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Lu Sierra

Meet Lu Sierra: The Runway Coach Behind Miss USA Winner Deshauna Barber

Former model turned teaching presences and empowerment into a successful business

Behind this year’s Miss USA pageant, is Lu Sierra, a runway expert who coached five of the…

By Kandia Johnson

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This Former Model Taught Miss USA How to Work a Room And It Paid Off

Expert runway coach, Lu Sierra shares strategies for killer confidence

As the woman who’s coached five of the top 10 ladies of Miss USA 2016, including the…

By Kandia Johnson

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Celebrity runway coach, J. Alexander

How I Did It: Catwalk Powerhouse J. Alexander Talks Fashion Industry Success

Model-turned-runway-coach took teaching swagger straight to the bank

Model-turned-runway-coach talks longevity in a fashion industry where success can be short-lived.

By Sirita Wright

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