61 Percent of Small Business Owners Favor Mitt Romney for President

A poll reveals a majority small business owners are unhappy with President Obama

It appears Mitt Romney‘s business background is shoring up a wave of support from small business owners. According to a study conducted by Manta, 61 percent of small business owners say they plan to vote for Romney, while only 26 percent said they will vote for President Barack Obama.

These numbers suggests that small business owners consider Romney’s business experience as the owner of the financial firm Bain Capital, more equipped to meet their needs as business owners. The Manta survey also reveals that small business owners do not have much faith in the Democratic Party as more than half (54 percent) say they think the Republican Party is the biggest supporter of small businesses. Only 19 percent, a 7 percent decrease, believe the same for the Democratic Party.

The survey findings are part of a series of Manta Political Tracking Polls that offer an ongoing assessment of small business owners’ opinions on candidates and hot topics related to the upcoming presidential election. Manta’s latest survey polled more than 1,900 small business owners.

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  • And they think they will prosper because he’s a business man! Well he’s not for small business owner,he’s more for the rich then small business.And maybe just maybe they are running there on business in the ground.

  • JP

    Mitt Romney donated his inheritance to charity. He then created a fortune and became worth $240 Million Dollars through hard work. Far less than some others like John F. Kerry who married a billionairess, Jay Leno, the Kennedy’s etc.
    BHusseinObaMao, due to his stolen Connecticut SSN failing EVerify, could not legally run a lemonade stand in this country, and after Solyndra, GM losing $50 Billion, and all of his other massive failures, does not deserve and did not earn a second chance!
    ROMNEY-RYAN 2012!