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Personal Finance Word of the Day: Accelerated Depreciation

Your daily money bite

It is legal to depreciate the cost at a rate faster than would be allowed…

By Sheiresa Ngo

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Spending less than you earn seems like a simple rule, but as straightforward as it may appear, every year many Americans become the casualty of their spendthrift ways. Making purchases you cannot afford or don’t need, in turn, leads to uncontrollable debt. 	Terry and Tyra Johnson of Yardley, Pennsylvania, have maintained a frugal lifestyle even though they make a combined six-figure salary. Here are four tips from the Johnsons that help them live below their means.

4 Ways to Live Within Your Means

Couple shares tips on how to avoid financial pitfalls

Couple shares tips on how to avoid financial pitfalls

By Glenn Townes

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The Cutting Edge: Tax Tips for First-Time Filers

Don�t let ignorance cost you money, time

If this is your first time filing as an independent, or you’ve just started taking…

By Renita Burns

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