Entrepreneurs Wanted For Steve Harvey’s New Competition Show On ABC

Winners will walk away with up to $100,000 to grow their businesses

Values Partnerships has been leading a nationwide casting tour supporting minority entrepreneurship and recruiting diverse voices to pitch on the hit ABC show Shark Tank for more than three years. Now the duo of Joshua DuBois and Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships are working with their longtime friend Mark Burnett and TV personality and businessman Steve Harvey on a new business show that is aimed at entrepreneurs and inventors. They are looking for new ideas, interesting products and services, and existing small businesses to pitch to a live studio audience.

The television series, Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, brings together rival entrepreneurs who competitively pitch their ideas head-to-head in front of a live studio audience. The audience then votes on which entrepreneur will receive funding for his or her idea. Harvey, who will serve as host, will become the “funder of dreams,” as he brings his personal business experience and encouragement.

Growing Entrepreneurial Competition Shows

Budding and current entrepreneurs can win $10,000 to $100,000 to start or grow their businesses if they can convince a live studio audience that they deserve to be funded. In addition to existing small businesses, ideas that have yet to gain traction or funding are welcome to compete, says Andrews.

“I’m thrilled to have another passion project on the ABC schedule. This is just the type of show that gives folks a vehicle to breathe life into their dreams,” said Harvey in a released statement.

The show joins the latest lineup of reality television programming designed around entrepreneurship with a funding component including CNBC’s The Profit and NBC’s up-and-coming series Funded, co-staring Tyra Banks.

Increasing Access To Capital For Minority Businesses

Values Partnerships is a Washington, D.C.-based firm that helps foundations, nonprofit organizations, and private companies partner with faith-based, ethnic, and other grassroots influencers.

“We engage with thousands of entrepreneurs each year; access to capital is the No. 1 issue for entrepreneurs of color. The ideas are there, a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive funding to start or grow their businesses is exactly what our communities need,” Andrews told BlackEnterprise.com.

For Harvey, this comes off the success of Little Big Shots, which ranks as the biggest reality broadcast launch in nearly five years. He also hosts Celebrity Family Feud, which was a surprise hit for ABC last summer and was renewed for a second season. Harvey is arguably the hardest working man in show biz, adding The Miss Universe Pageant iconic brand to his hosting résumé.

Harvey’s highly anticipates the show will begin taping in fall 2016 with the premiere soon to follow. ABC has ordered 13 episodes of the series to debut later this year. To apply to ABC’s new business competition program, click here.

16 Responses to Entrepreneurs Wanted For Steve Harvey’s New Competition Show On ABC

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  2. Jeanette Smith says:

    Mr Havey I am an inventor. I have a contract with Inventhelp In Raliegh North Carolina. Can’t afford a patent but just recently paid the lawyer off any suggestions for me. You can reach me at 252-531-5749. Anytime Thank you.!

    • Dennis Parker says:

      Mr. Harvey, my name is Dennis Parker I am the owner of Carpet Master Cleaning Service in Kinston, NC celebrating 27 years of business ,recently joined Legal Shield & ID Theft like to teach Business Owners and individuals their rights threw the use of this unique business system. While giving them the opportunity to live life, Worry Less while becoming debt free. My main goal in life is trying to teach others, while motivating them to be all they can be, and be the best they can be. I like to show them how to follow the road less traveled and leave a trail. It’s has been a plum pleasing pleasure to have had the opportunity to speak with you. You may reach me by calling Dennis Parker at 252 347-3113 or email djpmoney922@gmail.com Thank you have a blessed year.

  3. Sandra Wanjiku says:

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sandra Wanjiku and I am the sole proprietor of Wham’s Cafe launched on December 15, 2013 at 737 Lakeview Ave in Lowell, MA3. I am seeking an investor to inject some much needed finances, to enable the Cafe to breakthrough the market and grow…

    Wham’s Cafe specializes in spiced Tea, Coffee, Tropical Fruit Smoothies, Frappes and snacks from East Africa. These authentic breakfast snacks like Samosa, Mandazi, Chapati, Bhajia, spicy Sausages and Crepes are a staple along with scrumptious homestyle lunches consisting of Spicy or Curry Chicken, Lentils, Beef Stews served on a bed of Coconut Rice or Ugali(polenta) also served are Coconut Tilapia, 3 Greens (collard, kale and spinach) or succotash w/ cabbage, carrots, potatoes), wholesome meals made fresh daily. Lowell is home to a significantly large immigrant community longing for a taste of home, as well as many visitors and students at UMass, Lowell. Wham’s Cafe is unique as it is the only spot in town offering this cuisine, in a vibrant atmosphere. In the 2+ years, we have garnered a customer base coming from as far as Worcester, Quincy, Boston even Hartford, CT. As we expand our client base, we would like to fulfill orders in a timely manner and speed up the check out process. This will ensure that our customers can come more often, and their orders are received and enjoyed faster, a quick yet wonderful dining experience.

    I would like to craft/customize a Menu App, then introduce 8 secure mobile menu devices at each of the 8 tables, an order display in the kitchen and a master terminal at the check-out counter. The colorful menu with full descriptions of nutritional and caloric values would make it easy for our clients to pick items, place orders, receive approximate wait times and cash themselves out using the App’s Cash-Out component. Once processed and confirmed, orders would be picked up at the check-out counter or the pick-up Window. This would leave the focus for staff to fulfil the company mission of providing “Delicious Food” fast and efficiently. Cash Apps are very popular in automating business receipts processing, and Wham’s Cafe would benefit greatly from this especially in our event catering department, where we can receive, schedule and fulfil orders in a more efficient manner.

    We would also use this App to request Customer feedback as well constant contact options if clients opt in. A link to the App on our website would enable our clients to browse the menu and pre- order or check status of order. Our other growth goals include: Official Website, Ordering App, DoorDash Delivery Service, accepting UMASS Lowell UCARD, Pick-Up Window, Wham’s Cafe After Hours, Wham’s Cafe At-Home. Please support our project – whamscafe.com https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1359226719/whams-cafe-all-day-breakfast/description

  4. Katy Wesley says:

    Hello Mr. Harvey…

    My name is Katy Wesley. I am very much interested in becoming a potential candidate to pitch my idea of creating a school and training center for persons to learn how to “Operate” a Dump Truck…This type of semi tractor trailer has a different type of operation than the usual semi tractor trailer where a person would enroll with a Company or a Truck Driving School to learn how to drive this type of Commercial Vehicle. Both commercial vehicles have similar driving techniques but the operations are different. And it is my belief because I was one of those aspiring persons who after 20 years had worked in the corporate field decided I am going to live out my childhood passion. So I resigned from my desk job and enrolled in a truck driving school and after i completed my 12 weeks class time and training received my Class A CDL License. I already knew that I wanted to be a “dump truck” driver working in the road construction and Ecavation field and with excitement I applied for a drivers position to “OPERATE” a dump truck. The Owner of the company said ok go ahead get in the truck and let me see what you got. Everything inside the tractor was familiar. My only problem was and the Owner knew immediately was I did not know how to “OPERATE” the dump truck. But, what was encouraging she told me to go find someone who could teach me how to “OPERATE” a dump truck and that I could come back and apply again if there was a position open. By the Grace of GOD I did find a stranger whom GOD Blessed me with to train me. And every since then some 10 years later I have been driving and operating a dump truck. With all that said this business can be an assess to many private companies as well as Owner Operated companies because having a driver qualified with these specialized skills is very important in the construction and excavating field. A lot of companies are looking for drivers who has the skills to operate the vehicle as well as meeting the Department of Transportation requirement of being drug free and having a clean Motor Vehicle Record that shows the drivers driving record. This is important for Insurance purposes with the potential Company hiring the driver who knows what they’re doing and taking Safety as a priority. If given the opportunity to present my proposal in depth I assure you that what I am presenting can be a rewarding opportunity to teach, inform, network with companies to hire these individuals based on expertise training they received by attending my school “BedRock Dump Truck,LLC, School & Training.

    Thank You

  5. Stanley Sam says:

    MR HARVEY HOW R U? Please email back in regards to my business. It will be a game changer worldwide..Harmiah.com please contact me back would love to be on ur show..LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM U.

  6. patricia Truxler says:

    mr. HarveyI am reaching out to you I am a mother watch her son work hard 6 days a week and struggling he is smart intelligentalways was a honor roll studentAustin talks about only his own businessI wish I can help him with that maybe you can give him some tips onbecoming an entrepreneurhere’s my number my name is Patricia truxler my number is 347 6561626

  7. Lumie Soucek says:

    Hi! Mr. Steve Harvey, my favorite man alive. I have an invention that is very essential to our daily lives. This invention can be use by all human being including children but very suited for women most specially to the third world country and for those who are chemical conscious and simply for those who wants to save money. Please contact me on my email address above.

  8. Sharon Manke says:

    Hello! All my life I have been full of ideas for new things but I have never had the proper direction needed to bring them to fruition. Recently I came up with an idea that my husband helped me to develop. It is great, it’s simple, and it will be inexpensive to purchase. Best of all, it’s something that every household can use. However, again, I am in need of guidance. Please help this entrepreneur at heart find success!!!

  9. Tynia G Hilliard says:

    Hello Steve, I have an idea to write a book that many mothers and “dads” can relate to these situations. This book is readable to all and I don’t won’t to give away too much. Where do I go from here. Tynia G 757-607-6262

  10. Terre Christmas says:

    Hello Mr. Harvey, my name is Terrell Christmas and I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor wanting to open my own daycare. This has been a life long dream of mine. I have been a preschool teacher for 23 years now and it is something that i am extremely passionate about. I love children very much and I would love to help out low income families in the community with my daycare services. It would be greatly appreciated to have the opportunity to do this with your help.

    Sincerely, Terrell Christmas

  11. Godfrey Smith says:

    Hi Mr Harvey.

    I have read through some of the mails people have sent you, and are pleasantly surprise of how inspirational they are about entrepreneurship, and how they want to make it in this love, especially parents who wants to help their kids. I am from Cape Town South Africa, and maybe this is not the platform to air my views. I have lost my home due to being frauded, and am currently unemployed. It’s tough, and being in my late 50’s, finds it more and more hard to get employment. It’s getting harder to face my family as each day arrives. What can I do, or is their still something out their to ease this burden? Do you perhaps have any advice on how to face this bleak outlook?? Love to hear from you sir. I have been watching your programs here in SA, and are always so amazed at what you do, especially how you inspire people to do the right thing. Keep doing on what you’re doing.

    Kind regards.

    Godfrey Smith

  12. Herman Adams says:

    Hello Mr Harvey, I’m a INVENTOR from New Orleans. All my life I have had common sense ideal that people can use n there everyday life at home work r pay. Just hoping u can help me by giving the tools to jump start my ideals. My most recent one I’m working on have to do with “ring around dress shirt collar.Don’t wanna to much away.”Let’s talk 504-292-4088,r e-mail me.

  13. David Scaliatine says:

    I have a invention a product that I’ve been using since April 2015 . I have received great reviews about my product. Please contact me at your earliest convenience via email. Thanks

  14. Tonya Sellers says:

    Hi Mr Harvey my name is Tonya sellers an I’m a 50 yr old woman from the project with what I think are two great ideas for an invention. However I know little of the process an I don’t want anyone trying to take advantage of me.I’m not asking you for money but I do need something from you which I’m sure will help me to bring my dreams to a reality.
    I’ve listen to a few of your shows that inspired me to contact you..
    1.was about if you have an idea just follow threw with it an don’t let fear take over.
    2.was about the key to success is the 4p’s..
    3.when u said sometimes people just need a hand up in order to make something of themselves”
    And I’m praying that message was for me.. an I truly believe prayer changes things…..

    Thank You Mr Harvey for taking the time to read my letter’and if you decide to help me with my idea I assure you great things will happen….. IT MY DESTINY

  15. E.Jasmine Wardlaw says:

    Hello Mr. Harvey and everyone in connection with this venture. I am an entrepreneur exactly as you have described. I am trying so many avenues to launch at least one of my business ideas and see it to fruition, but each time over the last 20 years, i have encountered the same milestone…funding! I have been the first to invent things like the animal hats, clear boxes, toothbrushes with designs, even internet radio!!!…but my ideas sat on a shelf until someone else finally had the same idea and the money to see it thru. i have an idea now with green attributes so i am very hopeful to see it thru this time because our world needs it to happen.

    i hope you can invite me to tell you more.
    Thank you humbly.

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