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First Lady Reminds Students to Access their FAFSA Forms in New Education Video

Michelle Obama encourages students to fill out their 2015 financial aid applications

First Lady Michelle Obama releases a new video that reminds students to fill out their…

By Courtney Connley

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What You Should Know about FAFSA

Arm yourself with the information you need

If you’re preparing to head to college, one important task you’ll have to attend to…

By Sheiresa Ngo

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Error in FAFSA Form May Affect Financial Aid Offers

Approximately 200,000 students were affected

Some schools began to see many applicants with unusual salaries on FAFSA.

By Sheiresa Ngo

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How to Tackle Financial Aid as a Parent in 2012

Maximize your financial aid with these tips

Maximize your financial aid with these tips

By Sasha King

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Find a Program Many returning and non-traditional students are not in the same position as first-year undergraduates. With families, full-time jobs, and various financial responsibilities to maintain, full-time programs aren’t always an option. Since finding a program that meets these prospective students’ needs is imperative, universities and colleges offer evening, part-time and weekend programs as great alternatives. For people just looking to improve their skills and not enroll in a degree program, institutions do offer non-degree options.

4 Tips You Should Know Before Heading Back to (Graduate) School

If you’re thinking about hitting the books (again), take a page from BE’s Back to School guide

BlackEnterprise.com has got you covered with these four easy-to-follow tips on returning to school.

By Kahliah A. Laney

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Black student graduating

10 Tips for Filing Your FAFSA Form for College Financial Aid

How to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and get more money to finance your education

How to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and get more money…

By Janel Martinez

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The Cutting Edge: Filling Out Your FAFSA

Tap all resources and start early to get the funds you need

If you’re entering college for the first time next fall, or you’re a returning student…

By Renita Burns

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