White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin

GlobalGrind.com's Editor-in-Chief shares his views on the Trayvon Martin shooting from the perspective of a White man of privilege

What if Trayvon Martin were White? (Image: File)

In the wake of the recent shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, there has been an outpouring of reaction to the fact that the shooter, George Zimmerman, remains a free man. Although no weapons were found on the 17-year-old and various audio accounts suggesting Zimmerman leaving his car and following Martin because he looked “suspicious,” Zimmerman claims self-defense in a case that has drawn national attention. While many have shared their view on the incident, GlobalGrind.com‘s Editor-in-Chief Michael Skolnik recently shared a unique perspective as a Caucasian man in an op-ed entitled, “White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin.” Here’s what Russell Simmons‘ political director had to say.

I will never look suspicious to you. Even if I have a black hoodie, a pair of jeans and white sneakers on… In fact, that is what I wore yesterday… I still will never look suspicious. No matter how much the hoodie covers my face or how baggie my jeans are, I will never look out of place to you. I will never watch a taxi cab pass me by to pick someone else up. I will never witness someone clutch their purse tightly against their body as they walk by me. I won’t have to worry about a police car following me for two miles, so they can “run my plates.” I will never have to pay before I eat. And I certainly will never get “stopped and frisked.” I will never look suspicious to you, because of one thing and one thing only. The color of my skin. I am white.

I was born white. It was the card I was dealt. No choice in the matter. Just the card handed out by the dealer. I have lived my whole life privileged. Privileged to be born without a glass ceiling. Privileged to grow up in the richest country in the world. Privileged to never look suspicious. I have no guilt for the color of my skin or the privilege that I have. Remember, it was just the next card that came out of the deck. But, I have choices. I got choices on how I play the hand I was dealt. I got a lot of options. The ball is in my court.

So, today I decided to hit the ball. Making a choice. A choice to stand up for Trayvon Martin. 17 years old. black. innocent. murdered with a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea in his hands. “Suspicious.” that is what the guy who killed him said he looked like cause he had on a black hoodie, a pair of jeans and white sneakers. But, remember I had on that same outfit yesterday. And yes my Air Force Ones were “brand-new” clean. After all, I was raised in hip-hop…part of our dress code. I digress. Back to Trayvon and the gated community in Sanford, Florida, where he was visiting his father.

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  • Memphis

    Thank God it was a Latino with a Jewish name that shot him…. No mention of that in the article, but now I digress, back to Trayvon. Blacks in America will never be satisfied, no matter what hand they are dealt. We have a half white president in office yet still that is not enough. We want more. I am fully convinced that if it was law tomorrow that blacks could pick out one white or black slave for their very own, they would do so. Russell Simmons has always been a sick little puke that has had every opportunity in the world, but yet he insist on rolling in the filth of “poor pitiful me”.

    • Mark

      This situation should never have happened, and my heart goes out to his family as do my prayers.
      Now, on the other hand, we had a 20 yr old blk male shoot a cab driver in the back in North Minneapolis, and though he has turned himself in. I do not see the White population in histarics in regards to this.
      My concern is that the incodent in Sandford, FL, is all that is needed for the black community to start race riots all accross the country, killing, destroying and burning. 1968 all over again.

      • Wiili Stuhldreier

        Everybody has their mind made up as to the circumstances surrounding this death. non-caucasians accuse the shooter of racism…as they always do when a non-caucasian interacts with a caucasian and draws the shorter end of the stick. I just saw a photo of Zimmerman’s back of the head taken on the scene of the shooting. Covered in blood. Did he maybe decide to fall down, bang his head into the sidewalk, then jump up and murder an inncocent young human being because he was hiding his face behind a hoodie?
        Me personally? If I happene to be unarmed (which I typically am not any longer except in DC where you carry permit means nothing) and I encounter a black male in my neighborhood hooded up and eying me…my adrenalin kicks up and it’s fight or flight mode….of course that is racist right? How about it is survival instinct? I would react the same way if the giuy were purple, yellow or green if the body language and general appearance ring my inner alarm. I call that the survival instinct. I think blacks need to stop playing the race card all the time or the pendulum will swing back the other way soon

        • 2/1 pun

          i read an article sometime ago where a person of your persuation said if a person is not guility of what he or she is being accused of why worry about it you seem to worry when you or some one of your persusation is accused which tell me you are in denial.sorry but we got you.

          • Jonn

            have you watched the trial recently? Zimmerman clearly does not seem to look worried about killing a kid because of his skin color. I, as a PERSON, not a white man, got you.

          • Marc

            John, He is not on trial yet. Why should he be worried? I would not be if I was justified. Also, NONE of us were there. We do NOT know how it all went down. You may think you know just because your a black man, or because your a white man. But the fact is, NONE of us know. If your Black and you don’t feel outrage when a white person is killed by a black person, but are outraged over this, you are ignorant and racist. Plain and simple. Sorry if you don’t like to hear that, but it’s the truth.

          • jack_sprat2

             Which “persuasion” would that be? The black Hispanic one?

            I guess I just “got” you, too. Lucky us.

        • bruce

          AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!

          • Joe

            Right on Marc !

        • supa

          i don’t understand how someone can say that we are “playing the race card” when u make a comment like this ” I encounter a black male in my neighborhood hooded up and eying me…my adrenalin kicks up and it’s fight or flight mode….of course that is racist right? How about it is survival instinct? I would react the same way if the giuy were purple, yellow or green” notice u didn’t say white…. and thats part of the problem in our country tooo many of us, white, black, and others would rather justify a wrong in the name of their race rather than just standing up for whats right….so what if trayvon was black…he was a baby and didn’t deserve to die like that…if the tables had been turned trayvon would’ve been portrayed as the “big blk guy” and whites would’ve called for his head rather it b by clan or court….i am by no way a racist but black men are under attack and supreme voilence may be our only means of survival….and this is a mind set that u DO NOT want to flood america but this seems to b where we are headed…….if i have to draw my gun to save my kids….. then so be it

          • OldNYFirefighter

            A 16 year old was just convicted of first degree murder for shooting two British Citizens because they only had a few dollars when he decided to rob them. I won’t even state the race of killer or victims. He got life, without parole. His sister was also arrested & will face jail time for threatening to kill a witness testifying against her brother. Now tell me he & his sister are babies! Wake up, babies wear diapers & don’t attack or kill other people. If Trayvon had been attacked by Zimmerman for just following him, it would have been Zimmerman in the wrong &

          • jack sprat

            Jesse Jackson said the same thing in an interview some thirty years ago. What don’t you understand?

          • str8truth

            Trayvon was not a baby. He was bigger than Zimmerman. He was also walking around during school hours in the rain, which is suspicious in any color.

          • jack_sprat2

             As you say, “black men are under attack.” What you fail to add is that your attackers are overwhelmingly one another. You maintain that, in answer to this attack, “supreme violence may be our only means of survival.” On the contrary, it is such “supreme violence” which once prompted Jesse Jackson to ashamedly admit that seeing that the footsteps behind him on a deserted street at night belonged to a white man left him “relieved”. As it does us.

            You continued  in that vein, arguing of this that “this is a mind set that u DO NOT want to flood america but this seems to b where we are headed.” Wake up. We’ve been there for some 40 years. During not one day of that time have you had any reason to rationally fear that your clear and present peril was of people like us. No Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan rampaged through your neighborhoods.

            Then, you concluded by writing that “if i have to draw my gun to save my kids….. then so be it.” Wake up, sir. It is FROM YOUR KIDS that you and your kids (and everyone else) need be saved. From 1991-2010, those like them killed 45’000 of us, while we killed some 2’500 of you. That’s 18:1, sir. Where’s your outrage about THAT?

            How long do you imagine it will be before you and yours are paid back in kind?

        • C.J. Hines

          Yes Mr Zimmerman had those bruises!I pose this question: What would you do, if someone was following you, and you tried to get way yet you are still being followed? You have no idea who this person is or his intentions! I don’t know about you, bot I would defend myself……you know, STAND MY GROUND!!!!!!! So, every black male that you see, hoodie or not, you feel that you have to fight of flight? So, if a white person is walking around in my neihborhood, (and no, I don’t live in the projects, or drug infested area, so white people do walk through)does that give me the right to confront him. It’s not like the kid was trying to break in his home, and rape his wife, and eat his children) What’s lost in all of this, is not that a BLACK kid was killed, a KID was killed! Last but not least, the POLICE GET PAID TO TO DO THEIR JOB, and Mr. Zimmerman should have let them do it!

          • EaglesQuestions

            Actually, yes. You DO have the right to confront a stranger in your neighborhood and ask them what their doing there.

            You realize that all that involves is a “HEY, you there!” don’t you? You can actually do that for whatever reason, in almost any place. You’re ALLOWED. And they have a right to “stand their ground,” as it were. Neither of you is allowed to raise a fist, though.

            This trial will depend upon who threw the first punch.

          • Thomas

            Defend yourself from being walked behind. I believe Jesse Jackson once said when on the street, he had this great sense of relief when he looked behind at someone following and it was a white man.

            Black men rape 35,000 white women per year in the US, White men rape almost zero Black women every year. Violent Crimes, theft, follow the same pattern. The fact that you think that you are defending yourself when you attack someone walking behind you is pretty revealing.

          • jack_sprat2

            “The fact that you think that you are defending yourself when you attack someone walking behind you is pretty revealing.”

            If I were gay, I would kiss you full on the lips for your last sentence, sir. It IS pretty revealing that someone who expresses himself by responding to blogs would hold such a sentiment. Even more so that he would feel free to air it out among us. Still more that he has (after one week) yet to return to retract it. Perhaps he was drunk that night and mistyped.

          • Tee

            I would respond politely and immediately understand that the gentleman’s intention was to look out for his community. I’d have thanked him for looking out for the neighborhood before making my way home. See how easy that is?

          • aruba19

            Let the police do their job? The police had to be invited in first. This was a gated community and private property, not a public street. Zimmerman had been hired by that community to patrol that property. He challenged an unknown party on private property under his care and got himself attacked and had to defend himself. His mistake was pushing a confrontation he didn’t need to since the police had been called and Martin’s mistake was starting a physical altercation then bringing fists to a gunfight. End of story.

          • jack_sprat2

            (1) Stupid kid enters seemingly empty enclosure at night at a zoo and is attacked by sleeping tiger, the pocket knife with which he’d intended to carve his initials proving no match for talons and fangs. Kid dies.

            (2) Stupid kid responds to overeager watchman by throwing down on him, his athlete’s reactions and fists proving no match for a gun. Kid dies.

            Moral: Kids, don’t do such dumb *** things, lest you, too, die.

            Moral #2: Follow the rules, lest you come to learn why they exist.

        • jack_sprat2

           Your last sentence, especially, was well said. Read my own response above, where I arrive at the same conclusion, independently and at greater length (as well, I hope, in greater depth.)

      • Aquieda

        What is your race,Jesus died for all mankind,I am black and a christian minister,please stop looking at us like animals,we did not ask to be brought to America.Has any of your ancestors been raped,hung,beat,taken and soled from their families.
        But that is o.k. ,because every man has to stand in front on God and answer for every acttion they have completed in their life,ask your self this ,do you think or believe previous slave owners are in heaven or hell?

        • roncee

          “Has any of your ancestors been raped,hung,beat,taken and soled from their families.”

          I’m Caucasian. Yes, many of my ancestors were raped, hung, beat, taken from their families and sold into slavery. They also were forced to fight to the death as gladiators, fed to the lions because they were Christians, and a whole host of other atrocities by the Romans. None of the Caucasians I know are whining about the way the Italians treated their ancestors. Get over it, you were not a slave, you were not hung, you were not taken from your family and sold.

          • Willie Boner

            Very well put roncee. I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

          • William

            Excellent point(s) roncee…the opportunity for success is what you make of it. Stop looking for excuses.We ALL have the same opportunities now, actually, I have many FEWER options now than my so-called minority friends. It’s okay though, my success/failure in life has to do with me, nobody else.

          • stungib9

            Absolutely…and if you are bitching about those things as a colored, go back to AFRICA. And take Sharpton and Jackson with you…all they do is make white people more racist that they already are.

        • Mitchell

          Lest we forget, it was African tribesmen that captured and sold other Africans. Whites, Arabs, Asians have all been slaves in different parts of the world. Most whites were endentured servants (financial slavery) when they came to America. Bluntly put, get over it. Emancipation was more than 140 years ago. Move on with your life and stop playing the victim.

          • black man human

            Who went over to Africa with their “Built to transport slave ships” and help capture the unfortunate black people, paid next nothing for their precious cargo then proceeded to rape, abuse,misuse and severely mistreat the black humans. Denied them access to a proper education(slaughtered them if caught trying to read a book), paid them nothing for their inhumane slave labor, and got stinking rich from the horror side show, which most white folks to this very day, continue to benefit handsomely from.
            Black people has never, in the history of mankind, ever rounded up whole groups of white people and forced them into slavery. You folks are delusional and continue to live in steep denial. Still, the truth remains.

          • jack_sprat2

             Who? No man now living. As for benefiting handsomely, down to the present day, do you truly not see either (a) how many of us benefit very little from anything of the sort, or (b) that many of you also so benefit?

            Did your people make contributions to this nation, many unwillingly? Yes. Tell me, do you think it true that all of your people have availed themselves of the opportunity which was finally more fully thrown open to them with the death of Jim Crow (on top of that of slavery long since past)?

            If too many of your children grow up without a father’s hand to guide and protect them, then whose fault is that? If too many of your children turn away from “white things”, such as reading and writing and arithmetic, whose fault is that? If too many of your children make the schoolroom a place that is unfit for others in which to learn, whose fault is that? If too many of your children “hang”, instead of standing in aid of themselves and one another, whose fault is that? If too many of your children make of too many of your neighborhoods places unsafe for human habitation, whose fault is that? If too many of your children kill too many of your children, whose fault is that?

            Did people who look like me once start the fire? Yes. (As also did people who look like you, back on the Mother Continent.) Can we straighten you up and do your right for you? No, we cannot. Unfair though it be, no man may solve all of another man’s problems.

            Each man walks along the shore in his own shoes, no matter how many steps ahead of him are vanishing into the surf.

          • JamesB

            Black man human,
            I disagree. I have benefited due to slavery that happened 140 years ago. Gee, my family lived in either mining towns, timber towns or millwrights. Basically very hard work for very poor pay. MY grandfather died of emphysema due to working in timber mills all his life. I grew up in a timber town, that collapsed when environuts shut it all down due to an OWL.
            By the time I graduated High School, my mom had been working as a waitress for 20+ years, my father worked in construction all his life. ITS CALLED “WORKING POOR”. My option for college wasn’t a scholarship based on my skin color and the assumption that I was born at a disadvantage. MY OPTIONS were this when I graduated: 1. WORK at McDonalds. 2. Work low wages in construction for years till I built up seniority. 3. JOIN the military. I joined the military and stuck it out.
            OH, NONE of my ancestors OWNED slaves. ONLY 25% of the SOUTH owned slaves. AND they were 1/2 the nation. so 1/2 of 25% is 12% or so. YET you want to TAR AND FEATHER the other 88% as ‘racist’ who somehow were involved in the slave trade or benefited from it.
            WHAT I get sick of, is black people who say they got it so hard. Last time I checked there are TONS of scholarships for you based ONLY on your race, not mine. YOU can look forward to A.A. Hiring. I can’t.
            And with regards to Louis Farrakhan and his MILLION MAN MARCH, why haven’t you all gone back to YOUR own communities and fix it? MORE black men get arrested for assault, murder, robbery, ect, by percentage of population than any other race. GET THE PLANK OUT OF YOUR OWN EYE.
            PLUS if things are so much better in AFRICA, no one is stopping you from emigrating back. BY all means, move to a nation like Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, or even SOUTH AFRICA.
            BLACK PEOPLE have in this country however, GONE after WHITE PEOPLE, shouting racist slurs “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON” and beating and robbing them. YEAH, that will win people to your side that Trayvon was innocent. MORE CRIME.
            THE TRUTH is: YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE. THE FACT you’re poor has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE, but rather you never studying and going to college.
            DON’T WANT TO GET ARRESTED? DON’T COMMIT CRIMES. THE times I’ve been robbed, assaulted, or had my car/house broken into, 9out of 10 times, it was a black man. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

          • Ronald

            When will the Black man stop complaining and accept themselves as Americans. Not one of you were brought over here from Africa. The majority if you who call yourselves African Americans have never even been to Africa. Little do you know, no one in Africa considers you even a little bit African. Your just an American who happens to be black in color. My ancestors came from Austria in the early 1900’s yet I don’t go around calling myself “Austrian-American”. I have never been there, don’t feel the need to go there. I was born in America,I am an American. Big deal if your ancestors went through hell. Do you think your the only race who has ever been subjected to tyranny and slavery? Get over yourselves. The racial divide will never close until the black man stops crying over things they never experienced. If you have such a problem with what happened more than 140 years ago, go live somewhere else. Sorry if your offended by what I say, but it’s the truth. If you canlt accept it, your the one with the problem.

          • jack sprat

            Black Man Human, precisely WHO do you imagine it was who Black Pharaoh put to the whip to build his Pyramids and other Tombs? It was US! History goes in circles, my friend, and all men are born in sin.

        • Angela

          Funny how you chose to only start at where blacks were forced to come to America. If you dig deeper. Tribes in Africa were the ones that sold other tribes to slave traders. Also, blacks were not the only race that were purchased and traded so don’t go there. If you think about your situation today, In a sense your ancestors coming to America made you who you are today. Free! Free to have an education, Free to be Rich or Poor. In other words to be whatever situation you would like to be in life. God himself suffered so that people can be free and died to ensure the future of man.
          So if you want to speak about God and compare his life with yours, you really ought to examine your life and practice what you preach.Let the past go and learn from it. Your people are holding yourselves back by lingering on and not trying to improve your situation in life. Move on. Oh and no, I am not white. Never will be and as a matter of fact, My ancestors and my family is part of a tribe! When our land was conquered, we were taken as slaves and all the atrocities you mentioned were done to us, but we do not linger and harbor malice towards a whole people because of it. We do however hold on to our past and culture and learn to find peace with those who were once our enemy and within ourselves as a people so we can ensure that our children have a future. This I believe is what God would want for all people be they black, brown, yellow pick your color it just does not mater. Whoever your God is, I am sure he/she would want this for your people but you are not listening or choose not to listen.

          • Randy


        • me

          stop acting like animal’s.

          • JamesB

            dirty white boy says:
            April 29, 2012 at 8:47 pm

            did everyone forget zimmerman used the word coon?

            Umm. PAY ATTENTION to the news. HE DIDNT say that. NOR did he make comments that he said “BLACK MAN”. That was fancy editing by NBC.
            AND If trayvon was so innocent, why did he start beating on Zimmerman? THE second he laid hands on another man, assaulting him, TRAYVON signed HIS OWN Death warrant.

        • One Conservative

          No one is looking at you like animals, you look at yourselves like animals and then claim that everybody is against you. No offense, but stop feeling sorry for yourselves, everytime a white or brown kills a black man, its racism, stop bringing out that racist card, all you are doing is inciting racist violence. Please tear that card (racist) up and never bring it out again. The truth of the matter is, if you bring up that race card, its because you are racist yourself!!

          • 2/1 pun

            you are full of shit

          • dirty white boy

            did everyone forget zimmerman used the word coon

          • jack sprat

            I believe that that word was only “heard” on the tapes which NBC doctored in the beginning. When they then released the original tapes, it “vanishes” as if someone deliberately put it there.

            In any case, Zimmerman is a black man, so I guess he’s allowed.

          • free thinker

            Personally I cannot recall off the top of my head 1 time where a murderer calls 911 and then sticks around for the police to come investigate. If I am gonna commit a crime I am not going to call the police and then wait for them to come investigate. This is simply sensationalism used to sell the press’s product which in this case and many others there motto should be “divide and conquer”. I wonder when Jesse Jackson or the devil Al Sharpton are going to try to bring people together and ask for an end to the senseless violence that has been spawned as a result of this story. I just got a gut feeling that it will be a cold day in hell before we shall behold any such concerns as those on behalf of those two jokers. Hey black people who think you are all being victimized constantly by white america, please thank your community leaders whom have impressed upon you such perspectives. Martin Luther may well have had a dream however due to the selective sensationalism of the press with stories like this coupled with the fact that many black children are raised to believe whitey is holding them back and we are therefore the enemy, I have to ask myself is Dr. King looking down upon us from heaven proud of the progress we have made or ashamed of our plight since he left this world???? I have white skin but I see things without prejudice. Questions like that I ask myself from time to time. White people will never be suspicious like trayvon martin is pure propaganda. I sometimes walk through black neighborhoods I all eyes as well as suspicion is on me. I have been stopped by the police at least 4 times while walking through this neighborhood. They wanna know what are you doing here? Where are you going? Who are you here to see? I explain that I don’t know anyone there and am just out for a walk and on two occasions I was patted down for drugs. WTF??? I mean seriously? One time I got into a fight with a group of young thugs there who tried to rob me. I was lucky. I kept my property- wallet and backpack. Fuck this weak ass bitch who wrote this peice of propaganda. Go kiss some more ass and continue being punked out by your boss. Just how those lies make me feel. Anyway I hope everyone has a blissful week!!!!

        • Tanya

          Who gives a crap about whether former black and white slave owners are in heaven or hell? Get over it, it was well over 100 years ago and no one from that time is still alive. No one in America has slaves and YOU were never a slave. I am sick and tired of hearing about this. You say you didn’t ask to be brought to America, PLEASE go to Africa if you think it is so much better than America. My ancestors were Quakers and against slavery, fought for the North in the Civil War – so YOU owe me by your stupid logic. And unfortunately, I can answer YES to your question about ancestors only difference is, they weren’t ancestors but current family members. People alive today had nothing to do with slavery. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull? People like you who spend all your time whining and fomenting hate should leave this country . Please. Go.

        • MaryAnn

          Yes, Aquieda, my ancestors were raped, hung, beaten, taken, sold from families…and I’m not even Jewish. The fact is these crimes have been committed against almost every race, nationality, and religion. We just don’t keep using it as an excuse for being less than what we can be.

        • Jonn

          If you’re a man of god, you, of all people, should accept every person not for their skin color! None of my family members were raped, hung, beaten or taken and sold, but have you heard in the news any Jewish person or Native American, who were almost wiped to extinction, that one of their own were murdered because they were a Jew or “Indian?” No sir.

        • michael

          yes. my people were killed by the millions not that long ago by the Germans, they do not go around killing, rubbing raping others bcause of that. Get on with life.

        • shumen52

          Well, if you have ever read a history book, you will find that the people living on the Balkans; Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbs,Greek, etc.) were treated exactly like this for almost 500 years by the Turks and Arabs. How about the Spanish? Read some history man, before you pick up a pen and show your utter ignorance.

        • NativeAmerJohn

          Really? Gonna hang your hat on “they didnt ask to come here.” You are right, but they also did not ask their family member to sell and/or trade them either. Call me racist if you will.. I dont care. They were brought, they learned a trade (farming, plowing ect. ect.)and once freed, they could go where ever they wanted. Have you ever heard the term “ethnic cleansing”? I am sure you have, it is what Hitler and Nazi Germany did to the Jews. Before there was Nazi Germany, there was America… On September 8, 2000, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) formally apologized for the agency’s participation in the “ethnic cleansing” of Western tribes. From the forced relocation and assimilation of the “sauvage” to the white man’s way of life to the forced sterilization of Native Americans, the BIA set out to “destroy all things Indian.” Through the exploration of the United States’ Federal Indian policy, it is evident that this policy intended to “destroy, in whole or in part,” the Native American population.

        • Also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

          As to your challenge to ask ourselves if we believe previous slave owners are in heaven of hell, it would depend on whether they accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The Bible (God) tells us in Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” So I believe that if the previous slave owners did this, then they will be in heaven.

          • Ronald

            So God says, though shalt not kill?….unless you apologize to me and repent? Seems like double talk to me.

        • joe

          Yes Reverend my ancestors have been raped,killed,enslaved,beheaded and tortured…my ancestors were forced to this country becuast the English took over Irleand.. I am white and our perpetrators were white also…. believe me for 800 years my people have been subjugated by the English who tried to commit genocide… but nobody cares about this because the only racism that matters is whites against blacks.. its a fact.. there is still slavery going on in Africa but it involves blacks enslaving blacks so again nobody carss about that either.. they would rather bring up the slavery in this country that was in the past… we al need to be truthful and learn that evil has no color and we must stand up for each other to combat the bad in this world

        • joshk

          Actually, Aquieda, if you are a minister you are aware of Jewish enslavement, the holocaust, Irish enslavement by the British, and the list goes on. My roots go back to Jewish and Irish and I don’t complain about how I should be accommodated for what happened to my ancestors. You’re about as holy as Al Sharpton. Now back to the Trayvon case, it could have been prevented. The problem is the mainstream media and liberals made it a racial issue. Where was anyone screaming hate crime when 2 black teenagers lit a white teenagers face on fire and said “that’s for being white”? Where were they when that guy last week got beat so bad by 20 black people and they said it was justice for Trayvon? Why does the media only racial issues when the victim happens to be a minority? Why do you believe everything the media says, especially when (what was it, CNN?) they admitted to altering the recording of George Zimmerman? Maybe because he didn’t sound guilty to them? And finally, you say you didn’t choose to come to America, well neither did I. Difference is my ancestors had a choice, yours didnt. But we are both here NOW, and if you really resent being an American I’ll buy you a ticket home.


          Hey Memphis,

          Why do you not cry that even your “own people” sold slaves. I never see any anger about that. How about all the whites that helped save the slaves and risked their own lives in doing so. And lets not forget that it was a WHITE PRESIDENT that got to ball rolling to stop slavery. I am sick of hearing all the crying about your people. And by the way…Zimmerman is not white. But of course I guess you feel better about calling him white just so you can add fuel to the fire. What do you call it when a black kills a black….there is more of that happening..Oh, whats the point. Blacks are perfect and should not be blamed for anything … is that what you want to hear. Get off your high horse. There is good and bad in all and its people like you that make these matters worse make the hate stronger…

          • str8truth

            exactly, zimmerman is part hispanic. Why isn’t Obama considered white?

        • marshall

          God’s law didnt stop slavery. It was allowed to enslave the enemy of your people in the Bible. This is why their social class was made up of free men and slaves. Abraham had slaves as did his wife.

          • A Sinner

            My understanding is that God honors our decision. God didn’t make slaves, and He didn’t/doesn’t interfere with humans’ choices to do stupid things, like hating people because they are of another race, or look different, or act different, etc.
            There are a lot of “judgements” expressed on this list and in the media; and they are all worth about zip.
            We are ALL imperfect,INCLUDING ME, and the only thing that can save us is believing in and accepting our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

        • God’s wrath

          Yes, God WILL judge us all and I would not want to be one of the people who did nothing to better their world and who only cried about the injustices that never happened to them. Ministers who preach hate (as you do) will be judged harshly and sent straight out of Heaven! EVERY race in history has had their injustices! Get over it and preach harmony not hate!

        • Opinionated

          I find it hard to believe that YOU were brought to America, unless you are the worlds oldest black man and I, as a Christian believe that ANYONE, previous slave owners and murderers etc etc that repented of their sins, confessed Christ as their saviour, as GODS Son, was emersed in baptism, came up a new man and walked with Christ thereafter, “will be found blameless on judgement day”. PERIOD. It seems that MANY “Christians” have overlooked the scriptures (Gods) condemnation of “HATE”. Of the 200 references for hate in the old and new testaments, there are few that are condoned or excusable. The only one that comes to mind is, hate the sin yet love the sinner. I am white and I hold no animosity toward the south or the black slaves that many of my family members died to free and save America. We all must get over it and STOP hating and blaming everyone for our own misfortunes. Get a life, Love God.

        • abbysdaddy

          get over it,you were not raped or hung or sold into slavery,it was not the white persons who sold the blacks into slavery it was the blacks who sold them to the whites,and by them i mean over two hundred years ago,cry babies like you sicken me,tell you what if you think its so bad here for the BLACK MAN then go live in africa you have no idea yet as to what bad is

        • aruba19

          Aquieda says: “we did not ask to be brought to America”

          And none of the people here brought anybody anywhere. Let the dead past bury its dead and don’t blame living people for the inequities of history. You don’t owe anybody your hatred and nobody owes you any special treatment.

        • jack_sprat2

          Aquieda, the injustice done to your ancestors, some of them still alive, is  a real and tangible thing. In only one way, however, is it at all unique in the often sorry tale of mankind. That would be the color line, which made escape from ill circumstance far more difficult and hardened attitudes so much that an entire ideology grew up in its malignant shadow.

          You ask what we believe of what awaits slave owners come the day. As for myself, I stand with the Mormon novelist Orson Scott Card, whose argument (advanced in his series “Tales of Alvin Maker”) I distill as follows: Every man called to the Throne will be shone his own life, in infinite and complete AND OMNISCIENT detail. His actions, his fleeting thoughts that led to them, every decision he ever made AND THEIR EFFECT ON EVERY OTHER LIVING THING. About that last, not just how those creatures experienced it, but the path which their lives took in consequence, as well as all of those which they did not take.

          All of the pain that we caused and all of that which we failed to assuage in others. All of the lies which we told ourselves and one another. All of the good as well as the bad. Everything, at infinite leisure and as each of us and God Himself understands it.

          There is good reason why we are admonished to “Tremble”. None of us, I fear, will much enjoy the experience. Those who countenanced “that peculiar institution” are unlikely to be among those who do. (I pray for them, as I pray for all of us, that His Mercy be so profound that many may be spared the full measure of His Justice. Not just for our sake, but for His. How profound must be His Sorrow, that the Day must Come?)

          • jack_sprat2

             To continue my last: You ask that we “please stop looking at (you) like animals, we did not ask to be brought to America.” There are two parts to that. (1) No, you did not ask this, nor did the baby ask to born at all, nor did the Pygmy and Bushmen whom YOUR people conquered and displaced and marginalized ask to be placed in their circumstance. Why the Almighty chose your soul to inhabit your body is His mystery. Perhaps he thought that you were well equipped to handle it. (2) Do some of us see mere animals (or less) when we look at you? Undoubtedly, just as the reverse is true. There will always be those who take a small truth (or even a big one) and make of it something which it is not. It’s a product of our human mind; we find patterns in everything at which we look. Clouds, as well as men. Sometimes, what we see is exactly what is there. Other time, we also see things which are not.

            (Given the following facts, what truths should we see, Reverend?): Between 1991-2010, blacks murdered some 45’000 white in America. Whites murdered “only” some 2’500 blacks in America.

            It’s a serious question, sir; one that truly deserves an answer. Did you wait some 400 years on the New World to be treated as men equal in the eyes of God to any other? Yes, you did. Would your ancestors have committed any atrocity in order that they might effect their release from bondage? The affair at Harper’s Ferry answered that clearly enough, I think.

            That said, it’s been over 40 years since even Jim Crow was put to rest. In that time, a great many of us have died, in part, in consequence of the sins of the ancestors of only some of us. do you imagine that we shall also wait 400 years before WE say (ENOUGH!)?????????????????

            I do not see you, nor do I see those whom you style your “brothers”, as mere animals. Nor will I pretend that there is not a sickness among you out of all proportion to your numbers. That sickness has been with us all since the Garden. Once, it dwelt heaviest in this land among people who looked like me. Now, it dwells heaviest among another people.

            Our character once was all too lacking, even by the low standards of the human race. How will you say, sir, of your people’s own in the here and now?

            Each man must answer such questions for himself. You’ve asked for my answer to one such and I have given it, with considerable thought beforehand. I would that you would return the courtesy.

      • k.mash

        SMH…a innocent young man was killed and the most important thing is that black people are outraged, but whites were not when a cab driver was killed. This is crazy thinking in my opinion. Who gives to flying flips what race either victim or their MURDERER was? The real issue is innocent people are losing their lives to cold hearted killers. RACE, RACE, RACE!!! thats all people can think of, how about HUMAN???? just a question about the black man who killed the cab driver. Did they know who he was and where he was and just not arrest him? Because that’s what the whole uproar about what happen to Teyvon Martin, he was killed and they knew how killed him but he was not arrested. It shouldnt have anything to do with race. Its a question of right and wrong! If your upset about a crime no matter what race get out there and open your mouth til justice has taken place. There is no other and in a crime so violent. Close your eyes and imagine it was your son laying on the ground begging a grown man for his life and that grown man (no race) stands up, walks away & goes home and hugs his children. Wouldnt you be outraged?? To me it’s not black or white, it’s right or wrong!

        • Jerry

          You got the physics wrong. the “kid” was larger, on top and beating the crap out of the grown man. The man on the bottom was doing the screaming. Get you facts straight.

          • Susan

            Jerry, you’re absolutely right. The witness puts George Z. on the gorund and Trayvon on top of him. The logistics work for that scenario as well in regard to Trayvon landing face down..he fell foward while straddling George. I don’t think George knew that he had fired a fatal shot into Trayvon’s chest and that’s why when the witness came back outside after calling 911, George was straddling Trayvon, but on his back. It is despicable how many crimes go unprosecuted. Read about Shannon McConaughey in Charleston, SC…every detail you can get your hands on. From a man refusing to waive extradition to two men saying “We were only going to rape her. My cousin flipped out and shot her in the head”. Get back to me when you form an opinion of THAT case.

        • Carolyn

          Black ppl are always being put down about something. Because of there skin color. Latinos/Asians are treated like there White ppl now days. As 4 as race Blacks are last..kill a animal u go 2 jail .kill a child u go home.The truth u Black u get n the back.

          • Ana

            I am a legal mexican, we were once slaves to the spanish and kill by the millions in our own country but is in the past,how come you see many hispanics some might be illegals (risking to be deported)trying to make a leaving by waiting everyday for someone to hire them outside a Home Depot, I have never seen a black american that is a legal person looking for a job the same way, do you know why? because they have food stamps, free housing and free healthcare is given to them by the goverment, this is the way the goverment keep blacks as slaves, why better themselves if your goverment prefers to see you with chains of dependacy, if someone gives you something for free you owe them (maybe votes??), Freedom is to better yourself and if you think the white man is so evil,go ask the black politicians to give you a job they got a good one for themselves with retirement and pensions and better healthcare programs than Obamacare will offer.Free yourself, better yourself in body,spirit and mind.

      • DX

        I live close to this city and the bias has been there for years. I was told by white friends not to buy my house in that zip code 11 years ago. I live one city over have avoided going over there even though the town is on the St Johns river and rehab these past five years. Look I am black from another country, smart and talented. I work smart, get disrespected, never given a promotion, smarter than most in my trade, well respected in the community. If I was white I would be CEO my previous owner told me.Every white person is not like this madness we live with so I stick with what works. This is America and black and white is a cross we have to carry. Just be fair with the law and leave me alone that is all I want. Don’t bother me and I sure will not be bothering you. Last night a white man came up to me to ask for money sacred the crap out of me invaided my space,I could have shoot him. Bought some ice cream instead and sat down thinking about it. Mark he turn himself in the histerics is for the injustice. If the held Z and did the work this would not happen.When folks feel disrespected daily they will act up,plain and simple.People in general who are treated with consideration unless they are crazy will accept reason even if the don’t like the outcome.

        • Tanya

          Blacks are disrespected in their own minds and use that over worn “disrespected” as an excuse to commit violent, hateful crimes every day. How about EARNING respect? Other races don’t walk around DEMANDING respect, they earn it. I have black friends who have told me if they did well in school, spoke proper English and were generally not thugs, THEY were attacked and ridiculed by blacks. Blacks don’t like successful Blacks, because they are afraid the bar will be raised and they might actually have to stop playing victim.

      • Jane Louise Smith

        “all that is needed for the black community to start race riots all accross the country, killing, destroying and burning. 1968 all over again.”

        It NEVER takes much for blacks to direct their own self-pity & self-loathing towards other races and to misbehave and to become uncivilized and immoral animals. Let the blacks fight the Hispanics so that they can get their black “street justice” or whatever. I bet the blacks won’t even make it out of their own neighborhoods before they begin burning down their own buildings, stealing TV’s from their own black-owned businesses, and raping their black women. So I say “bring back ’68” – I’m all for it, as a black-instigated 2012 race riot will simply speed up the “thinning out of the herd.”

        • 2/1 pun

          listen ass hole this time things are going to be different

          • JamesB

            Things are going to be different? I don’t think so. A black instigated 2012 riot will only mean that y’all are going to be hurting in 2012, not ruling.

          • jack_sprat2

            Whose call are you heeding, fool? Hint: Don’t look up, look DOWN!

            When you have congress with serpents, you make an asp of yourself.

        • Jonn

          It’s white people like you who give whites like me bad rap. Each race has its hard workers and lazy. It’s part of life, but the fact that you and everyone else bring the race into it sickens me.

      • True Facts

        What we have to realize is that racism and prejudice still exists, we do have a black president in office and he is the only president that has been disrespected by so many. The color of your skin does not make you. But once a caucasian man does any wrong its always covered up or dismissed. Blacks has built this country and never got the credit but caucasian has always taken the credit, they steal, lie and cheat and once I read in the bible if you lie, steal or cheat I couldn’t trust you because you are not real. There is no perfert individual but what makes white better then black. I see you all listen to our music, try to dance like us get added buttocks, lips etc., I say don’t try to be like something that you hate. Regardless of what you say and think a small minded individual looks at the color of people skin, if that is the case I would have to say that I work with white people everyday and I see them lying and cheating EVERYday but do I judge them know I say since I know better I do better. You’ll have a problem with our president and he is a highly educated man, so what’s the problem now because he believes in people, pay us to do the jobs that you do basically nothing but meet to discuss how to spend money or steal it.

        • Brian

          Wow, you must have been one of the blacks making fun of the ones that did well in school. The text above is the most disjointed bit of writing I’ve seen in quite some time. Go back to school. I wouldn’t be jealous of someone who writes like you, I don’t care how well they can dance.

          • jasper

            i dont your super size ass or super size lips both are ugly

        • woody36206

          Bush was disrespected way more than Obama.. But you wouldn’t have noticed that because he was not black. As for the rest of your comment, you don’t know what the @#%#! you are talking about! Although I did notice you say that you WORK with white people so at least you are part of the 30% of your race that actually “works”….

      • clifton ratcliff

        If Zimmerman gets a fair trail he will not be found guilty. Then all this will throw race roits across the country, just look back history will repeat itself, if that were to happen, we will still look the other way turn the other cheek, so our grace as whites othen do and forgive the bad guys again, there were roits in new orleans after a major hurricane, or was it looting, four officers were given a fair trail not guilty roits three were arrested after a fight with officers roits just watch this media coverage of this will insure it. I think the media should pay the price for this innocent man and the thousands left to suffer. 100’s of million in damages, 100’s of lives lost, thousands out of work, millions and the count continues. We can’t stop it but we should prepare, we should arm ourselves, and train for it, there should be government involvement in such cases after all it has happened and is a national disaster area afterwards. The national guard called to alert status to be ready to act, as a responsilbe citenzens we should be afforded such Justices and protections

    • Jack

      Evidently the author has never lived in an area where A Caucasian is the minority,I came from Hawaii,and suffered racism every day. From getting assaulted to being denied services.Racism is a two way street,and until the black leaders decide to remind their own to look at themselves,then the issue will never go away.But the reality is that they don’t want the issue to go away,it just lessens their power.

      • Mike G.

        Jack Jack Jack, But you being a white man can leave that area and go be white in other places. Black cant leave their skin!!! Thats is the difference!!!

        • Steve N

          Mike, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard… White man can’t leave his skin either… Black people can also leave and go be black in other places… Wow…

          • TB

            Ugh. It’s not that simple. White people are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The point is, if we’re feeling threatened, we can escape. There are places in America where there are simply no black people. We (white folk) have this privilege that allows us to retreat to our own communities, and simply not have to deal with it anymore. Black people do not have this luxury. Cause we’re on the bus, we’re right down the street, we are on every god damn TV channel. We do not have to deal with not always being catered to, cause we are in our everyday lives, and we don’t even consider it, cause we don’t have to. And I’m not saying it’s your fault you cannot see this, but think about it. When was the last time you turned on the news to see a piece on a murderer and thought “Oh God. Please don’t let him / her be white.”?

          • Franklin

            “White People, You Will Always Be Blamed Whether You Are Hispanic Or Not.”

            You still don’t get it. Zimmerman was Hispanic. He was a person of color.

        • bob Henning

          I have lowered my standards so many times trying to give Blacks the benefit of the doubt, and still wound up disapointed by their heinous behavior. Now I removed any and all standards, I removed the Bar Completely. Now I have absolutely ZERO Expectations of them and can`t be dissapointed.Leave them to their own devices and they Rape Rob Murder(AT AN ALARMING RATE) sell drugs and Smoke Dope. Take them out of the enviornment that they blame for their Showing in life and make them INSTANT MILLIONAIRES and they end up being Broke Ass Criminals yet again. So whats the answer.When will the Black Communitiies Finally Hit Rock Bottom and start to dig themselves out of the Hole they`re in.As individuals the choice is theirs to make, Sink or Swim, Prison or Freedom, Compassion and brotherly Love or Murder and Mayhem.If enough individuals made the Hard Choices and decided to Swim rather than Sink the results although slow in comming WOULD COME. White People can`t change a Damn Thing abot the Black Community,the change needs to begin and end with them. However we might quit with putting certain hurdles in their way.

          • wildreign

            The very fact that you even feel like ‘YOUR standards are LOWERED’ just proved the point of this article! It is obvious you have never been to the Black Community outside of what you have read and chosen to regurgitate!

          • Aquieda

            Hi Bob some things I do agree with and some not,all black people are not criminals,just as you would want me to say all white people are not devils are prejudice or even white trash,please stop labeling all black peoples I carry the spirit of GOD in my soul,I am a born again christian realizing the whole world is in disarray because everyone needs JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Nicole

          Wow, racist much? You really believe that African Americans are the ONLY race that can’t get away from their skin? Maybe women can get away from men as well.. and go live in an all female world so we don’t have to struggle with sterotypes, pay issues etc etc.. So lets look at this.. Blacks are the only ones in this country that can use derogatory terms towards themselves and it’s ok, They can have a college fund for ONLY one race.. and thats ok.. they have programs that designate employers HAVE to employ blacks or hispanics regardless if their is a more qualified person of any other ethnic background.. but whites are the ones with the problems? No, it is called there are certain people that play the victim card and use things that happened decades ago to people no longer living that they never met as an excuse for everything bad that happens to them. Until everyone starts taking responsibility for themselves and their own futures racisim will never die.. the black community (or certain members of it) Are the ones keeping the issues alive. I live about 5 mins from Benton Harbor MI.. and yes the white population is probably about 2% so maybe you can’t get out of your skin but there is plenty of room for you there with your own kind since that is what you are telling Jack to do.. I guess maybe malibu CA might be all white?? Are you serious?? Just move some where white.. wow.. racism at it’s best. how about be human and treat others as humans based on their past, present and self worth?

          • str8truth

            right. how many women greet you each day with, oh,let’s say “hey slut’ or ” hey bitch”

        • One Conservative

          Mike G. That is the stupidest comment I have ever read, you make no freaking sense, pendejo!!

        • LoQuecia

          you are ashamed of being black

      • lynnrowland

        AMEN!! It wouldn’t matter what they were given,they would never be satisfied. They would always find something that didn’t please them to holler RACISM. I do not believe there is racism because of the color of your skin, I believe and have experienced it because of how much you have in your bank account. Its all about rich or poor,not black or white.

        • black man human

          ynnrowl, you are totally delusional like so many of your people. Denial won’t set you free but the truth certainly will.

          • nope

            and this is EXACTLY the problem. Its all about blaming someone else for your problems. “Your People”….my ass

          • Tanya

            Why dodge the real reason blacks come under suspicious – they commit a disproportionate number of crimes vs. their population. 7% of black men commit 40% of all violent crime in America. The stats speak for themselves.
            Blacks need to admit their failings and stop blaming others. Regardless of your color, if you are having babies with multiple baby daddies and collecting welfare because the sperm donors are deadbeats and you do nothing to further your own situation, go to school, get a job, expect to live in poverty forever – regardless of color.

        • Charles

          I will not use the word African-American. I have never met a black person who preferred to be called African-American over being called black. If this offends anyone well too bad.

          I lived in a very mixed race area, more than half black people and many of my extended family. My parents friend were both black and not, my uncle was black. I knew that people were black or white, Italian or Puerto Rican or whatever but only as a description. example: “oh come on you know Tavaris and Joe, That’s those skinny light-skined guy and the fat Italian”

          I was never conscious of any difference though, until fifth grade – one day I was at the barber shop and my best friend said “Do you feel uncomfortable?” I said “Do I look uncomfortable?” He said, “no, It’s just that you’re the only white one in here.” It had never occurred to me before.

          What Lynn said is true, When I was a young poor white I would get hassled by the cops all time, and falsely arrested on occasion. I would get followed in stores by security. I couldn’t speak properly, nor spell correctly so good jobs were hard to come by. If I could get a job, I was made to piss in a cup to prove I wasn’t on drugs.

          I could only afford to go to community college part-time. Though I never finished I learned just how I was viewed by those who had a more privileged upbringing. One guy I studied with happened to be black. He dressed very conservatively and spoke very eloquently. He told me you must present yourself better if you want anyone important to look at you as a person. You must learn how to speak properly get people to listen to you. I respected him because I knew that was how I had to become.

          I learned how to speak and dress properly and got away from some of my less successful acquaintances. After many years I am successful and no longer destitute, thanks to a guy who’s name I cannot remember, the advice of others, and my own hard work.

          The difference in how I am treated is night and day. People call me sir. Bureaucrats and police are apologetic when they ask me to comply with something. I get properly served at restaurants.

          I have one other secret to share with you. In general, the more money and power a person has the more they detest any form of racism. The affluent move to affluent areas and they are only in contact with affluent people, blacks included.

          The poorest people are the most racist and see the difference. There are differences. I’ll give you an example. White people in general aren’t initially confrontational. By the time they reveal their ire to a black person the black person thinks they are totally irrational because it came out of nowhere. Or a white guy gets mad because you flirted with his girl and white guys just think it’s wrong to flirt with a guy’s girl. Blacks think whites are shifty and sneaky. Whites think blacks are crass. These little misunderstandings ten times a day add up to a lack of trust.

          I know this is all over the place but I hope I added something constructive to the conversation.

      • str8truth

        I lived in Memphis for most of my life. You can’t get a government job if you are white. Most large companies hire through TN Job Service and they won’t send you to an interview with the company if you are white. Most of the UofM scholarships are not given to the white students. Memphis being the closest large city, I have to venture there for business and I can’t name a neighborhood that does not have shoes thrown over the power lines. As the whites moved out to neighboring areas, the schools began to fail,the politians bacame corrupt, and the businesses are failing. If Zimmerman is found not quilty, Memphis will be set on fire and the masses will be out shopping( I mean looting)It will probably be worse than LA.

        • woody36206

          The University of Memphis scholarships are not given to white students because the “powers that be” are afraid… All it would take is one black student to claim that he was better suited to recieve the funds and you know what happens after that….

    • Tyrone

      Yo bros, I fail to understand what the fuss is all about. I pity the white man who walks in my hood wearing the gear of the KKK. They would not last one second and all of my homies know this. We would “f” him up first then ask questions later. Would that make me and my gang “racists”? Yeah, this poor fool could be the nicest person on the planet but stereotypes go a long way. If you dress like a racist then expect to be treated like a racist. likewise, if you want dress like a thug or gangsta than expect that treatment. What do you think would happen if some fool walked downtown NY waving a Nazi flag and praising Hitler?

      Wasnt there a black mayor who recently advised my brothers of color to pull up our britches, take the picks out of our hair and act like civilized men instead of animals? Blacks need to stop blaming whites and start taking care of business within our community. Our black males need to stop acting like gigloes and start acting like fathers. That would go a long way to prevent the senseless loss of life that Travon had. Had I been Travon’s father I would had made sure that he always dressed and acted respectful or his black butt and my black belt would become very good friends.

      Lastly, we do not know what the hell happened on that fateful night. How can we condemn Zimmerman without knowing all the facts? Let the proper authorities do their jobs and see the evidence on full display. The last thing that need are fools from the New Black Panther Party issuing bounties for Zimmerman and we need to stop relying upon folks like Jesse Jerkson and Al-not-so-sharp-sharpton to being our flag bearers. They are disgraces and in my personal opinion worse than the KKK ever was.

      • kpohlmann

        Now this is the truth spoken by a real honest Black person who knows how the race card effects his own kind. Very well done and I am so happy that you wrote the truth. If, I, a white person wrote this, then you know the response I would receive. If there was more Black people who had this same thought then we all may come to live together without such hatered. And you are dead on with JJ,AS and the Black Panthers. I applaud you for speaking out.

      • Tim

        Words from a real role model. Thanks my friend

      • Mike G.

        So just because a woman goes out dressed sexy…you have the right to treat her like a HO??? Now I’m a successful black man. If I were wearing a hoodie and some of my loose fitting Levi silver tab jeans, would I be dressing like thug and deserved to be killed walking in my neighborhood? I think not!!! You are making a blanket statement what black people need to start doing. It’s not all black men. All races have dead beats. Please dont make blanket statements like that. You are right we do not know what happen that night. All we have is evidence from police calls and cellphone conversation to a friend by Trayvon. And of course we have a dead black boy that would’nt be dead if this guy would’nt have followed him in the first place!!!The police plainly told him not to follow the boy…PERIOD!!!Now, Let that had been a black man shooting a white teenager, the black man would still be buried under the jail!!!!

        • Joe Blow

          wow… so much ignorance, so little time…

          in your diatribe, you forgot to mention that if wonderful, innocent little “trey”,aka no_limit_nigga (6foot tall, gold capped teeth and covered with tattoos), hadn’t been smoking dope in school, he would still be alive because his little thug-wannabe self would still have been in miami, not suspended and then kicked out of his house by his momma (where he really lived) and definitely not out skulking around the neighborhood his daddy’s girlfriend lives, you know, the same neighborhood that was burglarized 400+ times last year by young black men in hoodies… (kinda helps you understand the “these guys always get away” comment, huh?) so, ever been to sanford? yeah, i can tell you haven’t otherwise you would know that if you encounter a young male (of any color) dressed in the thug style at night in sanford, you have a better than 50/50 chance that he’s carrying his own gun…

          Tell ya what… before you start regurgitating the twisted and tainted lies you hear from the race baiters that are using your skin color against you for their own profit (shapton, jackson, et al), why don’t you research real facts for yourself? Like the fact that the dispatcher was the one directing zimmerman to follow the boy, until z got out of the vehicle, that’s when the dispatcher said, “we don’t need you to do that” and z complied with the *suggestion* and turned back to his vehicle to wait for the police. Also saying that if it was a black shooting a white… (careful, your racism is showing) what about the baltimore gang of blacks that brutally beat, robbed and stripped the white guy on the courthouse steps, caught on not one, but two videos that were freaking posted to facebook and *still* the black investigator says she can’t figure out who these people are, so there have been no arrests at all… where’s your moral indignation on that one buddy? or is it because you only care about victim’s when they’re black?

          but back to treyvon, seems to me, that a real parent would have at least grounded the boy for the suspension. not taken him out to watch the big game, and for gawds sake… why did it take the so-called ‘father’ three days to report him missing? if my child went to the store and didn’t return, i would never say “i thought he went to the movies” (like daddy did) seems like a violation of caylee’s law. shouldn’t he be charged, i mean… if you *really* want justice for treyvon and not just mindless revenge against the so-called ‘white hispanic’, and btw, zimmerman is exactly as white as obama, jes sayin…

          • Huuf Arted

            Right On !

          • william

            thank you

          • jack_sprat2

            “(I-)s it because you only care about victim’s when they’re black?” Correction. Only when BOTH (a) they’re black and (b) their attacker was white.

            Or a black Hispanic with a white father.

        • Jonn

          it’s a blanket statement for all PEOPLE not just blacks. Don’t wear the clothes without being prepared for the stereotype you are portraying. That goes for all. If you dress slutty expect to be treated like a ho, if you wear baggy pants around your ankles be prepared to be called a thug. If you wear overalls and flannel be prepared to be called a redneck. It’s not about race, It’s never been about the race, it’s been about the stereotype!

          I hate when the race card is brought into any and every murder. when someone automatically bring race into the picture, that person clearly bitter towards that particular race, which in turn is racism. is it not?

          • reefers

            i don’t believe the 2 white tourists lost in downtown sarasota last yr looked or acted like racists. they had been out drinking on their vacation, tried to walk back to their hotel and got lost in a black neighborhood. now some black thug with a gun, magin dat, approached and demands money. when they say they have none the black thug responds, since you have nothing for me, i have something for you. pulls out his gun and shoots them both in the head. now do you black people think that was a racist black on white crime or just a crime of opportunity. i say carry a gun with you at all times and be prepared to use it b/c with all the blacks roaming all the communities these days you just never know when you will be the next target of some sorry azz black thug. at least i’m going to have an equal chance to take one of them out before they shoot or rob me. i get along with all people. i just get puking sick tho every time that flippin black race card is played by the black people. i get tired of all the how we have kept you suppressed all these yrs. grow up and get an education like everyone else tries to do. white people don’t get their college education handed to them. we pay for it most of the time while other races get it handed to them for free and then waste it. why keep popping out all these babies with umpteen different men, is it so you don’t have to get educated and can live off the backs of the white people by being on government assts your whole life like all your relatives before you. wonder if little ole trayvon, 6’and not much under 200lbs, had anything to do with the recent auto break ins in that neighborhood. did momma send him to daddys so as not to be kicked out of the public housing unit she manages b/c of his drug use and being popped at school for pot until all the hoopla died down about his suspension from school. why is it ok with the black people for your youths to be out murdering and robbing white people or any other color person? and then when they get killed or wounded or in jail you all are screaming, it couldn’t be my little jamaale kemial , hes a gooooood boooy and so screams his sister, kabishna lavodka and aunt laquishana and uncle jaheel laquinta and 15 neighbors down the street. grow up and out of the hold you have suppressed yourselves into and make a decent life for yourselves and your family and quit blaming your hard luck on everyone else. if anything, blame it on your own community

        • God made racism

          All of you seem to forget that racism comes straight from the bible and is a world wide problem. Racism was born when god sent man to the four corners of the earth, after he destroyed the tower of Babel and seperated the languages. I have been around the world and seen first hand this is not just a black/white issue, this hate is taught to children who in turn grow up and teach it to their children, families of all races do this. SO, if you all want a true end to racism stop teaching your kids to hate, Then and only then will this terrible belief be destroyed. The man here who claims to be a preacher but foments hate to his fellow man should know this better than anyone here.
          I agree with you Mike G. If zimmerman would have listened to the dispatchers oreder not to follow this wouldnt have happened, However, I also agree that if the race roles were reversed this man would not be free right now, thats just a fact. I am a white man born in the deep south and have learned to love my fellow man , no matter what he/she looks like. i was fortunate enough to leave this nation and see the rest of the world and understand things can change, only if you open your eyes. Hate comes from all colors and all walks of life from the very, very rich to the extremly poor, hate has no barrier. All people should be judged solely based on their actions, thats it, nothing else. If you act hateful, violent and murderous then thats what you are. Stop protecting people who you know commit crimes like Jesse jackson and Al sharpton are known to do solely based on race. Those two are doing more harm to the black community than anyone else, shame on you, you are a disgrace to the name of The great Rev. Martin Luther King who preached love of man, not love of race.

          • SlapHappy

            This is one of the most ridiculous statements to come out of this whole incident. “…If zimmerman would have listened to the dispatchers order not to follow this wouldn’t have happened,…”
            Yeah, right. If T ‘thug-boy’ Martin could only have obeyed the law, and not gotten kicked out of school for illegal acts and ‘behavioral problems’, THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. As far as the dispatcher advising Mr. Zimmerman not to follow the thug, aka, suspicious individual – Since the statement issued to Zimmerman is being touted by many as a judicious and lawful order, the implication is that the dispatcher was a prejudiced racist as well. In order to claim that the dispatcher’s statement is relevant, one has to believe the dispatcher either knew of, or ‘stereotyped’, or profiled the unknown transient as being a dangerous person, and then issued a “warning” to Mr. Zimmerman. There was no such “warning” and no statement of this type can be binding upon Zimmerman. Zimmerman has a right to walk in his neighborhood and watch his neighborhood like any other of the several resident witnesses, outside at the time of incident, who corroborate Zimmerman’s chronological statement of events.
            The ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATION for the dispatcher’s statement is simply to remove the government from any licensing or endorsement of Mr. Zimmerman’s actions. That is SOP in just about every cop shop. It cannot be construed as a lawful order given to Zimmerman since its only legal purposed is to waive liability of the government. It acts as a disclaimer.
            Oh yeah, the media reports that the FBI is conducting an investigation into possible civil rights violations. Is that concerning the $10K bounty offered by the New Black Panthers for the ‘delivery’ of Mr. Zimmerman? Doubt it. Conspiracy to commit felony kidnapping does not fall under civil rights, or does it?

      • B.G.

        Thank you for your comment, you are 100% correct! As a white woman I have been called a “racist” so many times for saying similar things. (I am not racist but unfortunately some black people don’t want to hear comments on race from white people)
        Maybe you should consider running for public office, working with kids, starting an education program to be taught in schools, or writing a book…so that more young people (of all races) are exposed to your wisdom?
        *thank you for being you*

      • tyrone2

        This dude is white.

        • Joe Blow

          as white as obama, yo

      • ME

        refreshing response (may not condone but appreciate the honesty about jumping another person, racist or not), agree with the majority of what you say (being mixed and “white” as I am)

        personal responsibility/accountability, being an adult and shying away from excuses or entitlements

      • John Tompkins

        Thank You Tyrone,You said it all,I agree with you 100%. Al not so sharp Sharpton,and the Rev.Jackson do not speak for me.God Bless the family of Trevon Martin.

      • Joe Blow

        I applaud you as a man first and a color last. If more people in the world would be human instead of a color, we would finally be able to see that we really are all the same inside.

      • excuzzzeme

        If a white said this (and they have many times)it falls on deaf ears. But if a black man says it, it is suddenly inspirational. When certain minorities quit acting like a victims because their forefathers were slaves and start accepting responsibility for their own actions maybe, just maybe, things will begin to change. Change doesn’t occur overnight but there needs to be a reason to change the thinking. If you want to talk discrimination, try being Jewish since they have several thousand years head start on being slaves.But I suppose it is easier to wait for a hand out and wallow in self-pity than to work to prove yourself as worthy as any other race.

      • Huuf Arted

        Jesse Jackass and Al NotSoSharpton are RACE PIMPS pure and simple and deserve to be boycotted!

      • Carl

        Tyrone i wish there were more people like you and me. You have said what is right. Thank You and I feel the same

      • texaguy

        Good comments Tyrone ,I agree

      • black man human

        Tyrone, you sound white to me dog. Us black folks ain’t stupid like you may think or want to believe. Boom! There it is.

        • Tanya

          Tyrone is white because no black would speak so honestly of his “community.”

          • Jonn

            Truth hurts… we have so may white trash families that blame their shortcomings on everyone and everything but themselves it sickens me. But like I said in an earlier post, every race has it’s good and bad.

          • Jonn

            Truth hurts… I have no problem speaking honesty of my “community.” We have so may white trash families that blame their shortcomings on everyone and everything but themselves it sickens me.

            But like I said in an earlier post, every race has it’s good and bad. It’s not just Blacks or just whites, it’s EVERYONE!

      • Tanya


      • Terri

        Wow, Tyrone, thats the smartest comment I read !!! But include whites, latinos, asians in when u say pull up your pants and quit dressing like a thug!! I wish this trend of dressing would go away!! If Trayvon was white, dressed like he was, I wud be suspicious of him too.

      • Jonn

        That is exactly what any logical person would think… I commend you for that post.

        What happened was a sin, do we know what happened? no, all we know is the beginning and end. Zimmerman followed Martin, and now Martin is dead. Do I believe Zimmerman was in the right? I can’t fully answer that because I don’t know the truth; however, I believe he was in the wrong to follow Martin because the Police Dispatcher advised him not too. From hearing whats been going on, it sounds like self defense, but he should not be let go scott free because he obviously disobeyed the authorities which in turn let to the killing of a 17 year old.

        • str8truth

          In the tape that was not altered, when he was told not to follow he said “Oh,OK”

      • barbarah89@gmail.com

        You said a mouthful, yes LET THE PROPER AUTHORITIES DO THEIR JOBS, that’s what Zimmerman should have done, the 911 operator told him stay in his truck don’t follow the person. Some people enjoy taking the LAW into their on hands. This was someones child, what is wrong with you people. Clothing does not make a person.you have RAPIST, CHILD MOLESTORS, MURDERERS,ETC, dressed in nice name brand clothing.(WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING). This man should’ve in your words LET THE PROPER AUTHORITIES DO THEIR JOB.This is not about clothes,not even about race, this man thought he was above the law. He thinks that way, not because of his background but,because of his PARENTS. This man assaulted a COP a few years ago, you know because he feels ENTITLED…(ABOVE THE LAW).He may not spend another minute in jail, but in the end GOD WILL BE JUDGE AND JURY. We soon forget who’s really in control of everything. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES RIGHT BACK AROUND, and sometimes faster than you think.I have 2 children and yes one is a man, yes you’re right about one thing(SAGGING PANTS) was never allowed in my home, but a hoodie and jeans does not make you a thief, murderer, rapist, none of the above. I pray for trayvon parents, he was just a typical teenager.If there’s someone following me, and I don’t know who it is, of course when he or she catches up there will be a fight. The child had already asked him why are you following me, he responds why are you here. Zimmerman made sure he didn’t get away.That’s exactly what he said.F**K A RACE CARD, THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE THIS IS ABOUT HIM THINKING HE’S INCHARGE.(ABOVE THE LAW).

        • bobbie

          The comment above is for tyrone (if that’s your name).

      • Dannie

        Ok…..This is for tyrone. I would like to congratulate you for being the world’s biggest jackass……How could you speak this way about someone’s child?? If that would have been your child that was shot down in the middle of the street, you would not gave a damn what he had on, you would want justice. As for as black men teaching there children how to dress, that is the dumbest comment I have ever heard. And the people that agreed with you are just as dumb. This has nothing to do with the way that he was dressed. If he would have been walking down the street with a business suit on would that have made it better, Or what about if he would have had his pants on his waist, would that have made it better. NO!!!!! This child did not deserve this type of treatment from someone. Had you been travon’s father you would have wanted Zimmerman in jail. A hoodie is a piece of clothing. BLack, white, Asians, Hispanics, all wear hoodies. Oh But I guess they should also be condemned for the type of clothing that they wear……. This is just pure ignorance.

        • CBiskit

          Who cares if Tyrone is white or black, HIS WORDS RING TRUE! HATE IS THE PROBLEM AND ALL YOU RACIST F@$KS CAN THINK ABOUT IS BEATING DOWN A MAN(WHITE OR BLACK)FROM BEHIND YOUR KEYBOARDS FOR GIVING GOOD ADVICE FOR ANY RACE OR COMMUNITY. If you don’t like the state of your community GO OUT AND BE PROACTIVE !!! CHANGE IT. Don’t bit$h about it and hide behind racism. To all of you obviously racist black people who are saying that Tyrone is a white man posing as a black man, you are more hung up on the fact that you think he is white rather than black and that it cheapens his words because of that. Would it be better if a black man was on TV and said the same thing? No, because you would say that he isn’t a REAL black man, because he isn’t passing the racist trash around the way you like it. I’m too old to pity any of you sad racist’s. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IS THE EPIDEMIC HERE, COLD HARD FACTS. TRAYVON SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED FOR WHAT HE WAS WEARING OR BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. We are in the state that we are in now because of sad little bigots like you. Grow up, love everyone regardless of color, teach your children something of love and tolerance today, say HI to a random person of a different color today, work hard for what you want, set almost unattainable goals for yourself so that when you reach said goal, you have raised the bar not only on yourself but also to people around you, and you have conquered the almost impossible. Their is still hope for humanity, but it has to start with you, as in each of us.

          • Dannie


      • Dannie

        TYRONE: You’re on a computer, you’re posing as a BLACK person, first of all lose the (yo bros) and another thing (BRITCHES), COME ON NOW GIVE ME A BREAK. What’s the problem you can say whatever you like you’re hiding behind a keyboard. I’ve been BLACK a long time and still is,(YO BROS)(BRITCHES), I don’t think so. I’ve already posted this site needs to be SHUTDOWN, (RACIST) ARE USING THIS SITE TO SAY WHAT THEY CAN’T FACE PEOPLE AND SAY.And this child is dead and his PARENTS has to read all this RACIST BULLSHIT CLOWNS like you and others are posting.

        • LoQuecia

          they don’t have to read it

      • CBiskit

        Tyrone, I applaud you sir. You seem like an educated black man, and sad to say have rarely in my 34 years as a white man, heard a black man stand up for the TRUTH, not media propaganda, not hate, not pity, but the truth. In my life I strive to see all things fair and to have compassion for all mankind. Your words have lifted my spirit and my hat is off to you Sir. May your mind bless you with good fortune and a healthy life.

      • Paula

        I am looking online today to see if anyone has had the experience that I had yesterday. I am a white lady and I have a neurological problem that on some days makes my neck spasm, hurt, etc. I was grocery shopping in a place that I frequently go to and suddenly a security guard who guards the whole shopping center came charging from the next aisle and stood right behind me, obviously not shopping, but just watching me. I turned and he said something like “how are you.” I just said “fine” and after about a minute he left. I obviously looked suspicious. It has happened before. I was dressed normally in clean clothes and was wearing a sun hat, but probably because of the spasms looked a little different. It hurts a lot because I had no intention of stealing and have never stolen anything and it just reminds me that I look different. The security guard was hispanic. I do realize what it feels like to be regarded with suspicion when you are innocent.

        I have run into some very nice people who are black and hispanic, the young black male who put air in my tires when I got a flat, the black and hispanic males who gave up their seats on the train, the sweet lady who lives down the hallway from me, and many more situations. I think that in any culture or color, including white, some people let the others down by their actions and then cause others to think badly. If someone shows you that they are nice and mean no harm that goes a long way in our opinions no matter the color.

      • str8truth

        I am a white female and judging you by what you say and not the fact that you are black, I could see you as being a possibly good friend, since friends are likely to share opinions and you don’t seem the type to make me feel uncomfortable about my race.

      • LoQuecia

        Thank You

    • Lost

      U.S. FBI crime statistics: Blacks murder Whites at 18 times the rate that Whites murder blacks. About 1 million Whites were murdered robbed, raped, or assaulted by blacks in 1992 alone. In the last 30 years, 170 million violent and non-violent crimes were committed by blacks against Whites in the U.S. Although they only comprise one-seventh of the population, blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than Whites. On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than Whites. Where is the justice for Whites? Where are the hordes of protesters, demonstrators, rioters, and looters when a White person is killed by a black? Where is the justice? There is no justice in America.

      • There is no justice for the white man

        Just in Philadelphia a WHITE gynastics student was ran over and killed by a drunken black driver where is the riots and justice for this girl?

        • Chad

          A drunk driver is drunk and doesn’t attack a specific race to kill. I understand you are trying to point out that black people may kill white people so where is the repercussions, but your example is not a good one.

          • Susan

            Read about Shannon McConaughey. That IS a good example. That is the BEST EXAMPLE.

      • Stephen

        WOW!They are crazy stats,can see that happening in England soon as they seem to follow the American way.

        • timmi

          yeah do what you can to stop it bro

      • timmi

        NICE SAID MAN!!

      • Mike G.

        What the hell that does all the statistics have to do with the topic??? All those black people are in prison for their crimes. This man has killed a black teenager that the police told not to follow in the first place. If he would’nt have followed him, the kid would’nt be dead. Now the shooter just walks around free!!!! All those black people you named are locked up!!! It’s a big difference!!!

        • Steve N

          Mike, Do yourself a favor and stop talking. Your favorite quote “Its a big difference” No, its not. If that kid wasn’t trespassing, he also wouldn’t be dead… So, who’s fault is it now?

          • Omar pryor

            Trayvon was visting his dad not doing anything wrong. Going to the store getting candy and ice tea is rhat wrong this guy geroge was told to stay in your car dont move geroge did not want to listen he wanted to what he wanted to do so he disobey the law and trayvon was almost to his dads girl friend house I use to be blined and say no eye dont belive that what that person did but then my eyes and ears started to see and here things theway people do things that is not right to take someone life away.

        • brett k

          those statistics good sir have everything to do with the topic. white people, you will never be as suspicious as trayvon martin. now why is this true, hmmmm maybe because we (white people) dont go around murdering rapeing stealing like most no good blacks.so therefore we dont have the repore yall do. dont get me wrong there is alot of white trash too but no where near the level of niggers. if it were up to me i would send your asses back to africa. that is all

          • edna

            It is so sad to know that there are still people that think like you Brett. My family was in this country as free working negros.From 1810. you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Stupid is as stupid sounds. Get an education so that you can know the real truth. Blacks work everyday, pay taxes and make more money then you will ever know. you can’t argue with a sick mind.

          • Sean

            It’s idiots like this who make all whites look bad. I hope you die in a fire Brett. Thanks for helping perpetuate the stereotype and give minorities a reason to point, shout, and riot.

          • Barefoot T

            Dang, that is weapons grade stupid right there. Must have been looking in the mirror when you thought about white trash. Take your peckerwood azz back to where ever it is you came from, the rest of us white folks don’t need you.

          • black man human

            Hey Brett I know that you like so many of yours are extremely envious of the black man’s sexuality, so you tend to lash out at blacks for your inadequacy…Not my fault that your women tend to gravitate in my direction.
            Now go grow some gonads and act like a real man.

          • Terri

            Bret, u r racist white trash! The n word is offensive to alot of ppl, including this white girl!! Go back to your trailer park!

          • Jonn

            Again, white people like you disgust me. You people are the ones that give me, a white person, a bad rap.

          • william

            OUCH!!!that truth hurts like a mother fuc-er..

          • Opinionated

            brett< You must be really old. You couldn't possibly have gotten that stupid and ignorant in a short amount of time. Perhaps you should go back to Germany. You are too skin-head nazi to be a real American.

        • enoughAlready

          What you are saying MikeG is that if someone is following you then without saying a word you have the RIGHT to a)punch them in the face and b)pound their head on the concrete.

          All this without simply asking the person following you what the hell they want? How about this option….how about when the guy following you loses you(which is what happened) that you take off running INSTEAD of turning back to follow the guy?

          Had this thug wanna be cleared the area when he first noticed Zimmerman(which is WAS 2am and he shouldnt have been out in a strange neighborhood) this would not be a story.

          Had the kid ran a few steps away and asked zimmerman why he was following him then we wouldnt have a story either.

          Or the kid punches him in the face knocking zimmerman to the ground, jumps on top of him and THEN asked why he was being following….again Trayvon would be alive.

          But nope, Trayvon starts stalking the guy who had followed him….when he gets the chance he sucker punches Zimmerman knocking him down with one punch(obviously not quite the little kid they made him out to be for a one shot knockdown) then jumps on him and begins slamming his head on the concrete telling Z that he was going to die.

          Think about it…..Zimmerman never confronted, spoke with or physically touched or threatened Trayvon….he merely followed him. It was Trayvon who made the first move.

          • pacheko

            Trevon tried to use the fact he was being followed as his excuse to beat up a white guy,, His anger and violent intent got him killed.. Maybe if his mother and father showed some parenting and when they were in the principles office when trvon was being questioned and his reply was the jewlery wasnt mine, they should of forced him to devulge the name of the real owner and he would not of gotten suspended from school in the first place! No they impowerd his actions instead of curtailing them.. But hell trevon case barely started and they were busy Copyrighting saying to place on TEESHIRTS!!!! We can see there motavation was money not trevon

          • Dannie

            First and foremost people need to watch and listen to the news this did not happen at 2a.m. this happened around 7-7:30 in the evening and a 17 year old is allowed outside at that time.Another thing only one person (ZIMMERMAN) said Trayvon turned back and started following him, which I don’t believe, because if someone is following you, all you have on you are a bag of SKITTLES and a can of TEA, you would be a FOOL to go back in this MURDERERS path,COMMON SENSE PEOPLE you don’t know what the other person has. The banging of the head on the sidewalk is also a lie all the witnesses said the fight took place on the GRASS. George is doing what criminals do.(LYING HIS A$$-OFF) to stay out of jail. I’ve posted this once and I’ll say it again. (WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND) and sometimes faster than we anticipate.Just think if this was your child, and it could be someday in the near future,(think the same way you’re thinking now.) He was only the neighborhood watchmen DAM this MOTHERF****R thought he was the law. I’m sorry I know everyone has their own opinion and this is mine: STAND YOUR GROUND, THE RACE CARD, SELF DEFENSE, none of the above this CLOWN feels he’s above the law, but he went too far THIS TIME and the results was this childs life. I keep up with this story on the news daily that’s why I know so much about it, so if this is a LIE it came from MSNBC. George may not spend another day in jail, and I really don’t care but guess what in the end he will pay, then again it may fall on someone he really loves, but you do pay. In the end (GOD WILL BE JUDGE AND JURY).

      • ThatGuy

        Now lets compare and contrast those unrealistic stats with the numbers of blacks killed, black women raped, children removed from their families in over 400 years of slavery. Doesn’t quite compare does it?

        • Joe Blow

          every race on the planet has been enslaved at one point in time or another…. only the american black population seems to be stuck there… get over it and get on with your lives! remember, no one enslaves you as well as you do yourself… btw, my ancestors never owned a slave, they were horse thieve and cattle rustlers *lol* so i don’t owe anyone ‘reparations’

          • Nicole

            There is ONe race that has never been enslaved… the American Indians.. which are ridiculed more than blacks can imagine any day.. The refused to become slaves and fought for it.. and we still came and took their land.. Have sports teams called the Redskins (A very derogatory word towards an American Indian btw) And everyone is ok with it? So what would happen if we had some derogatory word for blacks as a sports team?? Oh thats right those things ONLY pertain to one race and one race only.. the one that can’t be touched by anyone without someone calling racism.. Food for thought maybe stand up for yourself as a person instead of as a black.. Just like I stand up for myself as a person and not a woman.. I don’t play that card and never will.. If someone doesn’t hire me because I am female..they didn’t deserve me in the first place.. try having a positive attitude instead of always looking for others to be racist

        • enoughAlready

          Did you, your parents or grandparents experience slavery?
          I am native american and we had more than our share of dirty dealings but you have to get past that.

          Humans have always been very flawed and brutal. The people who captured and enslaved the blacks, selling them to white owners WERE blacks themselves. So get over it.

          There will ALWAYS be this racial divide until they condemm the gangsta mentality/actions in their community and stop using race as a crutch/excuse for why their life isnt any better. Obama doesnt feel your pain my friend….he is just as white as I am(50%)and treating you like a useful idiot.

          • black man human

            Here comes another pseudo native white fool flapping it’s gums.Get over yer ignorance fool.

        • EDWARD

          These discussions always roll back around to slavery, black people when the discussion starts going against their point of view start hollering about what ya’ll did to us. Most black slaves brought to America where captured and sold by there fellow Africans to whit they are still doing this today I reckon thats white peoples fault also, all races have been enslaved at some point in history but America did stop it. It is time that black Americans recognize this and grow a pair and quit acting like someone owes you anything, if you where still in Africa your life wouldn’t be nearly as good as you have it now. America even re-patriated many slaves and set them up in a country of their own Liberia and how is that working out, about like the ghettoes in America


        A better example is the 17 year old Sanford Florida Black man who shot and killed two Tourists from England. He has been Convicted and made not one word of an Apology for his Racially Motivated Hate Crime!

        • Joe Blow

          that happened on the west coast of florida (i think)

      • Tanya

        That’s why whites need guns too.

    • mommyandteacher

      Fact: Negative racial and cultural stereotypes are the causes of vile comments on the internet. I wonder how many of you (all races and ethnicities) would volunteer to sit down with someone that you identify as being the complete opposite of you and talk about these things face to face. I don’t mean with the one or two friends that you may have from different cultural backgrounds. Everyone knows someone who is from a different ethnic background. I mean let’s pull back the safe curtain of anonymity that comment sections provide. Let’s spark some face to face dialogue. I am a 27 year old Black woman from Louisiana. I received my B.A. in anthropology from Howard University and am working on my master’s in education with a concentration in Gifted Education. I am married with two children. I am a 2nd grade teacher. I would like to invite MS. teacher, memphis, happylada, or anyone else who may be interested to a have a private conversation with me about some of the topics you brought up.

      • Gil

        Now, sadly would be a good time to start. I’m open to it.

      • Chuck Melo

        I am a female of Cajun, English, German, Native American descent who was the daughter of a Louisiana share cropper who worked on the farm raising vegetables and picking cotton. I am a 58 year old woman from Lousiana who received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. I worked my way through college with no assistance from my family. I retired after working for 28 years with abused and neglected children and their families in Southwest Louisiana. I have observed people at their best and at their worst. I would love to pull the curtain of anonymity back and have an honest dialogue.

        • Barefoot T

          The simple truth is that no one is better than anyone else because of the color of their skin, it is the moral character and fiber of the inner person that succeeds or fails. But you can’t do either until you try.

        • 2/1 pun

          why don t you start by telling the truth and stop lying this should start afrigging dialog.

      • pacheko

        So lets Talk teacher!!! Tell us why there is no indignation from Black activist about the FACT the 50% of all blacks in the us drop out of school, or that 73% of all black births are out of wedlock, Or you are 11times more likely to get eaten by an alligator then to get shot a licensee in Florida. How about all the racist crimes that the Media is asked not to report on of black on white crime so as not to fuel an incident? Black need to deal with there social ills instead of saying its all because of white domination.

        As more evidence comes out that Trevor had as much or more involvement in the actions that led to his shooting the more name calling, baby killing, didn’t deserve it rhetoric we will hear.. It is a shame that this would be ones end but he did nothing a regular Innocent person would of done and his anger and Hoodlum disposition forced the hand of Zimmerman..He made choices he thought would allow him to exercise he need for Violence but made a mistake in deciding to do it with Zimmerman and armed individual But anyone that has a different opinion is systematically tagged as a racist.. Yet the facts are that a disappropriate amount of Crime comes from the relatively small black minority and that is the issue that needs to be focused on but it wont because that would mean admitting that maybe the perception of Black youth is fueled by legitimate statistics on crime attributed to this group

        • randall dee

          America is not that shining city on the hill as politicians like to
          potray ,now we can tell ourselves lies about how fair and equal this
          land of opportunity is, or we can face the truth.
          Let me tell you a lttle story that happen to me,{frist you must admit that theres a white social MINE.),This social mine set exceeds
          the civil war and beyond all the way back to Moors of africa.
          I said taht to say this,i was born in the deep south, memphis tennessee
          in the year 1949,i pride myself as a student in america’s true history.
          as you can see i’m 63 years old,in my years growing up under black laws
          aka(jim crow)the master/slave relationship.most white and black people
          really don’t have a understanding of the social lines that runs from
          the past,reading a lot of the posts about black /white relationships its
          quit clear to this point. if you young people want to get a understanding
          about the social this order thats happening today,go back in history.
          Google william lynch.
          true story” i’m a retired vet. with 26 years of service to my country
          (1968 to 1994),while on a nine month deployment to the med. in 1974
          my ship pulled into desilonico Greece,at that time a vacation iland.
          it had been twenty years since the last american warship had pulled
          in this port,so that ment the last ship was in 1954.
          the people on this iland hadn’t been around black people,as i was walking around sight seeing i met a young greece cabinet maker makeing cabinets
          on the sidewalke,we started a conversation about his trade as a cabinet maker.
          we hit it off right away and he invited me home to meet his family
          and dinner,after meeting his family (wonderful people) and a outstanding
          greek dinner, he invited me to his local watering hole for drinks and to
          meet his friends, thay were very nice and frinedly,one thing thay loved to do was arm werstle to see who were the better man.
          at that time in my med twenties and working out everyday lifting
          around 400 pounds,i was a shoe-end beating them all drinking that
          greek drink osso,it was all fun until i notice them all moving in
          close looking me over,thougt that thay might be mad because i had
          beat them all arm werstling. i asked my friend what is goinging on
          with everyone i mean the whole bar was looking me over.
          all of a sudden he apologized for everyone for beinging so insulting,
          he explained that for years white american had came there on vacation
          and said things about black people,like at the stroke of midnight we
          grow tails and so on.
          tails and on

    • Luke Jackson

      Trayvon Martin was a thug from the mean streets of Miami Gardens who was upset that this fat guy dared to follow him and ask him if he lived in the community. He flipped out, punched Zimmerman in the nose, knocking him to the ground, then proceeded to sit on his chest and beat the hell out of him as Zimmerman called for help. That’s what got him shot.

      And this is Trayvon Martin, not the outdated sugarcoated images the media runs. Why not use THIS picture? It’s the most recent of him?


      Trayvon Martin is not worth the black community’s attention or concern. White dirtbags get shot and killed by cops and citizens all the time, and we don’t give a damn. Why? Because we know they deserved it, and the community is not lessened by their absence. Just ONCE I’d like to see the black community stand up and say, “Good job shooting that criminal. Glad you’re alright.” and let it go.

      If the black community allows itself to be whipped into a frenzy and riot over this, it will end badly. Florida is NOT Los Angeles. People in Miami, especially, remember the 1982 riots and will not let that happen again. If blacks try to burn down Little Havana, they will die. And don’t let them try to take the violence to the suburbs. Florida’s suburbs are basically armed camps.

      • mommyandteacher

        Luke, I would love to speak to you privately about your latest post. I disagree with your opinion, but I want the opportunity to better underushete you are coming from.

        • mommyandteacher

          Sorry for the typo. I meant to say understand.

      • kpohlmann

        You may be completely right about this version but must wait for the actual facts in the case. If the kid actually was the aggressor then your comments hold value but if not then?????

      • shawn

        I disagree with your opinion, hopefully your kids are never stereotyped, hunted down and killed in the street like an animal for being in the wrong neighborhood!! Just tell them if they are ever found in that situation and a BIG RACIST PIG is following them, use skittles and tea, that should do the job!!

        • Mike G.

          WELL SAID!!!!

        • Blue B.

          This is why I vote republican. They don’t give a hoot what ethnicity you are, they want you to help yourself. What did Fredrick Douglas say? Something like white have done enough, if the black man can’t stand on his own to feet then let him fall

          • Roberto


        • Chuck Melo

          You were making a valid point until you said BIG RACIST PIG. You know nothing about this man which invalidates your post.

      • timmi

        nice said!!

      • Mike G.

        You are a funny guy!!!! Ignorant but funny!!

      • Mike G.

        Luke, First of all your little picture does not make him a thug. All races where those things on their teeth. Its what the young crowd does. Rich kids in the suburbs where those on their teeth too. Secondly, Why did the shooter follow Trayvon after the police told him not to follow him??? Most people either run when someone is following them or turn and fight. Trayvon did the latter (if the self defense theory is true). Regardless, the shooting wouldnt have happened if the shooter wouldnt have followed him…PERIOD!!!! Thug or not!!! Black people are upset because a white man shoots a black teenager and walks free!!In the early stages all he had to do is yell self defense and go home! I mean come on really!!! Let a black man shoot a white teenager either the black man would have been under the jail or shot on sight for branishing a firearm!!! But I like your tough talk on the internet…it amuses me!!!

        • Steve N

          He isnt “white” He is “white mexican”… Whatever that is supposed to mean. A term that someone fabricated to make this whole thing a white vs. black thing… Its not my man. Its a “stay out of trouble and you won’t get shot” thing…

        • Mike from Detroit

          FINALLY! Ok, I totally disagree, but you at least said the truth. “Most people either run when someone is following them or turn and fight.” This seems to be your community’s version of conflict resolution. Unfortunately, civilized folks hold a third option…. Stop and ask a question first. Something like, “Hey, why are you following me?” You can still be prepared for danger, why does it automatically have to be fight? If you think that it is alright to turn and jump someone you THINK is following you and beat them up is crazy. Granted, if Trayvon stopped and Zimmerman tackled him and he defended himself… yes, you have a point… but we really dont know what happened there unfortunately. Lesson learned is dont go in dark alleys alone when you’re in a strange place. If a white guy did that in a black neighborhood and got jumped, no one would be surprised… so what’s the big deal… really? Yes a tragic loss, unfortunately, but seems a pretty shabby nail to hang your hat on dontcha think? I mean it sucks your race is profiled… I really must be frustrating… but putting a $10,000 hit on a guy doesnt help your case.. just saying.

          • Chuck Melo

            Valid point.

        • enoughAlready

          What if trayvon had decked him, jumped on top(like he did) and NOT started pounding his head on the concrete but INSTEAD asked “WTF you want!” He would be alive today.

          Instead witnesses heard him tell Zimmerman that he was going to die tonight and started bashing Z’s head on the concrete…..no this wasn’t this kids first time brawling and he would have seriously injured Z had he not been stopped. At that age what kind of kid is that? Really at any age, what kind of person is that? Up until that point Z had not threatened or touched Trayvon, only followed him…..does that mean you can kick someones ass at the grocery store because you think they are following you? Come on show some integrity…..the kid was no good.

    • Stephen

      Well said.

    • Mike G.

      Memphis, Russell worked hard for his opportunities. He wasnt just born rich in the white suburbs with a silver spoon in his mouth!!!

      • enoughAlready

        but he makes his living by producing music which makes black youth think that its cool to be a gangsta/thug. That speaking and acting pimp is whats cool. That by being HARD and STREET that you are a better man….never say Im sorry, have empathy for anyone else or take disrespect without turning it violent.

        These wealthy blacks entertainers are taking MORE advantage of you than the white are because they are condemning your youth to lives of povery, misery and being stereotyped.

    • John in San Diego

      People rush to portray this as a race thing, however Zimmerman claimed Martin looked like he was on drugs and was “looking around at houses”, which is not so outlandish to believe since his recent school troubles place him in possession of stolen property and drugs. One thing we don’t have a recent history of is Zimmerman calling police up and reporting blacks as being suspicious just for the color of their skin, which the article implies is what has happened here. Well if Trayvon thought this too (and not because of a rash of crimes perpetrated by guys who looked a lot like him, and maybe his own behavior) it is understandable he’d be angry, and a lot of people might even take it as far as assault and battery. Which if this is the case, it was his own expectation of racism that got him killed that night.
      It seems as if people want to use this case as a means to initiate a movement against past injustices to blacks, and while there have been many, if race wasn’t the case here then it’s an unfair lynching of George Zimmerman and the “boy who cried wolf” on racism is surely not going to help anything.
      Surprisingly enough there are not many white people out there that want to shoot and kill a young black man just for the color of his skin, in fact very few I believe. Skolnik wants you to believe that there are, but leftists who hijack other people’s causes to indulge in their own self loathing almost never do good for that cause, and hardly really care.
      On a side note Tyrone (commenting above) is one brother with his head screwed on straight, feel free to date my sister or apply for a job, or enlist my help in (figuritively) knocking some sense into those “back to Africa” commenters whenever you like. There were a few others as well, thank goodness there are reasonable people out there.


      You are right! I am so tired of the Race Card being played by people who call each other Nigger on a daily basis. Oh, but we white Crackers just don’t understand that it is okay for them to Disrespect each other. If you want real proof, go to Englewood, in Chicago Il. The Black Residents shoot each other so much, that more of them were Murdered over the same time period as were lost as casualties in both of our Wars in the Middle East. You hear all this News about Trayvon but how many of you know about Kimberly Harris. She was a 25 year old Black Woman who was shot 20 times in her murder. She had made the ultimate mistake of talking to the Cops about who Murdered her Boyfriend and was scheduled to Testify. I don’t see any of these So-Called Black Leaders Marching in the Streets of the South Side of Chicago. Why? Because some fool will shoot them!

    • donna02

      idiot; his name is not jewish; it’s german. why don’t jesse and al put their energy into stopping black women from having baby after baby with numerous men; force them to be educated and to work for a living instead of living off of the tax dollars of the white man. they’ll always be poor, stupid and criminals as long as this racism against whites persists.

      • Tanya

        True that!

      • Dannie


    • Robert Williamson

      That be true.

    • Trevor

      Innocent Trayvon? Are you the Judge and Jury?

      If you want Racism I will tell you what Racism is, it is black people convicting a man without a trial because his skin color is white.

      By Government statistics 93% of blacks that are killed are killed by black men, where is the outrage for this?


      Black people are looking for any excuse to hate Whitey, you don’t want equality, you want superiority. Stop letting your racist leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barrack Obama incite you to racist judgments. Wait until the facts come out like in the Duke Lacrosse case where the same racist leaders condemned 4 innocent white boys because of their skin color, only to find they were wrong.

      • wildreign

        So Trevor just to be clear we don’t look for excuses to hate, but most white people don’t waste anytime throwing the opportunity in our lap! All of a sudden (or maybe not) YOU are an expert on what WE want— This sounds more like SUPERIORITY to me! Oh, and BTW if Trayvon did commit a crime he was convicted and murdered without a trial by Zimmerman– Karma is a B*tch!

        • enoughAlready

          Except Trayvon was the one committing a crime…..beating a man who had not touched or even threatened him.

          What did Zimmerman do up until the point that he shot Trayvon? Well, he got sucker punched and knocked to the ground, then laid there while this punk jumped on top of him pounding his head on the concrete. If Zimmerman had not had a gun and Trayvon had killed him via brain damage then you would change your tune again saying Z had it coming….shouldnt be following someone.

          No race can every have equality until they fairly condemn their guilty and take responsibility for their communities actions. You should hate and be embarrassed by the New Black Panthers as much as the white are embarrassed and hate the KKK(WHICH THEY DO).

          • woody36206

            If Treyvon would’ve killed Zimmerman then you would’ve never heard about any of it. It would have just been another murder

    • mike


    • Jimmy

      Why hasn’t anyone commented on the fact that you are more likely to be mugged/stabbed/killed by a black person than white? That’s not me being racist, that’s cold hard statistics. Blacks cause more crimes than white people, so that is why a white person is never assumed as dangerous as a black man.

      Stereotyping someone isn’t wrong, discrimination is. The black community uses the two words as one. Instead of pointing the finger, black leaders should stand up and confront violence in their own areas before completely freaking out when one dies in a white area.

      • str8truth

        In Memphis many years ago, a teenage girl was brutally raped by her mother’s boyfriend when he picked her up from work. They were both black. While the white jurors wanted justice for the poor girl, the black jurors said they were not going to send another black man to jail. Where was the justice for this little(black)girl.

    • Reality Hurts


      New pic shows back of Zimmerman’s head after Trayvon BRUTALLY ASSAULTED HIM. Clear case of self defense.

      • black man human

        How did this Zimmerman’s broken nose and banged up head heal so quickly? I guess Jeeebus has healed him nice an’ quick…Amen!

    • Roscoe

      Directed here through Yahoo.com.
      If most of the “Black” (African) people didn’t walk around thinking, acting or portraying themselves as thugs all day, most days then they wouldn’t be seen as such. I have done nothing towards any man, to have to cross the street, just to avoid, him/her. But, I do cross the street so as I can avoid the conflict that will happen when I say “no” for that dollar, I am expected to pay. That is, if it is only a dollar! Anyone cutting across lots sneaking around an area no matter your race, is guilty of something. Maybe, trespassing?
      A black man fears a black man in his yard more than he would a white man (unless the white guy has a badge on his chest). Black people are loud mouth, first to accuse and intimidate when ever they find the chance.

      I personally would rather to never have a African come near me for any reason. There are Black people that are of different races, that are not African. To place the blame on the color is wrong, when it is the origin of the race. It is time that the race and not the color of the skin be noted in the incidences that the Africans are intimidating. I can tell the difference between an African and a black man. We all, even a African know the physical traits that are seen in the African population. I don’t even have to point out the distinguished features. I do know that to point them out would make me guilty of racism, in the African community. Because it is not the fault of the black man. Who do we blame?
      Could it be I am white? I personally would rather live as my ancestors did, before the great boat ride of Columbus. Return the land to the rightful owners. Everyone that has been imported to America after the birth of Christ, should be sent back with any children born there after to the original country of birth.
      Give the American property back to the real Americans!

      • Chuck Melo

        Since a great deal of Americans are of mixed races what would you suggest they return to if they are a mixture which includes Native American?

        • james

          When is everyone going to understand it is not the color of skin, or where you were born, or what you do for a living that matters. What matters is the integrity, morals, and behavior of a person that makes a person good or bad. I have known people of all backgrounds and races through my life and always judge a person by who they are, not their skin color. I agree that we all are suspicious of certain ways of dressing or appearance. this was a horrible tragedy. We have a young adult that is dead, whole communities claiming race was the factor and its not, and a adult that should have followed 911 dispatchers directions and we wouldn’t be here now. people drop the race thing it has gone on far to long. want to earn some respect then show us what your values, morals, etc really are.

    • Bob G

      Good post. Blacks at one time were on their way to self suffiency until the Democratic Party stepped in and said, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.”

    • The Buzz

      I hate to break it to you-but as a white biker guy that is 6’2 with long hair and ear rings and usually wearing black Harley shirts and a bandanna,..I get plenty of suspicion as I go into stores or down the sidewalk. I feel the eyes and hear the comments, ..so don’t think that black thugs are the only ones under scrutiny in society. But in America only whites are racist, right?? The black race has degenerated into the mess it is today by it’s own doing, nobody else has done more to destroy it than themselves.

    • Honesty Rules

      Horrible title for this article. Are you attempting to perpetuate, furthermore, incite racial bigotry, hatred towards other races, or are you just plain ignorant? How about I post an article with the title, “Black people, you will always be suspicious” or “Black people, you will always play the race card”.

      It’s as if you’re looking to incite racial and civil unrest, you motherfu**ers. I truly feel bad for Trayvon’s family.

    • JasperHeindenbinder

      I wonder, if we got rid of all the whites, then there would be no more problems, right? Who would be next on the list to blame?

    • louise

      How sad your views are. Unfortunately your opinion is very much the majority. Where is the logic in hating someone for the color of their skin, as if any of us had a choice.

    • Ronald

      “White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin”

      White people can make the same statement in reverse. “Black people, You Will Never Be Targeted For Crime As White People.”

      Fair is fair!

    • Austin

      I will admit, I would not like my son or daughter to marry out side their race. I would not want them to marry some one of another religion, or financially inferior to them.

      I do not want a grand child of mixed race, or religion
      So now, you all have some one to hate. Do you feel better now, knowing that someone like me is out there, gloating at my better than yours -Life.

      Because unlike the rest of you, I have no problem, telling you I dont think you are good enough, your culture offends me, your religion offends me, the color of your skin offends me.

      Now what are you going to do about it. NOTHING thats what. You will continue to snuffle around in the inferior life that is yours. because you are not my equal, you never have been, you never will be.

      So now you can insert what ever color or religion you wish, and it will fit, because you are just the person who wrote thought this, I was just the person with strength and truth to right it.

      • Adrienne

        LOL, I could imagine having a few secret thoughts of those feelings myself about my own children. Relationships are hard enough without having to span cultural, religious or financial differences. You hope they will marry someone you can understand, and will understand you, and that they will be able to have a good comfortable life, after all.

        Until that little part about others being inferior. You are right, there is nothing to be done about someone who shows such a small mind, except to help a daughter or son consider the wisdom of marrying into a family where such hate and extremely limited gene pool are a concern.

      • black man human

        Don’t worry about blacks hating you Austin, you already hate yourself one hundred times more than any black could ever hate you.

        • kim

          black man human says:
          April 25, 2012 at 6:18 pm

          Don’t worry about blacks hating you Austin, you already hate yourself one hundred times more than any black could ever hate you.

          I didn’t see where Austin mentioned what race or religion they are.

          You must be one really talented person.

          Racism is a bi!ch…especially when you don’t even know what race you strike out against.

          • jack sprat

            Kim, when I meet my first non-white Austin (or Colt or Dallas or Houston or Phoenix), I’ll let you know. I’m pretty sure he/she has yet to be born. I’m more likely to meet a white Shaniquah.

    • mercenary76

      this is really about the media making a big story out of the whole thing , it was a slow news week . on the hand does anyone know of a situation when it was not convenient to play the race card ?

    • Deluise

      This is not a black white thing. It is a hispanic jewish black thing. Zimmerman is part jewish and part hispanic. Leave white people out of this you bunch of white people hating black racists!

      • jack sprat

        You almost got the absurdity of this correct. Try this:

        This is not a black vs. white thing. It IS a Jewish/Afro-Peruvian vs. black thing. In other words, as per usual, it is a black vs. black thing.

        That’s right, people. George Zimmerman is black.

        Now, neither you nor he may want to believe that to be true, but it is.

        Dog bites man. Black-on-black crime. Nothing to see. Move along now.

        • Dannie

          Some of these people are so racist, his race should not even be an issue….right or wrong should be the issue.

    • scott

      a brown man kills a black boy and white people get blamed. god, i hate black people.

      • Dannie


    • Dave

      My heart goes out to the Martin family, this should not have happened! It seems that Zimmerman was looking for trouble on duty! I grew up in a racial community, after going into the serevice, it was a whole different outlook on people of different races. We were there for one common goal! Wouldn’t that be nice if life could be one common goal………just to live, leave each other alone……be yourself, not something you are not.Not one of us is born a killer,thief,rapist or any other kinds of criminals you can think of………..it is what you make yourself into, by your own choices. If Trayvon looked suspicious, as an officer,zimmerman may have had the right to question him, but at seventeen I don’t think he would have made trouble for a police officer, I don’t care what color you are, you may run, but not a physical confrontation at that age.

      • EDWARD

        At 17 he can become a US Marine and kill with his countries blessing, he was old enough to get kicked out of school for smoking pot and was caught with jewelry and burglary tools just a short time before, if I saw somebody in my neighborhood walking around at night in the rain they are going to get asked whats up because going for skittles and tea is a good oppurtunity to case for an unlocked car or unwatched home

    • Casper

      If this post doesn’t prove the obvious, nothing will.

    • Joe

      get your act together. it’s been 150 years! You got EQUALITY now it’s not good enough. YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIAL! FUCK YOU. Get off welfare and get a job. This kid was a no good punk. He attacked Zimmerman. Cause he didnt like the fact he was being watched. O well. SHIT HAPPENS! Your 12% of the population. Keep up your shit. It’ll all be over soon. Fucking Hatemongers.

    • Ronnie Roberts

      Man o man, You will never understand what it means to be rich or poor as long as you think like this. I know what it’s like to have someone lock their door as I walk by. I know what it’s like to creep up in the gated neighborhoods and get chased out. I know what it’s like to not get hired for a job because of the way that I carry myself. I know what it’s like to get hooked on some drug that(you call them Whitey) some rich man gets in my neighborhood with the greatest of ease. I know what’s it’s like to be dissed by the police when I was in the right and wrong. I know what it’s like to be hungry and not care about the price I’ll have to pay for the crime I might commit to get some food. I know what it’s like to disregard human life in the mist of my own suffering(self inflicted). And I know what it’s like to put these ways behind me and fight the fight using their rules and barely make it while watching (whitey)the rich sit fat upon the hill.
      I’m telling you that Martin Luther King would be teaching ways to deal with the struggle of life in America and how to manage your money and make it grow for the black, white, red, yellow and whatever race you want to come up with(Martin was a good MAN). Your leaders just choose to dwell on stupid stuff. Always leaving you to look towards them for more support(Sharpton and everyone like him). If you think Al and everyone like him has worried about getting the newest style clothes or had to worry what his family or he is going to eat your just kidding yourself. He’s fat and has been for many years and he’s sitting up on the hill laughing his rear end off, waiting for the next moment he can get with the program and increase his wealth. Watch out because I’m no racist, call me a realist. I know racism exist, it exist when I’m in the rich peoples neighborhood, it exist when I go to S.E. DC it exist when I’m at 7-eleven. But all these places have good people who make good decisions also.
      You will never understand and that’s from a white boy nicknamed cracker at the age of 8 years old who was taking black history in south Baltimore, thee only white boy in the summer school program at Martin Luther King elementary 1976(for the young check out when the holiday became a national holiday). It’s not White, Black, Red or Yellow It Is Simply The Have and Have Not’s learn the rules and get with the program!!!!!
      P.S. If I speculate that Trevon beat his butt and was done with him and walking away then George should be charged with murder. But I don’t pretend to know what happened, once the court brings it all to light I’ll have an opinion. One thing for sure when I creep thru the gated communities I was ready for the neighborhood watch and I knew there might be a price to pay my life or life in jail, or possibly just a short stent and I took the chance. And just because I’m white I would never have experienced the support that this young man and his family is experiencing. Because I was making bad choices my family would be crying and no-one would be making this harder for my family than I had made it for them.

      • 2/1 pun

        listen buddy you can cut the history shit tell the truth you are a frig gin alcoholic right

    • Ralph

      All of you black men doing all of this bitching and crying are the same ones who are having all of these fatherless children with no role models in their lives and joining gangs at the ripe age of 9 or 10. Way to go, look in the mirror, then see who is the sorry ass in this world.

    • Bill

      Every person on this planet has their own problems, but blacks tend to yearn for the limelight at every given opportunity. Hell, get a reality show and call it “We be havin drama Mama”. Ax all of your thug posse to join you, this should make you happy, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan

      I know that’s right!

    • Adrienne

      Years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a sweet condo near some relatives in Florida. It was great, I looked forward to having our own vacation place for a couple of weeks a year, renting out the rest… Until someone said (with a chummy smile) that we got it because we were “right” kind of people. Well what she was talking about was that we were not German or French. But it didn’t stop there.

      I began asking some quiet questions, and suddenly noticed that almost nobody was of color in the whole town. I was told that they were lazy and stole things. Say what? I had never been outside the seashore town, but once we did, the striation of race and income was stunning. When it was suggested that someday we might retire there, what a strain it was to remain polite.

      I grew up in a mostly white town with its own problems with race, but I was insulated from seeing it, and was raised to see everyone equally. One can never erase the experiences that influence your perceptions of threat or safety, but you can make an effort to recognize your own imbalance and bias. I certainly don’t know what I thought when I came to this web site, but the lack of respect from some people is absolutely stunning. How can anyone hold a whole race responsible for what they’ve received in life, good or bad?

      For the first time, we have a Black president (or for those who don’t think he’s black, of serious color) and that is living proof that the efforts of many are making a difference. Tearing each other limb from limb on a comment page means nothing – if you really feel so strongly, quitcher bellachin’ and put your money and back into making it better.

      God knows you are needed.

    • LS

      Umm… I don’t know where this guy came from along with his ignorance… but there are a TON of suspicious people in my town that aren’t black. I have been afraid or nervous, as a young woman, being around suspicious people that are white, black, asian, hispanic, and all kinds of in between. The common ground between these people I have been afraid of or nervous around in my life had NOTHING to do with color of their skin (because often at night time you can’t even tell, and if you are afraid, and a normal person, that is NOT the first thing you pay attention to). It was actually the location that I was, and they way they presented themselves… yes that presentation of themselves INCLUDES the way the dress and carry themselves. I could go on forever as to why a lot of what was said isn’t accurate in a “majority sense” (yes there are always exceptions, I understand that, but I wanted to point out one other thing… most police officers are required to run EVERYONE’S tags before they pull them over for their own damn safety… they should probably know if they are pulling over a car that has a registered owner that has been arrested before for having an illegal weapon etc etc.

    • rodney mizer

      you go child!!!!!!!! that’s what i be talkin bout uuuhuhhh!!!! i goes to school in litter rock i gots me a education uuuuhuuu now i is gonna drink me a 40

    • Rufus T Boone
    • pacheko

      As more evidence comes out that Trevor had as much or more involvement in the actions that led to his shooting the more name calling, baby killing, didn’t deserve it rhetoric we will hear.. It is a shame that this would be ones end but he did nothing a regular Innocent person would of done and his anger and Hoodlum disposition forced the hand of Zimmerman..He made choices he thought would allow him to exercise he need for Violence but made a mistake in deciding to do it with Zimmerman and armed individual But anyone that has a different opinion is systematically tagged as a racist.. Yet the facts are that a disappropriate amount of Crime comes from the relatively small black minority and that is the issue that needs to be focused on but it wont because that would mean admitting that maybe the perception of Black youth is fueled by legitimate statistics on crime attributed to this group

      And as far as that White Kid saying that it would never happen to him because he is white Better not try that in most neighborhoods I know. He would be Seen he would be noticed by Crime Watch and he may end up the same as Trevor if he resorted to Violence to make known his frustration.

      • Dannie


    • Amy

      I totally agree…well said!!!

    • 2/1 pun

      let s you and i do a reinactement of what happen

    • Ryan

      You blacks give yourself abad name. no one has to do it for you. Now its not all blacks, but it is a great number of them. You wanna act like wanna be gangsters, stand on the corners selling drugs, rob people free load off the government, give yourself bad looks by the way you walk down the street with their pants to their ankles, etc… black people kill/rob/rape (whatever) other races all the time, and when a white man who looks mexican kills a black man its the end of the damn world and they just wanna try and stir shit up. Get over it. we are all human. and i dont think i ever met a black person who wasn’t racist. always talkin about cracker this cracker that.

      • Dannie

        You haven’t met me, but no I’m not a (RACIST),and I’m glad you said not all blacks,because it’s not,and there are other RACES that do the same things you’re speaking of everyday…….HAVE A BLESSED DAY.

    • 2/1 pun

      tell your mama to quit sleeping with her brother

    • Josh

      You black people did this to yourselves! Who are the bloods and the crips? Who is running around downtown denver beating up white people? You place so much value on “the hood” and being tough, dropping out of school and then blame slavery for your misfortunes. No body owes you anything! You have the same opportunities as us white people. I wish my fore fathers never would have brought you here to america. But quiet as it’s kept, you sold your selves to the conquestedores. You raided your own people and took them to sell to the white man. Then you blame the white man for all your problems. You need to blame yourself. Who calls black people niggers? Black people do all the time! Like it’s a badge of honor. Whats up my nigger or my nigg? WTF, maby if you respect yourself and struggle to acheive a higher level of success and stop trying to beat up any white person who has more than you then, you might be viewed as an equal. You black people are lazy criminals, well the majority of you are anyway and yes, I get nervous when I see you too. I have sent 1 to prison for breaking in my house and chased several out of my yard. I’m not saying white people are with out error but, our bad population is not our majority. Your bad population is the majority. You think you deserve special treatment because you black, lol. Well, the world quit crying for you a long time ago and all you have left is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Good luck niggers.

      • Dannie


    • ryan

      Well, I disagree… your missing the whole context of the story. The fact that Martin was new around there, the fact that there were breakins and burglaries by young black males. I see plenty of young white suspicious thugs and I am white. None of us know what happened that night and it is sad but there is context. Maybe we should stop interpreting everything as black and white and take each situation as it comes along.

      • Dannie


    • Jay Richert

      Americans of African descent are not stereotyped as suspicious because they have ancestors from 5-10 generations ago that were slaves; rather, it is because they HAVE a higher criminal record per capita than any other “culture”. They claim that it’s all “our” fault, dress like thugs, act like thugs. Have you ever seen a picture of a black rapper smiling? No, because that would contradict their self-imposed “image” (gangsta). Until the culture as a whole embraces equality in it’s correct context, they will never stop playing the race card cause that’d all they think they have. GET A JOB, STOP KILLING YOUR OWN KIND, GET OFF “THE WELFARE” USE SOME BIRTH CONTROL ONCE IN A WHILE. NAME YOUR KIDS WITH THE SAME LAST NAME AT LEAST SO THEY CAN IDENTIFY WITH A PARENTAL FIGURE. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE.

      • Dannie


    • jack sprat

      Why is it that people almost all refuse to confront one particular fact in all of this? George Zimmerman is not only an Hispanic man, he’s a BLACK Hispanic man. His father may be a white man, but he is not, nor could he credibly pass for one. Patient, heal thyself.

    • Ron

      You foment racism! the d was wrong and got killed by anotherwrong BUT he was not supposed to be there and you know it….He is not an innicent and neither are you, except race baiting sell your crap!
      You arenot innocent!


      God knows what happened–and the guilty will be punished,perhaps already they are in hell.

    • jiggaboogames

      Don’t steal and you won’t be profiled. Don’t attack in packs and people won’t be suspicious. Don’t be 12% of the population and commit 65% of all violent crime. Try to be human and not an uncivilized animal who would kill over a pair of air jordans. Lessons in life 101

    • panchito

      It wasn’t a Latino, Zimmerman’s white as a ghost. He hates Mexicans too…check his MySpace rant.

    • SFin

      Zimmerman is a German name – not Jewish.

    • Cat

      Don’t forget Chris Rock and George Lopez-they make a lot of money putting white people down in their comedy routines. God forbid a white person doing the same. I always say, “before you accuse me, take a look at yourself”.

    • Senatobia

      Amen!! The blacks will never quit & always play the poor pitiful me card, they are who keep RACISM alive & well!! Not whites, BLACKS!! Sick of it

    • Funny Thing Is

      Isn’t it so ironic that “black” people don’t like being labeled “black” or profiled, but they create T.V. channels like “Black Entertainment” and magazines like “Ebony” or “Black Enterprise”.

      White people have that crazy heavy metal and death metal music and when high-school kids break off into little clicks, you can almost always find that group of “Goth Kids” or “stoners” and they’ll almost always been seen wearing the color “black”. Other kids will quickly tell you that those kids wearing all that black are into “drugs” or listen to weird music. The kids that wear those clothes know they’re being different and while some don’t do drugs, they’ve grouped themselves in with others who do… they’re dressing the part.

      I grew up watching and listening to plenty of things from the hip-hop culture of the 90’s. There was good and bad hip-hop, but never before in my life, have I ever heard something so degrading to women or other members of the black race from any other music. Rap music has lead many of these young black men to behave in ways that have got them profiled and killed for acting the part.

      Travon liked playing and dressing up as the “thug” and he got identified as being “suspicious” because of his choice of clothing and what it stands for or what it’s associated. The truth will come out in the trial and we will have to wait and see.

      It’s sad but true… people are identified and judged by what they wear all the time. Who knows, maybe he should have dressed like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bell Air and he’d have made it home.

      Obviously just like a uniform identifies a cop or a soldier in the army, one’s clothing can sometimes help to identify the type of person they are… if you see a scraggly old guy with a beard and he looks like he hasn’t taken a bath in a week, he’s rough and his clothes are worn and tattered, you’re going to automatically assume he’s some old homeless guy, don’t lie… you will. Yet, he could have just come in the store from one hell of a camping trip, but you’ll likely steer clear of the weird old smelly guy because he might be some dangerous homeless dude.

      Just like black women judge and make fun other black women if they’ve got bad weaves. EVERYONE judges by appearance. You know that if you don’t want to be made fun of.. get a good weave!

    • Chris

      Always the victim. Always someone else’s fault. So long as the majority of crimes are committed by minorities, you should shut your trap! Oh, but it’s profiling. Yeah, well guess what. profiling works. The FBI has a whole division that specializes in profiling. Police forces around the globe use it because it works. And pieces of inflammatory “jouranlism” like this only divide the nation.

    • jaydee

      You are entitled to a US passport and with that you can leave and go anywhere

    • Wisconsin resident

      memphis is absolutely right ! i don’t know if it’s Travyon’s family doing this or if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have taken control. Some people of color now feel that the government and the citizens of the U.S. OWE them something. All they have to do is scream and complain loud enough

    • Roberto

      Can you say…..Photo-Shop? Why are all of you haters not using his REAL photo? His photo from this year? Who yea that’s right, his current shows a ‘Thug-wanna-be’ not a 13 year angel. I quess I’m not thinking with my ‘white guilt’ side of the brain.

    • Just a guy

      I am a 48 year-old white male. My family is from East St. Louis, Illinois. We moved away from that city when I was four years old. If I were to walk through E. St. Louis after dark, I can guarantee there would be MANY people there who would be ready to attack me simply because of the color of my skin. I cannot imagine hating someone because they are of a different race, yet in my personal experience African Americans (as a group) seem to be the most racist people in America. I am not welcome in my own home town because of my race. Yet if I were gunned down in E. St. Louis after dark, why do I suspect there would be no public outcry?

    • YT

      No Shit. White people don’t promulgate a culture ensconced in violence, pillaging, a general mayhem. While the criminal justice system may treat blacks to a different standard, you still have to commit a crime to end up in the system. And if blacks are held to a different standard, it is time to wake up and teach your children not to run afoul of the law otherwise you face the wrath of a fed up YT.

    • Concerned Americian

      It wasn’t because he had dark skin and was wearing a hoodie. He was shot because he was trying to kill someone while high on drugs and that person didn’t want to die period.

    • Veritas4

      Zimmerman is innocent. Unfortunately, he had to kill this criminal, but in the long run he probably saved some innocent life. Zimmerman is a hero in the Sanford community.

    • Fred

      The picture of Trayvon Martin above is what the problem is. The news media keeps showing this boy as he was when he was 12 yrs old…the sweet and innocent face so kind and smiling. If they were to show him with his black hoodie and 17 yrs of age, over 6ft tall and tattoos. It would show a different side of Trayvon as being a menancing teenager with an attitude who lost his cool. What happened to him was very sad. I think anyone would have been pissed off at being follow – but he took it a step further and confronted his assailant as he was much bigger and looked more threatening. It was probably a pushing match with a lot of swearing which resulted with both people on the ground. Trayvon probably saw that the other guy had a gun and tried to take it from him. He may have wanted to throw it away or he may have wanted to scare Zimmerman. There was probably a fight then over the gun and it went off. No one will ever really know. George Zimmerman made many mistakes too. He didn’t back off when 911 told him too. He didn’t shout out who he was. He should have called for back up. This incident could have been avoided had Trayvon just kept walking out of the area towards his home. And George should have kept more of a distance and not look so threatening himself.

    • MARIE

      this is such bull shit, please if either of them were white and the other one was a different race this would be a big racial fight. so please dont pull this shit, its getting really annoying how we should still have to have these petty bullshit racial fights. get over it people, ok. it shouldnt matter what race the people are, a young kid is dead.

    • iyamwhatiyam

      Jesse Jackson once commented, “There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” Jesse Jackson asserted a relationship between race and crime. Does that make him a racist?

    • aruba19

      “White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin”

      But then again, most of us won’t beat somebody’s head on the ground, be stupid enough to brings fists to a gunfight or have racists like Jackson and Sharpton weeping about what victims we are either.

  • Memphis

    To clarify the first line… Thank God the shooter wasn’t white, but this article doesn’t mention that. It is truly sad that an innocent young child was killed, but to blame whites for this is really sad as well.

    • Matthew Roberts

      What a load of nonsense so typical of a black with a victim mentality. God aren’t we all sick to death of blacks with victim menalities!In the UK blacks are overwhelmingly overrepresented in the crime statistics for all types of crime but especially violence. And who you may ask are the main victims of this violence? Well folks its other blacks followed by whites.Whenever a white is killed by a black there is a media black out, if you will pardon the pun, but hey if a black is killed by a white, a very rare event the media go into a frenzy and we hear about it for months!We are all sick to death of it. So please no lectures from you. A return trip to Africa en mass would solve all problems and make us all happy.

      • Alex Kingston

        Matthew, telling blacks to return to Africa is quite a distasteful and foolish thing to say. Imagine telling North Americans, Australians, and Latin Americans of European heritage to return to Europe.

        • Matthew Roberts

          Alex blacks are always talking about Mother Africa and the Return! My point is simple: If they do not like living in white society they have the choice to move. Why do they want to live in a society that supposedly discriminates against them, they are ALWAYS saying how difficult it is for them in white society. Well then go! They have a choice. As for Australians etc moving back to Europe they are not complaining or suggesting that the society they live in oppresses them or discriminates against them. They do not HATE their society so we are not comparing like with like. Your comparison is therefore false! As whites we are simply fed up with the double standards when it comes to race of which this article is a stunning example and we will not take this anymore. My heart goes out to the family of the boy who was killed but not to the victim mentality blacks who are always trying to make political capital out of issues by turning them into racial issues. Go and check the statistics on inter racial crime in your own society and in europe before listening to black hypocrisy on racism.You may be surprised by your research!

          • Sara Smile

            John you go back and check history – start with world history and thoroughly american history; how dare you suggest blacks should return to Africa! In researching World history – there was a period known as the Scramble for Africa, Whites raped, pillage and maimed the continent as well as its people before, during and after the slave trade; whites then destroyed if not in full to the point of extinction Native Americans, after learning how to survive from them in this country (not new country)

            Fast forward white people like yourself have the ignorant audacity to tell someone to go back… what about the caves you came from. Racism and discrimination are just as prevalent in the 21st Century as it was in the 19th Century. American’s breed a sense of entitlement when born white it is known as white superiority.

            Once you go back and do your research – none bias – but factually, and if you are learned student you will see that discrimination is alive and kicking, but what you need to know, factually again, people of color are not the majority in the world, Asians, Africans, Latinos(a’s) Arabs and Natives and what is left Europeans – now deal in fact – and that old Biblical scripture is “reap what you sow” have a blessed day.

        • Casper

          What is the reason for whites to return to Europe? They are SUCCESSFUL here.

        • pacheko

          North Americans, Australians, Latin Americans are not the source of over but the black community is responsible 50% of all vilolent crime and they only make up 12% of socity. So we have 50% of all crime being done by less than a few percent of the black community. Maybe that is why there is so little sympaty from the general communitiey on the trevon case

        • jack sprat

          It’s distasteful, yes, but no more so than is blaming whitey for the pathologies which few other than Cosby seem willing to confront face-on. I know that many of you privately acknowledge the problems among so many of your communities, but so what? Confront them openly, instead of standing in the shadows because you don’t wish to “air our dirty laundry in public”.

          Yeah, I know full well how this all came about, but do you? It wasn’t that big a problem until the Welfare State was created. In the early 1970s, only four and five years after the Detroit Riots of 1967, I felt perfectly safe walking through black neighborhoods in Detroit, even at night. The worst that might happen was that I would get robbed. No one would pistol whip me or shoot me for the fun of it.

          The difference has NOTHING to do with slavery, Jim Crow, or racism. It’s a self-inflicted sickness of the soul. By no means are we white folk immune from it, but the numbers are so far out of whack that they numb the senses. In any case, we cannot cure what ails you. You’ve already indicated in a thousand ways that our opinions aren’t really desired on such matters. (The “dialogue” of which so-called “diversity trainers” and President Obama speak is strictly one-way.)

      • D. Strickland

        You know, unless you have walked a mile in my shoes you will never understand what we actually have to go through. Read your history! I have been around this world and nowhere have I seen such blatant disregard and disrespect than right here. We are not looking for sympathy, just equality. This is the 21st Century. It was your forefathers that brought us over here. We all are one people according to the Bible. Why can’t we just live as one. In the end all that will matter is, who had enough faith to stand and live for Jesus the one that really matters. God has no respect of person. He sees no color.

        • Matthew Roberts

          If we are all one people then stop playing the race card, be honest about your anti white racism and stop attacking, murdering and raping whites. Condemn publicly black racism and black violence. This would go someway to healing the wounds.

        • Happylada

          You need to note that its was not the whites who sold you into slavery – it was other blacks. It was also the whites who fought and died to eradicate slavery. I don’t hear much gratitude for that!

          We are one people – so why do the blacks soend so much time playing the race card?

          Of course there is discrimination – there’s discrimination by narrow minded people of every race everywhere If there’s no blacks, its the Irish, or the Chinese or the Polish or the French. Or the whites!

          People have rejected the Bible and their obligation to God. We ARE one race, but evolution has fed the lie for centuries that one race is more evolved that others, and this mindset seems pervasive in our culture.

          Lets get past that!

        • Casper

          I guess you’ve never been to Africa,then. The blacks can’t even co-exist with their own. Africa is the modern-day home of genocide and widespread slavery. And why on Earth would I EVER want to walk an inch in your shoes. Get real!

          • black man human

            All thanks to the Europeans and Arabs who went into Africa and decimated the entire continent. You gave the black man jesus and allah, then proceeded to steal their resources to make yourself rich, while the idiot blacks continue to fight and slaughter each other over this wicked fantasy white man god called Jesus and Allah.

        • Jay Richert

          EQUALITY? Check Your history! Check the Constitution! what inequalities are americans of african descent experiencing? There is a perception of inequality because the 12% population has 2-3% of that 12% committing over 50% of TOTAL crimes, and a higher percentage of TOTAL murders committed! so, if the prison system is the indicator you are basing your assumptions on, the perception is easy to misinterpret. You want equality, act equally! You want equality, get out there and get jobs and quit sucking off the government tit which looks as though it received the largest augmentation available, which I paid and pay for, because I insist on having a JOB! Recipients of government assistance have no shame, no pride,lowered morals and ethics,and a dangerous sense of entitlement that prevents them from becoming vital and productive members of the american culture. They are too busy enjoying MY money during the day while I work, and stealing, killing, and raping at night to get more from society than they are entitled to. I’m sick of the fucking reverse racism and sick of paying their way all the fucking time. Fuck the Democrats who continually and relentlessly pursue a socialistic culture. Look at the History books! Socialism has failed over and over, except for socialistic dictatorships that REALLY support and practice Inequality. That’s where we’re headed. Going back to Europe’s starting to look pretty good…

      • Lost

        The truth hurts, but I cannot deny anything you wrote.

      • timmi

        yeah allways when a black kills a white or a latino or mexican we wil never hear about,but if it is black who kills us or something we dont hear about it. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT IS RACISM

      • Mike G.

        With People like Matthew that’s why Trayvon is dead as we speak!!! Return trip to Africa…Funny! Why would black people go back to Africa and leave a country that we help build just as much as the white man???? Me, Personally why would I want to go back to Africa, I know nothing about Africa. Why would I go live in a hut as in Africa and leave a Mansion as in America that again black people help build!!!White people would not have this great land if was not for black people doing the heavy lifting literally!!! There were many inventions created by black people to make work easier and many other inventions to further build this great country. Some were stolen by the white men and some were not. So, before you start telling someone to go back to Africa, get to your facts straight. I’m pretty sure Matthew you had nothing to do with building America or the UK if that’s where you live!!!! The next time you go get a cold beer in your trailer, think about a black man living in America. Yes, a black man invented the refrigerator too!!!

        • Steve N

          Right there is your problem… You obviously have the “white people owe black people” mentality. Do we as a race owe you an apology? Yes, but this is 2012. We are not the people who started slavery. And white people are not the race that invented the concept of slavery. Its time to get over it and move on. There is nothing we can do or say to change the past, so what’s the point of holding white people ransom for something we can’t possibly pay you back for.

        • Casper

          Baloney!. I could live without cotton, just fine! Ungrateful moron! You should be thanking your black African ancestors every day for allowing your fellow blacks to capture them and sell them to the traders who brought them here in the first place. Or would you prefer to be still living there?

          • black man human

            You took slavery to a whole unimaginable wicked level, once you got your grubby hands on black men and women in africa and the resources there.

          • jack sprat

            Black Man Human, your own people are manifestly capable of similar wickedness, your pretense notwithstanding. It isn’t white men who rape young African girls (even their own nieces) in hopes that they will thereby be rendered invulnerable to AIDS. It wasn’t white people who invented and practiced “necklacing” on children. It was your own people who made war on one another by exterminating entire countrysides. (It was only when the European demand for slaves increased the need that they stopped killing all of their enemies out-of-hand.)

            Throughout Asia, women from other countries are routinely lured overseas with promises of work, then held in captivity, routinely tortured and mistreated, frequently killed, by Muslims in particular, but by no means exclusively.

            This is the human condition. You and yours are not immune from it. Yours are not a better sort of people. You are not “Sun people”, no matter how many of you choose to believe such nonsense. You, as an individual, CHOOSE to hate. Own it. Own your perdition. Feel the flames yet?

        • Casper

          The only person responsible for TM’s death is TM. Notice that there is no mention of a father in this dead thug’s life. Government-as-daddy has not and will not work. We are asking mothers to teach their sons to grow up to be decent men. This is not possible. That job belongs to a loving and caring father, not mom or government.

          • Dannie


        • scott

          black people picked crops they didn’t build anything.

          • jack sprat

            Spoken like a true peckerwood. Had sex with any fine young relatives lately, bubba?

    • Matthew Roberts


      Please dont play that silly game about not knowing what its like to be black. You dont know what its like to be white! This debate is about the objective reality of Black victimisation and black crime and violence. Stick with the facts. Blacks are disproportionately over represented in crime statistics in EVERY country where they reach a critical number. They are overwhelmingly reponsible for violent attacks on whites and racist anti white thuggery. In the UK these facts are well documented in the British Crime Survey statistics produced annually. When blacks are attacked in the UK, a rare event, we never hear the end of it. When whites are murdered and attacked we never hear it. This is what it means to be white in the UK so put yourself in our shoes and try to see things the way we do. This is not all about you. Our towns and cities have been demographically transformed by black immigration something we NEVER were consulted on. These once proud working class areas are now violent cess pits of black crime and mayhem. An absolute disgrace! So you will NEVER understand how we feel or what it means to be white. You may have been born in the US but your racial ancestry ias Africa and you people are always going on about Mother Africa and identity. All I am suggesting is if you hate America you have somwhere else to go. Why stay in a country you dont like? Why stay in a counrty that discriminates against you? The foundation od the US is not flawed the continent of Africa is flawed as are all black countries. That presumably is why you dont live in them.

      • Mike

        The fact remains when a person looks at a matter with the slant of ignorance and the slightest hint of “return where you came from” attitude, nothing else you can say is worth reading. Stay the way you are, which is a very sad state.

        • Matthew Roberts

          The ‘go back to where you came from attitude’ is promoted by blacks themselves who recognise that the only solution to the black white problem is separation. The Afro Centric movement promotes this constantly. You are ovbiously a liberal incapable of facing the truth about the nightmare of multiculturalism black violence and black racism. Stay the way you are which is a very sad state. But dint expect the rest of us to share your ignorance.

          • jack sprat

            The Afro-Centrists are as few in number as the Fourth Reich, you moron.

      • funkg

        Matt your talking aload of bo**!%ks if you think that PM Clement Atlee and subsequent PM should of ‘consulted’ your forebears and others before the 1948 Empire Windrush passengers of 493 from Jamaica landed. I am certain you are aware there was (small scale) immigration from the then empire into the UK before WW2. You say the British should of been consulted before ‘black immigration’ occured, remember women only got full voting rights in 1928, 20 years before the Empire Windrush landed. You say that ‘our working class areas are cesspits of crimes’ the east end of London has always had violent crime its just that we are better at recording crime.
        Anyway what makes you think your opinions count anyway? Your an irrelevent dinosaur in the UK who can no longer fit in or adapt to our changing reality

        • Matthew Roberts


          The question of consultation is critical to this debate. No one has a problem with immigration per se and the intitial flows into Britain were small indeed. However subsequent decades saw the numbers increasing and between 1997 and 2007 more people entered the UK than all previous immigration from 1066 (Norman Invasion)until 1997!That is an historically unprecedented level of immigration in any democratic society since records began. Opinion poll after opinion poll show that the british people do not want this and are concerened about it so there is NO CONSENT in this matter.A democratic deficit runs through this whole immigration debate. Why you are discussing the vote for women God only knows! What relevance does this have to this debate?

          The East End of London has not always been an area of violent crime. Please do not insult the peoples who have lived there historically.Like any inner city area its had its problems but all inner city areas in London are now crime havens and we English are not used to having feral blacks shooting each other on our streets. This country is no longer the peaceful country it used to be and all of your protestations to the contrary will not change this. What makes you think your opinions are of any relevance? You are just some liberal bigot or black victim with his head up his arse not prepared to face up to the facts.

          • funkg

            Actually Matt I am black ‘winner’ who no doubt has done well out of ‘multiculturalism’ because I had no choice but to go into higher education. If you knew me trying to make me out as a ‘liberal bigot’ or black ‘victim’ would be laughable, anything but!
            All of the dock/printing jobs had finished by the time I left school, many of my white cockney school mates had these jobs lined up for them after school. Many of the lads that went into the working class dock/print/factory work ended up on the wrong side of history. I say wrong side of history because thats how many WWC feel, marginalised, forgotten and mocked. ‘Ethnic minorities’ like myself were able to reinvent ourselves from undereducated working class kids into middleclass homeowning public servants or business owners. Thatcher/Major and more importantly Blair helped us on our way, and with the advent of ‘diversity’ and equal ops policies, we were able to claim our rightful place at the table. The class system of course is still there but there is no reason why greater goals cannot be achieved. If you are white, middle class preferably from the home counties the world is your oyster. If you are white, working/underclass and from a council estate then you have to accept the world does not owe you a living and you have to do what it takes to uplift yourself. Those WWC banging on about immigration too many Asians, blacks, Poles etc are doing themselves no favours they are the victims, not people like me.
            Why am I telling you all this? Because I don’t think you are a knee jerk ‘racist’

            In your original posting you never mentioned the period between 1997 onwards (I agree 100% with you on this) I only mentioned the womens vote, because I have seen many post from people such as yourself lament ever allowing the Empire Windrush dock at Southampton in 1948! When I talk of crime in the east end, I know what I am talking about because I am from the east end (when it was still white and cockney). Also I have done extensive research at the archives at Tower Hamlets archive libraries and at the National Archives in Kew Gardens. I have part written a novel based in the east end of London in the early 1950s, mainly around crime so I consider myself highly knowledgeable.
            I still have lots of links with people who lived in the 1950s and have known some since childhood, I KNOW what I am talking about with violent crime in the east end Matt! Black ‘feral’ kids were not running around shooting each other back then, yes but you have to look into proportions being killed and the easy availability of firearms.

          • funkg

            Finally matt you say my opinions do not count, Matt in many areas of my life I am part of the ‘liberal’ intelligentsia im afraid. I hate that term but in my work and opinions do count and affect lives, that’s why I have bothered to reply to you. When I said your opinions do not count, don’t feel offended It was not aimed directly at you but those of a similar ilk. I had a recent experience (in my line of voluntary work) where a WWC woman said ‘what are you lot doing for WWC blah blah?’ I asked her if she votes she said no. This is my point if you do not vote, engage in civic activities, churches, boards, political parties public services etc your opinions do not count. Many people are happy to express their opinions on blogs, but outside of that they are socially and politically impotent.

          • Roscoe

            I have planted many trees as a teen.
            Some will feed millions, even after my death.
            Some will be cut for timber, or even as fire wood.
            Some are even tall enough, for racism.

          • jack sprat

            funkg, the impotence of the WWC is owing to the fact that few or none of those with the skills and aptitude for politics any longer engage them. The entirety of the elites of both Britain and America have abandoned the WC, white or otherwise. It’s going on two generations now. What’s more, no one is willing to confront the British WWC any more than they are willing to confront the non-white underclass in either nation.

            As near as I can make out, they’re too busy gazing into their own navels, thinking that it has nothing to do with them (and bugger “them” all anyway.)

      • Mike G.

        Matthew, its a snowball affect from the very beginning of this great country. Even though black people have a much smaller population than white people we have had many more racial injustices. So yes black people are not going to stop talking about racial injustices overnight. Get use to it. And you don’t understand how it is to be black so stop telling black what they need to do!!!

        • scott

          what a load of bullshit!

    • Happylada

      The news states that the shooter was bloody, with grass stains on his back. A witness saw him being beat by Martin prior to the shooting.

      Again, like the Beer Summit, there is a knee jerk reaction that this was racist, when in fact is is probably not!

      Why are people so quick to make a judgement based on melanin?

      Do we lack the moral courage to simply state that black youth are more involved in crime and violence than the average. Could that be because those who have usurped the position of mouthpiece for the black – Sharpton et al, have made race baiting their incessant rallying cry? Could it be the hopelessness and despair that goes along with not having meaningful employment, after being told they don’t have to work; the government will care for you.

      The Asians who come to this country don’t speak English, but work hard and succeed to the American dream. Blacks are already here, already speak English; they can become president and presidential candidates, presidents of corporations, and university professors.

      Its not the race – its the culture. And until blacks begin to treat their women with respect, get off government welfare, and give up their victim mentality, aint much gonna change.

    • nikko

      Minister Louis Farrakhan criticized African-American organizations and individuals who only mobilize around deaths of African-Americans by whites. “I don’t know how you can march on Orloff and not march when day after day we are killing each other,” Farrakhan said. “You mean it’s only bad when a white man does it, but it’s okay when we do it? How many grandmothers have to take their grandchildren to their final resting place, not because of Orloff, not because of the police chief, but because of one of us?”

      • jack sprat

        Farrakhan will never be this white man’s hero, nor should he be anyone else’s. His hate, which I admit was well earned, is something which he clutches to himself as if it were his mother’s breast. Yet, he speaks truth. It isn’t white men in white sheets who ride through black neighborhoods, terrifying everyone. It isn’t white men, anymore, who kill black men for minor slights. Make your brother let you rescue him from himself. He surely won’t let me do it, any more than most of you will.

    • Bob

      What makes you think a white bread guy like me would come out of a 100% black neighborhood at night unscathed or alive for that matter. Get real, for the most part I would be attacked or harassed. Thank you USA for the right to carry my concealed weapon.

      • Joe

        Good Job, Bob ! Prejudce blacks will forever carry the Race Card. This is 2012 & that BS was played out many years ago. Blacks only use that as an excuse to get away with murder or a crime. Remember what happened when the tables were turned with OJ Simpson & Jayson Williams ??? White people are too civilized to act like a bunch of animals & riot………….

        • jack sprat

          Joe, I was present near Ground Zero when that race card was laminated and embossed. Nixon started AA within the Federal government, but it didn’t really start to get traction until 1975, when I went off to University. My college was assigned to hear a lecture by the newly appointed head of EOE for the DoD. He described the new reality to which we were about to be subjected, which was, I thought, quite appalling.

          Afterward, the floor was thrown open to questions. There were almost none, so I stood up with mine. “All well and good, I said. My generation knows the sins of which you speak. Our own parents, grandparents, and their friends had some part in them. However,” I asked, “what do you imagine will happen when those who follow us confront this new reality? They only know US and the times in which they will grow up.” He couldn’t imagine what I might mean. “They will resent this new reality and their oppressors,” I said. “They will reject all that you are building, this Jabberwocky. And they will tear it and all of your Idols down. You are condemning your own country to civil war, totalitarianism, or collapse.”

          Of course, I was right. Thing is, most of the people in that auditorium acknowledged as much afterward. Even the Professor who presented the lecturer nodded to me in approval. Yet, here we are. God help us all.

    • Peter

      As the great Martin Luther King said, you should judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin.
      Zimmerman judged the content of Trayon’s character to be lacking.
      For blacks the unfortunate cultural reality is that blacks have earned the reputation of lacking character.
      To change this perception blacks needs to censor other blacks that feed the popular notion that blacks lack character.
      Thank you, MLK, for making this important observation.

    • Chris

      It’s sort of funny, that this article would be in the Black Enterprise and with all the racism talk I haven’t seen anyone mention that if (we) white people had a paper called the white enterprise, the black people would all feel it was racist.

    • Someone

      I can tell you this. If I see some guy (black or white) all covered up walking around at night, I get suspicious. That’s natural.

      I’ll admit, if he’s black, I might think he’s a burglar. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on how he was carrying himself.

      If he was white, same thing. If he was carrying himself like a thug, I’d think he was a thug.

      Here’s the thing. I see a black guy at night alone walking around, I don’t think rapist, serial killer, or pedophile. I do think that when I see a white guy, alone, at night, walking through a neighborhood.

      In any case, I mean…what the hell do you expect? It seems like, suddenly, it’s cool to be a thug amongst black kids. They act like a thug (whether they are or not) and then they get treated like a thug and everyone is shocked.

      Not saying that’s what happened to Treyvon, I didn’t know the kid. What happened to him could have happened to anyone, regardless of skin color. Zimmerman 1) went looking for the kid against police orders, 2) had a gun. He should have let the police handle it, but he didn’t, and that’s why the kid got killed.

      Zimmerman went looking for Treyvon, not the other way around.

      Lets boil it down a little more and take out names:

      White/Hispanic Neighborhood watchman who should not have been carrying a gun went looking for black kid against a police operators instructions no to follow the black kid and to let the police handle it.

      If Zimmerman had just let it go and let the police handle it, Treyvon would still be alive.

      It’s not about black and white, it’s about Zimmerman overstepping his authority and going in to a situation he wasn’t prepared to handle.

      Zimmerman’s lack of good judgement cost Treyvon his life.

      • Casper

        It didn’t help TM’s case to have burglary tools and jewelry in his pocket. The thug got exactly what he deserved for attacking a fellow human being.

        • jack sprat

          This I did not know. Sources?

    • SS Von Kluger

      The situation with this situation is extremely clear…..the panthers sneakin around causing panic and fear…..whitey and blacky goin at it again…forcing the panthers …..to hip hop on in……they says ” hey motha f–ka we gonna scalp that cat” …..if the jail let em out, he gonna wish he was back

    • pork chop pimp

      now if the vic was white and a brother did the crime, the police would have his black ass in jail already. next day he would be found hanging in his cell. hand tied behind his back, badly beaten, an apparent sucide. game over.

      • Casper

        Idiot! “Hands tied behind his back….. apparent suicide” You uneducated moron!

    • ed gordon

      Try being a long haired caucasian on a Harley and see how you’re treated. When a cop pulls you over, goes through the paperwork and runs a check to see if you have warrants comes back and says you can go and you ask “why did you stop me?” he leans close enough you can smell coffee and donuts and says “Because i FELT like it”. Inside you want to kick his ass but i’m not stupid so i ride away pissed off at him AND myself It has and DOES HAPPEN. Gun drawn”KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE HANDLE BARS,DON’T MOVE!” IS A REAL BAD FEELING.(which HAS happened a few too many times.You won’t hear ME cry(comes with the territory) If you look the role then you ARE in their eyes. Just to let you know you’re NOT ALONE.

    • Sean

      I experience racism and sexism all the time. It’s called affirmative action, a white male is the last choice by employers because the government has set up quotas. I’ve been passed up by less experienced and far less educated minorities and women for job opportunities and promotions. Have I sued anyone? No. have I gone to the media? No, I am finishing my second masters’ degree (at 26) and starting a doctorate instead of complaining that the world isn’t fair and making myself a victim based on my sex and race. My sisters all received grants for college, I didn’t get offered any free money. We all went to the same high school, had similar grades and (shocker) reported the same parental income to FAFSA. The only difference between us is that I have a dangle and they don’t, which kept me out of about $2000 in free government money per semester. Jobs should go to the most qualified person, as should grants. Minorities need to quit bitching about how unfairly they are treated. White people are the only ones that I’ve seen in the media who can be portrayed as racists. Why is that? A black guy can call white people all kinds of racial slurs in a joke, and it’s considered funny. A white person better not make any sort of slur; lest he become a social pariah. We need to get off of this double-standard and treat everyone equally. How does that sound to all the minorities? Also, review the statistics. I bet you will find that there is more minority on white crime than the other way around. Do white people get up in arms about it? I really like how Zimmerman is often called ‘white’ or ‘white Hispanic’ in the media, because they lust after any sort of white on minority racism to make the news. It’s sickening.

    • Nickell

      Why are most violent crimes against people in my city committed by black people? Sure there’s bad people of all color but for some reason it’s mostly black. Why do most of the black people I went to school with deal dope, fight over scuffed shoes and listen to music that’s all about shooting people and how tough they are? just wondering.

      ”And they say it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doing all the killing here” – Tupac Shakur

      • black man human

        White folks commit a great deal of crimes but gets off scott free on trumped up technicalities. thus the disparity in the crime stats.

        • nope

          sir, not only is your grammar atrocious, so is your thinking. What exactly is a “trumped up technicality”? is that like “reverse-discrimination” ?

    • Ruppert Jenkins

      If black and white crime rates were identical, then this story would be true and meaningful. But, they are not. Not even close. A white person walking down the street is, statistically, over 10 times more likely to be attacked by a black person than a white person. Black people disproportionately commit violent crime in the USA, by an almost 15 to 1 ratio over whites, when you count murder, rape, armed robbery, and assault. There is no comparison. Black people, please face the hard truth: whites are NOT afraid of you because of your color. They are afraid of you because of the known pattern. They are afraid of you because of your track record. Stop the black crime wave, and people will stop being so afraid of you.

    • someone to care now

      I am more fearful of white people, they are the serial killers,kidnapper, sexual preyer and the ones that go out and shoot up everyone

      • Casper

        Moron #2

      • scott

        try takin’ a walk around orleans parish.

    • ag

      because yall conistently act like a bunch of monkeys

    • shep5557

      Anybody has the right to pursue, follow, walk towards, look at, speak to anyone for any reason in spite of being told “we don’t need you to do that”. Even if the police dispatcher said we don’t WANT you to do that, GZ had a right to access the public walkway as does any free American. If we try to limit access to the public ,on what grounds would we do so? Everybody can access the walkway except those wearing a hoodie, eating skittles, and is black? This would infringe on the freedoms of all other Americans. Also, GZ had a right to carry a concealed weapon. Many people in U.S. do after having taken a class that instructs them under which circumstances they can use said gun. Whoever used force or attacked the other is the person guilty of being the aggressor. If GZ was attacked by TM, he has a right to defend himself with deadly force if he thought his life was in danger, or he would sustain great bodily harm. This is as it should be. In the states with the “duty to retreat” laws, the non-aggressor has to avoid, turn around, side step, or adopt another defensive position in order to retreat. This puts the non-aggressor in a vulnerable position. When one single punch can disable or knock a person out, and continued beating can end in death, One has to ask “why shouldn’t I carry a gun?”, and “why shouldn’t I use it quickly?” The “stand your ground” laws protects a person from these vulnerabilities. To not have the “stand your ground” laws as the “law of the land, is to allow the strong and aggressive people to rule the public thoroughfares. The old, the weak, the sick or disabled wouldn’t assert their rights for fear of not being able to escape an attack without being beaten or dying. If we get rid of the “stand your ground” laws, the law of the jungle, where might makes right, will replace it. Carrying some measure to equalize the threat is the only way to assure the physically strong do not dominate the weak.

    • SingTang

      Maybe he had a hunting permit for North American Ground Apes. White Power!

    • R King

      If a white person wrote an article with a title like this, NAACP and Al Sharpton would be up their arse and around the corner….the title itself is racist, and I refuse to read the article.

    • Stan man

      I dont agree with this article. The article seems to say that the fact that Trayvon is black is the ONLY reason that this happened to him. I cant say what actually happened here and I am not going to get into that. But I can tell you how I think and I would be willing to bet that there are a lot of people who feel the same way. Here goes… The problem is that everyone is judgemental and as a result they make assumptions. Myself included. This is just human nature.
      So if I saw someone walking down the street what would cause me to be concerned? Here it is… Someone wearing a hoodie. Someone who is young. Someone who is black or hispanic. Someone playing some music into headphones. Someone walking with a swagger. Someone who is talking like they from the hood. Some who is male. Someone who has their jeans hanging half down their butt. So if someone is walking down the street with several of these characteristics I become concerned and place a watchful eye on them if they are around me. Sorry, these are just risk factors to me. If someone is walking down the street who is old and white but has all of the other characteristics mentioned, you betcha, I become concerned. If a black guy in a nice suit is walking down the street who walks with no strut I wont worry. That is what I have learned through my life experiences. Isnt it the same when many black people assume that whites are all racists? What they have learned through their life experience is that many whites are racists and therefore they assume that when they dont get the job or dont get an apartment that the white guy was racist. They make the same snap judgement. So whats the difference? The problem is that ALL people are judgemental and we are quick to jump to conclusions – especially when we have to, such as trying to assess someone’s intentions when they are walking down the street. Your safety is too important to ignore someone’s appearance (skin color included). My comments are not geared to the Trayvon case. I just dont think being black is the only factor here as is the point of the article here.

    • Chuck

      Suffice to say, White people have no idea what it is like to be Black, but a rational mind must also see that the opposite is true. I am a White guy who grew up in a majority White city in the 80s. This idea that White people don’t get harrassed and followed and intimidated by cops is complete B.S., as anyone who grew up in South Minneapolis in the 80s, and dared to step outside of social norms knows. Minneapolis PD used to regularly pick up teenage kids, White kids, and take them down to secluded areas along the Mississippi River and beat the sh*t out of them. I watched cops beat homeless men, white men, bloody along the railroad tracks. I was arrested on multiple occasions for nothing. They would drive me miles away and drop me off. When a friend of mine and I were jumped and beaten by gangbangers on 38th and Chicago, the police rolled up as we lay bleeding – me with broken ribs – and laughed at us, saying it served us right. The cops were on us at every turn, especially if our poor little lower middle class butts wandered into a wealthy neighborhood. Most cops are thugs, and bullies, and will torment and abuse anyone they can when they think nobody is looking. The problem is not White and Black…it’s Rich and Poor. The cops work for a machine that serves the interests of the wealthy and politically powerful. The sooner average Blacks realize they have much more in common with average Whites, the better. Fight the real enemy.

    • Thomas Hazlewood

      Rest assured that, when the white population in America falls to only 15%, yet they commit 50% of all crimes, they WILL be considered ‘suspicious’.

    • aruba19

      That “young child” was 160 pounds and almost 6 feet tall. Are you really stupid enough to believe the 5th grade school picture the media trotted out? There have been many men who have worn the uniform at age 17 down through the centuries. This was no child.

    • mikey

      Come on folks, ditch the aggressive behaviour, and the hoodies. become an American, not a gangster.

  • Brandon

    Let me say that if I see a white tweeker in my neighborhood they will get the glare and watchfull eye before any black, brown, or yellow. These people always make it seem we as “white” America, owe something to “black” America, WHY? Get over it already…..If you look like a thug weather you are chicano, african decent, or european decent YOU ARE A THUG and will get treated like one. If you look and act like a tweeker, then you will get treated like a tweeker. Now back to this kid who’s life fell short and it is definitely a shame, the police need to do their job and investigate. Someone should have been in jail for killing another person if no gun was found on the victim. Come on police look at the evidence!!!! Oh and you will have to do all that you wrote in this story if you grow up in a non-rich area of our country. I am white and I wear baggy pants, have been acosted by the police for walking down the road looking as if I was a gangmember, had to dig gravel from my face from laying face down on the pavement for hours while the police look for something that is not there in my car. YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS AMERICA WE LIVE IN!!

    • Stu

      Give me a break. Like white people just get a pass all the time. Here’s an idea, loose the freakin hoodies already. The only reason to constantly disguise yourself is that you’re up to no good and don’t want to be identified. I imagine if they outlawed black hoodies that crime would drop by 50%.

      And can we stop this fantasy that it’ll all because of racism? Young black males commit a huge amount of crime in this country. That’s just a straight up fact that you can’t “racism” your way out of.

      The funny thing is that black people steal from each other all the time and don’t get that worked up about it. It’s cultural, not racist.

    • Capt. Bob

      When blacks stop commiting a huge percentage of the crime they will stop being looked at suspiciously.

      • black man human

        when white crimes gets reported like it should, then the crime stats would be more accurate. The war crimes, the white collar crimes,the crimes against humanity period. The criminal just-us system moves totally in your favor world wide yo.

    • GD

      It wasn’t a white guy who shot the teen. Why play the race card against whites when a Hispanic moron shot the kid? Two things are appalling here; first that an innocent kid of ANY skin color was shot and that some self-righteous black is playing the race card again.

      • Happylada

        Not so innocent. The guy shot the kid to stop a beating. Why isn’t this added into the equation. The shooter is bloody, and the kid is innocent? Eyewitness confirmation has verified the shooter was being beaten.

        How about adding some reality to the equation. We have thugs where I live as well. They’re white. So you can hardly accuse me of racism!!

        Based on the evidence this was racial – a black kid tried to trash a hispanic. That’s not in the news!

    • MS. teacher

      I’m a teacher in Jackson Ms. White and male. I believe in equalty but it is very hard when you get called white MF, daily. 97% of the district is black and 80% of my 6th grade class can’t even read. They call each other the N word all day long. They refence each other by their skin tone and except for a few, all pretty much hate white people. I tried to grasp this when we have white teachers who do well there and some black teachers that the students hate. Some even have a white parent. The deal is that if a black teacher acts or expresses mannerism that is white acting to them, they will (including parents) push to have them removed or fired. If a white teacher acts or expresses mannerism that is black then that teacher is ok. I knew racism was alive and well when after school started this year, which is by the way my last year here, a group came to my door and said we are here to pass out supplies to poor minority students. I said we we have only one minority child here (hispanic), the rest are black. The lady said well were here to pass out supplies to poor children who are black. They gave supplies to every child in that room except the one hispanic child.

      • Rayne

        I can only imagine what it’s like for a teacher in that environment! I don’t think you’re safe! You couldn’t pay me enough to teach in that type of school. Barack Obama is keeping these people slaves by keeping them dependent on the system! I for one and tired of funding there bill! VOTE REPLUBLICAN! Get rid of these social programs and these people will actually have no choice but to GASP….WORK!

        • Happylada

          Santorum echoes Winston Churchill when he said he had no interest in making poor (blacks) comfortable. You CAN WORK your way out of poverty. But the ghetto is the culture many of these are comfortable with – and their tribal culture will attack anyone that’s different: uppity blacks (who think they CAN work and get an education and become a contributing member of society), whites, Asians, Hispanics. etc.

          This isn’t a matter of color but of culture.


      Awwww . . . poor Trayvon – just a precious little angel in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • ladybug

      The WHITE people have supported the blacks for years. AL Sharpton, Jessie Jackson never held a job…always lived on working class…. you all yell racist at the drop of the hat. Even the president gets involed in this Zimmerman case… Well if I had a son he wouldn’t have been expelled….OH he would be taken off streets…alright …but really what can us white folks do for the blacks…all most want is easy ride….they wanna know where is my check and food stamps…the government will not stop the fraud or waste in this country…take the Mexicans (oops) get US government checks and not a citizen…have a baby and think they deserve to stay…Whats the people coming to in this world….FREE FREE give me my stuff I deserve it… Not a person alive can help with the slave issue.. So grow up, go to school, and GO to Work.

      • black man human

        Al barfton and Jesse blaxson always get the spotlight only because these hustlers are phony ass religious subjugated god men who continue to fall to their swollen knees and worship their white slave master who goes by the name of Jesus christ. White people just love to be worshipped by blacks regardless of their character. They suffer from the so called “We are Gods of the universe Complex.”

    • suibne

      African Americans: never before have so many had so much opportunity and failed so miserably. This little essay of moronic resentment and faux victimization is just another example of why African Americans are being passed by the latino community, the gay community, and the Asian community. How you can stand yourselves is beyond belief. Like the Muslims, you have sold your souls into perdition for another ten generations. Idiots.

    • JayGeorgia

      If I had previously seen the mug shot of a local, white teen boy on the news or in the paper, or I knew his history because I am friends with his family members….I would be suspicious if I saw him walking through my neighborhood because he is someone who had been in trouble, had broken into homes, stole cars, sold/used drugs, carried a gun, and surrounded himself with other similar characters. I am white and he would have looked suspicious. Have you watched the crime news lately? Seen the A&E show, The First 48? How about the show, Lockup, on MSNBC? Because of factual statics, personal experiences, and media outlets, we are very aware of those around us that human nature causes us to be leary of. Just as it was natural for the white teen thug to look suspicous to me based on what I knew about him, it was not profiling, or racism, because Trayvon looked suspicous to Zimmerman. I wish the black community would exert all the rallies, bus convoys, passionate speeches, and frustrations toward those in their own culture and comnmunities who have created this natural air of suspicion.

    • Harry L

      Problem is that blacks have to always find someone to blame besides themselves if they don’t achieve positive results. What a shame that the majority buy into the racial rhetoric of the likes of Jesse Jackson and the racial arsonist Al Sharpton. Why don’t you look at the facts? Compare yourselves to other ethic groups that have come to America over the last two centuries. Many faced discrimination and financial hardship. Granted they didn’t arrive as slaves but blacks haven’t been slaves since 1865. For the most these immigrant groups have done well. Chinese, Irish, Italian, German et.al. You’d think that a couple generations later blacks would find America as a land of opportunity. Instead they hold onto the old grievences and the nonsense that the are somehow still being treated like something other than citizens of the greatest country G/D ever created. Stop with your whining. Admonish your children to get educated instead of criticizing them for “acting white”. Throw off the self-limiting and vulgar appeal of the ghetto culture and steep yourselves in Judeo-Christian morality and ethics. Stop using the most dysfunctional blacks as objects of achievement such as athletes that run afoul of the law and embrace those that used their brain power to achieve positive and great things. I would use positive examples like Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell as positive role models instead of foaming at the mouth microcephalics like Louis Farrakhan and the above previously named racial arsonists Jesse and Al. You think that blacks as a group would get tired of the continuous failure and start changing their culture to bring about great things for themselves and America. I can only hope…

      • Child of the Earth

        Very well put Harry L.

    • randy

      Black People…. Your worst deadly enemy is other Black people.. you can blame whitey all you want, while you are beating the war drums over this one case HUNDREDS of Black men have died at the hands of other black men since this happened If you wernt so blind with racist hatred you could see it so keep doing the same crap as the death toll rolls along..

    • this_racist_rant_reeks

      “White People” will never hate the color of your skin the way YOU people hate the color of your skin. If you spent half as much time working your backside as you do your jaw – you might actually accomplish something besides the constant low level whining of blaming anyone else for YOU being a failure. Stop using the “White People” as some yardstick of success and try being proud of yourself or is that the problem-your pathetically obvious insecurity of having nothing?

    • Ray Venn

      Pick up a copy of BE, note their advertisers and sponsors.

      Then let them ALL know that we’re not happy with BE and that if they feel the need to advertise in such a racist rag, then we’ll stop purchasing or using their products or services.

      The bottom line is until WE unite against ALL racism, including BLACK racism it will never stop.

      Ebony Magazine
      The Black Miss America Pageant
      Congressional Black Caucus
      Black Enterprise
      United Negro College Fund

      They and many others are RACIST at the core and must be eliminated BEFORE any true healing can begin in this country.

    • Casper

      Moron #3

    • Kathianne


      Really? As a white person, you will never look suspicious? Think for a moment…

      I’m white and fair-haired. When I was about twenty years old, I was pulled over by a policeman who searched my trunk, suspecting I was the person who had robbed someone in the upscale neighborhood I was visiting. Did he profile me because I was female? Probably not. White? Probably not. Young? Maybe. Driving an old, beat-up car? Most likely.

      Profiling, or put differently, perceiving someone as suspicious is not racist or an indication of prejudice in and of itself. It has to do with what criminal/thug types normally look like. They are normally male, normally younger, often have some tough-guy signals that they are presenting themselves to the world with. If a thug-looking guy of any color is walking through my neighborhood, yes, there is a level of suspicion that I don’t have if it were an elderly lady of any color walking through my neighborhood.

      Now if I hear that a young green woman, elegantly dressed, is suspected in several break-ins in my neighborhood, my level of suspicion will go sky-high next time I see a young green woman, elegantly dressed, in my neighborhood. Does this mean that I am prejudiced against such women? No, it means that I am profiling this woman because she matches the description of a criminal.

      Now, if you asked me if I’m more likely to cross to the other side of the street for a black thug-looking person than for a white thug-looking person, I would tell you the truth and say yes. Is that because I’m prejudiced against blacks? No, it’s because it is my understanding that the proportion of black men who are criminals is greater than the proportion of white men who are criminals. The huge popularity of anti-social, depraved gangsta rap and lifestyle only adds more suspicion in my mind.

    • Dennis MOyer

      why was Trayvon even in Stanford to begin with? can you say cause he was being the punk he should be protrayed as instead of some innocent kid. He was busted in school for drugs and given a 10 day suspension and that is why he was in Stanford. not cause he was a good innocent black kid that did nothing wrong. For those that haven’t read his Twitter and Myspace accounts you might wanna look and see who the real Trayvon was he certainly wasn’t innocent and mentioned questionable things in his postings.

    • Rodney Crane

      He wouldn’t have been shot if he was white because young white males do not go around stealing, raping and murdering. Those are areas that are dominated by young BLACK males. Now, we don’t know what really happened that day but we can say this: Trayvon Martin paid the price for the sins of his fellow black males In the same way everyone who has ever got a minor DUI charge has to pay for the sins of people who have actually killed while driving drunk and in the same way that every man that’s ever been falsely accused of domestic violence has to pay the price for the guys that actually beat the crap out of their wives and girlfriends. There was just a presumption of Guilt!

    • John Collins

      Everyone knows that black people can not be racist only white people and this article proves it.

    • James

      If a black person hit the lotto, they would complain that the bills were too green and not crispy enough.

    • chuck

      How old was that guy who shot up the club last year?, black and 16…how old was that guy who killed that 14 year old AND the 13 year old black boys?…black and 14….who killed that 3 year old earlier this year?..I think you get the point….90% of the MURDERS our black on black…you FOOLS acting like all young black men are angles, when in fact some of them are little devils…when you take God out of there every day life, what you expect…Me and my Goons keep our guns, not to hurt, but to protect ours…don’t care what color, or age..Zimmerman was doing his job, he got just as much right to do his job as Trayvon have to be walking around there. to bad Trayvon didn’t know the stand your ground law…cant just hit somebody in the nose…if you hit me in my nose…your probably dead…

    • chuck

      oh yeah…almost forgot…if you crazy MF vote for Obama again…you a fool..hes a bodacious, condescending lair…and he don’t care if you know that…straight from a gun packing American..race don’t matter…judge a man by the content of his character..not the color of his skin…Obama thanks everybody’s dumb…hes funny…ha ha ha…i

    • lisa

      I know my opinion may not matter, and I wish none of this had happened. But I am white and I have seen Plenty of suspicious white people. even in my neighborhood there are a couple I avoid. To me and for me it has nothing to do with what color they are. I look at the person.

    • love1another

      guess what… i do not know y most black people run around talking about how much the white man & the government has mistreated / or is mistreating them… & then turn around and claim justice by beating a white alabama man almost 2 death ( 20 black people ambushing 1 white man )… & what’s worst ??? they say that the beating of the white man was justice for the shooting death of trayvon martin !!! & btw.. i am black !!! : ) racism, hate, disrespect & ignorance does not beget justice people !!!

    • Kal Alibi

      I will never be in the NFL either. And most likely you won’t either. I will never be a pretty girl or a nuclear engineer. I will always be tall. We do what we can to adapt to the world or we suffer for it. If people “think” you look suspicious you can get angry or try to change minds. Most would rather get angry. that’s too bad and this article is definatly focused ont he getting angry solution.

    • dalton bardwell

      What a complete retard you are. Enough said. BTW Nice spelling you nitwit.

    • J Ceasar

      Maybe if 14% of the population that commits the vast majority of murders, rapes, racial attacks, robberies, car thefts, abandonment of children, welfare fraud……..just simply stopped……maybe you would not be constantly looked at as suspicious. Even Jesse Jackson is afraid of you while at an ATM machine. Grow up and stop whining and fix your community instead of standing up for a goon and future convict (by the odds he would be) like travon. He was not a good kid.

    • JIM

      the statistics are very lopsided





    • Kate

      Black people, stop committing an overwhelming percentage of violent crime, and racial profiling will end. I live in a neighborhood that is comprised of Asian (including East Indian), Hispanic and white. The violent incidents in our neighborhood have occurred because black males ride the train into our neighborhood to assault and rob us. We are all in fear of black males now. It is not racist to be afraid of a TRUTH. If you want racial profiling to stop, tell your brothers to stop preying on good people.

    • billy

      it was dark he had on a hoddie how could u tell what race at a spur of the moment confrontican


      Young black males comprise 2 to 3 percent of the nations population yet commit 33 percent of the violent crime.

      Trayvon was a wannabe thug. People are tired of being victimized by this trash. End of story. Zimmerman we be quickly acquitted, COUNT ON IT

    • s

      We haven’t heard much from Sharpton, Obama, Jackson and the Liberal Assh—s in the media since we’ve gotten the FACTS!!!!! The injuries on both sides speak for themselves, don’t they? George got the shit beat out of him, and Trayvon had bloody KNUCKLES!!!! Silence lefties…really. I think self defense WILL be a plausible defense. This biased scene has been played out too many times in this country and too much in the last 3 years.

    • Jc

      This Poor Black People Needs To stop, You Have More freedom then White People all You Have To Do is Call Racism and Jessie Jackson, & AL. S. We have To prove we Didn’t do this or That when it comes to your Race. Stop being Cry Babies….. There Is a Race here In American That are Still a Prisoner of War. There Called the American Native Indians. This Is There Country, Everything Taken From Them. There Children Taken From Them. Taught the White Man’s English and Beaten severely if they ever speak there language. there woman sterilized, to this day in south Dakota they go hungry, roof’s that leak, No jobs, the lowest poverty level in this country . no medical . drinking water is horrible. They belong here there the only true American, And you want to yell racism. Try walking one mile in there Moccasins, I’m real sick of hearing i was born a poor black child , Try being born a poor Indian child. But The Next Time a Black person calls me White Trash, Honky. White Bitch I’m Filling a Report and See where it gets me That is Racism to my color.

    • bruce

      Of coarse he would have been shot if he was white,that is if he was walking through an african neighborhood.But that doesnt happen because whites avoid african neighborhoods at all cost because we already know we are not wanted there.Maybe if africans would start acting like human beings and stop acting like animals this kind of thing would stop.

    • ahope

      Racism is an equal opportunity, no matter what race you are. There are Black racists. I as a European Caucasian have walked in to public places in which people with dark skin speak to all lighter skinned people in a most despicable, impolite, hostile tone of voice, I believe based on the color of their skin. The dark skinned people were speaking to people of their own color respectfully in a mixed group. I have noticed this in public more and more in my diverse community. Some blacks, but not all,treat light skinned people with hostility, before they even give the light skinned person a chance to show their fairness and impartiality. Reverse racism is just as wrong.

    • put that in your pipe and smoke it

      I live in a older run-down neiborhood. I moved in with my elderly mother to take care of her, she has cancer. The police pull me over to see if i’m in the hood to by drugs, The local convience store employees treat me like a second class citizen.The local chicken restraunt employes serves me bad food. My car windows have been shattered, our shed has been broke into . I go outside and i know one wrong move , or if i say the wrong thing that i will be shot, by all the thugs in the hood. You dont call the cops , cause that will get you shot ( snitchen ).
      If you have ever been in a all black hood, and your not black , then you have feared for your life, just like taxi drivers , ambulance drivers , utility workers , and police officers, and me.

  • john

    In essence this column is correct.

    But the OCD in me has to point out its not literally correct 100% of the time. What the author described has happened to me. If you look like you can’t afford to live in the neighborhood the cops will sometimes follow you. Run your plates and then move on if you are seemingly not the droid they are looking for. And sometimes if you drive the same make and model of car that someone else left the scene of the crime in, well then you better be prepared to be annoyed.

    • zoe

      specifically to memphis ..’blacks will never be satisfied’. 1)you need to put SOME in front of that statement(and that is some of every race,color creed *I am sure there is a caucasian person out there that is dissatisfied b/c they are ‘giving’ everything to the blacks and mexicans*is that you? )…when you poll EVERY black person then you can say who is satisfied.
      I am just going to stop here b/c people who give broad generalization like that..have a deeper issue than any reply to a posting can fix

    • Breanna

      People, Please! Crime in this country is not perpetrated by people gbecasue they happen to be white, or black, or asian or latino. No! Crime is committed by all people and it has everything to do with CULTURE. How one is raised within a particular community, one’s values and core beliefs and how they relate to ALL people is what determines whether a person will commit a crime(intentionally). You want to get rid of crime? Then raise your child the right way. DO NOT let others take over your job as parent (teachers, gangs etc). Give them hope and especially love and have confidence in them so that they will grow to have it in themselves. People need to stop blaming all other people for the bad decisions, or lack of decisions, made by themselves. There is absolutely NOTHING stopping ANYONE from being a good and law abiding citizen.Those that would say that they are being stopped form achieving, are merely victims in their own minds and the majority of America is sick of hearing your excuses.

    • Harry Light

      Understand there will be no justice for Trayvon Martin. America and Zimmerman need someone, somebody that justifies their own lack of self estime. With the death of Trayvon white America has shot itself again in the foot. Zimmerman can only enjoy his freedom for a short period of time. Justice is coming to his door step even if the police are blind.

      • Happylada

        Martin’s shooter wasn’t white. Understand? NOT WHITE – thought I’d make it plain since you don’t seem capable of getting it from the story. Martin beat him bloody.

        And is that last statement a threat?

      • Casper

        To Harry Light(in the loafers)Typical moronic response to a thug who got just what he deserved.

    • Rayne

      Make me want to VOMIT! Give me a break! White people are treated with racism by blacks everyday! Stop wearing clothes that make you look like a criminal! And you have to act a way to receive a reputation. Stop comitting crimes and that will change. You have a biracial president that only claims the black side so what more is needed?

      • Dannie


    • peace

      The problem lies with the attitude, if everyone regardless of the race embrace what God has given, life would be more peaceful. God has created everyone equal, its each individuals responsibility to feel proud of what they have. No one should spend time snatching someone else gift be it color,riches, position. Being Aggresive is not good . Everyone should accept what they have rather than grudge others who may have better things.

      • Dannie


    • Joel

      Prove he is white or we will expose you and make your life hell.

    • TopSecretKing

      i’m only here to ask one question…. what happens when you are actually are a victim? i’ve suffered 6 violent race hate crimes and i hear stop playing the race card and whites built an awesome civilization. Well white stole this land from native americans out of all the comments i read no one mentioned anything about native americans. Adolf Hitler got his idea on how to treat jews by the way whites were treating native americans. I happen to be half native american by the way. Granted Zimmerman is half white and half “latina”. It was all based on his statement about blacks always get away and how chose to follow the person instead listen to the police. Funny one person thinks the other always gets the way but the “white/bright” person takes law in to their own hands as they normally do. I fought for rights all my life and you wouldn’t believe the things i saw whites get away with. Mind you i chose not to be racist and ended up with a lot of white friends and also still have a lot of black friends. I got nearly 15 rights through living noticing researching and writing the government and letting them know what i experienced and letting them know the things i grew up around. True on a broad level blacks are more violent. but they don’t out specificially in a hateful way to commit crimes. GENOCIDE RAPE LYNCHING AND MURDER are all violent crimes last time I checked. Someone feel me in on what to do when one is the victim….

    • White

      white people…huh? I believe this is a hispanic/black issue. Idiots. Here is another one for you, most of the deaths in the black community…COME FROM BLACKS!!!!!!!!

    • Wastedyrs

      Wrong. I live in a major city and I can tell you right now, when I see a white guy going by that’s wearing a hoodie, sagging jeans, etc. I’m watching them more closely than if a white guy in a suit walks down my street.
      And so do you black America.

      You’ve become just as racist as anyone else. The media just doesn’t play it that way. (see “white latino”)

      For a recent event, watch the white tourist in Baltimore get attacked, beaten, robbed, and stripped by a group of BLACK people. Then find me any headlines from a major news outlet that say anything about a group of BLACKS attacking a white victim.

      Good luck.

    • Dr Pain

      The comments from the Black Posters on here…shows just “how far” or, I should say, just “how little” they have evolved over all these years.

    • Jon

      I find it very interesting that this thread turned from a discussion about an unfortunate accident involving a young man and an older man. Can anyone honestly say that there is one race that is better than the other, No probably not those that do are ignorant, period. I would like for Everyone regardless race to ponder this question for a moment. Are we not all the Human race? Do you really think that the color of your skin has that much of a determining factor in your life, do you think that for some reason that if you are anything other than white that you are less of a person or considered less American. I served in the Army and had the pleasure of meeting many men that I would have gladly laid down my life for regardless of the pigmentation of their skin, why because we were all Americans, we were brothers fighting to protect this great land we live in, the land that allows us to all have a voice, the land that offers every citizen the same opportunity as the next regardless of color, national origin, religion or creed. There was a previous posting on here from a woman that had quite the impressive educational background if I am not mistaken she is a black woman that has at least one degree from Harvard. What an accomplishment. That should empower anyone that reads it to want something better for themselves. We are only held in the prison of or own consequences. If someone honestly feels as though they are getting the short end of the stick in life go get another one. If you don’t like the shirt you are wearing what would you do change it right. Shouldn’t the same be exercised if you are unhappy with anything else in your life. I think that there are critics in every walk of life there are stereotypes for every race, there are things that everyone can change about themselves, unfortunately we as a people have become more inept to play the blame game, they did this so I do this. doesn’t that seem a little redundant to you. At what point do you say you know what I am going to take responsibility for my own actions and rise above that stereotype. I’m a white man, another previous poster regarded the white race as basically a bunch of wife beating rednecks. I don’t take offense to that because I know that I am an educated white male that has never hit a woman in my life. I know that I do not fit the profile that poster was referring to. sure there are some with Americans that do, that is very unfortunate, but because of them I am heaped into that category.
      Back to the topic of this discussion The young man that was murdered will never get to be more than he was at the time of his death, whether his actions caused the consequence I don’t know, but I do know that there is a God that watches over his children and that he is the only one that has the final judgement in our eternity. As far as my stance on him causing that to happen to himself I couldn’t tell you I wasn’t there I did not see what happened or what lead up to his death. I feel for his family dying at such a young age has to be hard for a family. My prayers go out to them as they morn his loss and prepare to live with the what ifs surrounding his life and the unknowns about that night. I hope that Trayvon Martin had a personal relationship with his Lord and Savior, and I hope that we as a human race can open our eyes and realize that we are a part of the most powerful Nation in the World, and see how much stronger we could be if we would all apply ourselves to the betterment of the Human race.

    • TriTam

      So a white man in a Red/Blue/White/Black(pick a color) hoodie could walk through the neighborhoods of south central LA with no problems?

    • Nick

      why is it always a NON WHITE person who is always running their endless jaw complaining about NOT being white? sounds more like you hate what you will never be – suck on that.

  • BJ


    • Ergo Slugg

      Great idea. Heck, I’ll pay the one-way cost to ship your sorry black a** back to Africa. After all, it’s a land of peaceful coexistance, unlike this country that you denigrate. Good luck with trying to survive down there, you pathetic anti-American ingrate.

      • Harry Light

        Ergo Slugg your days are numbered.

        • Casper

          Yea his days are numbered in the tens of thousands to your few.

      • white hater

        we can’t go back to africa because you whites have stolen everything from there over a hunderd years ago you don’t remember that do you .i will admit we commit crimes but you MFers rape and murder children have sex with them take pictures you people by all means are no better thats why you are the white devil of the earth sorry just fact.since we build the great USA with two hunderd years of free labour that is why you whites enjoy your privileged life. You see we were a peaceful people before whites came and kidnapped us in the middle of the night .so we are just following what we witnessed you people doing

        • Happylada

          If you weren’t so blatantly racist, not to mention willfully ignorant, you’s know that it was blacks who sold your forefathers into slavery. It was whites who fought and died to end slavery in this country and in your homeland, not just blacks.

          To suggest that your people were peaceful 300 or 400 years ago is another example of your total and willful ignorance. Being sold into slavery was the result often of losing a tribal war.

          Your problem is that you are still trying to perpetuate that 400 year old tribal war in America. The big issue, is that there are others just as ignorant as you that believe your verbal diarrhea.

          Your bigotry and victim mentality are a poison in your community. You will never be happy. Period. And you will perpetuate bloodshed and rage every where you infect, like a virulent virus!

          • mommyandteacher

            Let me clear something up. When you use the word “you” in your previous post, are you referencing all Black people or just the poster you responded to? Are you suggesting that we will all “perpetuate bloodshed and rage” everywhere we go or just some of us? If you did by chance mean all Black people, why would you make such a generalized statement? Do you think that it’s fair to say that since some White people pulled a man behind a pickup truck until his body was torn to shreds that ALL White people will go around decapitating Black people? Do you think that White people deserve to go around decapitating Black people? Do you think that Black people deserve to go around killing White people? I would love to speak to you privately about that comment and others.

        • Tyrone

          @white hater,

          As a descendant of black slaves I am ashamed of fools like you. Get your head out of your stinky black a$$ and start acting like a man yo. The sad reality white hater was that our ancestors sold us to the white folks. According to the 1860 us census 5% of all slave owners in the south were black. So stop blaming others and start taking responsibility of your pathetic life.

          • black man human

            Hey white boy tyrone, you came to Africa with your jesus white man built slave ships called Galleons, to help capture the black people to take back to America packed like sardines in the most vicious horrendous of all horrors, then made to work worse than animals for no pay while being raped and gutted like swine to slaughter. Your ancestors din not pay much for the human cargo at all. So, I guess you got filthy rich and all’s well at the KKK camp fire right…sweet.

          • nope

            @blackman – moron

        • Drdarby

          Spoken like a racist SCUMBAG. You built shit. You picked cotton them started the 100 year crime wave after you were free. Now you mooch of the government . Stupid ignorant people. You know how Webster definded that!

          Sorry stupid the blacks sold you to the white man. LEARN MORE THAN HOW TO SMOKE CRACK AND CRY ABOUT HOW MUCH OF A VICTIM YOU ARE YOU LAXZY pos

        • Rick

          I have been questioned by the police while wearing a hoodie and I have been suspiscious of white people wearing a hoodie and looking scraggly. And that was in a very low crime area. This article is based on shaky presumptions and an overblown viewpoint of rampant rascism, IMO. The culture can change, I have seen it happen, but it won’t change with this continuous race baiting and us-against-them mentality.

          • shep5557

            We are witnessing the struggle between a democracy and a republic. In a democracy one is answerable to the group/mob/tribe. In a republic one is answerable to the law. Our laws will be marginalized to the degree to which the law or the people enforcing them are popular. As more and more people adopt the victim mentality, the popular response is pity. Those people who do not judge behaviors as being worthy of pity, will be shamed and driven from the group. The person who can gather and control the largest group will consequently have the say so on public issues of importance. Who do you think that will be? Yes, you guessed the answer, Obama. The singular voice most Americans listen to if only to find out what kind of damage he has planned in the next step of his “fundamental transformation”. As elections grow near, more events like Universal Healthcare, Occupy Wall St.,Sandra Fluke, Trayvon Martin, and this LAPD vs. Muslim will be showcased for the rest of the mob to devour. Wrong doing on one side and victim hood on the other, the healthy vs. the unhealthy, the rich vs. the poor, women vs. men, blacks vs. whites, and the powerful vs. the weak will be portrayed as adversaries. Much time and effort will be spent fanning the flames of discontent on both sides of these issues. As frustration turns into anger, and anger into violence, our leader will step in to save us with the definitive word of what is fair on each issue, and what is not fair. Thus he will appear to be a sagacious savior to some, and to others an evil, Marxist, demagogue. He will let it be known that he and only he can stop the fear, discontent, and violence, or he can also start it. In this atmosphere he will once again ascend to the throne of President.

        • Stephen

          Name me 1 Black area,or Country that has prospered? You ruin everything!!

        • Whatevs

          What do the race hustlers say about Trayvon having been caught with burglary tools and a sack of women’s jewelry? Quick, show his 13 year old pictures again. More skittles anyone?

          Trayvon chose violence and he lost his life for it. Lesson is to show respect and not be a violent punk. Neighborhood watch is here because we are done tolerating the constant burglarizing of our homes by scumbags who carry burglary tools and sacks of jewelry.

        • Ruppert Jenkins

          I have a better headline for your story: “Black People, you will Never be as afraid of us white people, as we are afraid of YOU.”

          So, how to cure the fear? Simple: stop committing so many crimes, black people. Stop committing crimes at a rate that is 10 to 15 times higher than your proportion of the population. It’s not rocket science, black people. Stop committing so much crime, and we won’t be fearful of you.

        • busseja

          It’s a darn shame that so many black youth do so much crime. It causes all others, black, white, mexican etc., to clutch their purses tight when they pass, would cause jessie jackson to cross the street if a group approached him (his own words), and caused a neighborhood watchman to follow one. Of course Trayvon played his role to the sterotype by attacking Zimmerman when he was returning to his car but we’ll forget that cuz baby trayvon is cute. It sure would be nice if the black youth didn’t follow their sterotype. No one should get clubbed for following a person or asking them “what are you doing here.” No one. It seems those who would champion Trayvon must follow the “you can take a black outa the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto outa the black.” Black kids should be taught that they don’t have to be mad at the world. Russell is right but not for the reasons he says. It is not the color of the skin it is what a large number of those with your skin color do.

        • Mike Rodriguez

          This article states that being white somehow brings privileges. Wrong. Ever heard of a magazine called “Black Enterprise”? What about BET? Who was on track to become the sports world’s first billionaire? Tiger Woods, a half black man. Who is widely considered the best basketball player in history? Michael Jordan, also black. Who has the most number one singles on one album? Michael Jackson, a black man (who was recently tied for that record, but still…). Who is widely considered one of (if not THE BEST) football player of all time? Jim Brown, a black man. Who is one of the top grossing hollywood leading men, and voted most attractive in general? Will Smith, a black man. Do you really want me to keep deconstructing the fallacious “glass ceiling” argument you make in this post? I can. It’s just that I’m already in TL;DR territory with what I’ve already wrote. Is is not the 1960’s anymore. If you cry about segregation, it’s because the black community is segregating themselves by trying to disassociate themselves away from mainstream society by way of one of your claims “I was raised in hip hop, part of our dress code.” Music is to be listened to, not dictate your fashion or how you act. However, you and many like you choose to segregate yourselves in such a way that you will be judged a certain way, thus creating your own glass ceiling. The brain makes assumptions to save energy, it is the brain’s way of being efficient. This is not my assumption; this is scientific fact. There are numerous videos showing people robbing stores in hoodies, and I even have surveillance tape from the family business showing people DONNING hoodies to commit an act of burglary near our store. Remember, when you point a finger, there are 3 more pointing back at you.

        • randy

          White Hater LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where do you get your Material… Sharpton Jackson.. no wait Obama Damn thats funny….

        • Child of the Earth

          @white hater,, you need to educate yourself that is not how it went down!! moron!

        • Child of the Earth

          @white hater, and why would anyone descent want to follow that?

        • Paul Helzer

          Mr. Skolnik should take a good look at Ted Kazinski’s FBI caricatue (white guy, hoodie, sunglasses) and ask himself that question again, moron!

        • sharo

          Sigh. This was a ridiculous waste of time to read. I work in a neighborhood that is mostly black, and I get suspicious looks ALL the time. I’ve had cars follow me, scaring the crap out of me. I’ve had taxis pass me by and pick up a group of young black women. THAT’S LIFE. I’m 100% on the side of Trayvon. The black community isolates itself at times. For example, black colleges, black beauty contests, black entertainment television. If whites had anything that proclaimed white only, there would be screaming to the high heavens. I agree with Bill Jenkins. If a black man had shot down a white kid, it would be taken as a normal thing. Zimmerman should be prosecuted (and, in my opinion, found guilty), but it doesn’t say anything about ALL white people. Sigh.

        • M

          This article is terrible. Stereotypes are created because of past evidence. Why are blacks profiled? Well, let’s look at the criminal population and compare it to the overall population. Let’s look at the racism moaning and groaning. Let’s look at Lawyer Crump, and Al and Jesse.

          You guys fill your house with mud, wallow in it and then blame everyone else for the mess. You must figure out how to clean up the mess you created.

        • Judy

          FU you whiny crazy blacks…you are the reason for racism! Quit using color. I am so sick of the “black” thing….Just me a working cracker!

        • Adam

          The reason why race is still an issue in this country is because of guys like this. Everything in this country is about the color of your skin…so it is thought. Not everything is black and white like idiots like this suggest. Why don’t we move on to real issues in this country…such as the budget, the high price of gas, or the high unemployment rate? No, why focus on real issues when we can blame race, yet again, and focus on non-issues.

        • SpookyMckoon

          Trayvon Martin would have been doing something productive if he were white get a job darkie.

        • memphis

          Nice that they don’t show the gold teethed, corn rowed, weed filled pics that his parents took of Trayvons facebook page. Funny how these things happen…..oh well just another dead wanna be thug that wasn’t going to do anything but suck off the gov’t titt with well-fare and unemployement. Hopefully more of them will get killed and the truely needy can get help. Oh, and before someone gets upset, I’m an African-American man that serves in the public sector that deals with kids like Trayvon all the time. I just hope all useless idiots that pride themselves on race would go back to their “home” country and leave america to us americans.

        • H Richards

          Sorry to disappoint the writter, but he is not entirely right. Me, and several other employees of an insurance company were going door to door selling insurance policies. We were followed, our car license numbers were recorded, and calls were made to the police, and yes, they did come out to investigate each and every one of us. We are all white, and in suits, in a white neighborhood. Enough is enough that people only report blacks for “suspious behavior”. They report anyone that they do not recognize.

        • Christopher truth serum

          Thats because we are not chimping out all the time

        • Frank

          How DARE you ask for sympathy for Marin and his ilk when black on white murder is an epidemic.

    • Matthew Roberts

      Yes I too will pay for your return to Africa where you can all live peaceful lives free of the horrible white man. The solution is so simple but I guess the violence and mayhem of Africa does not have the pulling power for you blacks that the civilisations the whites have created does.You are a parasitic people incapable of constructing advanced civilisations that is why you are here and we are not there. So thank God black man for western medicine and technology which have kept your misreable triibe alive for all these centuries. The slaves were the lucky ones! And so are you. You are her not in the cesspit which is Africa. So shut up or go home.

      • Rayne


    • Luke Jackson

      Black males are like pit bulls. They’re not all bad. Not even a majority of them are bad. But enough of them are bad that they warrant caution, until proven otherwise.

      • mommyandteacher

        That is an unfortunate statement sir. Perhaps you should consider not comparing Black men to animals. It makes your opinions seem biased. I would to introduce you to men like my father, my husband, and my brothers. Maybe then you would understand how offensive you’re being. Perhaps you don’t care. I truly pray that your comments are simply meant for entertainment. Otherwise, you seem to be a prime example of why the author of the article feels the way that he does. Let’s talk more about your views.

      • DLO

        Spoken like a true bigot!

        • DLO

          Well said “mommyandteacher”

          • Casper

            Well said as a pathetic pitiful person. The author is a brainwashed lib who feels some ‘collective guilt’ for nothing.

      • DLO

        Luke Jackson,

        Wake up and smell your own racism! You see Luke, this is why blacks are still fighting for equality in this country. Your “black men being like pit bulls” comment is disgusting and has no place in a this civilized discussion. Your’e probably no more than one generation away from poor white trash-aren’t you Luke?

      • DLO

        Oh, and if you happen to be black or minority then I really feel sorry for you!

      • black man human

        Luke, white men turn into monkeys,or better yet orangutans as the age. Their worst fears realized…Ouch!

    • Johan

      Reparations for what? I was never a slave owner, and you were never a slave. Blacks sold blacks into slavery, and blacks owned slaves. Who exactly do you expect to pay these “reparations”? Should recent African immigrants be forced to pay reparations for something their ancestors did? If your ancestors were involved in the slave trade, shouldn’t you have to pay reparations, instead of receiving them? Have you put any logical thought into where this money would come from, or are you just lining up for another government handout at the expense of working taxpayers of all races?

      At some point in history, every race has been enslaved, oppressed, had babies killed, husbands lynched, or burned alive. Get over it. Every other race has.

      As for “separation”, look at where this will take you. There is not one successful country run by blacks. Africa is a cesspool, and despite billions of dollars in foreign aid over a period of decades, it remains a cesspool. Every major US city with black leadership is in debt, has high crime, and is a failure. It has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with culture. Popular Black culture promotes a victim-entitlement-dependent-blame everyone but me mentality, and those that don’t escape it, are their own enemy.

    • Obamass

      BJ me bro. If you can handle my big hogg. Take ur nappy head MOFO ass back to the mother land and sit there with flies on ur face and starve beeatch.

    • Obamass

      U r a racist Beeatch. U will end up in prison as one of your bro’s stank hole beeatchs. U r a failure and u gotta blame somebody. Maybe ur daddy shouldn’t have knocked up yo moma and left yo.

    • Casper

      Get off your ‘pity pot’ imbecile.

    • nope

      fuck you

  • Realist

    “White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin”

    Why is that?

    Could it in fact be because whites are less likely to commit a crime?

    USA, Canada, Europe.. you name it, wherever there is a sizable black community, blacks cause problems.

    Stop blaming the enforcement, blame the ills within the black culture.

    • Rayne


    • Obamass

      Abso F’ing lutely!

  • Valdez

    I came to America when I was 15 years old. Even though I came from a multi-racial Latin American country, I had never seen the ugly face of racism until I came here.

    Being biracial and multi-cultural, I have pretty much been able to integrate enough with several ethnic/racial groups in America, to the point I was ‘ignored’ enough so they could speak freely and openly as if I was not there.

    Based on what I have personally seen and heard, my conclusion is that America is a racist country, but it is goes every which way. Everybody hates everyone that is not their same race and culture, simple as that. There are a lot of evil people of every color, ethnicity and religion out there.

    The good news is that yes, there is a lot of racism and hate, but at the same time, the reality is that people are ultimately individuals and there are a lot of good people out there that are intelligent and caring. Too bad that the good people of this world usually do not get the publicity or recognition the bad people do.

    Just remember, before you hate on everyone that does not look just like you, think of how many people you do know that look just like you that you would really prefer if they would disappear from this world.

    Good is good. Evil is evil. No matter what color you are. Peace.

    • mommyandteacher

      Thank you for your words. Your post makes more sense than any other here.

      • Casper

        So why do you want to be here, again? Racism is in the mind of the beholder. By the way, there is only ONE “culture” here. Either you take your responsibility to adapt to it or you suffer a fool’s fate. There is no such thing as ‘multi-culturism’. Every nation has its own culture. You sound like a victim of the propaganda machine known as the U.S. public school system when you utter such non-sense.

  • T Mack

    I find it hilariously funny the opinions of some people! It further explains why America is where it is today. Until you have lived life as a Black man you will NEVER understand what we are subjected to. You can only speculate what you THINK it’s like. You wouldn’t ask a chef to explain neurosurgey nor would you ask a man how does it feel to give birth. So until you can live life as a Black man you won’t fully understand. Also, why do people always want to try and send blacks back to Africa? I’m an American, I was born in America and this is my home! If you are going to send me anywhere it better be a vacation! Yes we live in the land of the free . . .(Supposedly) and the home of the Brave. . . (Yea). However, the foundation for which this country was built is flawed and so are most of the opinions.

    • Lisa Patron

      Hi T Mack…This is the best comment so far. Non-argumentative and to the point. I have been to Africa. There is more racism there than anywhere else in the world! Blacks hate blacks there!!! If you are from the wrong part of Africa there is serious blood shed. If you ask a South African how they feel about a West Africans, you will see blood in their eyes. There are so many(natural)blonde haired blue eyed people in Africa! Not just black people. It is so ignorant for people to assume that only black people live there, and that racism does not exist. There is racism all over the world. Because of my job I have traveled all over the world. I have seen a lot. So please stop with the ignorant comment of go back to Africa. It makes you very stupid.

      And stop the blaming whitie. The perp was Hispanic.

    • Happylada

      You ignore the issue of there being two main streams in the black community – you seem incapable of understand the side you are not on. The gang type black are little different from the white gang types.

      But there is another group of blacks who are successful, educated and happy – often referred to by the “victims” as Uncle Toms. Can you understand their life?

      You ignore the fact that many blacks – those who you say we could never understand (and I cannot understand the white version either) live a 20th century non tribal life.

      You are railing against culture, not color. I’ve taught black students from both groups. And whites from both groups. I couldn’t see any real difference based on color.

      In the one mainly black school I taught in, there were police cars outside every day. It was blacks assaulting blacks. It had nothing to do with racism.

      Strangely enough, it was almost the same thing in an almost white school I taught in. Culture! Not race.

      I taught in a school that was mixed, but students of both races were there to learn. No police! Guess what. Culture. They were there to succeed.

      I also owned a chain of computer stores. My Manager was black. An uncle Tom to many of the area blacks. But very successful. And a professional motorcycle racer. He got enjoyment from success, not perpetual victimhood.

    • Luke Jackson

      You’re not subjected to anything because you’re black. You’re subjected to different treatment because enough black people have committed enough crimes that your reputation preceeds you.

      Nobody’s afraid of Asians. Nobody gets nervous when a bunch of Indians(dot not feather) walk into a store.

    • Casper

      Understand what? Your actions speak for themselves. We don’t need to understand anything more than what you show the world.

  • disabled vet

    I know this is tragic just like any time any child is killed but let me tell you that I am white and I have been frisked and I have had women clutch their purse while walking by me so do not go and say this only happens if you’re black because it did not happen to you. I had police officers ask for identification and frisk me because I was walking along a dark road because my vehicle broke down. I understand this was an isolated incident but this still happened and I believe happens more that people know. I believe the main problem is that people start shouting from the top of the mountain with all kinds of allegations without knowing everything because of what has happened in the past. And then everything is clouded judgement passed before the investigation is over. In this case the State of Florida has asked the US Attorney General office to step in and yet everyone is still yelling without giving them a chance to do their investigation and report their findings. And in closing what good would it do for Zimmerman to contact the victim’s father? Everyone would start saying he is guilty, and his conscience is getting to him when he probably feels sorry about the whole situation. Let’s wait and see what the investigation determines then let justice prevail.

  • disabled vet

    T-Mack, Why then do blacks say they are African-Amercian if they are not born in Africa by American parents on Amercian declared soil? I have a hard time understanding this phrase or concept because my understanding would be that to be classified as an African American you would have to be born in Africa on American declared soil like an embassy or such.

    • Lisa Patron

      If I may…in the States they have you check a box of your nationality. They do not have an American box. If you are black, they only give you the option to check the one that reads. “African American”. Lame I know. I wish they only had an American check box for all who is born there. But that will never happen. I think it keeps everyone segregated and also to have a census count of race and location. I hope this helps.

      • Rayne

        Yea, most “African American” people are about as “African” as I am! From now on I want to be called “Irish American!”

        • mommyandteacher

          Well then, by all means you should. You should be entitled to the right to call yourself whatever you please.

      • Casper

        It’s a ‘Race’ box, not a ‘Nationality’ box

      • Casper

        Realize that the most’race-obssessed’ group here is the leftist.

  • Trajan

    The Global Grind Editor in Chief is well meaning but clearly a privileged white man in every sense of the word. I have witnessed many times people moving away from young men and young women in groups,sometimes concealing their faces with hoodies, including frail old women and men clutching their purses and wallets.

    They do that because they are aware that they could be a victim of crime on the street and street crime is committed by people of different races/ethnicities who can do this solo or in groups.

    The Global Grind Editor is merely demonstrating that he does not know what it is like to be a victim of those in our society who engage in threats, theft, violence and other crimes. Particularly women who are best off assuming that they had better not be in a vulnerable position around men, especially those concealing their faces and in a group. Crimes against the elderly and women in particular are a tragic reality of our society. Better that caution is exercised than somebody is a victim of crime.

    As for Trayvon – the issue is clear-cut. ‘Stand Your Ground’ type laws are understandable if applied to somebody in their home who is confronted by an intruder with a weapon although there is still cause for concern about how necessary such laws are and what they lead to. However, the vigilante Zimmerman actively pursued a person whom the police told him to leave alone.

    That the young man was Black is clearly the crucial factor here as the racial slurs on the phone call to the police demonstrate just what manner of thinking Zimmerman had while following Trayvon and then shooting him. His version of the story is deeply suspicious and while the principle of the law is innocence until proven guilty, the law also provides for people who are involved in serious and non serious situations to be questioned thoroughly by police and charged with committing whatever offenses are relevant to the case if it is warranted.

    What I would like to know is where is the CCTV footage of this? Surely a gated estate has cameras. The video should establish quickly just how much of Zimmerman’s story is true and how much is false. However, we need to deal with the atmosphere of paranoia that surrounds us – and again, while Black people are way more likely to be accused of committing or intending to commit crimes regardless of any truth to the accusations, this also happens to people of all races/ethnicities.

    I end by noting the recent court case of a Black teenager who shot two white British tourists for the hell of it in Florida last year. He lured them to his neighborhood and demanded money but the bodies of the two men showed that was not the case as their money and phones were still in their possession.

    This is a case of a hate killing by a Black man and while many of you would say it shows how the police sprang into action for murdered whites, please remember this man lured the two whites into the deadly trap. He then shot them. Zimmerman’s crime is despicable but while we can guess it was not self defence or any other excuse he has given, let us not forget that hate crimes are just as bad whoever from whatever race/ethnic group commits them.

    • Casper

      There was NO racial slur uttered, you typical left-wing ignoramus. There is no place for “guessing” in this case. Orwell predicted people like you. Blacks DO commit more crime. As for the “CCTV footage”, you are an ass! Where is your curiosity about the burglary tools and bag of jewelry that was in the thug’s possession? The ONLY “pursuer” in this case was the dead thug. Good effing riddance! Idiot!

    • Casper

      Also, there is little “sense” in your “word”.

  • Trever Johnson

    Most comments here are all centered around race, and I think the initial police report indicated the Zimmerman was white. A screw up on their part.
    In my opinion, the real point here is that Zimmerman gave up his right to plead self defense when he pursued Trayvon.

    • Casper

      Nonsense. You know what they say about “opinions”. What is the significance of either of the party’s race, by the way? From which law school did you recieve your degree? The only “pursuer” in this case was the dead thug.

  • Joel

    I’m reading an article from ‘Black Enterprise’ and realize even if I was jesus and had evidence of this case, I’d be talked down upon.

    So, therefore, I’ll get my money’s worth. Here’s the truth. None of you would care if Trayvon went after George and shot him. If he did, George would be called Hispanic and not White Hispanic. Want proof? Name ONE story where the victim was ‘white hispanic’ and one story where the victim was black and the killer was NOT white – and it became national headline news.

    Yeah, exactly. When I find even ONE (D) inner city black person who defends gay rights, gets angry over 9/11 or the holocaust I’ll cry fake tears like you. Instead, the only energy I will exert is feeling sorry for the parents, esp. the Mom. It’s awful. I also feel bad for Trayvon because he seems to have had a lot of friends and he had his whole life in front of him. I would care if he was Chinse. That’s why I can recall 40 stories like this (meaning, murder – senseless) of all races and, sadly, you guys cannot. That’s why you are ‘black enterprise’ and that’s why I can’t take your fake tears seriously. Wake me up when you care about other people.

  • Trever Johnson

    People two other kids were shot last night in Mississippi. Is this a trend?

  • Trever Johnson

    Most Black males are in prison for drugs not crimes. Go figure….

  • Trajan

    Posting a photo of Trayvon wearing gold teeth means jack. It’s street fashion that has crossed over to some of the mainstream because of hiphop.
    The fact is nobody has the right to pursue somebody when the pursuer is armed with a gun, has no official authority and has been told to back off by those with official authority.

    Sure, the Black media (this mag included)are perpetuating an innocent aura about Trayvon by posting young photos of him. I think they shouldn’t – it’s manipulation. It’s not needed because what happened speaks for itself. I hear that Zimmerman was punched by Trayvon and had a bloody nose and face – what the hell was Trayvon supposed to do when this vigilante comes after him? He would have panicked and his self defence instincts sprung into action. He wasn’t the armed vigilante.

    Does anybody remember Condoleeza Rice? I am sure you do – the Black Secretary of State under George Bush, grew up in the south when there were lynchings and church bombings but was instructed by her family to not hate. This woman, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, deserves respect. However, there was the infamous incident where a security guard grabbed her by the arm and tried to keep her away from President Bush.

    He didn’t know she was part of the official party – but doesn’t that say it all? 2012 and Black people apparently don’t belong in gated communities or in positions of power according to some stereotypes. Think everybody, and put yourself in the position of a young man who went shopping for iced tea and candy being followed by a vigilante with a gun.

  • White Person

    I am offended by the title of this article. Was it not a Hispanic man that shot Trayvon…? Is this your lax attempt to drag white folks through the mud…? How surprising that this drivel was written by blackenterprise.com, who lack the dexterity to make a civil rights claim without involving “white people”. Your ignorance and bigotry sicken me.

  • mommyandteacher

    I see that only one poster has decided to take me up on my offer. Could the reason for this be because it’s easier for people to spout inflammatory rhetoric in a reply post rather than say to someone’s face, so to speak? Interesting indeed…

    • Casper

      One responds to idiots where one finds them. You just happen to be right here now.

  • AfricanAmericanMixedWithCaucasianAndNativeAmerican

    I have been doing some research on George Zimmerman, and found out that he is mixed… so, he can’t be racist … but i do know that he did killed him and he should /will be punish soon, i pray.

    • Charles

      FLorida is a “Stand Your Ground” state. Look it up.

      Nice to see the pics of Zimmermans head, and my previous post, stating that Trayvons twitter account was No_Limit_nigga, have been erased.

      Niggers don’t allow freedom of speech… or the truth, for that matter.

    • Casper

      My God, you are a complete moron!

  • Tony

    I am black. My parents worked hard, saved money and moved us out of the projects into a predominantly white neighborhood when I was young. I was stopped by the police innappropriatley 3 times….each with increasing intensity. In all instances I was walking down the street on a sunny day, doing NOTHING suspicious but being there.
    I dont condone racism of ANY kind – and yes as African Americans we can be racist also. Maybe we even “play the race card” a bit too often, believing rascism is involed in a situation that acutally doesnt contain it. BUT many African Amercians grow up in enviroments where the police are a CONTROLLING force. I NEVER believed all white people are racist, and my father taught me to always work hard and accept responsibility fo rmy own actions. Still we are ALL governed by something that sits above our Ethnic beliefs…..THE LAW.
    Treyvon was a victime here. Period. He was well within his rights to walk down that street. He was well within his rights to wear a hoodie. He should not be villified….he was the VICTIM. The fact that the police did not perform basic forensics after the shooting is very troubling. the APPEARNCE of impropriety is just as bad as propriety. Even if this police department was just inefficient….it LOOKS unethical. Period.

    • Casper

      TM was a violent thug who got exactly what he deserved. Victim my ass!

      • Dannie


  • Anders Washington

    How come no recent pictures of Trayvon? If Trayvon was white, this would not have left Sanford, FL. Anyone of any color walking around with a hood at night appears menacing. This is all hype.

  • Bfloman

    This is the problem when you have people like ” I hate whites” commenting. You are the racist! You are also ignorant for posting yourself as a blatant racist. Now multiply this person times any huge number, and you have a problem here in this country. If all of you look and investigate before you show your ignorance by opening your mouths, do some research… Buffalo NY has had one of the highest murder rates in this country, higher per cap than NYC, and its all of the black on black murders and gangs and drugs, they are killing each other. Your black so-called religious leaders in this country need to fix the problem amongst the blacks,so that blacks can get their act together and stop blaming whites for everything. Do some online research as to black on white crime and murder online in this country, and you might be surprised,as the media downplays these types of crimes leaving whites wondering where is the justice.. Justice for an 8 yr old boy murdered by a black man while playing on his front lawn in VA. as the man stabbed the boy he called him “whitey”. In Buffalo there has been black on white crime where the blacks always outnumber the person they are after, and the black mayor in Buffalo said it wasnt a hate crime. Sure it was, just that crimes against whites dont get the proper attention. At some point,whites are going to have enough of the black attitudes, and push back. Stop looking at the whites, and for the blacks that move into white neighborhoods to get away from the black community of violence and into better schools for their kids, and you know who you are out there,
    maybe you should rethink your issues and direct them to where they should be, and thats at your own race,clean up your act first, then we will talk…

    • mommyandteacher

      Bfloman, thank you for your advice. I will bring that to the Black community at large. Your post sounds full of anger, but I’m not sure who it’s directed at. Are you angry at me personally? What have I done to you? Are ‘t you doing the same thing that “white hater” is doing? I am not saying that Black people don’t commit crimes against White people. I am saying that people like you need to stop directing your anger at all Black people. Isn’t that what you have asked me to do? I know that my fight is not against everyone who may look like someone who has discriminated against me or wronged me. My fight is against the spread of ignorance. Your post illustrates my point. A Black man killing a White child is just as despicable as George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. I don’t see a difference. You, on the other hand, seem intent on making broad generalizations about all Black people. God forbid one of my boys encounters you on a dark night while walking home from the library. Oh that’s right, you probably don’t think that many of us read. Sir, my focus is on being the best wife and mother that I can be. I dedicate myself to my job as an educator. I pray that my students leave my classroom with the necessary academic and social skills. You would know all of this if you cared to speak to me on a one on one basis, but I forgot. Your advice is that I “clean up my act first”. How awesome; you know exactly what every Black person in this country is doing with his or her life. How presumptuous of you! Through it all though, I would still love to discuss this with you. If you’re not too busy that is. mlgreenhu@yahoo.com

  • Bfloman

    To “momyandteacher”
    Did you address the bigotry and racism coming from “white hater”, or did you overlook a fellow black racist…………

  • mommyandteacher

    Bfloman, I don’t condone racist or prejudiced comments from anyone. Obviously posts coming from someone who has chosen the name “white hater” are intended to be vicious and inflammatory. Hate is hate regardless of the perpetrator right. I am interested to know why you would insinuate that I am racist. What gives you that impression? Is it because I don’t agree with some of the comments to this article? Please feel free to send me a private message so that we can discuss this further and thank you for addressing hateful attitudes. I just believe that adults should find more civilized ways to challenge opposite views. I choose to fight hate with love.

  • Trajan

    All hate crimes should be treated the same by authorities, law enforcement and people from every racial/ethnic group and background. That doesn’t mean when an Hispanic/white vigilante kills a young Black man minding his own business Hispanic/whites are justified getting bent out of shape because Black people are focusing on the racist origin of this crime and on racial profiling and police harassment of Black people because of a section of the Black community involved in crime.

    Black on White hate crimes are a significant problem and yes, Black leaders need to address that too but it doesn’t mean that because those crimes happen we give a pass to non Blacks who kill Black people because of who they are, whether it’s an attack by a modern day lyncher or a vigilante who goes chasing Trayvon Martin.

    In the case of the Black racist coward who murdered the two White British tourists for the hell of it because he wanted to get some crackers and not their money and enjoyed luring them to his hood to bravely shoot them when they were drunk and unarmed, the justice system put him away. The process was relatively simple because there were decent and brave Black people who testified against him, a damned hard thing to do in those communities.

    Thanks to privileged Black rappers talking about no ‘snitching’ as well as criminals in the hood threatening anybody who has some honor and morals, it’s incredibly dangerous to stand up in court and get justice done against a Black murderer, rapist or drug dealer (talking about the real parasites her, not just the desperate for money foot soldiers who sell the poison). The hate murderer in this case has been put away because of Black people who testified. Power to them. Now Zimmerman needs to face justice.

  • Trajan

    And memo to all the posters here getting bent out of shape because of Blacks telling Trayvon’s death like it is, a hate crime due to racial profiling – look up the name Tremarley Graham on the net. This Black teenager was shot dead in his family’s bathroom in his Bronx home.

    It happened in February this year. Two policemen who weren’t supposed to be on duty chased him to his home and shot him in front of his 6 yr old brother. He told the police he didn’t have a gun. He didn’t have a gun.

    A different example of how racial profiling kills – Anna Smith, a homeless Black woman, went to St Mary’s Hospital, not sure which city, in September last year. She was in pain from blood clots but the doctor didn’t find anything and she was considered a drug addict seeking medication. Anna Smith persisted in telling the staff what deep pain she was in and the hospital called the police.

    They took her and locked her in a cell. She continued screaming for medical attention, they didn’t listen. Anna Smith died of pulmonary embolism. Treated like trash, not a human being, another victim of racial profiling and stereotyping.

    What is this? The 19th century? Shame on you who take part in this or support it.

  • pete moss

    Blacks racialo profile more than whites. Check the crime sdtatsd but liberals traitors refuse to announce these hate crimes/

    • black man human

      White man owns the criminal justice system, so what do you expect with the crime ratio stats. It’s all in the white man’s favor to make himself look like the saints that he’s not…Ouch!

      • aruba19

        Yo! Git whitey! 🙂 But before you do, go through court records and see for yourself what the ratios really are. Then shut up.

  • timmi


  • timmi


  • mommyandteacher

    Timmi, may God heal your heart and help you see passed your hate.

  • jws

    i am so sick of the negroe sob stories. i have heard them for the last forty years.

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  • LaRon Washington

    Hey yall Zimmerman dude was a mexican not white. Lets keep it on the up and up here!

  • jelowelle

    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and all that dwell therein. The white man or race does not own America, the Lord God does so no white american can tell no race to go to Africa or anywhere else. The bible says first there is death than the judgement and it also says God created man in His image and He has no respect of persons. Some or alot of white people think they are superior when they are just dust and grass that withers away like every race. Why some white people want to talk so evil about blacks and crime and forget their own evils are beyond me. Evil racist white people want the black panther party to go away but want the kkk to remain. As a child of God, all evil doers will answer and be cast in the lake of fire forever and especially if you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior. If you accepted Jesus then I doubt that you would be an evil racist. I am black and proud to be a black woman and if I was white, I would also be proud to be a white woman. All whites aren’t evil racist but some, alot are. Just like all blacks aren’t criminals but some are.

  • TJordan White

    As an accompished brother, I can only weep – not at the death of Trayvon Martin, but at my fellow brothers and sisters who want to ignore what a thug he was, and what a “gangsta” he aspired to be. His Tweets are despicable, with the vile crap he wrote to sistas, and the clear signs of violent attacks and drug dealing he had already engaged in at such a tender age (or what USED to be). It is sad for me to say that Tray would have been yet another stain on Black America – a no-good thug seduced by a sick, depraved, ghetto, criminal “culture” that is going nowhere, that is addicted to Great Society racist largesse of white Democrats, welfare, and “Obama Money”. Y’all make me want to puke.

  • david chevalier

    lets quite arguing and figure out a solution. whether someone was white, black, hispanic, latino…..etc, a mother and father lost their child people!!! whether he was wrong or right it doesnt justify his death. we have people on death row that get more courtesy than treyvon did. Im a white male and live in america just like my african american neighbors do, or my hispanic, or korean, or latino. who cares life is unfair for everyone people are racist because of lack of knowledge on their part, is that their fault? lets work together america to help end situations like this from happening. whatever the race creed or color wrong is wrong and right is right. not to be cliche but why cant we just get along? how about taking the time to get to know each other in stead of pointing fingers because all that does is make others angry, someone needs to be the bigger man and say you know what i never thought of it like that before what can I DO to help? who cares what color your skin is its deep down that counts. there are good and bad people out there and they come in all different shapes sizes and colors. this world is a sick place but constantly complaining isnt going to bring the martins son back is it? what if this was your son?

  • Alan

    “….White guilt, blah, blah, blah…” What an atrocious and naive article. My family came to the US AFTER the Civil War and never enslaved anyone, but there are plenty who would have me pay reparations. Want to talk about sterotypes now?

  • B.G.

    About race:
    I don’t know how it feels to be black, (I am a white woman) but I have experienced racism too, this is not something that only black people have to deal with. (I use the term “black” instead of “african american” because that has always sounded silly to me AND most american blacks don’t have recent ties to africa and are on average about 20-30% white) No, I am NOT racist, so don’t even get started on that one.

    I married a man who is white by appearance but has a black grandparent, my children are mixed race (white, black and possibly native american) so please don’t call me racist.

    Blacks are not the only people to have experienced extreme racism in this country, does anyone here remember what happened to the native americans? In addition, did we all forget that at one time even irish people were treated as second class citizens, by other whites? How many of you are aware of the fact that many black slaves were sold into slavery by other blacks? Race is a complicated issue and if we want racism to go away we need to all stop participating in it and stop perpetuating stereotypes.

    What do you think when you see a young person dressed like a thug in hoodies and oversized baggy clothes? (and that’s not a race thing either, because a lot of white kids and hispanic kids dress that way now too) I see someone who MAY be up to no good, not due to thier race but because of the way they’re dressed, like a criminal.

    I am a “pretty white woman” who dresses nice, yet even I have been harrassed by mexicans, denied employment because of my race, experienced racist comments from co-workers and even had my life threatened twice. Just because I am white. (and I know a lot of other white people who have had similar things happen to them) How are my blue eyes and ivory skin a reason to hate me? Usually I don’t feel that my appearance puts me at a dissadvantage, but occasionally, yes, even white people experience racism.

    I just wish people would put away thier “race cards” and stop complaining and do something more constructive with thier lives. Build something in society instead of tearing it down.

    Oh, and pull up your pants puh-leeze! Whats with all the “gangsta” kids trying to look like a 3 year old wearing thier daddy’s clothes? I don’t get it.

    Thanks for listening,

  • white girl

    that’s a phrase that made me stop judging others based on thier skin color a few years back. My car stopped running at a stop sign and the person in the car behind me stopped to help. I have never thought of myself as a racist person, but I felt some alarm when I saw the big, tall black man approaching my car. Stuck and helpless and not knowing his intentions, I rolled my window down only a few inches and explained what happened. He took a peek under the hood and tightened whatever had come loose within a few seconds. I thanked him and went on my way, feeling ashamed at my reaction to him, just based on his skin color. We all judge people on thier appearance, it’s a natural human survival technique that’s not going to change. (would you get in an elevator with a person carrying a knife and covered in blood? Hmm, probably not, regardless of skin color) What we need to do is stop judging people on thier skin color, or claiming that all crimes where a black person is a victim are racially motivated. Doesn’t that assumption make YOU a racist?

  • black girl

    I do not understand how stupid people truly are till something like this happens. It is so sad someone so young had to die, and I pray for his family every day… But on the other had everytime something happens to a Black person every black in the United States start screaming racism, get over your selves people, bad stuff happens to every race and no its not always racism, I think if every white person started screaming racism every time something happens to them, then it would be considered a even thing. people are just people no matter their color, so grow up and live in the real world for a change.. just because your ancestors were slaves doesnt mean you was so you can stop cashing in on their awful lives…

  • TopSecretKing

    all these comments about what the other race needs to do but no one can answer the question about how to get over being a victim of race hate crimes!?!??! I’ve saved girls from being raped and i’ve also saved a woman’s life from being murdered. But i myself have been shot, attacked by rottweilder, beaten by sherrifs, stomped on, and nearly kidnapped…. And i’m looking for answers cause not even a psychiatrist has an answer on what i should do. My nerves are shot to hell cause i don’t want to be racist and i don’t want to be a thug so there for i have to think extra hard and try extra hard to simply fit into such a “wonderful” civilization. Mind you i saw no justice in all my angsts so that’s where i get my question on what it is that i should do. outside of fighting for rights and saving lives. On a normal level what should i do cause there has been many days i just wanted to lash out like thugs or RACIST.

  • TopSecretKing

    i’m only here to ask one question…. what happens when you are actually are a victim? i’ve suffered 6 violent race hate crimes and i hear stop playing the race card and whites built an awesome civilization. Well white stole this land from native americans out of all the comments i read only one person mentioned anything about native americans. Adolf Hitler got his idea on how to treat jews by the way whites were treating native americans. I happen to be half native american by the way. Granted Zimmerman is half white and half “latina”. It was all based on his statement about blacks always get away and how chose to follow the person instead listen to the police. Funny one person thinks the other always gets the way but the “white/bright” person takes law in to their own hands as they normally do. I fought for rights all my life and you wouldn’t believe the things i saw whites get away with. Mind you i chose not to be racist and ended up with a lot of white friends and also still have a lot of black friends. I got nearly 15 rights through living noticing researching and writing the government and letting them know what i experienced and letting them know the things i grew up around. True on a broad level blacks are more violent. but they don’t out specificially in a hateful way to commit crimes. GENOCIDE RAPE LYNCHING AND MURDER are all violent crimes last time I checked. Someone feel me in on what to do when one is the victim….

    • Charles

      Do you feel this strongly when black men off each other by the thousands on a yearly basis, or is just when someone of another race kills one of yours?

      • topsecretking

        i guess i was upset and yeah i do feel that way about how we kill each other but only act like we’re all innocent when racism occurs. I personally was always told to get over it. Hate crimes aren’t something you just hop up one day and get over with. because of this stuff i didn’t have a child yeah i had so called friends. but many of them were into some stuff they shouldn’t have been. The girls here and there disapproved but it was the ones that approved that kept them out of trouble so there was some sort of jealousy on either behalf cause in the black community all you pretty much have to be is a thug to get a girl. then she when the guy leaves her expects you to take care of the child or children

        • Charles

          Hate crime? Who said this was a hate crime? Where do you get your information from? By all accounts, Trayvon actually initiated the violence. Florida is a “Stand Your Ground State”. His violent outburst cost him his life.

          • topsecretking

            don’t worry about it i only asked was what should an actual victim do? i noticed a lot of comments said stop acting like a victim. So i was trying to get insight or advice

          • mother of 2

            where is anyone getting their info? according to Zimmerman Trayvon attacked him. Whos to say Zimmerman isnt a liar and he has a violent sealed juvenile record thanks to his privilaged family of law officals all his previous criminal activity was dropped. People need to do research. Zimmerman made a choice to shoot Trayvon after he was instructed by police NOT to. and if Trayvon attacked him while he was walking when did he have time to grab the gun if Trayvon was smasing Zimmermans head into the ground i would be trying to push someone off me. look deeper people. Ask the questions. Use your brains……stop passing judgement

    • SS Von Kluger

      the induns got a g da-m reservation….what f–k puk

  • Steve

    Just had a thought. If the shooter was 100% black, would we have ever heard of this story? I doubt it. Just have to make sure that black people only kill black people. Then racism would end. Let’s see: White kills black = riots; black kills black = white mans fault for oppressing the blacks; Black kills White = white guy deserved to die; white kills white = 2 less whites. At least this is the perception that I’ve lived with from the black community.

    • black man human

      You mean like the white orangutan monkey culture.

  • Charles

    No mention of his twitter account, No_limit_nigga in the article. It was deleted, but google cached it. Same with his gangsta facebook page. It will all come out in the wash. Zimmerman fired his shot from his back.

    Trayvon snuck up on him and jumped him, as is customary in the animal kingdom.

  • Christina

    Oh my gosh that is so sad. I’m sorry.

  • Steve S.

    Why doesn’t someone ask the real questions? Why was Martin in the gated community in the first place? Also, by being in the gated community wasn’t he breaking the law by trespassing? Why was Martin facing Zimmerman? If he was trying to get away Zimmerman would have had to shoot him in the back, not the front. A lot of unanswered questions, but that’s what a trial is for.

    • Charles

      He attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman is going to be acquitted.

    • topsecretking

      his dad lived in that community so it wasn’t trespassing. And zimmerman was told by the police dispatch to not go after martin. it was after zimmerman approached martin that the fight began.

      • Charles

        Zimmerman was attacked at his car, after being unable to find Trayvon. Trayvon initialized the assault, not Zimmerman.

        Do you know what a “stand your ground” state is?

        Here’s the back of Zimmerman’s head. He fired his shot from the ground.


        No_Limit_Nigga (Trayvon’s twitter name) got what he had coming to him.

        • Dannie

          CHARLES: watch the news zimmerman was NOT attacked at his car, you don’t know who initialized this assault, because they don’t even know yet. The dead can’t speak, so this is coming from ZIMMERMAN. He may be acquitted as you say, but their is a GOD and he will die like a dog just like he did this child. And the comment he had it coming,what goes around come around, and sometimes a lot faster than we anticipate.

  • rch1559

    First off, Zimmerman was not sure about Martin’s race (“…um, he looks black…”) and the facts in the case have been so distorted or, in some cases, remain unclear. Finally…

    Black males are feared bacause of their relatively high percentage involvement in violent crime. Even Jesse Jackson admitted as much. It is not right that a LOT of Christian, family loving black people suffer because of the actions of others, but fear for one’s safety often makes other things secondary. Sorry, but that is human nature.

    I would love to hear realistic ideas about how we can address this issue.

    • Dannie


  • greg

    I say FUCK YOU to all the racist blacks,,,,white people don’t have a problem with blacks,,,Blacks have a problem being black!

    • Dannie

      I DON’T

  • Obamass

    FU Russell Simmons!!! Nobody owes you or any other black person a GD thing. Why is it none of the other races in the world constantly whine and complain about being discriminated against. People from India, Iran, China, Viet Nam and so many other places come to the USA and run circles around you, most of the black community and most of the white community. A lot of them can’t even speak English when they arrive here and don’t have a dime to their name. They don’t whine and blame whitey for all their problems. They have something you don’t. It’s called a work ethic, a concept of time and respect for others – not jealousy. FU and Die Russell Simmons you nappy head Racist MOFO!

  • Reality Hurts
  • Reality Hurts

    Pic of Zimmerman after Trayvon assaulted him. Clearly self defense.

  • Obamass

    Black Enterprise is a F ing RACIST publication

  • suibne

    This is the second time. Why won’t you post this?
    African Americans: never before have so many had so much opportunity and failed so miserably. This little essay of moronic resentment and faux victimization is just another example of why African Americans are being passed by the latino community, the gay community, and the Asian community. How you can stand yourselves is beyond belief. Like the Muslims, you have sold your souls into perdition for another ten generations. Idiots.

  • busseja

    Murdered with a pop and skittles in his hands? From the public evidence I understand he had Zimmermans’ head in his hands while he bashed it into the sidewalk. At least that is the eyewitness account.

    • Charles

      That’s the truth. He assaulted an armed man in a “Stand Your Ground” State.

      The black community is going to have to come to grips with the fact that the only person who committed a crime was treyvon.

      • Jan

        cHARLES..NOT! The operators specifically told Zimmerman NOT to take the law into his hands, and he killed Trayvon, therefore Zimmerman is a criminal..typical White!!

        • Peggy sue

          Zimmerman WAS NOT WHITE! OMG! If he was told not take the law into his own hands, but Trayvon was assaulting him, what was he supposed to do? Say, hold on a minute, the police are coming? The only RACE issues are those that are raised against the white people! STOP IT!

        • dalton bardwell

          Zimmerman is brown skinned hispanic you stupid fuck. You pathetic loser.
          Blaming the white man for your violent tendancies, typical Black.

  • bostoncracker

    Since the Great Society, black American culture has gone down the tubes, the family unit has been destroyed, and both have been replaced by an angry entitlement attitude, paid for with funny money which has bankrupted our country. Recapture the real pride which comes from work and responsibility and the respect which is due will be given. Hip hop stars and athletes who father children and pay no attention are the new role models. No wonder the kids are angry. I would be too. My father came from nothing, dealt with serious illnesses and died young. He never complained, worked every day, and did the best he could for his family. Why won’t the “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton speak about these issues?

  • aaron

    boy isn’t this a racial headline,”White people,wont never be suspicious like trayvon martn”. Think us White People need to call somebody and let us have a million white hoodie march. You all need to drop this race stuff. You are making a big deal for nothing. Nobody needs to be involved except the ones who are involved just the police and the black teens parents and police dept. and zimmerman

  • randy

    How many whites work at this racist rag… Blacks Stop your Goddamn Whinning I think I will apply and sue their ass off when im not hired.. Im a protected class too American Indian/Proud American Citizen!!!!!

  • Sandra

    yeah it was a bad thing that happened but get over it! you are making to much out of this just because he was black..he is not the 1st black person to be killed and wont be the last .. the same as whites mexicans and ect its always bad when a life is taken but we tired of hearing about it

    • Dannie

      Sandra can you tell Trayvon’s parents to get over it,I think not. If you’re tired of hearing or reading about this, turn your computer off. YOU ARE NOW FREE TO LEAVE.

  • Franklin

    “White People, You Will Always Be Blamed Whether You Are Hispanic Or Not.”

    You still don’t get it. Zimmerman was Hispanic. He was a person of color.

    • Jan

      He was WHITE too..unfortunately.

  • william jeffery

    i am a white 56 year old ex service man. i was profiled in Kissimmee, Florida 28 time by cops in 2 months. because i had long hair. now you tell me whites are not profiled, because we are.and alot of times i was just walking 400 feet to the store, or going to work.and other people would profile me and ask if i knew where to get drugs because i had long hair.i now have short hair and have no problems, and that is the truth.

  • Stu

    Because white people are so comfortable walking in a black neighborhood. Stereotypes are present for a reason.

  • Stu

    White people just get shot by blacks for being in their hood. Regardless of the hoodie is up or not.

  • Ms.S

    Hate lives within no matter what color you are. All of you with your hatefull messages, I will leave that to god to judge you but I will pray for you all white and blacks.

  • Joe Blant

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!! 150 years and still bitching! You got equality and now it’s not good enough! You want to be special! Guess what? YOURE NOT! Get a job. Get off welfare. and stop blaming the white man! It’s a disgrace. You’re 12% of the entire population of AMERICA. And 99% the problem. Go to Africa is you like! Nobody is stopping you. You call us Crackers and Honkies. WTF? Black Fraternal order of police. Black Colleges. Black TV. What else you want?

    • Peggy sue

      Ditto! What would happen if someone WHITE started the NAAWP? OMG! There would be outrage. The only people who are making it a race issue and continuing the division of races are the black people! You DO NOT need a separate college or television or police force or sport team. If you want equality on a racial level, get rid of the special groups designed to emphasize the division of races!

  • Jason

    Unbelievable, what about the two black kids that threw gas on the 14 year old white kid and set him on fire?? No mention of that in the news, no outrage from the public over that!! Why aren’t they in court with $150,000 bond? Why aren’t they appologizing to the parents of the white kid?? Just another reason to ransack the local Wal-Mart. Martin was just another gang-banger that got caught in the act. Get over it.

    • 2/1 pun

      to try and justify one death by another death don t make any sense nice try but we got you

      • aruba19

        The 14 year old didn’t die but the point was not eye for eye. Point was blacks do this to a white 14 year old boy and it’s no big deal. White guy shoots a 17 year old black thug who was trying to beat his brains in and suddenly the thug is a “child” and a victim and a martyr. Nice try but you’re a racist……

  • George

    I feel very sorry for the Martin familey. Nobody should have to go through what they are going through but as a white person we have to be suspicious also of black men, sad to say. This dose not condone what Zimmerman did, wheather he was wrong or wright. God will judge him, not me.

  • GET0vrit

    Why can’t we all just get along? Rodney even got it after a while as the center of a racial mess. Blacks hate whites for slavery still? WTF is wrong with you, get busy and make a life for yourselves. You choose your own poison in this life and until you see that as the truth you are condemned to repeat your mistakes. You cannot fix the world; fix yourself first and then work together with likeminded people to improve our situation. PEACE fmr 2nd Infantry Division Special Forces

    • Peggy sue

      A very small percentage of slaves were mistreated. Although I do not agree with what happened hundreds of years ago, it happened. Get over it. If it didn’t happen, where would the black man be today? Africa? You are here because the white man brought you here. You are a free AMERICAN because you were brought here. If you don’t like your life, change it. Don’t blame others for something that was done hundreds of years ago. Do we need to bring back Hitler’s crimes? What’s next? The NAAGP! Stop fighting each other and learn to get along. Stop killing each other over stupid shit. Check out the gangs and all the gang wars. What RACE are they? Only 1% of gangs are white! What does that say about hate in the world?!

      • black man human

        Peggy, your ancestors destroyed Africa because of pure hate and greed.Get used to that fact.

        • aruba19

          The key word here here is “ANCESTORS”. Peggy had nothing to do with their actions and therefore owes neither you nor any other self entitled moron an apology based on your race or anything else. Get used to it.

  • yinyang

    How can anybody no matter what race say what was going on in either persons mind? why is it we trust our judicial system right up until the point we disagree with it. if you want to know who is to blame….its the media its always the media they play us against each other the use our hearts to make us believe something and they paint a picture that isn’t always true. they do what they have to do to keep our attention and this case is just like so many of them..do you honestly think any body gets a fair trial when the whole world is against them when the media has already made up its mind do you know how much info you are not being told on any given case my the media? we are puppets on their string and they fool us into believing this is about race when it in fact has little to do with race it has to do with he fact a man shot a boy that’s it. he didn’t shoot him because he was black he shot him because he made a mistake and that mistake should cost him his life in prison but not a race war over something that happens every day to every color people get killed its not always about gender race religion or sexual status

  • Ralph

    Blacks can’t find their crack because it’s under their work boots.

    • Jan

      Ralph..White are are the ones with meth labs in the houses other than they sell cocaine..

  • ferragamo belts

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  • Jan

    I don’t trust White people at all! I speak my mind and always tell the truth.

    • Child of the Earth

      holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it,,you r getting burned!! we need to work on bringing peace to the world..

    • 2/1 pun

      i agree reading some of the cowardly racist comments.you see these cowards would not say these thing to me face to face.if any of you racist cowards want to take me up on what i just said leave your location to meet me.

  • whoeveriwant2b

    Unless this is a website for art supplies, it defines itself as racist by its very name, so why should I be surprised at a racist article aimed at white people? Can a person be racist toward their own race? Of course. Anytime you use race to argue a moral right or wrong, you are racist.

  • Peggy sue

    Why are “WHITE PEOPLE” involved in this? There were no “WHITE PEOPLE” involved in this incident! Stop the racial slamming and look at it like they were two “HUMAN BEINGS!” OMG! Stop it! Just stop it!

    • R King

      I totally agree. Good gosh.

    • scott

      because black people are too STUPID to know the difference.

  • Calvin

    The whites and the blacks need to open there eyes, this country is being taking over by the hispanics and the chinese, our two races need to stop and realize this or we will be ran out of our country. think about it, our two races have been working side by side for hundreds of years now, this is our country so stop the racist crap and take our country back.

  • Gerald

    Michael Skolnik is correct; no woman will ever clutch her purse more tightly as he walks by. That isn’t just because he’s white, though; more likely because he is not young. Some street crime IS committed by whites, after all, and most women know that. But young blacks are many times more likely to commit street crimes than anyone else.

    One group that Mike DOES strike fear into exists, though: insurance companies. Jews are many times more likely to sue insurance companies than other people, including blacks. I’m sure they metaphorically clutch their purses!

  • Rufus T Boone
    • Roy

      Dude, you make the rest of us whites look no better than those on your link! Idiot!

  • john hughes

    I consider any 17 year-old a kid.
    Zimmerman should have obeyed 911 and not followed Trayvon.
    God Bless Trayvon,may he rest in peace.
    And God bless his parents,I cannot imagine how terrible this
    must be for them.

    • mother of 2


  • Tyrone Zimmerman

    “I still will never look suspicious. No matter how much the hoodie covers my face or how baggie my jeans are, I will never look out of place to you.” No but you’ll look like a caucasion duschbag.

  • Roy

    The tragity in this is the left leaning media, they had Zimmerman ready to be lynched before we knew what happened, they posted a 5 year old photo that sure as heck didn’t help his image. Then we have the idiot Spike Lee tweet the wrong address to purposely fuel the hate for Zimmerman causing an innocent elderly couple to flee their home ! The black community is going crazy over this wrongful killing, bottom line, more blacks are killed by blacks than any other race PERIOD! Why doesn’t the media and black community cover each one of these killings with the same gusto???!!??? Zimmerman went out that day looking for a problem, he left home with a hand gun and used it. Trayvon likely fought back as any young man would, black or white or Mexican, when someone is following them, obviously he got the upper hand (as the photo’s show)and Zimmerman fired his gun. Zimmerman needs to be charge with manslaughter instead of 2nd degree murder because I think he can beat the charge, I do not think he can beat a charge of manslaughter. Even if Trayvon attacked first, killing him wasnt the answer, killing Zimmerman is not the answer either!

  • american rights

    you know if you blacks feel so upset about america and still playing the race card why not ask for a federal law to transport you back to an african country of your choice on u.s. dollar or just shut up and support your country.

    • love1another

      u r so right about that !!!!

  • mother of 2

    As a mother, wife and daughter i find everyone suspicious in nature. i dont care if your skin is bright purple if you look as though you could cause harm to me or my children i would avoid you at all costs. if you look at ohio news its the white men in hoodies walking into a bank you have to be suspicious of because they are the ones committing the crime. What happened to Trayvon was wrong and irresponsible. DO not categorize Zimmerman as a “white man”. he is privilaged because if his family not his skin or ethnicity, which if you ask me he is not white he is of latino origin. placing the blame on skin color will not bring this young man back to life instead you should be asking how many people in this gated community witnessed this tragedy and are keeping thier mouths shut. Its time for everyone to get over this black and white nonsense. we were all slaves and i know that African American citizens were treated horrible and it breaks my heart that people just cant be classified as people. We are but 1 created by God. I pray that Trayvons mother gets justice for her son. I would not have the grace that she does. The truth about this entire case died with Trayvon and the only person who knows the truth is God and he will let the truth surface. For me Zimmerman is no better than Casey Anthony and if the court doesnt find him guilty Florida will become a state of people who get away with murdering children

  • Bill Jenkins

    You know, If this were a white kid, the black community would not give a damn about this whole situation. And yes, I am an african american. Shame on us black America.

    • 2/1 pun


    • Dannie

      Bill a lot of things like this happen everyday,we don’t hear about it the only reason this is all blown up is because one of the arresting officers that night wanted to charge this man, and they then bring in the attorney general and he’s free to leave. They keep this child in the MORGUE for three days clearly knowing who he was. They had his wallet and his phone so they knew who he was. His dad called the police, that how he found out he was dead, and also found out charges would not be filed. The police wouldn’t HELP them so they did the next best thing MEDIA. If this man was in JAIL where he truly should’ve been, you would’nt be still hearing about this.I think comments are easy to make when the situation doesn’t involve us. I am an african american also, and shame on SANFORD FLORIDA POLICE DEPT.

  • love1another

    i think if trayvon was white he would have still been shot …. he was wearing a hoodie so how can someone really distinguish a young white male from a young black male wearing a hoodie…( covering his head !!! )… stupid article title question ….

    • 2/1 pun

      why don t you try walking your punk ass through my neighborhood

      • Dumpster

        Yeah where’s that, East St. Louis?  We should just drop thermobaric devices on all those ghetto neighborhoods and be done with it.

  • love1another

    question: how can some black people claim ill treatment due 2 racism…yet go and ambush a white alabama man ( 20 black people v/s/ 1 white man ) beat him violently leaving him almost 4 dead… & then say : ” that’s justice for trayvon ” ???? ignorance & hate does not beget justice folks !!! & i am black woman…. what concerns me also is that black parents r teaching & helping along these harmful reasoning by promoting harmful rationale in our beautiful black children about the past…..how are our children supposed to grow mentally healthy if we cloud their understanding w/ mythical taboos more than the truth of it all !?!?… @ present !!

  • ROB

    The facts already show Travis doubled back looking for a confrontation. Zimmerman did not follow Travis to the extend reporters would like you to think. So get your riot plans down because it’s going to hit the fan when he walks free on this one. The KAOS will be fun to watch

    • 2/1 pun

      listen punk ass white boy why don t you try doing the same thing zimmerman cowardly did punk ass.

  • ceaser

    thanks zim u got rid of a lowlife thug

  • smitht

    i’m generally suspicious of anyone wearing a hoodie pull over their head in florida where it is hotter than hell even in december.

    the whole hoodie thing is white trash, black thug, wasian wannabe and just plain dumb. unless you are a druid living in england, doing a mystical dance at the dam stone henge don’t do the hoodie thing. it’s dumb.

  • kim

    “White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin”

    Ahhhhh…this stupid putz who authored this piece. I BELIEVE, Neighborhood Watch teaches you to be “suspicious” of ANYONE roaming around?

    To the authors of this paper, “Black Enterprise”…What were you thinking in publishing such tripe?

  • Tejas Bill

    There are reasons stereotypes exist. Bad behavior must be addressed. MLK Jr. said people should be judged by the content of their character. I believe today they are. I can walk down the street any time day or night in this city and be harassed by a black person (I’m white). That doesn’t mean all black people act a certain way or are responsible for that person’s actions, but it feeds the impression everyone else has about black people in general. I was in a store the other day and the black lady in front of me told me she didn’t care if I had to wait on her, out of the blue, I hadn’t said a word to her. What’s up with that? Why have that attitude? I don’t hate anybody, I don’t know any white people who do but we get sick and tired of the attitude we get any time we walk down the street.

    • 2/1 pun

      you are insignificent no black person even notice you i know you would like to think that you are important but you aren t sorry good try.

  • C. Trevor

    Who do black women date sinc all the black men are in jail or a basketball team? I think some black women are hot so I guess the black man will not mind if i help my self. Thanks RS.

  • amosjudd

    Do black teenagers profile cops?

  • Shannon

    I think the article stating that white people don’t look suspicious no matter what they wear is the biggest crock I have ever heard. I have called police on young and old, men and women, black, white, hispanic and asian because of suspicious behavior. I am always on the lookout and do clutch my purse tightly whenever ANYBODY invades my personal space. If you racially profile and think only young black men commit crimes, I don’t feel sorry for you when a bunch of white teens steal your car or break into your house even though you saw them loitering looking like they were waiting around for something. You should never trust people you don’t know, and never judge a book by it’s cover. The nice white man in a business suit could be a pedophile or an identity thief or murderer. People just need to be more aware of their surroundings and the actions of the people around them, not how they are dressed or what they look like.

    • 2/1 pun

      can t we all get along

  • Rock9670

    If I was in an all black neighborhood i sure the hell would be Suspicious how rude to say such bs . Ive drove through N*gger neighborhood stopped at stop sign and 20 black youths tried to roll my car with me in it now thats racist fk you cry baby N*ggers thinking white owe you everything get a fk life !!

    • tmuthafuckinleeyoubitch

      shut up you fuckin punk…

    • 2/1 pun

      take a drive through now with your big rebel flag on your pickup trk son just pretend you are in a parade.

    • 2/1 pun

      this is how you talk and think when your mama brother is your daddy incest clouds your thinking.i m sorry you are incapable of thinking.

  • tiffany

    really? lets not bring this tragedy into a huge “blacks dont get treated well whites get it better” conversation. yes, it’s messed up. so why can’t everyone stop the hate TODAY and forget about who did what in the past. THAT WAS THE PAST! what was then isnt now. come on people! come together!

  • 2/1 pun

    just reading all these dumb ass whites comment about how intelligent they are is a f k joke when peoples have doubt about themselves they have to keep repeating how smart they are above another person.

  • 2/1 pun

    listen black peoples don t be detered by these cowardley racist comment coming from these racist cowards if you went to some of these government businesses you will see these racist coward there looking for assistance from the tax dollars you and i put into the system you will see these cowards out number you and i by a margin of 9 to 1 any time there is something free these racist cowards will spend the night surrounding the place of business to get something without having to pay for it.so when these racist make these comments that is them looking in the mirror and seeing themselves

  • 2/1 pun

    listen people if you want to start talking about who s what let s talk starting with your hypocritical friend john mccain here is a man that was a convicted criminal in vietnam and your friends elected him to represent them in the state of arizona.why?you want to talk about thugs qualify that

  • Kurt Turner

    There are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of Black on Black murders a year yet no a God Damn thing is done by the Black Community. Just shut the hell up and don’t be a snitch. A White guy kills a Black guy and there is suddenly a national outrage and tons of “Justice Protests”. Until the day the Black Community has “Justice Protests” for EVERY murder in town, the White Community will continue to eye Blacks with suspicion.

    • 2/1 pun

      listen buddy who the hell are you to give any one advice as though you are some shining example so just live your life because i don t need any advice from you period.

  • Dave

    I (age 55 at time)was driving a 1985 Honda Accord with son-in-law (age 40 at time) in South Chula Vista (Main st) at 6 AM on a Sat. morning on way to work, both of us needed a shave and we were dressed for dirty work.

    We were stopped by Chula Vista police because he had not seen the color licence registration tag on my car before (for the next year). We showed ID, license, insurance, and registration. I thanked him for his work and he thanked me for my military service (Retired 30 year Navy vet).

    Profiled white boys I don’t know, maybe.


  • Ryan

    How about BET. (Black entertainment Television)??? If we made a tv station called WET (White entertainment Television) it would be on the news ASAP and the hood would be Picketing on the corners. How bout a month to celebrate white history? Blacks and hispanics have their day/month. When can i get mine?

    • 2/1 pun

      who would watch wet

  • 2/1 pun

    isn t it amazing the advice we get from these white wefare recipient wife beating alcoholic child molesters convict telling me about being civilized obeying the law confused white boy take a look in the mirror.

    • W P Barrett

      no carjackings, no drivebys!

  • monomial

    You never happy blacks with chips on your shoulders should be happy your ancestors were brought here as slaves or you would still be living a miserable life with in a dirt floor hut with no prospect of ever digging out. Get over it already, we’re all sick of hearing you droan on about slavery. You were never slaves nor were any of your immediate family members. You are 1000% better off now because of slavery.

    • 2/1 pun

      i bet you won t go back to prison

  • Mike

    There’s a difference between black people and niggers. Just sayin.

    • 2/1 pun

      niggers kicks crackers ass that s der different little small white boy.

    • 2/1 pun

      mike i am sorry that black fellow whipped you that bad i tried to stop him no kid should beat anyone like this kid beat you mike i hope you are doing alright these kids just don t respect the elders anymore was the doctor able to reattach your nose i told you to lets go but you said their was a law on the book called stand your ground i told you that law didn t work in all cases some times mike you have to abandon your ground

  • chazz

    I don’t know what happened to cause this poor kids death because I wasn’t there and have not talked with anyone who was there. You however have the kind of second sight that does not require any facts in order to base your decision. You are so lucky to be white and omnipotent. My parents home was burglarized about 6 years ago and some very important family jewelery was taken. Would please use you considerable talents to let me know where these items are now?
    To Mr. Martens parents I can only say please have faith in the Law. A lot of the time Justice will prevail. I know this is of little importance but maybe it will help some. If my son was killed under cloudy circumstances I would be doing something terrible, since my life is drawing to a close and life would cease to have any positive meaning for me.

  • dalton bardwell

    It is terrible that a young man had to lose his life but there is one thing black people do not want to address. If Blacks were not robbing all the houses in that complex(8 in one year) there would have been NO community watch and this tradgedy would not have occurred. Blacks dont have a problem with the targeting of whites, they just have a problem with how it was dealt with. The facts show Zimmerman was within his rights. Have some god damn accountability for once, you are partly to blame though as usual you prefer to blame someone else. It is an ideology put forth by our Lame President as well. I am willing to bet the same blacks asking for calm will be the same ones burning down their own neighborhoods after Zimmerman is found not guilty. NOTE TO RUSSELL SIMMONS—Your article is irrelevent as usual, Zimmerman is brown skinned and hispanic, you and your race baiting are a joke, a total fraud.

  • 2/1 pun

    i think the fbi should investigate those of you that are defending this murderer i think they will find where you have commited some henious unsolved crime

    • dalton bardwell

      I think 2/1 pun is a complete idiot. He shot in self defense, what does your malfunctioning brain not understand? It is a tragedy but you cannot attack another human being with impunity. You have a serious brain condition you need to have checked out, its called being in denial and having zero accountability. What would your dumb ass do if you had a legal gun and someone attacked you? Hell, you people kill each other at a staggering rate for the hell of it. You should be worried about that.

  • J Ceasar

    J Ceasar says:
    May 2, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Maybe if 14% of the population that commits the vast majority of murders, rapes, racial attacks, robberies, car thefts, abandonment of children, welfare fraud……..just simply stopped……maybe you would not be constantly looked at as suspicious. Even Jesse Jackson is afraid of you while at an ATM machine. Grow up and stop whining and fix your community instead of standing up for a goon and future convict (by the odds he would be) like travon. He was not a good kid.

    • Dannie

      j ceasar: you’re DUM AS HELL,who are you to judge this kid, and as far as his FUTURE, we’ll never know ZIMMERMAN made sure of that. I sure as hell hope you don’t have children…..

  • richard holmes

    A lot of blacks follow jackson, sharpton and other race baiters and never question if what they are being told is all truly factual. They are aggitated into a fever by these black racists. These people do whatever they can to get the blacks to support their agendas. Their agendas only help these agitators. Stop following these people.

    • W P Barrett

      That was good.

    • Chookiedog

      This is the tip of the ice burg as to what is coming. The Black Panthers have already bragged about what’s going to happen to the “Crackers” of this country.

  • W P Barrett

    you asked the question, “What if Trayvon were white.” How about, “what if Zimmerman were black”. Just another day in the inner city. Where’s the outcry of the daily carjackings and drivebys?

    • aruba19

      I’ll tell you what would happen… as of this writing a black man in Florida was shot and killed by police while trying to eat a white man alive. This guy was naked, growling and gnawing the man’s face off and it took two bullets to stop him. He was shot once and kept eating and growling and the second shot put him down. NOW folks are decrying the “racist” cops for callously shooting a naked, “unarmed” black man while trying to make excuses for his behavior and cast this cannibal as a “victim”. Now, apply this liberal mindset to the Martin case as you outline it. If you dare suggest Tryavon were anything other than a victim no matter which end of the gun he was on, you’ll be slapped down as racist. THAT’S what would have happened.

  • W P Barrett

    why does the media keep showing pics of Trayvon when he was 12? Surely Jesse and Al can come up with something newer.

    • aruba19

      It’s easier to stir up race friction if you portray Martin as a little kid rather than the 5 feet 11 inch 160 pound 17 year old thug he was.

  • dalton bardwell

    People must first have sympathy for the family of trayvon martin before they give opinions. That doesnt mean Zimmerman was wrong though. It is sickening how black people use color to suit their goal. Blacks will deny Obamas white heritage because his skin is black. However, they deny Zimmermans hispanic heritage and call him white, even though he is as dark as Obama and is obviously more Hispanic than Caucasian. The hypocrisy and finger pointing by the black community is so pathetic and at times borders on lunacy. Race was an issue due to the fact that blacks were constantly being the burglars of that neighborhood. Therefore anyone who isnt a god damn retard or in severe denial would know that it is now perfectly reasonable to consider a black guy walking in the rain at night with a hoodie on would be labeled suspicious. Black people, get your damn heads out of your asses, we all know whos fault this is.

  • M

    Look up ‘Matthew Owens’. Where is the outcry?

  • White Male

    This is the worst article I have ever read. Everyone speaks about the white men being racist, read this article and you will see that the blacks are more racist than anyone. White devil this, white devil that, its crap. You guys expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter because you are black. People like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are two of the most racist people around. Anything that ever happens to a black person, these two idiots jump to racism and black power. That being said, the words from idiots like those two make the rest of the blacks think the same and crap like this comes out. Articles like this make me sick.

    • 2/1 pun

      satan has a hold on you and you can kill every black child just as pharoah proposed to do hell is the only destination for you and peoples that think like you my friend you refuse to hear the truth and that s sad because you lose your gun is useless against god children my friend.once again you lose.

      • aruba19

        2/1 pun… stop acting and speaking like a sanctimonious moron or you may get to hell faster then most. Jackson, Sharpton and the liberal media try to portray blacks as victims no matter which end of the gun they happen to be on, and you know it.

  • dave

    This article is misleading. I’m white and HAVE been stopped because police thought it was suspicious that I was walking down the road, and it wasn’t even in an area recently prone to theft.

    I didn’t get all upset or confrontational about it, remaining calm and cooperative. If I hadn’t, certainly things could have gone downhill very quickly. Herein lies the problem. I placed a certain amount of trust in Law Officers that they were responsible people, while Trayvon could not make such an assumption about a strange(r) civilian.

    Certainly Zimmerman should not have been out on patrol with a gun, nor should he have attempted to stop Trayvon. Poor choices make it seem as though he may be guilty of manslaughter, but if the neighbors had reported that a white youth was stealing things I’m confident Zimmerman would have also made the same mistake if Trayvon had been white.

    This is the difference between police and civilians, police are trained and have experience dealing with these situations, and of course identification so there isn’t any question of what kind of confrontation is taking place.

  • dalton bardwell

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are afraid to address the reasons for Trayvon Martin being followed. They are the biggest pussy cowards in the USA. They are insignificant and powerless with no credibility. I hope one day they will have the balls to be honest with themselves.

    • Rocco Rock

       Somebody needs to do away with Sharpton and Jackson. Fucking Monkeys

  • Dannie

    People are all hyped-up over this MARTIN\ZIMMERMAN case, this is not about RACE, this man was a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMEN not a F***ING cop. This man has been in trouble before with a cop, but did he care(NO).I know people like this they feel they are ABOVE THE LAW. He don’t feel like this because of his background, but because of his PARENTS. A boy killed another boy when my son was in college,his father being a JUDGE, thought he should just go FREE. Trust me it didn’t f***ing happen, his mother even got jail-time because she took him out of state. You see when you’re always bailing these kids out of this and that, they get use to this. George even had a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE charge on him SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. Not to mention the ASSAULT charge with the COP they lessen for him, my child, your child, would’ve had to serve their time, because I’m not a judge, Lawyer, Doctor,etc. My point is this was not about race, standing his ground, self-defense, NONE OF THE ABOVE. It’s about I can get out of whatever I get into, but he went just a bit too far, and it resulted in someones DEATH….and yes he should be brought to JUSTICE. You see you can’t always get away with shit like you think…The night this happened they (ATTORNEY GENERAL, POLICE CHIEF, AND HIS DADDY)had a little(SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG MEETING)but it didn’t work, because TRAYVON parents got people to start investigating this. If they would not have tried to PLAY THESE PARENTS STUPID and arrest him as the arresting cop said, AL SHARPTON, JESSIE JACKSON, ATTORNEYS, none of them would have been needed.When someone is killed or whatever the ATTORNEY GENERAL does not come 70-80 miles during the nite to see what’s up(COVER-UP). That’s exactly what it smelled like.The facts are in the news everyday and I watch everyday, a lot of you are not watching the same news I’m watching.first of all the 911 operator told zimmerman to stay in his truck, not to follow him that was his first F**K UP. SECOND: he really should not have had a gun for nieghborhood WATCH, are you getting it WATCH all he needed was his eyes and a phone. And guess what people if you are following me and I know you’re following me, and I feel threaten like I’m more than sure Trayvon did, I would have never turn around, and I don’t think he did, but when we would have met up believe me we would have fought, it’s called DEFENDING YOURSELF. There is no proof from the news I’ve watched that this child turned and went back. Zimmerman said it himself “THESE A$$HOLES THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY” so in plain english I GOT THIS forget the POLICE. ENTITLEMENT, ABOVE THE LAW, that’s what he felt.WATCH the news PLAIN and SIMPLE. Why do you think ANGELA COREY charged him with 2nd DEGREE MURDER.He made sure he didn’t get away, cops came 90 sec. too late.Whatever justice maybe, his parents deserve it. To trayvon parents: Don’t worry whatever the justice system prevails, be at PEACE with it.In the end GOD has the last word. And to george you may think you’ve gotten away with a murder, but guess what WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND think about it you also have family, and sometimes it comes back around faster than we anticipate.

    • dalton bardwell

      Since you want to do it that way——Trayvon wasnt this great kid. He has faught and attacked people at school, he used drugs, he was tagging school walls, caught with a screwdriver and stolen womens jewelery and his twitter name ” No limt Nigga”. I guess you buy the BS hype that he was only going to get skittles. Yeah, right.

  • Frank

    When I walk into Walmart and see an oversive young black woman sitting on her backside, and a senior white lady stocking shelve and mopping the floorEmployers are afraqid to clamp down on a black employee as they fear the federal Govenment and those like Jerky Jessy, so the black mostly get a free ride. In my day a man ( or woman ) did the job they were paid for or got fired. Not any more just be a minority and get a free ride. As ibn the Us Govt. they have the minority black Cacus, no white cacus cause that is rasit, In Gitmo gthe Defense atty wants all to dress like a muslum so as not to offend the religious belief’s of the suspects
    She does not state that her clients are on trial for murdering 3,000 men and woman who simply were christiass. Better get wise America and stand up for your country and your rights as men and woman did in my day, WW2 time frame. or in time we will all be wearing towels on our heads and woman will agains be slaves to men as they are no in Muslim countries. We have the only real God , Pray to hinm to give you the guts to take our country back , AND CLEAN HOUSE IN GOVT. Murder is Murder and lets stop sucking up to Asia and take America to where she belongs. # ONE

  • Dutch

    When I walk into Walmart and see an oversive young black woman sitting on her backside, and a senior white lady stocking shelve and mopping the floorEmployers are afraqid to clamp down on a black employee as they fear the federal Govenment and those like Jerky Jessy, so the black mostly get a free ride. In my day a man ( or woman ) did the job they were paid for or got fired. Not any more just be a minority and get a free ride. As ibn the Us Govt. they have the minority black Cacus, no white cacus cause that is rasit, In Gitmo gthe Defense atty wants all to dress like a muslum so as not to offend the religious belief’s of the suspects
    She does not state that her clients are on trial for murdering 3,000 men and woman who simply were christiass. Better get wise America and stand up for your country and your rights as men and woman did in my day, WW2 time frame. or in time we will all be wearing towels on our heads and woman will agains be slaves to men as they are now in Muslim countries. We have the only real God , Pray to him to give you the guts to take our country back , AND CLEAN HOUSE IN GOVT. Murder is Murder and lets stop sucking up to Asia and take America to where she belongs. # ONE. Never vote for an incumbant in any office. clean them all outOnemore thing if a black woman walks in a so called white area and she is dressed sexy, she will get whistled at, even in mid day. if she is white and in a black districk she will become a statistic. Again wake up folks


  • Dannie

    Yes, that is the way I want it. All this bulls**t about drugs, I’ve never heard. My info came from MSNBC, so if it’s a lie, they lied not me. This was a teenager, we don’t know what he could have been one day. As teenagers we’ve all probably done things we are not that proud of,but there is a thing called change. I have 2 children did things as teenagers I wasn’t to proud of, but guess what today children are ages 34 and 23 both very intelligent tax paying citizens. WAIT let me sweeten this for you(SINGLE-PARENT). And for DUTCH the only dam thing I get for free is to BREATHE. I work everyday, so that’s why my children work everyday, it has nothing to do with RACE, it’s the way you’re raised. I am so sick and tired of this RACE BULLSH**T. Scratches and bruises can heal, but DEATH is forever. Take one minute of your time and imagine this child being yours(FOCUS). Don’t look too good huh, and guess what this could have been yours or my child.Like I said before RACE played a very small part in this,Zimmerman was on a big EGO TRIP,(MR. IMMA SAVE THE NIEGHBORHOOD)….. WELL GUESS WHAT WHO THE F**K IS SAVING YOUR NIEGHBORHOOD NOW.This was taken too far,and there is no turning back.These parents need and deserves JUSTICE……..MAY GOD BLESS YOU….

  • Dannie


  • Ron d

    A white lady cop shot 3 times by a black jerk ,and not one white person said he was a racist.The black and white thing has gotten out of hand . Sharp ton wants everybody that is white to be wrong,he has never done anything right. Think back he only shows up to make things get out of hand.

  • Dannie

    TO RON D: YOU JUST MADE MY POINT EVEN MORE VALID, why does it have to be a “WHITE COP” shot by a “BLACK JERK”. She was a lady that got shot, WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN,ETC. I don’t care if the person was BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN,ETC. He was wrong this lady did not deserve this, and he also needs to be brought to JUSTICE…..This WHITE lady cop as you refer to her, is someones child, mother,wife, sister,etc. She doesn’t have to be referred to (A WHITE LADY COP.) Like I said everything on this website refers to RACE. As far as AL SHARPTON, the FLORIDA POLICE is at fault for him even being in florida.The MARTIN family called these people in, in order to recieve some sort of JUSTICE for their son.The way to keep AL SHARPTON out of things, do things in the right order.George Zimmerman should have never left that police station that night.The arresting cop said this not me, if you read my previous post you would know why? And in those other post I not once mentioned,WHITE, BLACK,ASIAN,HISPANIC, none of the above…..People(NOT A CERTAIN RACE)has taken this website to show their TRUE RACISM. RACISM and all of these RACIST comments are easier for them to express behind a computer keyboard. I’m not a RACIST, nor my family. I really think they need to SHUT this website down. Have you read some of the RACIST comments people have posted about the MARTINS child, it’s bad enough they’ve lost him, but to be able to just pull all this BULLS**T up on a computer. I am a BLACK female, I work everyday, I’m not a SLAVE, yes our ANCESTORS may have been, but people at some point you have to LET GO AND LET GOD.Nobody owes me anything, I as well as my children work for what we have.

  • Kate


    CHICAGO (WLS) – Two people have been killed, and at least 24 other people — one of them a 12-year-old girl — have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday afternoon.

    About 1:26 a.m. Sunday, Devon Paramore, 33, of the 8600 block of West 87th Street, was shot in the back and right armpit in the 1300 block of 13th Street and later pronounced dead at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

    The other fatal shooting occurred at 9:09 p.m. on Friday in the city’s Far South Side Pullman neighborhood, where police said they found an unresponsive 16-year-old boy on the sidewalk in the 121000 block of South Green Street.

    Donnell Rankin, of the 21700 block of South Clyde Avenue in Sauk Village, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. A Saturday autopsy found Rankin died from a gunshot wound to the neck.

    At least 24 other people have been wounded in shootings this weekend, including a 12-year-old girl.

    The most recent non-fatal shooting occurred about 11:50 p.m. Sunday when a man in his 40s was shot in the face in the 4400 block of South Berkeley Ave., police said.

    Five minutes before that a woman was critically wounded when she was shot twice in the lower chest in the 3200 block of West Maypole Ave.

    She was standing on the sidewalk with a group of people when someone in a passing light-colored sedan shot her, police said. No one else was injured.

    She was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County in critical condition.

    About 10:15 p.m. two men were standing on the sidewalk in the 11600 block of South Racine Avenue when they were both shot in the left leg. A 36-year-old man was taken in “stable” condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, and a 27-year-old man was taken in “stable” condition to Roseland Community Hospital, police said.

    At 9:15 p.m., a 21-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the foot in the 7700 block of South South Shore Drive, police said. The man walked into Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released.

    At 6:45 p.m., a male of an unknown age was shot in the leg in the 6300 block of South Hoyne Ave., police said. Paramedics took the man in “stable” condition to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital, police said.

    About 15 minutes earlier, a 21-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the side in the 6600 block of South Union Avenue, police said, adding that the man was taken in fair condition to Saint Bernard Hospital.

    At 5:22 p.m., a 20-year-old was shot in the head while driving west on East 85th Street from South Yates Boulevard in the South Shore neighborhood. The gunfire came from a smokey blue Toyota Camry that followed the man, police said.

    After being shot, the man crashed his car into a tree in the 2300 block of East 85th Street, police said, adding that the man was talking to officers after the accident. Paramedics took the man in “stable” condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, police said.

    About 12:15 a.m., a 26-year-old man was seriously wounded in a drive-by in the 2900 block of West Polk Street. Police said he was shot in both legs, the abdomen area and in one of his fingers.

    Two minutes before that, a 27-year-old man was shot in the leg in the 5800 block of South Wolcott Ave.

    About 11:15 p.m. Saturday, in the 7200 block of South Green Street. An 18-year-old man was riding a bike when someone fired at him from a group of males, striking him in the right buttock, police said.

    At 10:30 p.m. a 12-year-old girl was struck in the left foot by gunfire in the 500 block of North Springfield Avenue, police said. She was taken in good condition to Mount Sinai Hospital.

    Also about 10:30 p.m., a 24-year-old man was shot in the back in the 300 block of South Campbell Ave. and managed to get to Mount Sinai Hospital withouth an ambulance, police said. He was listed in “stable” condition early Sunday.

    At 10:10 p.m., a man in his 20s was treated for a gunshot wound to the back at Mount Sinai Hospital, but is refusing to tell authorities where the shooting happened, police said. He is listed in good condition.

    About 9:15 p.m. on Saturday in Far South Side Pullman neighborhood, a man was shot in the leg in the 300 block of West 104th Place, police said, adding that paramedics took him in good condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

    At 4:52 p.m., a 15-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound to the leg near the intersection of East 105th Street and Indiana Avenue, police said. His condition and the hospital he was taken to were not immediately known Sunday, police said.

    Two people walked into John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County wounded after a 3:20 p.m. shooting in the 3700 block of West Roosevelt Road, police said. A 42-year-old man shot in the right shoulder, and a 43-year-old woman shot in the left forearm were both listed in good condition.

    At 1:15 a.m., a 26-year-old man was walking with some friends in the Wicker Park neighborhood when an unknown gunman approached him on foot and fired shots in the 1200 block of North Wolcott Avenue, police said.

    The man was hit multiple times and taken in critical condition to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, police said, adding that the shooting was gang-related.

    Fifteen minutes earlier, a 24-year-old was shot in the Far South Side Roseland neighborhood. The shooting occurred on the sidewalk in the 300 block of West 107th Street, police said, adding that the man suffered a gunshot wound to his lower left leg and was taken to Roseland Community Hospital.

    On Friday at 10:37 p.m., a 26-year-old man was shot in the upper right thigh in the West Side Lawndale neighborhood, police said. The shooting took place in the 2100 block of South Washtenaw Avenue, and the man was taken in good condition to Mount Sinai Hospital, police said.

    Earlier Friday, a 54-year-old woman and two men were wounded in separate shootings about a block apart on the South Side.

    At 7 p.m., a 21-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were standing outside during a party in the 7000 block of South Clyde Avenue when assailants approached on foot from the alley and opened fire, police said. The assailants then fled down the alley and entered a blue van.

    The 17-year-old boy was in critical condition after suffering gunshot wounds to the chest and flank, police said. The 21-year-old man was shot in both legs and was in “stable” condition. Paramedics took the man and the boy to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

    About 4:30 p.m., a 54-year-old woman was shot in the right hip at East 71st Street and South Chappel Avenue, police said. She was also taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

  • Dannie


  • SpookyMckoon

    I think all black people should taste the rainbow like trayvon

    • Dannie


  • SpookyMckoon

    If Trayvon Parker was white he wouldn’t have attacked George Zimmerman in the first place. Black people get more and more sorry everyday. Bunch of trifling jiggaboos with no one left to blame but duh whyte mang. You are the cause of all of your problems and thank god the white man was there to protect you simple chimps from yourselves.

    • Dannie


  • Cody

    Anytime anyone dies it becomes a sad situation. But why is this story even about race? The public, us, have very little facts outside of an audio tape and a body bag. Does everyone know that Zimmerman’s great grandmother is black? Probably not. Does everyone know that Zimmerman installed new locks on his black neighbor’s doors after her house was broken in to? Probably not. Does everyone know that Zimmerman started a business with a close black friend. That he lived with two black girls most of his childhood. Probably not. Does everyone know that the subdivision had a very long string of burglaries and vandalism being reportedly done by young black males? Which would give sufficient evidence to why Zimmerman might have been a little too aggressive in pursuing Trayvon. That is called profiling, unfortunately Treyvon fit a profile of the bandits ransacking the neighborhood. Too often, if not always, when there is very little facts to go on or a story is first leaked and its a bi-racial event the default motive is race. But why? It is time to begin a chapter of moving past race. If we all want equality we should not default to racism at every turn. I asked many of my black friends if someone they knew who was not prejudice or racist what so ever called them a Negro simply because for whatever reason they were taught black people were called Negros (not the more sinister n word either) if they would be offended. They all answered yes. When I asked why, they said because its an offensive word. But there in lies the biggest problem of all. Prejudice is going to exist forever. I wish it didn’t. I will try my damnedest to keep it from spreading but it will forever be there. But if you allow your emotions and thoughts to be controlled by word. A word. Then you are keeping prejudice alive just as much as the speaker. I am very sorry Trayvon was killed. But we just do not know enough to speculate motives and we most certainly should not default to racism as the biggest contributor.

  • roderick mullins

    Kill every fucking goddamn nigger beast on earth. Then humans may stand a chance of making it into the 22nd century. Wish there were more Trayvons. Dead gutter apes that is.

    • AGYDPI

      A sorry ass INBRED  

  • SFin

    Only a racist would call someone by the color of their skin instead of their actual race. Neither my race nor my skin color is white. My skin color is beige & my race is Caucasian.

  • SFin

    I’m sick of the race thing. If you cannot speak about someone w/o mentioning or judging them by their skin color or race then go live on a mountain by yourself. Otherwise, be respectful of others & speak to & about them as if they were simply human.

    • Dannie


    • Teakmedecks

      I did one better I bought a government surplus ex nuc missle silo and moved in underground, no niggers, no sagging pants, no nigger music vibrating my windows, and no crime out here. The first one I see within 500 feet of here will be shot plain and simple. Racist no, crime stats prove the niggers commit the majority, blacks dont. BIG difference.

  • 0jeep0

    A white male dressed like that would look suspicious and most certainly would be stopped and questioned if he were seen walking in a predominantly black neighborhood. If not by the cops it would be someone that lives there. “What you doin’ over here boy? You wanna to get shot up? Get your white ass on out of here!”

  • 0jeep0

    A white male dressed like that would look suspicious and most certainly would be stopped and questioned if he were seen walking in a predominantly black neighborhood. If not by the cops it would be someone that lives there. “What you doin’ over here boy? You wanna get shot up? Get your white ass on out of here!”

  • RICO

    To reply to the headline, no, I likely will not.

    Then again, if the preponderance of my racial culture’s mid-teen youth were wearing baggy pants and hoodies, with a grill and they idlolized and emulated the gangsta lifestyle – making me suspect, simply by my dress and attitude, I likely would (given empirical data)…

    As Bill Cosby and Colin Powell have said repeatedly, “Pull up your pants and man up!” And all they receive in reply is crickets.

    Whatever you think at the end of the day, it’s the breakdown of the two-parent family and out-of-wedlock births in a culture that cannot/will not police itself…even with The Great Society.

    What a shame.

    • Jwilpjr

      Don’t forget white people make up more than 65-70% of the US population. So by sheer numbers alone you receive more gov’t assistance, food stamps/public assistance, have more out-of-wedlock babies–teen preggers-although apparently the ##’s for whitebirths this year are down. Marriage–you all steadily are BIGGER cheaters/liers/adulteres/whoremongers/living together as Girl Friend & Boy Friend. Bill Cosby & Colin Powell are right about pulling up your pants-I too hate that “prison SH!T”, but don’t forget your white kids/boys (man I want 1 of them) are copying it/have taken it globally and they far out number all minorities here in the US… So the question IS, WHO needs to POLICE WHO??? I love being White!

    • Jwilpjr

      Don’t forget white people make up more than 65-70% of the US population. So by sheer numbers alone you receive more gov’t assistance, food stamps/public assistance, have more out-of-wedlock babies–teen preggers-although apparently the ##’s for whitebirths this year are down. Marriage–you all steadily are BIGGER cheaters/liers/adulteres/whoremongers/living together as Girl Friend & Boy Friend. Bill Cosby & Colin Powell are right about pulling up your pants-I too hate that “prison SH!T”, but don’t forget your white kids/boys (man I want 1 of them) are copying it/have taken it globally and they far out number all minorities here in the US… So the question IS, WHO needs to POLICE WHO??? I love being White!

  • Terryjpratt

    Blacks are boring. Why do black men kill so many people????

  • mal

    I sympathize with the family of Treyvon Martin. His death was a horrible tragedy. But I also want to enlighten those who have written this article that Edward Conley, a taxi driverfrom Brockton, MA. was murdered one night a few years ago when a few thugs with dark skin decided to rob him and force his car into an alley and put a couple of bullets in his head. Try to imagine what was going through this decent man’s mind when 3 black guys got into his car and started messing with him. He must have begged for his life. His two kids have no father now and he lost his life tragically and senselessly too. I, personaly have stereotyped white people that I thought to be suspicious looking too. We all look around to see that we are safe and when someone makes us nervous…..black or white, our guard is up. There are plenty of white and black gangstas. Gangstas want us to fear them. Gangstas have a certain look. They look tough. If I come across someone with a hood on I seriously check them out too. Black or white. Especially when it’s not cold out. Why would you wear a hood in the heat. Just to look suspicious? We all look out for ourselves.

  • Abouthadit

    more typical liberal guilt tripping.  Why not show a current picture of Martin?  Afraid his gang banger appearance will expose the truth?

  • joe

    We have a black president, yet black folks still act like they are discriminated against. Give me a break.. how much discrimination can there be when there is a black president.. oh.. you cant get a job because you’re black? ha. get a new excuse… and an education. Then you’ll realize that life is what each of us makes it.. not what “society did to you..”

    • Teakmedecks

      Now theyre mad cause the black president didnt give them more welfare money, so they had to cut back on the booze and crack. Not what they counted on. If they dont like the way it is move, go back to where you came from and see if your any better off. You can fight with 400 of your relatives over a loaf of bread thrown from the back of UN truck. Notice that even there the handouts are present, can breed but cant feed. Its a black thing alright. Must be hereditory, no where these leeches are is there sucess.

  • joe crouse

    I call bullspit,

    I get pulled over 2 or 3 times a month driving around Baltimore City. As an insomnaic I kill a lot of time driving around listening to the radio theres some good music and news programs on between 11 and 3 am especialy on college radio and the best college radio is around colleges with 4 big ones in the area Baltimore City is a hot spot for such.

    I’ve been told I was looking for drugs, cruising for hookers, DEALING drugs )(Drug dealer driving a 98 staturn station wagon? Not any self respecting one) I got accused of transporting Fight dogs once. (I had brought my DOG with me) Oh and I get accused of being a Hack all the time (While I have operated as a hack when I was out of work to make some $ I gave that game up a LOOONG time ago). (or worse a cop). In 2 years I’ve been pulled over 50-60 times had my car searched by hand 30 times and Had the Dogs out about 15-20 times. Its been Impounded 2x.

    Face it ANYBODY that looks out of place IS suspicious it comes with being out of place.

    • hi

      Hi Joe,

      Very intriguing, thank you for that… just one question, what does it mean to work as a ‘Hack’?  Thanks!

  • Fast Eddie

    You must remember, George broke his own nose, black`en his eyes, and fell over backwards, the only possable solution. And always remember, Sharpton and Jackson are the problems, not the solutions.

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  • Jim

    I am still trying to figure out why everyone keeps on calling Trayvon a person of color, when I took art in grade school 50 years ago we learned Black was the abscence of all color and white was all coloras which was why you could put a white light thru a prism and get a rainbow.
    Just tired of all these tags everyone is useing.

    • rod paulson

      You have the black and white switched–black is all colors and white is no color. 

  • dalton bardwell

    Now we are getting more accurate facts that Trayvon was the attacker, and all you loser cowards are afraid to open your big mouths now. You fuckin bitches cry RACISM and now that your theory is proven wrong you now decide to shut the fuck up. Good, you assholes never have anything intelligent or relevent to say anyway. I piss on all you people crying that an innocent little boy was stalked and murdered, you cowardly fucks have been shut the fuck up by facts, now stay shut the fuck up until Zimmerman is found not guilty. Then you scumbags can go burn down your own neighborhoods and the world can see exactly what you are. Cowards have nothing to say anymore. Pathetic.

  • A Sinner

    God’s wrath says:
    May 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    God WILL judge us all and I would not want to be one of the people who did nothing to better their world and who only cried about the injustices that never happened to them. Ministers who preach hate (as you do) will be judged harshly and sent straight out of Heaven! EVERY race in history has had their injustices! Get over it and preach harmony not hate!

    • Teakmedecks

      Hey bible preaching nome…your false gods do nothing and will do nothing. They dont exist. When your dead your dead, end of story.

  • A Sinner

    God’s wrath says:
    May 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Yes, God WILL judge us all and I would not want to be one of the people who did nothing to better their world and who only cried about the injustices that never happened to them. Ministers who preach hate (as you do) will be judged harshly and sent straight out of Heaven! EVERY race in history has had their injustices! Get over it and preach harmony not hate!

  • charles

    White people will never be suspicious like trayvon martin. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. WE ARE MORE SUSPICIOUS as soon as a black person calls any white a racists. We have to prove we are not. FAIR I don’t think so. BUT this is the world we live in NOW. BLACKS rule the media,tv, magazine, radio and more impotantly the court system. AS SOON AS A BLACK PERSON assaults, kill and or rape a white person IT IS SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. let a white person do the same it will make the national news

    • Jwilpjr

      WHO murders the entire family? Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some tender, young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • milagrosgvillamil@yahoo.com

    My thoughts and i share them whenever i feel like it choosing not to give one dayum inch, nor care about what the sons and daughters (lovers) of white rapists and out of line disrespectful white women think..
    Trayvon was minding his business Zimmerman, profiled him stalked him and assassinated him. After he attacked and found that Trayvon was no push over and after taking a beat down he shot and killed him..Had the murdering Jew brat with the magistrate father, sat in his car as told and not stalked Trayvon, perhaps he would have a prayer..NOT! i have no love for the CJ system, i do believe there will be a conviction..lets not take our eyes off this young man and his family! bring it!

  • aruba19

    I see a LOT of racist commentary and finger pointing here. But let’s be real… there is no proof this circumstance was racially motivated in the least… so far. Zimmerman was taken to police HQ and later released with his weapon because the police saw the situation as a case of legal self defense. Martin’s parents saw their child dead and possibly thought the shooter was released because their son was black. And who can blame them? In the face of such tragedy, every one of us would seek answers beyond what is already known. But what if the color of either party didn’t enter into it? What if the whole thing was just a series of bad choices and mistakes? Like carrying a weapon on neighborhood watch and confronting somebody when it could be avoided? Or like deciding to pit yourself physically against somebody who happened to be armed and paying the price? The racism hue and cry started when the Martins trotted out those well known racist stink-stirrers and erstwhile publicity prostitutes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. We all know their tactics well. Simply put, when your only tool is a hammer, every problem requires pounding. When you’re a racist whose only tool is the race card, every problem requires playing it. These two preachers without churches have been playing the same, tired one card hand for decades. They’ve gotten away with it because conservatives ignore their antics and liberals indulge them. Now once again Jackson and Sharpton have yelled “RACISM!” and “MARTYR!” and “HATE CRIME” in public and managed to polarize the entire nation from the White House down to the man on the street. They’ve made it harder for Zimmerman to get the fair trial both Jackson and Sharpton would insist on if they were in his shoes. At this point people are expressing fear of racial riots if Zimmerman is acquitted. If that happens, then once, JUST ONCE I’d like to see these two racist morons who perpetrate discord, violence and destruction every time they open their mouths held accountable. Perhaps we could send them to minister in prison for several years. NOT because of their race, but because of the results of their racism.

    • Yes sir !!! The two named person who help brings on action in this slaughter are being crucified because an arrest was made and action was taken,  they are your scapegoats and named prostitutes morons. How do you feel now are you revengefully satisfy ? Sic.

  • reefers

    i think back to a speech bill cosby gave yrs ago about the black community. he was right on. you can’t talk and be understood, your pants are falling down and your crack is hanging out, both out of the back of your pants and out of your pockets, what kind of respect are you demanding from others when you don’t even respect yourselves. and the problem is with the parenting skills or lack thereof

  • Mike

    Well duh! That’s because Whitey will never be the ones committing 80% of the crime that is committed. Blacks are viewed with suspicion because they commit most violent crime. Look it up before you start with the rascist slurs. The truth hurts.

    • Jwilpjr

      Whitey should be profiled because, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • Warhog65

    wow. how do u response to that. do what obama did for rev. wright. give them $150,000 to shut the hell up. green is heaven in the ghettos.

  • Wow, can’t even get through page 1 without seeing comments from racist white trolls. No surprise at all. Get a life, jeez…..a civilized one. 

    • Stop blaming eveyone

      Define racism.  Chances are you are unable to as many other Americans cannot.  It’s a worthless term over used by those who lack any real education or understanding of world events.

    • Wow, can’t even get through page 1 without seeing comments from RACE CARD PLAYING, WHITE HATING black trolls. No surprise at all. Get a life, jeez…..a civilized one.

    • Teakmedecks

      Id rather be a troll than a nigger anyday. I have no trouble getting a job and keeping it, not ever on welfare, and no bastard babies by different men littering my doorstep.

  • Stop blaming eveyone

    I am growing tired of all of this we’re being held down crap!  We have done it to ourselves.  Many of us are not being fathers, or mothers since we are too busy at the clubs.  We have not taught our young people to see beyond their current life and what lies ahead.  Reverend Jackson does not speak for me or many others who share my facial features.  Far too often our youth think they “owed” something. Owed for WHAT?  Acting ignorant, dressing and acting like criminals?   Our youth speaks in a manner and tone without an education, and on hearing someone who does they are “talking white.” Looking foolish, speaking loud, and going out to night clubs, while destroying your community is no ones fault but our own.  Don’t blame others (Whites, Hispanics, or Asians) for our self destruction.  We are to blame no one else.  But alas you will blame anyone just so we as a community can continue to live in a imaginary oppression.  There is a reason why other races are more successful.  They care for their children, they promote education, not a quick scheme to make money, and most do not resolve problems with violence.  We could have the same things, but we never will not as long as so called articles such as this is being written.  Take responsibility for yourself, your children and rise up.  There is no excuse for us to remain in our current condition.

    • Jamiesmailcenter

      Thank you for asking our youth to take responsibility for themselves instead of passing blame, thank you

      • Ajayemac

        Dam thats sad that a young boy has lost his life and because of his skin this is where we are well I know what my life is worth

        •  What does the color of his skin have to do with his suspicious behavior, and his viscious assult on Zimmerman?  What does that have to do with his gang banging, dope slanging, gold grill having, truent, juvenile delinquent self?

          Being black is not an excuse to be a criminal. I never owned a slave, so dont blame me because your culture celebrates and glorifies crime.

          • Justjessedrummah

            George pursued and confronted Trayvon who was doing nothing wrong.  What is so suspicious about walking from a store to your dads girlfriends house?  FLORIDA’s STAND YOUR GROUND rule/law applies here.  Trayvon stood his ground vs George, the man that pursued him with a loaded handgun, the same George that made himself neighborhood watch freak, the same George that had no sort of “Neighborhood Watch” identifying badge, hat, shirt, jacket, or uniform.  How would you feel as a teenager, no matter what your skin color, if someone like George stalked in his vehicle as you walked peacefully down the street?  If this person got out of his vehicle, approached and confronted you with a loaded handgun etc what would you do?  STAND YOUR GROUND I bet, just as Trayvon was doing when George the LIAR killed him.  Get a clue fool….

          • The BK Lounge lizard

            Do you know what neighborhood watch is? Obviously not or you wouldn’t have written your dribble. Try to Google it. 

          • Ajayemac

            Ok and the boys Dad lived there if he such a good watch-er he would have known who live in ur neighborhood. Besides one key word in neighborhood watch — is watch not pursue not confront not detain and then again who carries a gun for watching and reporting .

    • Gerald Clum

      Sounds like a black man with some integrity and guts. I deeply respect you Sir.

    • Rocco Rock

      Thank you someone gets it finally.

    • Ajayemac

      OMG you are a real butthead  none of what you say is true of me. I am 50 years old I’ve been married to the same women for 28 years we raised two girls I work hard never been to a club I love my family.Im a deacon in the church.Im faithful to my wife and both my girls are successful in business one is the licensed distributor for Baby Phat and the other is in management with Nissan corp.We all do good and we are happy but other races still hate us Im in my suite that doesn’t change the way they think me with all that I do do good they still only see my skin.Just last week I helped a friend move and the manager who does not know me ask him if I was going to move with him because they did not want any blacks living there. OK you tell me what did I do to deserved that .ajayemac@yahoo.com  

      • Paulines314982

        It is obvious no one was speaking to you.  Then again you have only further my point.  Black men are killing each other daily.  Where are the fathers?  Where is the outrage when the so called New Black Panthers were committing crimes making us appear more criminal to others?  Why do we hear “THAT’S RACIST” when the true cause is simply we did not get our way.  When are we going to stop blaming other races for the problems we see on the south side of Chicago?  Did the Whites, Asians, or any other race cause or continue to cause this massive violence?  No of course not.  Stating you are a deacon in a church does not give you an instant clean slate.  Do I need to offer further comment on the nonsense preached in the walls of God?  As for the comment delivered by the manager, I honestly find that hard to believe someone would say that directly to you.  However, if they actually did say that then you need to remember why that question was asked.  Our community is falling apart and your first comment of OMG also proves much about you as well.  If you taking steps to making a better life your your daughters as all parents should. Sadly there are so many more who will never take the time or effort.

        • Ajayemac

          I give up you win no matter what I do as a man I will never be excepted as a person by someone of another race or you I can continue to try to do my personal best and  I will still be black therefore my worth will be zero and as for the managers comment its true he said it to my friend that I was helping to move he didn’t let me hear what was said my friend told me on the way to get the second load . thanks for you comments Im done   

      • arcadia

        You’re not the problem, Aja. It’s the all the others that create 50% of the crime for only 13% of the population, dress like gang bangers, and just in general won’t get with the program. And it’s not a “white” program. It’s a “how to successful program” or a “how to be respected program”  or a just in general “how to make in life” program. You’re doing it right, but there’s too many others in your race that aren’t, and they’re dragging you down with them. That’s the same reason the manager treated you that way. I’m not saying the manager is right, but the odds are, according to statistics, there is someone you know that has been in trouble (felony), and the manager doesn’t want that person on the property. 
        The whole issue is potential for crime. Nobody looks down on Asians, or Hispanics, or even recent black immigrants from Africa, because the are not a crime threat.
        Turn the whole situation around. What if it where white people causing 50% of the crime with 13% of the population. I would be more leary around white people I didn’t know. It’s a matter of self preservation, and most people, no matter what color they are, are not going to sacrifice it over being politically correct.

        • Ajayemac

          Hay guy thanks for your comment Im sorry I let my emotions take off with me I just felt knowing that I have done my best to not only be a good family man but down right good man .I just got caught up in all this desiccation)))) all I heard in this was black people black people .I was part of the first set of people from the projects to be bused to a white school in the 70s and I remember arriving at the school for the first time and saw all the people standing out in protests against us .I got on the buss happy and excited about a new school wondering what it would be like .Then I along with a few others I  pissed my pants .And I remember asking the buss driver (who was white)why are they acting like that and he said (Quote I knew this was a bad ideal) Boy he said this is how much they hate you.And I ask but what did I do of course he said because you’re Black.  So I really should not even be here discussing this What I feel has nothing to do with the Law so I let them handle it .Im out    

      • arcadia

        By the way, I forgot to mention that I voted for Obama.

        • Ron paul

          thanks. dummy.

      • Wwjjhh

        The manager was a racists. Doesnt make all whites racists. There are tons of black racists also but more are not same as whites.

        • Ajayemac

          this is true my friend is white we been friend for a long time we get alone enjoy the same things in life but we exist together our long years of friendship is because we see each other not a color there is always one thing one man could say is bad about another but we don’t do that its just not about color with us.But when I hear people addressing a situation that is bad and they say black people or a black I feel as if I fit the description but not the situation ….you  know what never mine Im sorry Im wasting your time do forgive me but its not worth it fighting only leads to more fighting forget I started this.  

    • Arcadia

      That’s the same thing thing that Bill Cosby said, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton condemmed him for saying it. Bill Cosby is the epitomy of the American Dream. He grew up in the ghetto, and became the most powerful man in show business! And J.J. and A.S. treat him like he grew up in a privledged family and didn’t have to fight the same odds as everyone else. Cosby should run for President and SBE can be his runningmate.

  • Baby Girl

    My point is this, if the shoe fits, wear it,  How many White people do you see walking around in the middle of the night with hoodies on, and pants about to fall off, with Weapons, in a neighborhood where they know there is a neighborhood watch group watching them, It is like he was saying ” BRING IT ON DUDE ,YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME,”  People give it up, Quit playing the race card .,Get your own life, Get a JOB,

    • I am so sorry it was not the other way around in this case Baby Girl, then come hear the war cry from all the biggoths whom are white washing this racist dirty laundries.

    • Electricity1

      You are so wrong it stupid…….1) All races where hoddies all the time. 2) it was not the middle of the night. 3) his pants where up and with a belt. 4) Since when does skittles, and ice tea count as a weapon.

      Zimmerman had a gun. He had been warned about carring a gun. 40+ false alarms to police. He chased, and approached TM. This could go on & on forever with all of zimmermans mistakes.

      Lastly, what did TM martin do to get killed?

    • Jwilpjr

      True, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, job change or anything that is less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

    • Ajayemac

      Heres my point George is not a racist everybody else is But George was wrong to do what he did if the guy had been green the dispatcher warned him not to follow the man any further.So Babygirl I get what you are saying If you are Black The only way you can go to the store is to dress in all white since its night and ware bells and sirens ok now I know what to do to stay alive. Oh yeah and we should make it legal to hunt and kills blacks.Right well if nobody hears ya I do       

  • More BS from the professional victims. TM was a drug abusing possibly drug dealing  self-acknowedged thug who had been expelled for drugs and possession of burglars tools and loot.

    The only reason you all went after Zimmerman is because you thought he was a rich white “Joo” and saw a payday.

    We heard NO condemnation of the President using this as part of his race war and the New Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman’s head; I SPIT on anyone and everyone who lauds TM.


    • There, it has been said! TY

    • Ajayemac

      I can not belive we still live in the 30s Racism is as strong today as it ever was this case shows it Comments like this WoW  he was no different than any other teenager so he deserved to Die for that WoW’ the facts in the case he went to the store he had no car WoW he had no weapon George did he was walking George followed him not the other way around George approached him Not the other way around If I dont know who you are following me you approach me and Im a beat that ass too

      • POP


        • Anoan

          I have one comment: Zimmerman is a self justifying prick who’s own words condemn him.

        • Ajayemac

          yes sir like it or not human first judge me all you want ur God put me in hell tell me there’s no forgiveness but one things for sure I meant what I said I’m not passive and I’m not in bondage .

  • mikep

    Congratulations. This article is racist.

    • Ajayemac

      so true when you stop on this page you can see how strong racism is in this country.Man its as strong as its ever been I was so blind though we had come a long way Well back to the drawing board .Though we were diverse but we are divided instead thats how we stand and thats why when we are attacked by another country we will be outter there      

    • Ooojack2001

         It is told by blacks so it is racist.  What did you expect??

  • Pete

    get over it….. sick of it.

  • Black are failures in Life because they look for every excuse to Blame someone else for their Failures.. stop blaming Live right raise your own kids and get a job!

    • Jwilpjr

      WHO murders the entire family? Whitey! Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • Noob

    Crime statistics don’t lie.  There’s a reason.

    • Jwilpjr

      No lie, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • Rogue3607

    Good Nigger

    • Jwilpjr

      WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Whitey–Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem. In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young WHITE BOOTY, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • Are You Serious?

    Nonsense!  Anytime I was ever found wandering a neighborhood late at night as a teenager, there were demands about who I was and what I was doing. It’s to be expected. 

    I will never be as suspicious and demanding of others.  I expected to be challenged if I was in a neighborhood late at night where few people knew me.  Why wouldn’t I be?

    • Well, when you are old enough and have had enough of your (and your kids) property stolen by thugs over and over again and the perps just happen to be young black kids from down the street then maybe you will remove those blinders and see things as they really are!

      • Ajayemac

        ok so what you gone to do when white thugs take your stuff

  • Are You Serious?

    By the way, Trayvon was killed because reasonable suspicion and questions caused him to attack a man. 

    You’re not helping.  You’re making it worse. But, carry on.  I doubt you even care that you’re making it worse.  You get to project the image you so desperately desire to project.

  • rod paulson

    That was about the most useless story I have read in years……………..

  • Teakmedecks

    Nobody holds you all down, you do it to your selves and then blame whitey for everything to make yourself feel better. You look like a thug, you dress like a thug, your a thug. Drug useing, lazy, thieven brats, no ones fault but YOURSand your families who are about the same. You give your self the bad eye, and guess what you fit the part well. Thats why theres so many of you without jobs, employeers dont want the attitude, high school flunkies, nor do they want to see your ass, go to the prisons ya know who the bend over billys are. Leave it at the prison, or get used to those of us that will reach for our guns any time we see someone who looks like, acts like and is like the street lizard who got himself blown away. One less scurge in society. 

    • Osiris

      its obvious u have no true sense of world history, considering africans created civilization and and built pyramids , while the european was in a cave in the caucasus mountains painting themselves blue on all four with a tail, so all this greco-roman lifestyle  u see today is a carbon copy of ancient egypt, if u crakkkas can be original i would have more respect for your people, there are no Natural resources in europe thats why u flugelrods invade and rape, take from africa, u are melanin less and the sun will make u dissolve unlike me i dont need spf 15 AND can be in the sun all day, and i dont tan because i am the ORIGINAL MAN,   

      • The oldest human remains ever found are asian but even more recently in Israel. Europeans have civilized whole countries in Africa and this is the kind of gratitude they get? I know millions of lives whites have saved in Africa. In fact they have even tried to overcome the slaughtering of innocent European farmers as savage blacks massacre them routinely. Your Nation of Islam racist African American ideology is a complete false religion created out of hate to the white man. Everything about it is a complete made up lie and does not even follow the preachings of your so called true Islam brothers who you seem to think are African American blacks. Oh and the egyptians and other middle easterns had blacks as slaves where only a few Africans ever held any authority whatsoever. Romans, egyptians, and other middle easterns are all unique in their own right but do display caucasian features with straight hair, light skin, different color eyes, and a peckerwood. You peckerwood wood wannabe.

      • Rbooher7526

        Osris if the black man is/was that much more superior than the cave dwelling white man, then why do you have an attitude of a victim? I doubt you could have survived the routine of an early African or European. Loose the vivtim attitude. By the way in Chicago, and most large citie,s blacks are murdering and raping blacks at a far greater rate than white people. 10 blacks were murdered in Chicago last week, all by other blacks. You think they killed each other on the pyramids like that? I love America and would never want to go back to the Europe. Nothing is stopping you from returning to Africa – except you like it here and you like having all the benefits from a well developed society. Quit your crying. You ae not a victim. You are a benefactor of a great society. Make life what you want it to be.

        • Ajayemac

          Spoken like a true raciest you go boy I can see into you’re heart  

      • blackcop

        As an Afro centrist I believe life may have started in Africa, but as they left they evolved, due to the fact that life was constant in the sub Saharan regions, evolution was stymied, the brothas who migrated to the north, then east and west, were the developers of civilization. They were challenged intellectually or they perished, therefore their cognitive reasoning developed.

        •  well as a matter of fact I believe this very thing. We did all start in Africa, and we may have all been black. Every time I take a leak I KNOW my family musta been black or part horse. At any rate, your right . the SMART ONES got up and said Hey look. it’s too hot here. You can stay if you want be We are going to find a cooler place to live, and they got up and went. the stupid ones stayed in Africa. The Smart ones turned white after a few decades out of the direct sun. Sorry if that offends anyone, but since I am right, I can’t be wrong.

          • rev billybob

            you are wrong, life started in the garden of eden with a white adam and eve.

          • Woody36206

            If that is the case REV billybob, where did the blacks come from? or any other race for that matter. Adam and Eve is BS. you believe that why???? you claim its god’s word but god didnt write it. MAN did

          • Strive for a better America


      • jamal

        So…. you are thanking us from getting you the hell out of africa where your ass would be about 60lbs and starving !  Your welcome 1

      • Letseeit7

        Too funny Egyptians arent black first off . Second the negro nation never evolved past mud huts . To this day they still can be found jumping around a campfire with a bone in the nose or lip , beating on drums . Too this day black people have only found success in white society . Go too Africa sometime and visit the true back man . Then tell us how evolved you are . Feel free to call me a racist as my niece and nephew are half black .

        • Ajayemac

          them being half black has nothing to do with you being a RACIST which  you really are .And you spelled a back man not a black man Proof read would be good.visit the true Back man hahahahah lol

          • Robocomp1

            Yes you have a typo on a comment section,therefore,  your entire line of logic is mute.

      • Robocomp1

        Hhahahahaha, oh my sides! Please stop! Hahahaha! your killing me! Let me know when the spaceship shows up to take you and Farrekon back to the home world! Africa wouldnt have anything more than mud hutts if not for the British. Egytpions are not black moron. Check the DNA. They are more closely linked to the greeks! Look at any where that was a great white city or country that was then taken over by blacks. Total decay and ruin. Liberia, South Africa, Hatai, Detroit, Chicago, etc, etc,!

    • You can just stop being so illiterate and narrow minded. People with thinking like you make other law-abiding folks think’s Evil and racial as you do….This young man was hounded by the white murderer for just being who he was for the color of his skin. Watch THE KILLER’S IN HIS EYES and the teen you’ll see whom look more drugged and evil , plus the weapon will be displayed. Sic. Whites commit’s the most horrible crimes in this nation than any other humans both on their own and others.

      • Rocco Rock

         You obviously did not see the back of zimmermans head where poor little Trayvon punished him. What a race bater you are. Self Defense

        • The guy is not white. So blacks hate Mexicans now too. Gee, I guess they want to be hated by every race and culture in society!

          • Z stated on the phone he did not know the color of the person he was looking at because he could not discern! (when asked by the 911 operator)
            Does it even occur to ppl that sometimes ppl react the way they do because of experience? You all make Z out to be something he is NOT, which is racist (by any means.)
            You know it is possible that M actually started the aggressive behaviour and that Z may have been caught off-guard by that.
            My question to you is, if the roles were reversed would YOU (blacks/whites whomever) be carrying on as you are now? I doubt it!

          • Ajayemac

            I think it is the whites who are taking this thing to another level I never thought he was a racist if the person was blue he was wrong to continue to follow someone that the dispatcher ask him not to from that point he was wrong point blank.

          • Robocomp1

            Your wrong. It was advice from the dispatcher, not an order. Even if she had phrased it as an order he would have been in no way legally obligated to follow it. Your argument is mute.

          • Ajayemac

            Ok smart one it was advice so he did not take heed to it was it good advice .If he had turned around walked away would everything be ok now..What legal obligation is he facing now that he did not take the bad advice.you tell me.Yeah my argument is mute.

      • jamal

        ZIMMERMAN IS HISPANIC MORONS !  OMG !  GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES !   illiterate and narrow minded. You are the fool ….fool… HES FREAKING HISPANIC NOT WHITE !  WAKE THE “F” UP !

        • Ajayemac

          you must be the moron people are saying what the news is saying

        • Monza11

           talking about head up the ass syndrome? you don’t have any idea how many Hispanic ,Latino,Mex.Cuban etc.all with light skin consider themselves to be white,probably why you started off yelling like that.

      • Wwjjhh

        Zimmerman is not white sorry. I know you like to limp us all together but he is not white.

    • blackcop

      I love it, you believe in a completely fabricated version of history, but if it makes you feel better, keep believing the lies.



    What is so sad about”BET,& Black Enterprise,etc etc”is you don’t even see that THAT IS RACIST.My mother raised me to love everyone,regardless of the color.It seems to me everytime you have NAACP come in they are always blaming white folks for everything.Too bad we were not all the same color,then who would be blamed.NEWS FLASH NO ONE IN MY FAMILY EVER HAS HAD A SLAVE,NOR WOULD ME.MY BEST FRIEND IS BLACK& I LOVE HER TO DEATH.WHY MUST THIS PROCEED,WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE BECUASE OF RACE??

    • Ajayemac

      can I agree with you  just stop it

  • I’m just sic to know Trevon M, did not have a gun and pumped a shot into this Zimmerman’s heart  too then the war-cry would be very much loud and clear about the stand your ground and no racist blah blah would be heard about prostitutes and morons, black nor whitey.

  • DG25

    Another worthless N*G*ER gone, the crime is against Zimmerman for protecting himself against this worthless thug

    • Jwilpjr

      What really happened since you apparently was there…

    • Ajayemac

      Ok !! Put the shoe on the other foot. What if it was your child or brother shoot down. would he be just another worthless white trash? You dirt bag….

  • dg25

    Zimmerman tutored black kids, what a racist he was

    • Ajayemac

      I dont know why this page is bringing out all the racist you dont have to be a racist to be wrong and G.Zimmerman was wrong the whites on here is just happy and kid lost his life and he was Black. if it was a white kid he would be dead already.This is really sad as a race of people. we all loose.We are divided by secperate . situations

  • The guy Zimmerman is not even white so quit spreading your lies and propoganda. Maybe that is the reason nobody likes you. All you do is make up a bunch of lies and preach lies. I don’t know about the everybody hates black people part but from your lies and made up article information I can see why they all think they are liars just like you. Oh and “Osiris” your African American Islam racist ideology is all lies as well. Read your Nation of Islam and find out your beliefs are all made up and not even following the true teachings of Islam. Just like your belief in the tribe of Shabuzz whick is the name of Elijah’s girlfriend at the time he created his fallacy. Oh and all you white antiracist people quit worshipping black people and believeing whites need to be brainwashed to accustom to their lifestyle. Just because you have sex with black people numerous times does not make you black it makes a whore. All the respectful black and whites know this. So get the black penis out of your mouth and get a job you lazy making up article loser. We all know the perception of media and society – white people are cowards and let blacks and immigrants take over their lives while lazy blacks commit crimes and are hated by whites, mexicans, chinese, and everyone else because they are no good bums.

  • Rocco Rock

    Look at the facts one in every three black males is in some form of the correctional system. Just an odd occurance doubtful. 

    • Jwilpjr

      White people R more violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • Golkebud

    It does not matter what the color of his skin was. Trayvon was disrespectful when confronted by someone who had every right to confront him then tried to take his weapon. He had to be shot like a pit bull-that is what he acted like-an animal. If he was respectful and explained why he was there he would be alive today-I guarantee it.

  • bud

    If a white person dressed like a criminal was walking through my neighborhood, I have every right to confront them. If they attack me, I have every right to defend myself. Color has no bearing whatsoever on this case.

    • Ajayemac

      now tghis I agree with no bearing but he was wrong when the dispatcher told him to stop from that point

      • Robocomp1

        Your wrong. listento the unedited 911 call. Dispatcher gave him advice, not an order. Even if the dispatcher did phrase it as an order, Zimm would have NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to comply. If you listen to the wind noise you may also realize that he DID stop following after Trey. So you are wrong on every front.

        • Ajayemac

          youre wrong and you have no argument for whats right and no excuse for your hate.He was not a cop and had no right to approach the boy with a gun he made a situation dangerous and took a life.I dont think he is or ever was a racist he was just flushterd  by all the crime he felt helpless to stop it and he got caught up.Im sorry you feel the way you do but he was wrong but when you hate people the way you do its hard to what is right and what is wrong.

      • Ooojack2001

         Dispatcher is not a cop.  It is someone looking for a pay check like you or I.
        The dispatcher did that to cover her butt.  What did you think she would say?  Hunt him down???? lol lol

        • Ajayemac

          I know thats what you wanted HIM to say.

    • Ajayemac

      what does a criminal dress like to announce hay I wont to rob you 

  • duckskinner

    Regardless of color, everyone has a mother and a father. It’s time for parents to step-up and take responsibility for their children’s actions. These hateful behaviors can be avoided if people were taught to respect others. We are all human!

  • Moochie

    While I appreciate the spirit of this essay, as a white boy growing up in an economically depressed mostly black neighborhood, I most certainly did go though many of the things that Trayvon Martin went through that day, and a great deal of it was because of the color of my skin.

    I was thrown up against police cars more times than I care to remember, frisked, and in one case sexually assaulted (the cop was a little too interested in frisking me down there, and didn’t stop until other cops arrived) by police officers who saw a white boy in a black neighborhood as up to no good.  And unsurprisingly, I experienced similar treatment from area residents for the same reasons.  While I was never violently attacked by civillians, I remember similar instances to Trayvon’s case where residents chased me off of my neghborhood’s streets because I looked different.. therefore, up to no good.

    I have very little to add to this conversation and for that I apologize..  It’s just hard to read an article that has a very fundamental flaw that runs counter to some personally traumatic childhood experiences. 

    Please excuse me, I just needed to speak my peace.  For the record, I identify heavily with Trayvon Martin on that day and hope justice is served.  I remember instances where the same thing could have happened to me.

  • Raven

     Trayvon was a drug addict, suspended from school for drugs.
     Stop making him out to be  Mr innocent. They also found drugs
     in his system when they did the autopsy with only injuries to the
     knuckle he used to attack and viciously beat Zimmerman’s head
     into the groun and break his nose

     5′ 6 Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch because of all the recent
     robberies in the area. He asked this kid what he was doing there
     and the 6’2 kid starts beating the crap out of him and could have killed

     If Trayvon wasn’t doing anything wrong, why not just answer?
     Why attack a man for asking a question?

    I think it’s called self defense no matter what color you are


    • Fairness

      What would you want your child to do?  This adult male was following him in a pick up.  Then gets out of the car and asks him what HE is doing?  Come on.  At that point it’s fight or flight.  It does not justify pulling out your gun and shooting him.  As for drugs…I know a lot of professionals who smoke pot…and I am white.  It only makes him a criminal because it’s against the law.  Just like speeding in your car.  It doesn’t make him a threat to society.
        The fact is he would never have been followed and confronted if he were white for walking through a neighborhood.   I think as I white female I might have started fighting for my life too…I am sure that’s what it felt like to Travon.

      • blackcop

        A black man is justified to beat up a Mexican simply because he asks him a question? You are nuts!

        • Ajayemac

          OMG you really are sick how kiddish can you be .I had the toy first. wow are you an adult if so I’m really scared 

      • Buck O’Fama

         Sell your computer and burn all your books, you apparently have the comprehension skills of a goldfish.    Zimmerman was walking away and ole Tray brought it to Zimmerman with a sucker punch from behind and continued to beat on Zimmerman.  As I said before, dear God don’t let this idiot get called for jury duty.

        • Ajayemac

          I cant believe what Im hearing you really sound like a kid who claims to have had the toy first or that’s my set .How can you bang the back of someones head on the grown from the back and you have to face someone to shoot them  .And I had no ideal that you were there.  

        • Ajayemac

          you idiot you can not justify him walking away when he should not have been in his face to begin with 

      • Ajayemac

        Wow you make a lot of sense and a few key points that people try to get around can I say thank you for being brave enough to come on this page  and express yourself with truth.

    • No
      Trayon is not innocent;yet he did not deserve to be murdered,  r millions of children go through what we call Juvenile
      Behavior often children act out during adolescence. He was not a drug addict;
      he smoked a joint and was suspended from school, if that is the case than a
      large portion of America would be labeled a drug addict. 

      I find
      your comprehension of the facts to be on the level of 10-year old. The concept
      of America’s liberties are for us to be free which means we should be allowed
      to move about freely without prejudice. Once Zimmerman called in the alleged
      incident and was told not to follow the boy, I believe the exact words were
      stand down, he became the aggressor.

      I find
      it extremely hard to believe that a 230 pound man felt enough fear by a 140
      light in the ass youth to kill him. Let’s get real…. and yes if it was a
      white kid, Zimmerman would be on his way to the electric chair.

    • No
      Trayon is not innocent;yet he did not deserve to be murdered,  r millions of children go through what we call Juvenile
      Behavior often children act out during adolescence. He was not a drug addict;
      he smoked a joint and was suspended from school, if that is the case than a
      large portion of America would be labeled a drug addict. 

      I find
      your comprehension of the facts to be on the level of 10-year old. The concept
      of America’s liberties are for us to be free which means we should be allowed
      to move about freely without prejudice. Once Zimmerman called in the alleged
      incident and was told not to follow the boy, I believe the exact words were
      stand down, he became the aggressor.

      I find
      it extremely hard to believe that a 230 pound man felt enough fear by a 140
      light in the ass youth to kill him. Let’s get real…. and yes if it was a
      white kid, Zimmerman would be on his way to the electric chair.

      • Dashawn

        You are not color blind my man, you are blinded by color. Zimmerman is HISPANIC fool.  and you still believe OJ didnt do it !   

        • Ajayemac

          wow I taste a lil racism go on free yourself let it all out come on. 

      • Buck O’Fama

        You are epic fail.  Epic.  But I do appreciate the clarification of how freedom works, the next time any black man verbally confronts a white man or any man for that matter, we’re free to beat or kill him because…..wait for it,  you didn’t stand down.

        • Ajayemac

          Its people like you that make the Arabs hate us you are a true racist stay strong in your movement brother cause your message is loud and clear.If nobody hears you I do. 

          • Kenjones

            Huh? Arabs? Do you know all Arabs? What are you talking about?

    • Ajayemac

      Ok so we cant let the cops do their job we need to Carrie a gun and approach people in the night self defense right you can twist this thing how ever you want but wrong is wrong and when the 911 dispatcher said we don’t need you to do that he should had stopped there nothing is worth losing your life. now he pays with his like it or not   

      • The 911 dispatcher is NOT a law enforcement person. They cant ORDER you to do anything.  All they can do is ask, but it is not written in law.

        •  Irrelevant. you should ALWAYS assume anything you say or do WILL BE RECORDED & used AGAINST YOU. The Dispatcher was acting in the role of the Police. Their word Trumps his.

        • Ajayemac

          it did not have to be an order to make sense retard .if he had paid heed to the warning he wouldn’t be in hott water now.You see his mine works a lot like yours.  

    •  Irrelevant.. Zimmerman did not know Martin or anything about him.

  • Rbooher7526

    You come across as a wanna be thug. I can tell you that if you lived in my neighborhood you would be suspicious of the white people you describe. The perpetrate crimes more than the people dressed normally. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck – it probably is a duck. I believe Martin’s death could have been avoided if Zimmerman would have stayed in the safety of his car. He could have continued to follow him in the vehicle. He chose to get out. Why? I believe is going to be the crux of the case. I believe Martin probably was closer to being what his Facebook profile indicated than the choir boy pictures that Sharpton and Jackson had the family release. The sad thing is the family probably didn’t even know how Martin acted away from the family.

    •  It doesn’t matter if He was dressed as a biker he had the right to leave his home go to the store & return no matter how you justify it.

  • Myspamaccountx

    White people wont appear suspicious because we don’t commit 80% of violent crimes–black people do!

    • That’s f*cked up. Can you provide me the data collection, analysis, and statistical reports that led you to make that claim? Don’t worry… I’ll wait.

      • Llcmetropolis

        go to the FBI uniform crime statistics, I hate people in denial.

        • Ajayemac

          so you hate youself thats sad

      • Faststs

        everybody stop the race bs. it had nothing to with race if you bothered to look at the complete story, they were both in the wrong (zimmerman and martin), one died and the other will have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. let that be a lesson to everyone else because if we all can”t learn something from this unfortunate incident we are bound to repeat it!

        • Buck O’Fama

           Both in the wrong?   So, Zimmerman as a white mexican or whatever his new designation this week is can’t say anything to anyone especially if he is black and on equal footing and all out assault from behind is considered equally as wrong.  God,  please don’t let this idiot ever get called for jury duty.

          • Ajayemac

            not you 

        • Ajayemac

          well spoken. 

      • Buck O’Fama

         Standard liberal, you need the man to wipe your butt for you.  Why don’t you get off your queen sized caboose,  use your google fu and do your own search.  Now I’ll understand if you are trying to tell us you have poor comprehension skills and you need the answers broken down for you in sock puppet.  

        Internet…..Use the ring Frodo.

        •  Hey Buck come by my Liberal house. Be warned I DO own a Gun I can shoot said gun. Forget body armor as none can stop a 50 cal. Armor piercing round. Feel froggy yet?

          • Ajayemac

            buck has a special hell waiting for him his day is comin dont worry the waters are boiling while he heatting up let go its commin 

      • Ooojack2001

        Check out jail statistics on Google.

        • FEED UP


      • You  can not find your own research? This country is being dragged down by your racist people. Of course you have no response ability. You think your entitled to do what ever you want. Just like your non civil people. Your an idiot if you do not know what has been public knowledge since the beginning of public penal systems. 
        Did you realize that this trash murrddeerss freely every 10 to 20 years
        There are over 26 citizens murderreed in the LA riots for one drunk and disorderly black that was hit with a stick for not co operating. We did not have tasers then. But of course blacks are supposed to be treated better than any one else alive right? 16 of those deaad are not answered for. Why are we not rioting. What about the news hush that is on all white hate crimes. Why are we allowing this to continue in our land?

      • Kenjones

        Try not using foul language. It makes you look stupid.

      • gofastgo

        If  the Baltimore in your name implies where you live.  There are parts of Baltimore that are off limits to anyone.  The reason?  Blacks and gangs of blacks have taken over complete areas, you go in there you won’t come out.

        In fact the only part of Baltimore that’s quaint are the docks and the city-modernized ‘Inner Harbor’ shopping and restaurants.

    • Jwilpjr

      True, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, job change or anything that is less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

      • Buck O’Fama

         You spell worse than a retard from an undeveloped country.  Thanks for letting us  know you boys are all about the man  crack though.   It really helps to paint a picture how little resides in your cranium.  Rent it out as a bird house, you aren’t using it.

        • Ajayemac

          wow do you hear yourself

      • Gofastgo

        Starting about 30 years ago, the penal system has worked very hard at getting caucasians into prison.  They started that because of thoughts like yours,  ‘fairness’ as preached by a black president.  What I think he means is ‘fairness for minorities and homosexuals’ oh and of course the unions.

        So being a white boy, I keep my hands clean, I don’t want to end up in front of a judge with a felony conviction on todays market, the ‘brothers’ would have to commit 6 or 7 felonies to do more than 30 days, a white boy first offense nets him prison time.

    • FEED UP


      • Kenjones

        ‘You White People’? That’s a highly racist statement. What white people? When? Do you know all white people? Quit acting like a dummy, and people will quit treating you like one.

      • Plantation owners bought the slaves but guess who sold them… yep – other blacks in Africa sold them.

      •  That is true whites tend to commit Serialized crimes more than Blacks in the USA. We tend to do more High Tech & White collar crimes. Blacks more often than not commit Drug related crimes Car Jacking & other Violent blue collar crimes. HOWEVER there are those who are the exception.

  • jack_sprat2

    No, we won’t be suspicious like TM. Then again, between 1991-2010, black people, overwhelmingly young men like him, murdered some 45’000 white people in America, whereas white people murdered some 2’500 black people. That’s only one of the reasons why TM might have seemed suspicious to GZ.

    Too, in retrospect, the fact that his suspension at school is said to have involved his possession of burglary tools, as well as unexplained items like women’s jewelry, the very sorts of things a young man who keeps his eyes out for an opportunity to score some loot might have on his person. 

    On a related note, there has long been outrage at the lack of retail businesses like full-service supermarkets in many neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly black. Well, I once knew a fellow who worked at the last such store in Detroit back in the day. He said that they couldn’t stop losing money, no matter what measures that they implemented. The losses from merchandise theft were just too high to stand. The hit from customers was bad enough, but the organized, so-called “loading dock” theft by employees was sky high.

    You and I and the fence post all know that this behavior has long been “normed” in the “community”, so common that it’s almost unremarkable. It is, of course, called “getting paid”. Extreme manifestations of it include the emergence of flash mob shop-and-grabs, which typically leave a business looking as if it had just been hit by a missile.

    Jesse Jackson, some thirty years ago, in a moment of unguarded honesty–that he soon thereafter had to frantically and apologetically walk back–once acknowledged sorrowfully that his first reaction upon finding that the footsteps following him on a deserted street at night belonged to a white man was relief. He was ashamed at this, yet knew that it was a perfectly rational response. A terrible one, let it be said, but the only sane one, in light of the facts of the matter.

    There are a great many things wrong that underlie the sorry state of race relations in this country, but denying that the misbehavior of far too many young black men has little or nothing to do with this may well prevent any hope of things ever getting better.

    As I told  a Defense Department official who had recently been put in charge of OEEO guidelines (aka “affirmative action”) back in the mid-1970s, while those of us then in school–this took place in a campus lecture hall–had some personal understanding of the injustices which had motivated such a regime, and thus would largely acquiesce, those who followed on would grow increasingly unwilling to be cast as a villainous race who must be punished, first for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers, then for those increasingly distant to them in time and blood.

    Wake up before it’s too late, before those young people grow up with blood in their eyes to match that which so many of you continue to nurse as if it defined you as a people. There are considerably more desperate white people in America than there are similarly situated blacks. How well do you think that you will fare when they say “Let’s rock!” and give you back what you’ve pretended for so long does not exist?

    Tell me, would you be willing to accept the murder of 45’000 black people by whites between 2013-2032? No? WHY SHOULD WE?!

    • Jwilpjr

      A beautiful & passion filled respone, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

  • reasonableguy

    Trayvon would be alive today if he did not break Georges nose and proceed to start dribbling his head off the concrete.

    • Ajayemac

      No sir he would be alive if George had not followed him with a gun and then get out and confront .Ok so youre telling me that if some one followed you for a mile in a car then got out walked up and confronts you and you dont know them . Oh yeah Im a beat that ass too 

      • Robocomp1

        Its not a crime to follow someone, or ask a question. It is illegal to physically attack someone. Oh, by the way, Trey did not have “tea” he had Arizona Watermelon Juice. He was making another batch of syzurp. Google it.!

        •  It is a crime when the cops tell you NOT TO…

    • Raven265620

      No, idiot..Trayvon would be alive today if Z was not carrying a weapon that he was not even supposed to be carrying a  “Watchman”. Secondly, do you really believe that if Z did not have a weapon, he would have STILL confronted Trayvon, I think not! He got “Brave” Because He HAD a WEAPON! Think about it!!!

    •  No he would be alive to day if HE had been armed & had blown Zimmerman away like someone’s gonna do when her walks. Even if he gets time Killing a Minor will get you shanked by your own.

  • Kevin

    More black finger pointing at “Whitie”….but “Whitie” was a Latino……the article should be “Latino People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin”…..oh and news flash for the author of this piece of shit article…..if I see ANYONE around my house in the rain….in the middle of the night…..I confront….and get beat down…..and I fear for my life….my Glock 10mm is going to remove the persons chest…I dont care what color…….race baiting piece of shit…


    then black people should take precaution and make sure they are not in this or similar situations,  BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF YOU PEOPLES WORRIES-                                                                           –                                                                                                                 -The White Guy

  • G_hues

    This and who ever wrote this is BS. I am a White 30 yr old male and I get stopped by cops 3+ times a week and the only excuse they give me is “we got a call bout someone walking through here, you look suspicious”… so here is a big “f you yah racist” to the author

  • G_hues

    This and who ever wrote this is BS. I am a White 30 yr old male and I get stopped by cops 3+ times a week and the only excuse they give me is “we got a call bout someone walking through here, you look suspicious”… so here is a big “f you yah racist” to the author

    • Jwilpjr

      You sound cute…ever been with a black man?

  • G_hues

    women clutch their purses when I walk by. I get stopped and frisked weekly. I have cops follow me 2+ miles so they can “run my plates” , and Ive had plenty of cabs pass me by to pick up the next dude. I am WHITE and I am suspicious. 

  • I’d be willing to bet that if white people committed 80% to 90% of the crime in America, they’d BE profiled.

    • Jwilpjr

      They should be profiled because true, white people R more pasive offenders & violent as well–look at WHO murders the entire family, just because they have a simple setback, no promotion or anything that is so less trivial. Butt you’re making up for it with this Meth/cystal problem (because it effects MOSTLY white people, they call it an epidemic). In true retribution form, please DA’s, Prosecutors, & Judges, give them long jail sentences that are very disportionately like that whole coke/crakc thing…Those brothas that are in JAIL will need some young, weak & sweet tail to run up in…

      • Rwalker2006

        Yet,blacks are a higher..much higher % rate in prison,and what other culture kills each other over sunglasses and tennis shoes regularly?

    • Ooojack2001

        If white folk committed 80 to 90% of the crimes I am sure Obama would let us know.

    • Ajayemac

      I just want to how do you deal with your hate for people who has not caused you any harm personally .

  • ohhhh really!!! well has a white kid in idaho i have been pulled over as a teen for looking like somebody that stole sumthin..In my 20’s i was pulled over with guns drawn cuz i had a buzzed hair cut and hung out with asians and mexicans..i got treated just as bad as them.. this article is stupid cuz white people were killed standing up for Black men and womens rights go watch Mississippi Burning about the 3 civil rights workers killed by the KKK. I feel you are right overall but i really wish that the whites that do care and thrive to spread equality. Im with a woman from mexico and i have a 2 1/2 year old lilttle girl that looks more white, and im sure she will have to hear this same stuff about not caring for people or feeling bad her whole life becuz of articles like this like i did growing up. I get it if it stops people from being racist..but as an adult now I feel like people look at me and judge me all the time and ignore the ass kickings i took from racist guys pretending to be my mentors becuz i stood up for diffrent races at the tender age of 5. I just wanna let people know that judgeing and racism happens on every level. I have black friends that hate mexicans. Hummm and gays..just saying…

  • catwoman

    I’ve called cops lots of times on suspious ‘white’ activity and I’m white. It’s all about what looks against the law. I also clutch my purse in crowds cause anyone can try to take it.

    • Ajayemac

      thank you cat-woman you make since and you are fair.  

  • Faststs

    Everybody stop the race bullshit, it had nothing to do with race, look at the complete story. Both Martin and Zimmerman were in the wrong here, but people feel need to blame one or the other, but they are equally to blame, only difference is one died and it could have turned out either way, one of them was going to die that day. We all need to take a lesson from this unfortunate incident or we will continue to repeat the stupidity!

    •  Martin was in the wrong? Ok maybe Martin should have called the cops saying some crazy Hispanic dude was stalking him. Maybe Martin should have pulled out a gun & blown Zimmerman away. Other than that Marin was the Victim. He tried to defend himself from an unknown attacker. Had he been white Zimmerman would have been found guilty already.

  • Yami777

    ….C’mon now, If it was EMINEM in a hoodie, Zimmerman woulda challenged him too. There just guys that LOOK like they don’t belong, fit in, or simply out-of-place, with the neighborhood setting. Now if Trayvon was dressed like the guys on FRESH PRINCE of Bel Air, then it woulda had a different out-come

    •  Nope Zimmerman would have still done the same. Martin could have been wearing a Priet’s suit & still got shot.

  • not buyin into the propaganda…..though this is an easily debatable case. But its simply a cover of an agenda to divide and conquer. Dont be so ignorant. Anyone with half a brain knows that tragic unjust crimes happen every day…..and shocker…..even black people suprised? yes they attack innocent white people. so do chinese attack latinos attack russians, attack arabs, blah blah. people commit crimes against people. justified or not- its not race thing. really wanna go there……I just read an article of a white homeless man sleepin-attacked and had his face eaten off by a black dude for 18 minutes….thats effed up….but is it racially motivated??Only a moron would say so.and you all are using this kids death to push hate propaganda- you need to knock it off. people have gotten hurt! innocent people. grow the eff up! move on!pllllease

    and ZIMMERMAN ISNT WHITE! thats how absurd this is? obvious!


  • NotThatGuy

    Here is a thought, don’t want to be profiled?  Stop breaking the law!  Simple as that, stop giving everyone reasons to profile you.  It’s just common sense at this point, didn’t one of your dead heroes 2Pac say “Live by the gun, die by the gun”?  Jesus.

    •  What laws did Martin Violate other than being a black Kid in Zimmerman’s Neighborhood?

  • Jamal

    MORONS !   Zimmerman is Hispanic NOT WHITE so  …….Always blame it on the White Man ! For 200 years you just want to keep blaming white people,  let it go man….let it go ! The ignorance continues after 200 years.

    • Ajayemac

      after reading this page I can see its still the same as 200 years ago

      •  Amen to that… Ignorant people outbreed the Darwin award winners. I say put all the Black bigots & White bigots in a Pit…Let them kill each other & be done with it.

  • jamal


  • jamal

    IF…….Trayvon Martin was white, it would have just been another HISPANIC on WHITE crime !   

  • KathyBW

    I’m sorry, but I don’t care what color a person’s skin is, if I encountered someone dressed in a hoodie, their face covered and their pants hanging below their butts, I would be suspicious.  I would cross the street.  It’s not a “color” issue, it’s a CULTURE issue!

  • lakisha

    idiot, it is bcz 99.9% of black people live in poverty and are criminals and that is their choice!!! you can go to school and get a degree (for free if you are black )!!!!!but they choose not to. and just sell drugs and guns instead. that is why they look suspicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jbdeese

    Oh bullshit. More whitey be guilty crap. Get real, people tell you about themselves by what they wear and how they act. I’ve most definitely seen suspicious caucasians dressed in the “uniform” of one criminal grouping or another and acting suspiciously. Every group has a criminal subset. They tend to dress and act in particular ways. If you look or act like one of them, expect suspicion.

    People need to get off milking race for their own benefit. It is playing poorly and losing credibility. It’s also becoming more and more clear that it isn’t about truth or justice, but about that benefit. After all, when a hispanic man shoots a black man and it leads to talking about “whitey”, just what is that? (And I’m white, so I can use the term “whitey”, but if you do, you’re a raciss!)

    • Ajayemac

      ok lets say you are right tell me why when Im in my uniform with my badge on Gun Belt and name tag I get the same or if Im in my suite ok now tell me Im here

  • Buck O’Fama

     Shut your whining mangina Skolnik you sniveling libtard,  you can dress up and give your whitebread self the most distinctive hoodrat “stylin” money can buy and I WILL be judging you on my own statistics meter and you will still fall in the lower percentile based upon national crime statistics.   Never let facts get in the way of your childlike emotions and arrested development but if it will make you feel any better,  if you be stylin in your best hoodrat rags and attack me, you’ll earn a dirtnap just as fast.   The world is tired of wiping the bottoms of overgrown children who smell bad.  Oh and P.S.  if you are continually going to post Trayvon’s 7th grade pics then go all the way and just post pictures of him as a newborn. 

    • Ooojack2001

         Those pictures are when he was soooo young.  Let’s see what he looked like when he caught the slug!

  • Riley

    If you want respect, act respectful.  Be respectful of your mother and father; your family; your wife (instead of trying to impregnate the entire neighborhood); your neighbors; your employer; yourself.  Don’t just use church as a social event.  LISTEN to what’s being preached (of course many of you did condone Rev. Jeremiah Wright).  This goes for everyone – no matter what your color is.  As far as hoodies go?  Do you know how many B&E’s caught on security cameras show the hoodlums wearing hoodies?  If I were a person of color, my child would not wear one. Would not wear their pants below their waist.  /// No glass ceiling because of being white?   That’s just stupid talkin’… You haven’t walked in my shoes being an older woman … better educated … more experience … but not a man.  Discrimination is just that, but in different forms. 

  • White man of privilege and black man of welfare.  Detroit and chicago are nothing but black killing fields.  They just killing each other while the white man sits back and laughts at their ignorance and lack of respect for life.  This is why blacks will never be really human.  They just can’t leave their jungle culture and attitudes behind.  Typical example, just look at what is in the “White House”, more garbage.

    • Ajayemac

      Oh wow are there more racist like you where you live Man I was wrong thinking things were getting better Im glad this thing happen I would have never known this much racism still exist.When facts are given before you and you choose to look another way I understand what you are saying I read between your lines believe me I hear you loud and clear. by the way do you happen to know John Wayne Gassy Jeffery Domer       

  • wake up people

    White or black, who the f cares?  The physical evidence shows that the kid attacked Zimmerman, and the original witness reports say that the kid was on top.  If the kid was doing something wrong and got shot it was his own damn fault.

    • Ajayemac

      Follow me I dont know you approach me Im a kick some ass only Im a be the one doing the shooting . 

  • WW3

    maybe if when you were wearing your “martin” outfit at night, walking between houses in a subdivision, you would look suspicious even to a black person??

    •  Zimmerman was doing the SAME THING… so what’s your point? Walking home is NOT A CRIME.

  • Liberameya

    That’s a BS argument… What about this for an easy way to change things a bit? If the African American community is aware that dressing, talking and acting thuggish gets them in trouble, why not try and blend in? What about rebuild the image and then do whatever you want!!!

    There is a reason why a shark is not to be trusted even if it is a whale shark (eats krill)… Bad PR. So yeah, people are not going to give into a stereotype regardless of their constitutional rights of dress and speech as free expression. Threatening is threatening regardless… Besides, he was on THZ and had a record… Yeah, such an angel! But seriously, He did act in a way that completely validated the stereotype… And now he is dead. Unfortunately… But then again, thug life!

  • Ronald

    This is the OJ sequel. Just about every black thinks Zimmerman is guilty and more than half of whites are declaring him innocent.

    Only Zimmerman knows what really happened or not (like OJ). But what myself and many others do know is that people like this Skolnik are making a ton of cash on the case. They don’t care about black people. Who’s fooling who? 

    •  Umm could it be that when someone admits they murdered someone that tends to make them GUILTY?

  • Ooojack2001

    The black guy was assaulting Zimmerman. That is why he was shot. If he had kept his mouth shut he would of been alive regardless of what race he was.

    •  The “Black Guy” would never have done so had Zimmerman NOT chased him. Zimmerman was the Aggressor and this is FACT  911 Dispatcher: Are you following him? Zimmerman out of breath “Yea” Dispatcher “WE DON’T NEED YOU TO DO THAT” Had Zimmerman been out walking his dog minding his own business & Martin Jumped him then yea legal shoot. Had Zimmerman been in his car when Martin attacked Legal shoot. Walking home from the store IS NOT A CRIME. Having Candy & a Can of Tea I(S NOT A CRIME. Having Tattoos & wearing a Hoodie is NOT A CRIME. Zimmerman had ZERO Justification getting out of his car & Chasing after a MINOR. Zimmerman had Called the cops & should have let THEM handle it. END OF STORY.

  • Ooojack2001
    •  Zimmerman’s actions WERE racially motivated. The Cops not so much. when this broke everyone assumed Zimmerman was a White Jewish guy. Then when the Coops decided not to press Charges I too thought Racist Southern Cops till I learned Zimmerman’s Father was a JUDGE… Then it became clear… REPUBLICAN JUDGE bailing out his son yet again & covering it up.

  • Yelirt5

    did anyone click the link under the story above entitled “what Kind of Man could Trayvon Martin have been?

    I can answer that in just one short sentence. He either would have wound up dead anyway, from gang violence or he would have wound up in prison. He was off to a good start, getting suspended from school and smoking marijuana.

  • You show up in my neighborhood with baggie pants and a hoodie checking out houses, I don’t care what color you are punk. You better pray I call the cops. Stupid white idiot trying to make himself feel better by siding with Trayvon. You’re a punk. Saying “I was born white, that was the card I was dealt” like it’s a bad thing. You admit your punkass white guilt right there. I’m a white man and I can’t stand liberal white crackers trying to show how they’re “down for the struggle”. Punk I grew up in rough neighborhoods. I went to predominatly black school where I had to fight all the time for being white. I don’t hate blacks because of it. I hate idiots. I’ve had more white people wrong me than blacks. You don’t know crap. You’re a punk that needs to go hang out in ghetto for 5 minutes moron. You know what will happen? The cops will pull you over because they will figure your a dealer. Why else would a rich white man in an expensive car be driving into the ghetto. I have cop friends that patrol bad neighborhoods. They will tell you that. Then if you do make it, you’re gonna get jacked. Freaking pansy sell out.


    • Your not white you fake racist black panther scum. I really did grow up with the scum and they do act ethical or morally in any part of the day. Your trash larry. A coward that thinks he can run his racist mouth from behind his black panther theology front. You claim knowing everything in your little statement but it is all black panther lies that you spout. Little punk liar. I would love to be on your puuussssyyyy street in your puuuussssyyyy face

  • If Trayvon was wearing a suit and tie, he would not have been thought of suspicous. Fact.

  • Funny. I thought Zimmerman was hispanic. 

  • This is a racist article from a racist writer on a racist publishing site. This would not even be a case if it was not for the black panther mob and NAACP that threatened citizens and elected officials. Martin did not turn till he saw a much smaller white man in pursuit. 4 – 7 inches smaller. Like most blacks he thinks he had the right to attempt muurrdeer. He received the justice he deserved. Our kind shows honor first by not attacking someone so small. The unethical and immoral will say he had the right because they are racist trash. This is complete self defense. When you attack someone so small and mount him in a professional fighting move designed to leave him DEFENSELESS then you are committing a violent crime with murrddeerr as your end result…… That is a period….. If you then proceed to attack and beat the smaller man’s head into the concrete it is an attempt to mmuurddeerr… Period again….. In our united states it is illegal to attack another no matter the color of their skin. It is not okay to attack a much smaller human in our land without violating a law. Our laws are not color dependent no matter how the racist blacks act like they are entitled to beat a white….
    The iowa state fair assaults have gone on for several years google it
    The wisconsin state fair mob attacks 2012
    The atlanta flash mobs 2012 
    The virginia mob attacks 2012. Reporters were beaten and the news did not publish, nor did the police pursue criminal charges.
    The Oscola florida girl was beaten by 7 blacks on a public school bus. All the way to school. The bus driver still has the job. 
    These are a few of the over 1000 whites that were beaten in the last 12 months by this nationwide and organized assault on white people. 
    Our racist fake leader Is a black panther through and through. 

  • So where did you get your evidence? Your opinion? Thought as much racist!

  • Surflaunch 115

    He was in a controlled & watched area not the general public.
    If Trayvon had anounced himself to the watch crew he would still be alive and there would have been no 911 call.
    Fatal Mistake

    • WTF?  What “Watch CREW”? There was only a Bigot with a gun who VIOLATED the Rules by carrying a gun. Who IGNORED A LAW ENFORCEMENT ORDER NOT TO PERSUE OR ENGAGE MARTIN. Then shot him for defending himself. And you Blame THE VICTIM?…

  • Surflaunch 115

    Trayvon is dead because he failed to act like a civilized human in a gated controlled and patrolled community. A simple introduction and short conversation would have ended George’s suspicians.People choose to live in a gated community for a reason.They pay a premium for the sense of safety that it gives them.Knowing that access is limited and there is a watch crew watching the area is why the concept of a gated community exists.It is effectively a no trespassing zone created by the property owners & residents for their peace of mind.
    Trayvon’s parents are responsible for his death as well as Trayvon himself.They failed to anounce to the watch team that they had a new resident that might be seen walking around.They failed to instruct Trayvon in how to act if he encountered the watch crew.Trayvon failed to introduce himself when encountered.Trayvon failed to enter and exit the controlled area through the controled entrances, instead entering between buildings and behind bushes evading the watch crew.Evasion is the best way to get noticed in a gated community. That’s what the watch crew is looking for.
    If Trayvon was actually a rapist or burgler and commited a crime then the watch crew would have been negligent in their duties if they had not followed and reported him.I have heard that the number of times that George called 911 is being used somehow as proof of an obsession on the part of George.BS – The watch crew only has one legal power, call 911 to report a suspicious activity. Calling often is only proof that George worked a lot of hours and that the neighborhood had a lot of suspicious traffic.A very sad and hard lesson for Trayvon’s parents and for anyone else that lives in a gated community.
    Announce yourself in a controlled space!!Be polite to the watch crew!!

    • Your joking right? Martin went from his home to the Store bought candy & a can of TEA then headed home minding his own business & he is acting “Uncivilized”? If you walked up to ME a white guy & started demanding answers I’d tell you to go  screw yourself. Had Zimmerman STAYED IN HIS CAR had he NOT chased after Martin , had HE not Martin acted civilized this would NOT have happened. Zimmerman was going to make sure another “Black on Drugs” “got away”. Too bad Martin had NOT been armed. Someone charges me Demanding answers had BEST Identify themselves a LEO or they die.

  • Why is this even an issue here? Zimmerman is half Hispanic so why  drag in, white people wouldn’t be considered suspicious? I am so sick of hearing about the race card here. I would be suspicious of anyone wearing a hoody at night walking around

  • Surflaunch 115

    Many imply that George should have stayed in his vehicle, why? No one is arguing that Trayvon should have been in a vehicle. George had just as much right to be walking as Trayvon, even more so since he was part of the neighborhood patrol.
    Watching, reporting and asking questions of strangers and strange goings-on.
    Hood rat walking in the rain seems worth watching. Ultimately, Trayvon reacted violently when a simple conversation would have been in order.
    A classic reaction of a wanna-be gang thug 

  • Ooojack2001

      What does Obama have to say about dis??

  • Ooojack2001

    Don’t care if you are black or white. This stinks.

  • Ooojack2001

     If I was on the Rodney King jury the cops would of been guilty. You don’t beat a guy, almost to death, while your fellow cops gather around and do nothing.
      I also would not riot and destroy property and life in my own neighborhood. Plain stupid.
        signed… a white boy

  • Gmagirl23

    For every Trayvon victimized by a Caucasian American (to humor the hooded ones, let’s pretend Zimmerman isn’t Hispanic) – many more whites are brutalized by a black criminal class, members of which never get called out for what are crimes rooted in racial hatred.
    Courtesy of Patrick Buchanan’s “Suicide of a Superpower” come the FBI’s crime figures for 2007: “Blacks committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, eight times as many as the 55,685 that whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black-on-white, with 14,000 assaults on white women by African-American males in 2007. Not one case of white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.” (Page 243)
    “In the same time period as the Trayvon Martin incident,” documents VDARE’s Peter Bradley, “a multitude of anti-white attacks by blacks occurred that remained strictly local news.”
    This month, in Tulsa, Okla., Tyrone Dale David (a black youth) raped and beat to a dead pulp an 85-year-old lady, Nancy Strait. The RIC gang would probably deny that racial subjugation was an element of this abominable act. (That, presumably, leaves octogenarian sexual attraction as a motive.)
    Below is Bradley’s verbatim tally of the forgotten Caucasian casualties of black hate crimes, during the months of February and March of this year. As Bradley observes, in most of these attacks “there were clear and obvious signs of racial motivation.” And, “Almost all of the black-on-white attacks involved multiple black attackers against white children, the elderly or the handicapped”:
    In Kansas City, a 13-year-old white boy named Allen Coon was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two older blacks saying, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”Haley Pettersen, a 15-year-old white girl in a leg cast in O’Fallon, Ill., was out walking her dog when she was attacked by two black girls who said, “This is our territory white girl.” One girl grabbed Haley by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face. The perpetrators ran off only when some neighbors came out, but the attack left Haley with a swollen left eye.In Kansas City, an unnamed 50-year-old white man was left with a fractured hip and other injuries after being beaten by a group of blacks shouting racial epithets.Gary Allder, a white man in San Antonio, came home to find that his house had been burglarized, ransacked and tagged with racial slurs such as “Die Whitey.”Travis Eugene Winemiller, 16, a white Polk County, Fla., inmate, was beaten, choked and strangled until he was unconscious by three black inmates. They then hogtied Winemiller and said, “This is how you slave a real cracker,” and threatened to kill him.Jacob Appel, a 15-year-old autistic white boy, was attacked by three blacks at his bus stop in Palm Bay, Fla. The blacks taunted, used racial slurs and chased the victim into the street where he was nearly struck by a car. The only reason the offenders were caught is that one of the attackers posted the video on his Facebook page.
    An even treatment of the Trayvon travesty would recognize and dignify these victims of racial animus and aggression – and thus affirm the reality of violent crime in this country, as opposed to the fiction of black victimization.
    The racial extravaganza that has been staged by the “Racism Industrial Complex” must be countered, first, by an impartial examination of the facts of this case.
    On the facts, an honest conversation about race would quickly dispense with the canard that blacks are habitually persecuted by whites. They are not.
    Such a dispassionate, contextualized discussion of the reality of crime in the U.S. would invariably lead to the conclusion that the alleged “white” offender in the Trayvon travesty must be regarded as a statistical anomaly.

  • SSGjughead

    color of the skin has nothing to do with it, track record does.

  • psheek

    So, you’ll never be discriminated against because you are white?  Let’s have a history lesson.  America was founded by peoples of multiple backgrounds who were trying to find freedom and a chance for a better life.  Some left Europe because of religious persecution, some left because they were starving, etc.  Many (whites) came as indentured servants. Not having money for passage on a ship they essentially became slaves to the person in the New World who paid their passage.  They had to take rape, abuse, whatever, just like the black slaves because they were essentially owned for several years while they paid off their passage.  Many whites who came over were looked down upon with prejudice because of the country they came from such as the Irish for one.  Then there were the Jews, who had no country.  Just ask a Jew if you think a white person is never singled out. No people EVER have been more persecuted as a race. Muslims the world over are teaching their children hate toward Jews, and they are actively planning Jihad to try to wipe them off the face of the earth, as has been happening for centuries.  Nothing new there.  KKK in the US have been gunning for Jews as well as blacks for years.  You want to know the truth about slavery?  White men did not hunt down black slaves in Africa.  BLACK men in Africa hunted down other black men from other tribes and SOLD them to the white slave traders.  Whites needed them to work their plantations.  This didn’t make it right, but what was the reason for the black persons who kidnapped them?  And the idea that all whites were plantation owners is a complete fallacy.  There were very few plantation owners in the scheme of things.  Most whites were merchants, tradesmen, poor farmers, indentured servants, etc.  Blacks in this day and age have been given so many government handouts that they EXPECT to be taken care of instead of getting a job and being a contributing citizen.  If you are in this category you have nobody to blame but yourself.  Make up your mind to do something with your life, to be somebody.  Get a job, be a responsible parent.  If this young man hadn’t been in a neighborhood where he had no business, he would be alive today, and everybody knows it.  Bottom line is, America was founded because it was a better place than where the people were before they came here no matter when or where that was.  That still remains today.  If you think slavery was bad, try visiting Africa today.  If you think you have prejudice here, try wearing a Star of David in a Muslim country.  You’d be dead.  (And by the way, don’t think Obama is “one of you” because he is black and therefore a product of slavery.  His family never left Kenya and was NEVER involved in any way with slavery.) 

  • POP


    • Ajayemac

      OK so now we are animals OK how is it when ever a white man does something horrific hes just a bad guy but when a black does something a hole fucking race is blamed.I mean Jeffery Dormer I just don’t know anyone black whos killed people and keep em in the freezer like some kinda food and then eat em come on man you have no argument for whats right and no excuse for your hate it will be more comfortable to live with your self just to admit that that young white couple in TENN. is not the only news you have heard. Free youself.     

      • You didn’t answer Pop’s question, so I’ll ask it again. Why wasn’t the torturing, mutilation and killing of a young white couple by a gang of blacks in Tennessee a national news story?

        • POP

          I guess no answer is better than an ignorant one.

          •  I’m f ‘ing sick and tired of the biased mainstream media ignoring news stories that don’t fit their liberal narative.
            Fact: If it doesn’t support the leftwing agenda, it isn’t news…..or if they do report it, it’s usually given short shrift.

          • How is it Liberal bias for reporting how someone walked up to a kid & blew him away? Lets review you have a Murder Weapon A Victim & A confession how complicated can this get? You ARE aware Zimmerman is a DEMOCRAT? Yep he’s a Registered OBAMA LOVING DEMOCRAT. He still your Poster boy for whatever it is your defending??

          • NotThatGuy

             Except you are wrong on the situation SheepODoom.  Trayvon did not have a mark on his face or body from George (other than the bullet wound) where as George had a broken nose and other wounds from Trayvon. 

            Trayvon was a thug, did he deserve to die?  Probably not, but living the lifestyle HE chose to, it was going to happen sooner than later anyway.  All George did was prevented Trayvon from breeding and making taxpayers pick up the bill.

          • Ajayemac

            Oh wow thats how you feel about a human life  wow I am truly amazed I guess I know how you feel about me and my grand sons I try to teach my grandsons to love and always be polite their 6 and 4 and I cant believe that if they went to the store and came back some one like would think they deserved to die man this crazy   

          • NotThatGuy

             I hope you also teach your grandsons that if you dress the part, be expected to be treated as such.

            I am white, I know that if I shaved my head, tattooed a swastika on the side of my head and wore combat boots and wife beaters, people would believe me to be a neo-nazi.  You dress the part, you are expected to act the part.

          • POP

            I hope you also teach them “if YOU breed them YOU need to feed them” So the tax payers dont have to. 

        • Ajayemac

          I dont have an answer for that wrong is wrong who ever does it thats all Im saying People do wrong black and white

      • POP


  • Why you all keep showing those baby face pictures of Trayvon instead of the one with the tattoos on his face, the beard and moustache and the gold teeth?  
    I’ve never seen such a bunch of race-infatuated people like black people.
    Grow up.

    • Ajayemac

      OMG wow this is crazy I know you don’t hear yourself you sound like a 6 year old.the facts are there who ever and what ever he did he simply was not in the wrong in this case  he did nothing you guys have no argument for what is right and no excuse for your hate live with it you may not believe but you will one day be judged by a higher judge.Try and get your stuff together before that time comes.

    • ignoranceisrampant

      I was gonna post that. beat me to it.

  • gofastgo

    If you were to come into my neighborhood, which is multi-racial, wearing baggy pants below your waist, a black hoodie pull tight around your face, you would soon meet our security patrol, pronto.

    Does being white make you immune to scrutiny?  Not in my neighborhood buddy.

  • Jmatt_arnett

    This is from an article:  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/05/washington-man-accused-killing-sex-offenders-allegedly-leaves-note-it-had-to-be/?test=latestnews

    For some reason, authorities say, Drum abandoned a rental car he had been driving and was seen on foot in the remote area of the northern Olympic Peninsula. Reports of a suspicious man in the area Sunday led deputies to respond. They found the car and the note inside that led to the victims and identified Drum as a suspect.

    Now tell me again how being white allows you to escape being “suspicious”

  • Cat

    Today’s daily ‘Racism’ Drudge coming from the from the most Racist people in America today – American Blacks !!

  • Kipvanderhyde

    My brother was a teacher in Nigeria for a number of years, met a very black Nigerian girl and married her.  She is now a nurse in this country and they have 3 kids.  She is offended by white attitudes, but reserves her hatred and distaste for US born African-Americans.  She feels they are very spoiled, lazy and deluded.  Her tough upbringing in Nigeria gives her appreciation for the relatively easy lives we ALL have here in the USA and does not believe that the American born blacks give a damn about it.

  • Anon

    Your all being a buncha racists, blacks and whites alike. 

  • A_lawyer_who_knows

    You’re white so if you’re elected president, you will never be given the Nobel Peace Prize in the first thirty days of office.

    You’re white so you will never be able to get a job with the DMV (DOT) or TSA.

    You’re white so Asian kids will be jealous of you when they become the most-discriminated-against race.

    You’re white so you can pay 17% higher taxes than any other ethnic group while receiving 32% less benefits than Blacks while getting 5% more benefits than Asians.



  • Rob

    This does cut both ways- walk your white ass through a predominately black, Hispanic or Asian neighborhood, and see if any suspicion falls your way.

  • I am middle class and white and have been followed by the police for a couple miles, I have been stopped while walking down the street at night, I have had all the things said in this done to me.

    I have not been arrested, I do have a permit to carry and was highly trained to use it by the US Military, Any race or color approche me with a hoodie on takes a great chance of having a full clip emptied into their ass

  • I am middle class and white and have been followed by the police for a couple miles, I have been stopped while walking down the street at night, I have had all the things said in this done to me.

    I have not been arrested, I do have a permit to carry and was highly trained to use it by the US Military, Any race or color approche me with a hoodie on takes a great chance of having a full clip emptied into their ass

  • Racist black people who play the race card to cut in line, gee, are we surprised? 

    A little self reflection is in order, you people, are poisoning your own society with your diseased culture. wake up.

  • Michael Bender

    So tired of this crap! Stop playing the race card! this is not 1950! Stop acting like a  F U C K I N G thug / hood rat and I won’t look at you that way! Stop being an ignorant F U C K and I won’t look at you that way! Its not the color of your skin but the way you act and carry yourself! Get over it BLACK PEOPLE I AM SICK OR HEARING YOU COMPLAIN!!!!

  • Justjessedrummah

    Trayvon was simply walking to his dads girlfriends, right?  So then comes along this George Zimmerman, self appointed judge and jury/neighborhood watch freak with a loaded gun, cruising along in his car following Trayvon?  Trayvon was the one standing his ground ladies and gentlemen.  George Zimmerman pursued, confronted and killed Trayvon.  The reality here is that George is a murderer and will be punished.  I think he may get killed in jail, or on the street if he should get lucky enough to win his case.  George Zimmerman has since proven his dishonesty and sent back to jail for lying about finances.  If he lies about money, he is lying about what he did regarding Trayvon Martin.   I am white, I hate cops, not a big fan of corporations and the government in general either.  JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON…  

  • Nyyinal

    Gee–cannot wait for your article about the “great kid” that shot and killed three (so far) at Auburn University apartments.  Where’s Al and Jessie?

  • Samiam

    How about putting the real picture of Trayvon on this article, you know the one the media is not showing 6’2 214lb thug with a Tattoo on his face and all over, the same one that slapped a Bus driver for not letting him ride for free a day before the shooting and the cops new as a dealer.  

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