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A veteran of the music industry, Michael “Blue” Williams worked his way up the ranks to make a name for himself as the artist manager for such notable acts such as OutKast. The President of Family Tree Entertainment recently partnered with fellow music mogul Chris Lighty to form Primary/Violator,  a new full-service management, publishing and marketing firm. During his interview with BlackEnterprise.com about the merger, Williams shared his five tips for success in business. —Brett Johnson

Blue Williams’ 5 Tips for Success in Business

The longtime music manager reveals his personal keys to success

Music mogul and OutKast manager Michael “Blue” Williams shares trade secrets on what it takes…

By Brett Johnson

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Music Managers Chris Lighty & Blue Williams Make a Power Move

The successful music moguls join forces to launch a new full-service firm, Primary/Violator

After steering the careers of artists like 50 Cent and OutKast, among others, music moguls…

By Brett Johnson

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