[INFOGRAPHIC] Why We Still Need Women’s Equality Day

Take a look at women's equality in 2015, 95 years after they won the right to vote

According to a presidential proclamation released Monday by the White House Press Office, Wednesday, Aug. 26, is Women’s Equality Day. The day will celebrate the 95th anniversary of when American women won the right to vote in 1920.

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Wondering why we still need Women’s Equality Day? Well, according to Time magazine, 95 years later, women are voting in much higher numbers than men, yet few hold political office at the state and federal levels.

According to Time, women hold 104 of the 535 seats in Congress –  20% of the Senate and 19% of the House of Representatives. And only 20 African American women, including two delegates, serve in the House of Representatives.

Check out the Time infographic below for a detailed breakdown of women in politics in 2015.

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