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Advocacy Releases Annual Small Business Lending Report

National Prime Contractor & Subcontractor of the Year Named at Small Business Week

Awards were announced at a breakfast event as part of Small Business Week

Awards were handed to a veteran-owned contractor from Colorado & a woman-owned tech company from…

By C. Daniel Baker

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MEDWeek: Small Businesses Seek Suitors

The SBA's mentor-protégé program can open doors to contracting opportunities

SBA’s mentor-protĂ©gĂ© program enables large companies to provide a variety of assistance to 8(a) firms,…

By Joyce Jones

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Black Firms Shut Out of Stimulus Projects

African Americans aren't getting fair share of funds

Black contractors aren’t getting their fair share of the stimulus dollars being poured into transportation…

By Joyce Jones

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Working with Independent Contractors

Outsourcing can be a lucrative option to cut costs

If you can’t afford the costs of hiring a new employee, but you do have…

By Margarette Burnette

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