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Boss Moves: 7 Steps to Leading an Effective Meeting

Put your leadership skills to the test

Oftentimes, the key to results after a meeting is a direct result of how it…

By Sasha King

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Managament Material: 5 Habits Keeping You From Your Promotion

Turn these around so you can truly win in the workplace

So you want to be promoted to call the shots and be the boss. Well,…

By Courtney Connley

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The Brown Thrasher Effect: 6 Leadership Styles And How to Work Them

Diversifying your management strategy can lead to winning results

Successful leaders and managers often combine styles of leadership to maximize talents of teams. Here’s…

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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Never Out of Style: 8 Old-School Business Practices That Rock

Some fundamentals don't need to change with the times

True, innovation is key, but some fundamentals shouldn’t change with the times. These key rules…

By Sasha King

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Memo to Bosses: Employee Appreciation Day Should Be Year-Round

How to build team morale today---and throughout the year

Sometimes it takes more than just a paycheck or a promotion to know that you’re…

By Sasha King

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build a more inspired and productive team in 2014

Management Mojo: How To Best Maximize Your Team’s Talents

Ways to unite---not polarize--- your team in the workplace

Here are a few tips on how to maximize talents of your team, whether you’re…

By Sasha King

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How to Effectively Manage a Virtual Team

This strategy will help you balance global employees

Check out a few tips on assembling and managing virtual teams.

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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Slashing Costs, Not Innovation: How a Virtual Team Can Benefit Your Business

Study shows advantages and risks of the management model

Study by Chronos Consulting explores the risks and advantages of leading virtual teams.

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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First-Time Manager? Here Are Three Steps to Success

Lead confidently and boldly for ultimate advancement

Consider these tips to help you reach your maximum potential as a newbie.

By Aisha M. Taylor

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5 Ways to Be the Best Leader When All Hell Breaks Loose

Crisis management is a top trait of effective leadership

Learn 5 steps to effective crisis management and gain respect of your team.

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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Small Businesses: How to Think Outside the Financing Box

Even in tight times, there are ways to keep your company prosperous

Though financing options can be limited, there are several funding alternatives that will keep your…

By Marjorie Perry

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7 Deadly Sins of Management Professionals

Don't let these vices derail your team--- and career--- success

As a manager, appropriate leadership is key. Stay away from these common power vices in…

By Aisha M. Taylor

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Charismatic Leadership: 5 Steps to Boost Your Career Success

Strengthen your "it" factor for ultimate achievement

Charismatic leadership. It’s that dynamic, magnetic “it” factor. Some have it, and some don’t. Here’s…

By Amanda A. Ebokosia

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Toxic Management: 5 Signs of Passive Aggressive Leadership

In the office, direct authority can ensure effective team performance

Here are five signs of passive aggressive management and how you can either correct it…


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Top 10 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Don't leave without getting key insights about a prospective employer

Before you leave the job interview with the thought that you aced it, here are…


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5 Leadership Lessons to Move Your Business Forward

Learn how to effectively manage your business from a top ranking general in the US Marine Corp

Management, organizational and leadership advice from a Lt. General Walter E. Gaskin, Deputy Chairman of…

By Alan Hughes

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Misses with Attitude: Mastering the Poker Face for Career Success

Don't let emotions on the sleeve be your handicap in the workplace

Don’t let emotions on the sleeve be your handicap in the workplace

By Janell Hazelwood

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10 Things Bad Managers Say at the Office

Common blunders that can wreck work morale and productivity

Some of the most common workplace mistakes are made just by the slip of a…


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3 Ways to Manage the Opinions of Others

When it comes to business or your career you can't listen to just anybody

Just because everyone has an opinion on your career path of business does not mean…

By Marshawn Evans

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NBA Coach Avery Johnson’s Leadership Lessons

Nets coach offers insightful advice on inspiring and turning your team around

The NJ Nets coach tells how to take your team from worst to first

By Alan Hughes

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