The Game Donates Funds for 6 Year Old’s Funeral

After hearing the heartbreaking story of Tiana Ricks death, The Game was motivated to donate funds for her funeral expenses.

Tiana Ricks didn’t know that she had been shot. She was more concerned about her father. The six year old girl was outside of her family’s home in Moreno Valley when two men opened fire. The incident, which is believed to be gang related, reached The Game and prompted him to action.

The Game has pledged $10,000 to assist with funeral costs for Tiana. The money will be wired to her mother Marquia Macklin.

Sadly, according to Marquia, the money will only cover about half the cost of burying her child. This donation is part of The Game’s mission to give away 1 million dollars of his own money he calls The Robin Hood Project.

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