Push for More Investment in Minority Entreprenuers Emerges

Silicon Valley looks to diversify pool of black and Latino-owned companies

From Wall Street Journal.

It’s no secret that African-Americans make up but a dint in the upper echelon’s of Silicon Valley. In fact, research from CB Insights shows that only 1 percent of Internet-company founders are African-American.

But now there’s an active effort to increase the amount of venture capitalists who invest in African-American and Latino-owned start-ups. Through meet-up groups and events, business accelerator NewME and DigitalunDivided are exploring ways to raise funding for minority-owned companies.

Even tech giants such as Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. and Silicon Valley investors are speaking out for more diversity in the start-up arena.

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4 Responses to Push for More Investment in Minority Entreprenuers Emerges

  1. Ashley Behnke says:

    It is wonderful that investment has grown for minorities within the tech sector, but what about others such as consumer products, social innovation, etc.? It appears as if there is a bit of tunnel vision in this regard…

  2. In your title of the post, you spelled Entreprenuers incorrectly… should be Entrepreneurs

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