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Small Business

(Image: The Look By Joi)

Business of Beauty: How One Makeup Artist is Expanding Her Brand

Entrepreneur Joi Mebane shares how she got her start in the beauty industry and her…

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PayPal Offers Small Business Loans Up To $60,000

PayPal Working Capital program has funded more than $150 million in loans to 20,000 retailers

How To Find Angel Investors For Your Business

If you’re part of an accelerator or startup, the Securities Exchange Commission granted you a…

6 Tips to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Check out this strategy to get alternate sources of capital



Ex-NFL Player Tim Biakabatuka Expands Bojangles Franchise Operations

Tim Biakabatuka, a former running back for the University of Michigan and Carolina Panthers, entered…

Franchise Spotlight: 6 Things To Look Out For When It’s Time To Get Out

Exiting a franchise? Things to consider before telling your franchisor goodbye.

[Part 2] Beauty & Brains: Rick Ross Sister on Franchises and Entertainment Business

Tawanda Roberts, Rick Ross’ sister details franchise deal and behind-the-scenes planning.

Getting Started


4 Ways To Create A Successful Startup

This strategy will help any budding entrepreneur take the leap and do it successfully.

Business of Beauty: How One Makeup Artist is Expanding Her Brand

Entrepreneur Joi Mebane shares how she got her start in the beauty industry and her…

Power Thinking: 3 Mindshifting Techniques for Radical Entrepreneurs

Business owners come a dime a dozen. Everywhere you look; someone you know is selling…

Home Based

young black family at park

White House: 9 Critical Facts About American Families And Work

A new report by the president’s council of economic advisers lays out nine critical facts…

5 Home-Based Business Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to kick-start a full-time business out of your home…

6 Tips For Couples To Have A Successful Home-Based Business

According to the Small Business Administration, there are more than 28 million small businesses in…

Tools & Resources


Power Women of the Diaspora: Award-Winning Event Planner Tells How To Execute Events Abroad

Cheryl Gentry, president of Glow Media details strategy for global events and her favorite apps…

Philadelphia Entrepreneur Launches Small Business Development Corporation

Entrepreneur Markeeta Stokes is launching the Philadelphia African American Services for Entrepreneurs (P.H.A.S.E.) One, a…

Tax Tip Sheet For Small Business Owners

Check out these tax tips for entrepreneurs and get ahead of the game next year.

Your Business


Brand Licensing: What Small Businesses Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

You can learn a lot from Kim Kardashian’s trademark licensing game. She got almost $90…

10 Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Small Business

How can LinkedIn actually help the business grow and generate revenue? Here’s how.

Social Entrepreneur Scores Big Globally With the Soccket

Social entrepreneur Jessica Matthews is using technology to empower youth in Africa, and you can…

Women of Power


REGISTER NOW: Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit’s 10th Anniversary

It will be a landmark year for the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in…

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Venus Williams

Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit.

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