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Electoral College Set on Voting Trump in as President

Despite ongoing protests and a concerted effort to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, electors…

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popular vote

Stop Focusing on Clinton Winning the Popular Vote

It's time to face facts and accept the truth; stop analyzing and start strategizing

To those questioning the fairness of Clinton losing the election despite getting more than 1.5…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Fights for Statehood

Should the majority-black city have a vote in Congress?

Should the majority-black city have a vote in Congress?

By Black Enterprise

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Electoral College to Vote on President

Though Barack Obama was elected president by popular vote on Nov. 4, presidential electors are…

By Deborah Creighton Skinner

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How To


How to Position Yourself As an Industry Authority

To build your authority, you’ll need a continuous message that tells the world who you…

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‘I See You’: The Power and Beauty of Building Multiple Tribes of Professional Women

Women that make the time to find their tribes of professional sisters have a competitive…

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