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Cashing Out: What’s Your Business Really Worth?

Most entrepreneurs are so focused on putting money into launching and growing their business that…

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10 Tips For Determining Your Company’s Real Value To Investors

Before you pitch your great business idea, here’s what you need to know

So often on the popular hit series ABC’s Shark Tank, entrepreneurs and investors have been…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Cash Mobs Support Small Businesses

What’s Your Business’ Value and Real Worth?

Here's what real-life sharks look for

Reality shows aside, there are other reasons an entrepreneur may want to have their business…

By Alan Hughes

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Understanding What Your Company is Worth

Even if you aren't selling, it's important to know your firm's value

It’s important to know what your company is worth, even if you aren’t planning to…

By Margarette Burnette

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How to Position Yourself As an Industry Authority

To build your authority, you’ll need a continuous message that tells the world who you…

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‘I See You’: The Power and Beauty of Building Multiple Tribes of Professional Women

Women that make the time to find their tribes of professional sisters have a competitive…

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