, A HATRED AGAINST WHITES that I could never approach…You would wonder why many non-blacks, which would include Asians, Hispanics, many different cultures from Europe are absolute sick of Black criminals, ignorant black people who don’t care about anything but their own fat hides.

          • Snagsom says:

            Guilty Man? You mean the Lawsuit against an innocent hotel?

            Obviously they’ll undeservedly settle just to avoid bad press, which is total BS.

            And were you there? How do you know the actual man that “caused’ the scuffle is guilty? We’ve only heard one side of the story here.

  4. RWFG says:

    Guess the recording “artist” lost his manufactured fame.

  5. ABnormal says:

    another day, more n-whining

    • Coach says:

      Will it EVER stop? I doubt it. At least not until it stops WORKING for them. Amazing that it is actually the n’s that have made me start to think differently. The constant whining and use of the race card. AND NATIONAL ON AIR APOLOGIES THEY DEMAND for every little thing that they ‘think’ slights them. I had so many arguments growing up with my racist mother, I mean HEATED nasty arguments. Now I think quite differently. I am still not at all racist against SKIN color, but am definitely biased against certain ‘attitudes’.

      • kitahowell says:

        When blacks use the n-word it does not come from a place of hate… it’s just lingo… when whites use the n-word it pure hate.. and that is a problem….

        • Coach says:

          See, that’s what I’m talking about, they see “hate” everywhere. You just made a blanket comment that when whites use the n-word it is with pure hate. THAT is what I mean by racist. Blacks believe this because THEY are so racist. This is a twisted way to think. However, when they call us whitey, honky or cracker, ya, that is probably with hate. Still, I have YET to see any black party having to make a public apology for using any derogatory word about whites. THAT would be a step towards equality, alas, that is not going to happen, but I am not sure why. I guess their screamers are louder than ours. I don’t even LIKE the word, but will get used to using it again until such time as they are not using it constantly. It doesn’t have the same ‘ick’ factor that it used to now that you hear it ALL of the time. Growing up NOBODY used that word, now it is supposed to be an endearment? How things change. But IMO you cannot use a word constantly and then have fits when somebody else uses it.

        • ABnormal says:

          feeble-minded dolt

    • kitahowell says:

      This is why American will never change?? “n-whining”??? I want to stand behind you on judgment day sir….

    • G'tán Blaqué says:

      ….Says the person who is whining. Who’s more sensitive? The person whining or the person whining about the other person whining? This is absolutely hilarious. I’ve never seen so many white women on their periods in my life!…wait……you are women, right? No way a male could be THIS touchy.

    • G'tán Blaqué says:

      Oh, ma’am, I see you managed to reply to every one of my comments except this one. Are you feeling better? Did your flow let up a little?

  6. tweaver1945 says:

    Two years later? Oh, I got it – well, he’s a little slow on the uptake but knows for certain now that if nothing else will work ~ Use the race card!

  7. dashark09 says:

    Blacks are not a race but a different Species and brutal, predators.

    they kill 1.2 Million Whites in the US every single year.

    • Bill Davis says:

      Wow, you are a retard. Only about 25K Americans are murdered annually. So where did you go to school?

      • Mocking Bird says:

        and you are even more retarded, Billy-boy. There were 14,748 homicides in the United States in 2010, including non-negligent manslaughter. That is for all races in the US.
        What were you, home schooled?

    • nonya says:

      Hey how many blacks were killed during the trans-atlantic slave trade? During slavery? During deconstruction? During the civil right movement? How many combined?

      • SwD says:

        Let it go already…the slavery issue, your verbal bashing….BTW, BLACK/WHITE are not RAces…….Ignorance is bliss…..
        I am Caucasian, you are African American?(I presume)?….Stop your hatred towards lighter skinned people, as it is so prevelant as it is…..I love brown skin, light skin, whatever…it is the HATE that is UGLY, and so many go this EASY way today……LOVE baby LOVE!

    • common sense says:

      Actually “dashark09” only 14,612 murders were listed in the U.S. according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Most people are killed by people of the same race.

    • kitahowell says:

      How many Native Americans died at the hands of whites???

    • kitahowell says:

      How many blacks were killed by whites during Jim Crow?? How many Asian Americans were killed during the chinese railroad exclusions?

  8. anna mae says:

    Yeah, this race should start a page for the killing of innocent babies, shooting them in the face so they can get a dollar. Worthless pieces of garbage that do this

  9. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Hey Jonny “Suck Me To Tears” Here is yet another real story of an elderly woman leaving church who suffered serious injury from another son of oBUMa! So go “F” yourself and your quest for MO MONEY you POS!

    Put this little piece of garbage against the wall and shoot him! Time for a White Enterprise site!

    • Nonya says:

      Hey genius! Nobody is stopping you from creating a White Enterprise magazine. So, what are you waiting for, stupid?

      • Coach says:

        Oh you are VERY VERY wrong there! It would NEVER be allowed because the n’s would come out of the woodwork screaming bias. You are living in a fantasy world if you actually think that we have any kind of ‘equality’ by reversing the situation and giving away everything to the minorities and making US pay for it. I never owned a slave!!

  10. Koelle Berner says:

    how cud u not get lost in dem nostrils? ♥♥♥

  11. Ray says:

    I guess he didn’t Stand his ground and try to bash the other person’s head into the floor. Tired of all this racist behavior by blacks. I’m boycotting everything black, every person that is black. Call it what you want, but It’s my protest for equality. No more donations, no more community service, no more tips!
    I’m reading the add next to this article for the Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge in Palm Beach, FL. Must be nice. Wonder if they are sharing their wealth with their people?

  12. Ryan Blades says:

    Who the hell ever heard of this parasite?

  13. naneast7 says:

    LOL! You all sound so ignorant! Why would you go on a site like BE if hate black people so much? Doesn’t make sense. If it makes your day though, continue on. You sound like a bunch of jealous fools. You’re born that way. Full of hate.

    • Coach says:

      There should not BE a site called “BLACK” anything!!!!! Try setting up a site that ways “CAUCASIAN Enterprise”. You call people names, just like other (ahem) on this site. What does that make you but so small minded that you cannot even HOPE to defend the prejudice against whites now-a-days.

      • G'tán Blaqué says:

        So do you go to sites that are labeled ‘Woman’ anything or ‘Native’ anything and make a big fuss over that? How about ‘Asian’ anything? ‘Spanish’? You don’t? Then why pinpoint ‘Black’ EVERYTHING?

        • Coach says:

          Men would, and non-native’s would. By the way I just pulled up BE’s homepage. BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK so I don’t think you are very informed about the site. OH, and WHITES are the only ones in this country that are NOT allowed a voice. Every other ‘race’ or ‘nationality’ can. But if Caucasians try, all hell breaks loose. And I have noticed that like so many of your ‘ilk’ name calling is a favorite thing for you to do! Ignorant? Dummy? Physician heal thyself!!

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Again, where did I give you a ‘name’? Why must you continue to play the victim in everyone of your responses? Instead of addressing the concerns laid out in front of you, you immediately go into a defensive mode and blame everyone but yourself for your own actions. My original question still stands: Do you go to sites that are labeled ‘Woman’ anything or ‘Native’ anything and make a big fuss over that? I thought you were all for equality?

          • Coach says:

            I’ll try AGAIN—>Men would, and non-native’s would. By the way I just pulled up BE’s homepage. BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK so I don’t think you are very informed about the site. OH, and WHITES are the only ones in this country that are NOT allowed a voice. Every other ‘race’ or ‘nationality’ can. But if Caucasians try, all hell breaks loose. And I have noticed that like so many of your ‘ilk’ name calling is a favorite thing for you to do! Ignorant? Dummy? Physician heal thyself!!

          • G'tán Blaqué says:

            Well, it seems you aren’t very informed on the websites that are very popular and designed for Caucasian Americans. Irish American News is one of my favorites. What was this again about them not having a voice? I hear it everyday. Maybe you aren’t listening? Too busy using your own to hear any others’? That’s the most likely culprit. You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason……

    • ABnormal says:

      shut your muzzle you dirty ape

      • G'tán Blaqué says:

        Seeing as thought this comment comes from someone who goes by ‘Abnormal’ I really don’t see anyone taking offense to this comment. People often project their feelings onto others to mask the pain.

  14. Sha Qui Qui LaDynasty Jones says:

    Johnny be playin the ghetto lotto!

  15. sperry says:

    wow, pretty much all I can say…..

  16. Iceman1958 says:

    Johnny Gill has a net worth of about 10 Million Dollars. With that being said, I doubt if he needs the money. White people need to get a grip and stop the ignorant racist behavior and the trolling of black sites, it only confirms how ignorant and racist you are.

  17. Iceman1958 says:

    There’s New Edition, LSG and his solo work as well as producing for others.

  18. John Johnson says:

    Is he that cowardly????? Seems all Blacks are cowards unless in a gang. Where was his posse??? LOL!!!!!

  19. MQ says:

    typical negros

  20. Balls says:

    White trash hold be kept in ther trailer parks.

  21. SwD says:

    Some of these AFA issues are a so racist in their own respective manner, and are at times so grossly exaggerated.When another ‘ethnic group of a lighter shade of pale’ brings up a ‘racist’ issue, I do not read about JJ, or AS or the Black Enterprise, Essense rising to the occassion….unless another ethnic group of brown skin tone is involved…

    NOT stating that RACIST issues are still prevelant, THEY ARE whin so many ethic groups STOP IT ALREADY…..what occurred during slavery was the PAST, yet so many want to ‘rehash, relive, and regurgetate the ugliness….it is HYPOCRICY at it best!

    I was raised in a dominant Caucasian(White is NOT a RACE BTW….) environment, and gravitated to a the darkest kid in the school as my BF….and have had several inter-racial relationships(2) AF women….yet the BS that proliferates the Media, and THESE AFA mags is F’ing Ridiculus, scandelous, and shameful.

    * ANFD I like Johnny Gill’s music, yet not his sorry assed claim….

    (Now ban me from writrijng on your respective BE media outlet….for stating a from ‘the whiter shade of pale perspective)

  22. Justin B. Treww says:

    reading these comments continues to make me proud that i dont give a sh*t how white people “feel”, percieve, rationalize, or conclude decisively about anything in the world and life around them … F**K how you feel. Get your money johnny, b/c a white person can’t argue that they’ve somehow evolved and “advanced” as a group with time, their norm and average is whats posting in response to this article…

  23. barbaraebj says:

    No, it doesn’t make me wonder anything at all that he waited 2 years. He would want to get the suit in before any statute of limitations was up and may have not been sure if he wanted to sue or not during that time. If time was running out, he had to make a decision, but the relatively low monetary “asking price” over a racist incident makes me think that he questioned how hard he should “hit back” and questioned whether it would come back on him to sue at all or for too much. Someone else may have sued for a lot more looking for a serious pay day. But, this guy is lowballing it.

  24. your brother says:

    The biggest problem with people has always been when they are caught in the “wrong” with evidence up the ying-yang they will never ‘ADMIT” their GUILT…have u ever tried to get a genuine “apology” from school children..seems to be difficult for GROWN folks as well….400 years of horror..and no acceptance of guilt..Obama’ election that restitution after 400 years of FREE LABOR! Really!

  25. smash44 says:

    Wah. Wah. Wah. Whine. Black racist pigs are far more prevalent that white racists.

  26. G'tán Blaqué says:

    While you’re leaving all these hate filled comments, we’re quietly moving up the social ladder. While you sit back and smile, believing you’re somehow superior simply based on your racial make-up, we’re hitting the ground running. In under 80 yrs, we’ve went from riding on the back of a bus to driving them. Not being allowed to serve in the U.S. military to running it. Not being able to look at a White woman to marrying them. Yes, White men, if I were you, I’d be equally as afraid, too. It is not looking good for the demographic responsible for the institutionalized racism that many still suffer from today. You’re all for equality until things begin to actually equalize, then you cry ‘racism’. Meanwhile, the elite that have kept your class suppressed and under their rule for centuries by feeding you this racial BS continue to laugh all the way to the bank. Speaking of which, I’ve NEVER met a racist rich person. Why? Because they don’t have time to hate someone that they don’t fear. That’s the absolute truth. You’re only showing your hate comes from a place full of insecurities…..

    …..And I must say, I’m loving every minute of this……Please, continue.

    • ABnormal says:

      shut your muzzle you social justice feeble-minded monkey babbler

    • Nate Higgers says:

      love your optimism honey, but “moving up the social ladder” only applies to a very small percentage of your folks. more and more young blacks are going to prison or are dying (southside of chicago for example).

      never met a racist rich person? guess you haven’t gotten around very far. paula deen and mel gibson say hi.

      • G'tán Blaqué says:

        Paula Deen and Mel Gibson aren’t racists, they are bigots. If Ms. Deen were actually racist, she wouldn’t have had a Black person working in such a position as the woman was. Gibson has worked under or beside many Jewish directors. They may have very nasty opinions of certain demographics but they don’t purposely use their position to enforce said opinions. In other words, they don’t PRACTICE their bigotry so they can not be racist.

        And I am here to tell you that it does not apply to a small percentage of blacks, look at the numbers. I’m surrounded by successful Black Americans, the majority of us are law abiding MIDDLE CLASS citizens. Just because we don’t insist on making our presence known does not mean we don’t exist. We prefer that people like you stay under the impression that Blacks are ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ because honestly it allows you to underestimate us and it keeps you distracted. One more person distracted is another person eliminated from the competition. Imagine if you placed as much energy into something productive instead of something so destructive. You’d be quite well off. But instead you’re wasting this potential energy doing something that really helps no one, not even yourself. And that’s why we love it. As I said earlier: Please, continue…….

  27. Map says:

    It’s so comical that you go on about how blacks ‘blame place’ while you’re doing what? PLACING BLAME!

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