Photo of Michael Jackson’s Last Driver’s License Released

Why is his driver's license photo important to be released?

michael jackson drivers licenseA photo of Michael Jackson’s driver’s license has popped up online.

Jackson, full name Michael Joe Jackson, is shown in a black dress shirt in a photo dating back to 2005.

The photo pales in comparison to his 1980 driver’s license photo in which he seems pretty happy. In this photo, he has a serious face and doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Check out more on the photo here at Newsone

  • Rhonda Martin

    You people need to seriously get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sheila W

      I agree, Rhonda! Bootleg psychoanalyzing a driver license photo? Who smiles at the DMV, anyway? I didn’t smile on mine either; care to bootleg psych me, too? Leave the man alone…he’s dead. So much for resting in “PEACE”…

  • Maria

    Et tu, Black Enterprise? Really???

  • Last time I check, barely anyone takes a fabulous licence. To be honest, I’m surprise that Michael was still drive during that time do to the fact that I heard many stories about how much of a shitty driver he was. lol Lord know how much I miss him and his music but to just shit on him about how he looking in his driver licence just shows people how much of a BITCH you truly are. If only people would of stop nagging him 24/7 about concerts, news albums and other bullshits and let him breath, Michael would of still be hear with his family.

  • Jeeze, it’s just a DMV photo, and we ALL know how much we hate our own DMV photos. Whether it’s a valid CA Drivers Lic. or a California ID…ya gotta have it. And everyone hates their picture (including myself).

  • No one takes a good DMV photo.

  • This man has already lost his life, in the last few years of that life everything written about him was negative. Can he please just REST IN PEACE? RIP MJ

  • Wheezer

    Wacko Jacko appears to be hopped up on “baby essentials” and Jesus Juice here.