4 Responses to Signs of the Times: Tea Party Protests

  1. Andrea says:

    Personally, I believe we’re giving these people just what they want “Attention”. Our President is not bothering with this foolishness, so why should an upstanding organization like the NAACP do the opposite and give these people more publicity than they deserve. It’s impossible to please everyone. This radical group has a right to their opinion as this is the country we live in. If our President was Hitler or Stalin, they would be imprisoned by now. But, we have a President who loves people, who is fighting for the rights of all of the American people, including those who go to bed hating him for no reason, but the color of his skin. So I appreciate that he is focusing on what’s important to the majority of Americans and that’s fixing all of the problems that the Republicans and Bush Administration left us, so that we can once again strive as the leading country that we are! The NAACP, should just put this Tea party on Ignore and not feed into their rhetoric, we have come too far as a people, African American people and too many of our brothers and sisters have died for our progression, we don’t need to step back into the ’60s and that’s just what we’re doing by giving this Tea party a second thought. We have to know that this group does not speak for All of the American people, no matter the race…the majority spoke when we elected our President who is by the People for the People and does not matter what the polls say or those who are allowing fear to guide their actions. He’s doing his job, fixing these problems and that is all that matters to the majority of American people!

  2. Mike says:

    The NAACP is now calling ANYONE a Racist who doesnt follow their political ideology. The NAACP is crying “Wolf!” so much now that the term is almost “cute”. Kind of like calling someone a Nazi when you no longer have a point when debating someone’s political views.Their are some in the NAACP who think President Bush masterminded the attack on 9/11. They glowingly award self-proclaimed Marxists like Van Jones. Glenn Beck had an episode where he proves that President Obama was born in Hawaii. So now right wingers/ Tea Partiers are just ridiculed for holding such a view now.Their were countless left wing groups with protest signs of President Bush as “Hitler” when he was president. President Obama has admitted NUMEROUS times he believes in the “Redistribution of Wealth”… aka “JOE the Plumber” talk. The Tea Partiers dont like ANY Socialist… look how much energy was devoted to taking down the Soviet Union… 99% WHITE People.

  3. Mike says:

    Can the Author of this article present a YouTube link or ANY link of a Tea Party Speech that uses “Racist” language? I havent heard any but I’d like to be enlightened.

  4. RMR says:

    I am a Canadian and I am shocked at the tone of both rightwing and leftwing comments regarding President Obama background and his presidency. Even his wife is attacked e.g. by Sarah Palin. Can’t you guys get along and leave individuals to have his or her opinion?? When you attack President Obama, you attack office of Presidency of UNITED States of America, the greatest power and democracy in the world.

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